BREAKING NEWS: Denon DJ Prime 4 Standalone 4-Channel DJ System With Serato*

BREAKING NEWS: Denon DJ Prime 4 Standalone 4-Channel DJ System With Serato*

– Digital DJ Tips, live. We’ve got some breaking news for you so we’re going over onto
our Facebook channel and our YouTube channel
to bring it to you today. The breaking news is that
Denon DJ has just announced the world’s first stand alone all-in-one four-channel DJ controller. It’s a DJ controller called the Prime 4 that doesn’t need a
laptop in the DJ booth. It works off USB and
it’s got four-channels. And it’s got a big, fat
screen right in the middle with your 4 waveforms
scrolling away on it. A big touch screen. It’s basically four-channel DJing without the need for a laptop. It’s called the Prime 4. This is what it looks like. And it’s pretty revolutionary. It’s something that DJs who
like this kind of controller, who like the idea of not
being in the pro DJ booth, with their laptop, or like the idea of not taking
it on mobile or events, gigs, because as we’re about to find out, there’s some awesome stuff
in here for mobile DJs. It’s the kind of news those
DJs have been waiting for ever since Pioneer started this whole part of the DJ world off with it’s
XDJ-RX a few years ago now. And people have been saying, why can’t we have a
four-channel version of this? Why can’t we have a four-channel? Well, someone’s done it and
it’s not Pioneer, it’s Denon. It’s the Denon Prime 4. I’d love to have your
comments, your views, your questions. I have the official PR here. We are just live over on
Digital DJ Tips on the website with a full write-up of
this that you can check out. It’s the number one news story if you head to, right now. We’d like to talk to you
about it here on Facebook or YouTube for the next few minutes. If you’ve got any questions about this brand new piece of
equipment please let us know. If you’re new to the channel,
hit subscribe, hit the bell, make sure you see our posts first so you get more breaking news like this. If you’re watching this on the replay, you should have hit
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known that we were live and you could have watched
it with everyone else, here and live. Welcome to Digital DJ Tips. Welcome to our reveal of
the new Prime 4 from Denon. The world’s first four-channel
stand alone DJ controller that you don’t need a laptop to DJ with. Loads of other things to talk
about, about this controller. We’ve had a quick look at the PR aa we’ve been preparing our
news story for the website. Before we go any further, let’s just get our very,
very early comments from the website, from
Facebook, and from YouTube. and see what you guys
and girls are thinking about this new Denon controller. I bet you’re going to to
be asking about price. I bet you’re going to be
asking about availability. We’ll cover all those
things in a little while. Now, as predicted. Lots and lots of you are already
commenting on it over there on the post so we’ll get that live from Facebook in a minute. My Facebook is playing
up a little bit there. I’ll also grab your comments from over on YouTube as well. This is the breaking news. Denon DJ has announced the Prime 4. A stand alone four-channel DJ controller. It’s an all-in-one unit. It’s got a massive built-in touch screen and it’s pretty hot
looking by the look of it. Now, we’ll be at the NAMM show next week and we will be getting hands on with this. I do hope anyway. I’m looking forward to that. Meanwhile, we’ve got the
images, we’ve got the press, and we’ve got all your
comments coming in as well, which I’d love to help you with. Let’s do some live stuff. Bushran says, the 10-inch
screen but small jog wheels. I would have loved it
with rotational jog wheels with the motorised jog wheels. A bit like the Denon DJ SC5000M
which they’ve already done. So maybe there’ll be a version coming with motorised jog wheels. Amit says, people will always
find something to moan at. Well, hey, why not. We’re consumers. So this really could
change things, says Cushagra. I think you’re probably right. Hi, to just everyone who’s saying hello. Hi, to Pinky and Noisy, who
says, I can’t wait to test it. No, nor can we. Looking forward to your
hands on, says Lars. Yep, we’ll be there very, very soon. Any jog tension controls? Let’s have a look at that big picture and see if we can see any
jog tension controls there. Doesn’t look like it. I’m kind of squinting at my
little monitor screen here but it doesn’t look like there’s any jog tension controls
there so good question. We’ll find out more when we get
to see this thing in person. We’re talking about this, the new Denon DJ Prime 4
