Breaking News: Did We Just Discover 234 Alien Civilizations?

Breaking News: Did We Just Discover 234 Alien Civilizations?

Several days ago a paper came out, link in
the description below, that made an interesting claim. That claim was that anomalous signals from
234 stars in the Milky Way of types similar to our sun were emitting pulsed, regular signals
consistent with what you would expect from alien civilizations employing laser communications. While the media at large loves to take stories
like this and sensationalize them and make all sorts of clickbait headlines that lead
people to believe that aliens are discovered weekly, that’s obviously not the case, and
this particular paper is very preliminary but does still fall into the realm of possibility. The paper authored by researchers Ermanno
Borra and E. Trottier, details a study of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey that looked for
periodic fluctuations in the spectra of stars in the galaxy that were abnormal but consistent
with a pulsed signal from an alien civilization. They found abnormal signals coming from 234
different stars. But, abnormal doesn’t immediately mean alien
so much study and work will be needed to determine exactly what’s going on with these stars. I stress, this story is more about figuring
out a new way to detect alien signals rather than actually making the claim to have detected
them. Take this one with a grain of salt, that’s
probably not what these are. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary
proof. The whole thing goes back to an earlier paper
that Borra authored in 2012, also linked in the description. In it, Borra posits that it should be possible
to detect pulsed laser signals from alien civilizations mixed within the natural spectra
of the stars that their homeworlds orbit. Borra backs this up by pointing out that our
current technology could produce such signals that would be detectable by other species
if they were looking, using these same methods. That’s if we made the effort to try to contact
other races. We currently are not. Now, what is a spectrum? Think of it like this; stars have a sort of
fingerprint made of light that reveals information about them. At its most basic level, it’s simply using
a prism to split light into its constituent rainbow spectrum and looking for dark lines
that appear in the spectrum. These lines, called Fraunhofer lines, are
caused by certain materials present in the star that absorb different frequencies of
light. This yields information about the star’s chemical
makeup. But you can tell much more from how those
lines are arranged and shifted, such as if the star is moving towards you or away from
you, of even if obscuring dips in the light are due to diffuse dust and gas or gigantic
alien megastructures as what everyone’s waiting for with KIC 8462852, and many other things. And, luckily, astronomers have taken lots
of spectra over the years while studying stars. A lot to the tune of huge sky surveys such
as the Sloan survey which detail the spectra of at least 2.5 million stars at this point. Borra argued in 2012 that you could search
those existing spectra for signs of alien civilizations using pretty straightforward
methods. Fast forward to today. Borra and Trottier did just that and out of
the 2.5 million spectra they found 234 anomalous ones that could fit the bill for alien communications. That’s a pretty tiny percentage, perhaps what
you might expect given that intelligent alien life is probably pretty rare, but we don’t
really know. But what was interesting about those spectrums
is that the associated stars just happened to be overwhelmingly sun-like, meaning that
the stars were of sufficient age and stability to reasonably say that it’s possible for them
to have civilizations developing around them based on the conditions of our own solar system
and our development. Interesting results to be sure. But, and the authors are careful to point
this out, it’s just that. Interesting and worth checking out. These signals are very weak, and while the
argument can be made that aliens need not transmit using huge amounts of energy just
to say hello, stars themselves can be really enigmatic and naturally produce all manner
of strange signals. We’ve seen some strange stuff with stars before
that ended up having fully natural explanations. Natural is always very much more likely than
artificial. There’s a lot of variation in how stars behave
due to a mind-boggling array of chemical and physical factors that can be present within
them, to the point that we often come across stars we don’t quite understand. There are anomalous stars out there that are
so bizarre that they shouldn’t even exist. But they do, which means we just haven’t thought
of a way to explain them yet. That’s likely to the be the case with these
anomalous stars. Further study is likely to show that most,
if not all, of these 234 anomalies are of natural origin. But, then again, if NASA itself is to be believed,
it’s also probably likely that within just a few decades we will have discovered evidence
of intelligent alien life and studying stellar spectra is just one more tool we can use to
accomplish that. Thanks for listening. I am futurist and science fiction author John
Michael Godier and be sure to like, share and comment and be sure to check out my books
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explorations into the interesting, weird and unknown aspects of this amazing universe in
which we live.

100 Replies to “Breaking News: Did We Just Discover 234 Alien Civilizations?

  1. Well, astronomers thought it might be aliens when they discovered pulsars, so I won't hold my breath, but I keep on hoping that solid evidence will be found before I die. Thanks for another great video.

  2. Thanks again john, great video, got a good voice for commentary. keep it up. ps. I think we alone in our local group of galaxies.

  3. I am just thinking, IF there's live so Jesus was a liar… and bible is not true… I mean , the population is not prepared to hear "hey people, aliens do exist so 'God' is a liar" …
    I am not saying that I believe or not.

  4. Read Don Donderi, you would never say "extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof" again. Don demolishes Sagan.

  5. also….do you have a Facebook fan page or something, where links to your videos can also be posted to share with commentary? following on YouTube is great, but also a Facebook page may attract a wider audience.

  6. Interesting and yet another informative video. Please post more. What perks my curiosity is that these findings appear to be around sun like stars. I`m nearly sixty (sigh) and am getting more and more hopeful that evidence of Alien life will be discovered before I pop me clogs. In my lifetime its gone from, "We are alone in a freak solar system" to, "They are out there somewhere and will find them soon."

  7. I'm actually more skeptical of these claims than of possible alien presence around Tabby's Star. So 234 stars having a strange light signature that could be alien in nature…were they all in the same local group? Or scattered around at varying distances? If they were all in relative association, does that mean a galactic empire exists already? If they're scattered, how did the species travel to these distant systems, and not populate ours? These questions seem far more perplexing than the questions raised by the anomalies around Tabby's Star.

    But again, a great analysis John!

  8. Think of it this way. Radio, and television waves have been leaving our earth for around 100 years. If you draw a sphere around us at 100 light years that is how far they have traveled. Who knows, someone may have heard them and a signal is on its way to us right now and it is taking years to get here.

  9. Any update for February 2017. Great Video…but is this all guess work? As humans how do we actually know how old is a planet? Research is less than a hundred years…unless there are references from our ancient past. So how did our ancient civilization managed to detail so many other planets and their location? Any real answers without lies??? Facts please. John Michael Godier, thanks for the videos and details… respect…Are you able to help answer my questions above with a video? I think we are all still puzzled how the ancient world managed to get details of the universe and planets. How many times have human civilization have been reborn and rebooted…???? Cheers

  10. No but he likes star trek. lol An advanced space faring civilisation would occupy a group of stars in a local area. They would have mined and depleted their own systems resources and therefore have a need to explore and exploit other systems. The first step is always the longest and hardest. But once the technology is attained it becomes normal business.

  11. Your books are full of fake science, if this post is anything to go by…. Mainstream "science" thinks stars are nuclear reactors, so can NEVER understand them…. They are electric in nature…. electricity being the ONLY force in the universe!

  12. He has to take a few breathers between sentences. It i s very hard to digest when it is bam bam bam.

  13. I don't think that NASA stated that evidence of intelligent, alien life will be discovered in a few decades. I believe they stated that evade of alien LIFE probably would be, with the most likely form being bacteria-like.

  14. They is a fair bit of evidence that people choose to ignore about extraterrestrial intelligence on Earth! That is UFOs, a certain percentage of UFO sightings by credible people, Pilots, Police, Military, etc. of abductions, animal mutilations, etc… gives me reason to think that they are keeping an eye on us. Or maybe several eyes for that matter. LOL I used to think these people were cranks until I saw one for myself in 1989, then another in 2004. The one in 1989 followed my car for about 100 miles 160kms and came to within 20 feet or 7 meters of my drivers side window. I was heading north to Boulia in outback Queensland, This thing was clearly intelligent and curious. I found out later that it was called a Min Min light and tourist buses would go out there to see them on a regular basis. Why aren't scientists flocking to this place to research and study these things?

  15. Has anybody figured out yet what percentage of stars in the galaxy have at least one planet orbiting them, and what percentage of those have a planet in the habitable zone?

  16. ?, couldn't life happen in a sorta reverse way. After the crawling out of oceans, basically, first couple billion year, everything fell just right for homo to rise up, become dominant first? You could spin the rest til now however you want. Just curious…

  17. 3:10. "…happen to be overwhelmingly sun-like…" – at this point claim already seems very suspicious. In reality stars where civilisations develop should be overwhelmingly red dwarfs. There are much more of them and they last much longer, though they are fainter and anyway need proper metallicity.

  18. Proof that I am the smartest and handsomest guy that ever lived?
    Cheap and easy source of eternal life at Walmart?
    Evidence that Donald Trump is a time-traveling reptoid alien secretly married to Rosie O'Donnell?
    If you put question marks at the end you can get away with any outrageous statement, except the ones above are true.

  19. Earth is a tenth-rate planet with a civilization that cannot rid itself of 5,000 years of class war waged on everybody else by a bestial, powerful, wealthy elite.  There must be something out there better than humanity – perhaps they are savage – but there has to be something better than us – has to be.

  20. Can these stars be mapped in 3D space? Are they distributed randomly, or do many of them cluster or suggest localized interstellar civilizations?

  21. we communicate through wormholes, why don´t you humans connect to the E.T.-internet through the wormholes, that is my advice!

  22. It would be just our luck that the messages are translated and turn out to be like this:

    "Man, what a bunch of douche bags."
    "Yeah, I know right. They probably can't even figure out how friction works."
    [Both laughing the same time.]
    "Hey! Wait I think they're listening in!"

    Then all messages using the lasers stop forever.

  23. How did I not find your videos earlier? I watch your type of videos daily and never had one of your videos pop until this week. Glad I found you and keep up the good work

  24. My prediction is we will find nothing, no aliens, no animals, no microbes, nothing. It will be a puzzle that will haunt us for all time.