stand alone controller. four-channels, no laptop needed. Pretty hot. 10-inch touchscreen. I’m selling my Nexus 2’s now, says Collin. So, there we go. Remember, this has all come from Denon DJ entering the market that
Pioneer has generally been in in the past. So, Pioneer DJ has always been the company for this kind of gear. This is the Denon DJ SC5000 and X1800 gear which is a direct competitor
for the first time ever really for Pioneer. Denon DJ had a go at this stuff. It’s a competitor for the Nexus gear but it’s got a lot of stuff that the Pioneer gear hasn’t got on it. You can have 2 decks
per player for instance. This is actually a genuine four-deck. The screens are a lot better. It’s just a lot more powerful. What’s happened here is that Denon DJ has taken all that stuff and put it down into an all-in-one, stand alone controller for the first time. It’s quite exciting to see
that there is competition in both, not only the Pro DJ booth, but now also the stand-alone
no laptop required sector. Now, Denon had a go at
this with the MCX8000 and it was a good start
but it had limited, non-laptop function. For instance, although
it has four channels, it only worked with
two without the laptop. Well, this looks like it’s fixing it. This has got a vastly
superior screen as well, right in the middle, which is
what people definitely want. Interesting stuff. Gabi says, MCX8000 with
all ports independent would have been perfect for me. I really like the no laptop needed idea. People are asking, what
software does it use? It uses Denon DJ’s Engine Prime software. Engine Prime software is Denon
DJ’s version of Rekordbox without the DJ part, if you like. If you remember Rekordbox, before Pioneer had it as
DJ controller software, it was just library software
and you exported to USB, plugged it into their
gear and off you went. Well, that’s what Denon DJ’s
Engine Prime software is and it works for this unit here. That’s a few early
reactions from this news over on YouTube. Let’s get some reactions from Facebook. A lot of you over on Facebook want to talk about this as well. My team are telling me so
I ought to dive in there and have a look. Yes, there really are a lot of you wanting to talk about
this over on Facebook. Does it take an external
drive, says Fitzroy. This is a really exciting thing about it. It takes USB, as in USB pen drives. It takes SD but it also
takes your solid state drive or your normal hard drive. You can plug all that stuff in as well. I do not know whether
you can kind of hide it in the body of the unit or not. I’m going to suspect that you can somehow but don’t quote me on that. You will be able to fit your hard drive with your complete music
collection on this. The other thing I don’t know is how big that collection can be before
the thing throws a wobbly. What I do know is the unit has
got a very powerful processor in it so it should be able to
handle pretty big collections. But again, this is all the kind of stuff that’s going to come out
when we get our hands on and have a review. SSD for the win, says Maximilano. So, it does not work
with Serato or Rekordbox, says Too Fine Productions. I think it’s about time, that I talk you through
some of the key points from the press release. Because, one of the things
that they’ve said is, Serato coming soon. It will definitely work as
one big Serato controller, for sure, which is quite exciting. I have the official press release here. I’ll scan it and tell you
a few of the features. If you’ve just joined
us, breaking DJ news. Denon DJ has announced the Prime 4. The world’s first stand alone
four-channel DJ controller. No laptop required. Pretty exciting stuff. Okay, so we’re going to do
a quick features rundown for you now. Keep your questions coming in. I’ll be answering a lot
more of those very shortly. It is four-deck stand alone, 10-inch multi touch gesture display. Dual zone output. Dual zone output is so
hot it’s unbelievable. What that means is, let’s
look at the controller again. At the top right hand
corner here you can see there’s a bank of six knobs and this area here controls
a zone of the controller which is separate from your main output. What this means, quite excitingly
for mobile and event DJ’s is you can have a completely
different playlist from your Engine Prime
music library playing to a completely different
part of your venue. If you are DJing in the main room but you want to put
music into the restaurant or music into a reception area
you can do that with this. Not the same music, not
like a booth output, completely different music. You have a completely
different playlist playing in a completely different
part of the venue. You can’t be mixing both, you’re only going to mix your main output but you can have a playlist playing in another part of the