  25. if ALL of then are doing it it's probably just a fucking solar anomaly caused by stars being affected by a field.

  26. does this information still stand? was there some discredit happened over the years. could you, have you done any updates on this. Thanks

  27. Tsk, tsk, John. You said both "spectra" (correct) and "spectrums" (incorrect). For your penance, recite the periodic table 3 times, and do 4 "Hail Einstein"s.

  28. The day we discover aliens is the day I have my "oh fuck, we're all gonna die" moment. Not because of alien invasion, but because we've probably not cleared the great filter.

  29. Great video. From our perspective, we are rapidly increasing in our technological development, compared to most of human history. If we do detect communications from other star systems, it should be emphasized that the communications are as old the distance in lightyears to that system. The technological level may be much further along on such a system than we are currently receiving.

  30. "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof"… proof is proof, regardless…. What is extra ordinary anyway?… Extra ordinary idiots require extra ordinary proof.

  31. I do not think that human or alien constructions can be deemed "unnatural". I understand that there needs to be a linguistic way of separating altered environments, but I think that anything we do is natural as we are part of the earth. Our activities may not be in our best interest, but that does not make them unatural, any more than a beehive is unnatural.

  32. a thing we never contemplate is that even if and I believe there are ,alien civilizations out there they like us will have incredible difficulty in space travel .so common we will probably never meet and if we do eventually our levels technology would probably be pretty much the same .very illogical to attack someone that could wipe u out just as easily as u can wipe them out .can't remember if it was u or Isaac Arthur u both basically have the same type of content, any civilization would want to research secretly any other civilization they encounter

  33. Just seen this video and was wondering if anyone knew of any follow up I do on what was actually causing the phenomenon since the video was made.

  34. Well at 4:20 there is an alien man wearing pants with his hands in his pockets standing right there on the center-left side of the image

  35. Spectrum is the organisation that Captain Scarlet is an agent. They are occupied saving the Earth from the Mysterons of Mars.

  36. Astrophysicist Michael J. I. Brown cites this well-publicized paper by E.F. Borra, E. Trottier that claimed in its Comments section: “Signals probably from Extraterrestrial Intelligence.” Brown was curious, so he had a look. “An immediate red flag for me was some blurry graphs, and figures with captions that weren’t on the same page,” Brown writes. Looking further, he discovered that the author’s conclusion was based on a liberal application of Fourier analysis, which Brown says is known to generate data artifacts that skew results. He also learned that Borra and Trottier chose to work with only a tiny subset of data. Together, Brown feels these two factors render the study questionable at best.

    From Big Think:
    3 Tips for Avoiding Fake News in Science
    Astrophysicist Michael J. I. Brown offers some guidelines for identifying fake or bad science.
    Robby Berman
    15 January, 2017

  37. and here i was about to ask: and from which world were those signals discovered?
    Then i remembred that oh wait in this reality, humanity yet has neither a inner system economy nor extra solar worlds semi-settled even with drones. I was dissapoint.

    Anyways re laser signals, such would be pointed in a very specific direction. Which would mean attemps at communication. Furthermore IF they knew something like 200 years ago humans were here long before radio etc noise… then all the signals could be from the same civilisation and all the different lasers could well be part of the same message. A bit like music and earthlings assume that each key on a piano plays their own separate message unrelated to the other keys.

  38. Is his voice and intonation as boring as stale white bread? Yes, it is. But is that the perfect voice for delivering this content? Why yes. Yes, it is. Love it

  39. Why does this assumption exist that contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life always involves being afraid? It seems apparent that most people are no better than screeching primates when confronted with the unknown.

  40. I think the universe is swarming with life. I mean, it has to be. But I think we scare the hell out of anything intelligent out there… hence not meeting any aliens.

  41. John, et al …. The main problem with finding other life is that mathematically we should not exist…the limit of possibility / improbability is said to be less than ten exponent 50 zeros, and the possibility of any life forming is ten exponent million-s? of zeros…So Darwin is proven wrong by sheer math….
    Next, the DNA sequence is a computer code … in order to have a computer code you first need a language… in order to have a language you first need an intelligence….
    To have intelligence you need a first cause…
    A very deep rabbit hole indeed… Look up Dr Barry Setterfield, see his work, along with the u-tube video and book "starlight and time" by Dr Russel Humpfries..
    Both have the Math to prove that In the big Inning 🙂 both cosmic inflation and the speed of light were infinite and have been slowing down ever since
    because of the thus created zero point energy!!! Enjoy!!! Lewis www lewishb.TV

  42. Your use of the words “anomaly” and “anomalous” reveal to me just how much SCP I’ve been reading recently…

  43. Am I the only one that thinks even top scientists are being a tad optimistic when they say things like “it’s very likely we will find evidence of intelligent life in the next ## years”? I never take those predictions seriously. Am I being overly skeptical?

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