venue from the zone output. Pretty hot! We’re talking through the
features of this unit. It’s got, I’m going to
skip over all the PR talk. I’m going to go bring you the
stuff that you want to hear. It’s got… Oh, here we go. Here’s the answer to the drive, to whether you can have
your own hard drive on it. Not only can you have it but it’s got 2.5 built-in drive bay. You can build your own music
right into this new system and it will allow you to do so without ever having to carry
a separate drive around, which sounds pretty cool. It’s got eight performance
pads, blah, blah, blah, hot ques, remix tracks, roll and slice, all this stuff. It’s got live time stretching
which sounds pretty cool for a stand alone controller. You’ll be able to do key
shifting and stuff live by the sound of it. Matching keys with just
the tap of the fingers, so that’s confirmation
this has got key sync. It’s a world’s first, they’re
claiming a world’s first, to the independent zone output. I think they’re probably right. A Prime 4 can access literally
unlimited music files and media sources with no
less than four USB inputs, one SD, and also that built-in bay. It’s got 14 on-board effects. 14 hardware effects on board. Pro club effects. So, this means that you can
plug in your own turntables, your own mixer, your own CDJ’s and you can use the built
in effects with that. Again, this sounds pretty hot. You can also use it as
a Serato controller. We’ve had that confirmed. That means that that’s
coming soon, by the way. That means that you’ll be able to use Serato software effects and the built-in hardware
effects with this unit. It looks pretty good, right? Pretty exciting. We can’t wait to get our hands on this. Let’s see what you think over on Facebook. I seem to have bought my XDJ-RX2 at the worst possible time, says Hans. Well, look, DJing is DJing. You can do 90% on everything. I wouldn’t worry too much about that. I mean, gear is great fun but let’s be honest, DJjing is about gear, yes, but it’s also about
music, and techniques, and performing, and how
you promote yourself. They’re the things that are
going to get you success. Don’t get too worried
about this kind of thing. Neil says, sell it! There you go, there’s another solution. It’s going to be released
at the end of February. We actually have a release
date, and price here as well. Release date in March 2019 at $1699, 1699 US dollars for a four-channel, stand alone DJ system with
a 10-inch touch screen, built-in effects, standalone
mixer, I’m going to guess, and external second zone output. First, a world first, then it is claiming for
this kind of device. Half the price of the RZX
or RZedX but years ahead. Got to love Denon, says Marco. Make your move Pioneer DJ, says Dex. Ali is giving us a link to B&H Photo Video with some photos, I’m
going to guess there. We answered the internal effects question which has been asked. I love you, I love this,
I’m still using a S4 Mk1. This might be my upgrade
finally, says Kylie. I love the fact that you’re
still using an S4 Mk1. There’s absolutely no problem with keeping your controller for
years and years, Kylie. I’m glad to hear that. I can see the Pioneer equivalent costing about 2.5k, says Luis. Let’s talk about price for a bit. This is $1700. This is not an awful lot of
money for a four-channel, stand alone DJ controller. It’s about the price of
one Pioneer CDJ, right? If I remember from memory correctly. This is going to possibly
create a price war. This might be DDJ-SX upgrade
I’ve been looking for, says Jeff. It’s definitely worth 1699, says Ali. If you’re just joining us, by the way, we’re talking about this unit. It’s the new Denon DJ Prime 4. It’s a four-channel stand alone DJ unit. 1699, it’s due out in March. We’re heading over to the
NAMM show in L.A. next week. I’m heading out there to meet Joey and the team on Tuesday and
we’ll be bringing you live, hands on of this thing. So, do keep an eye out for that next week. But for now, we’re talking
through the unit here with the press release, with your comments and with our pictures. Let’s have another look at that picture if you’ve just joined us. This is it. This is the new Denon DJ Prime 4 stand alone controller four-channels. Wow, says Maxamiliano. Zoning! Yeah, zoning. Has it got video playback
capabilities, says Michael. Very good question, we’ve not heard anything
about video playback. Danny Taylor says, I hope it
will work with Virtual DJ too. Danny, knowing Virtual DJ, they’ll not only have this working but they’ll have that screen working with their wave forms
as well at some point. But I can’t promise you that. I’m just saying, knowing Virtual DJ. It also takes your cell phone
as a hard drive, says Derek. I don’t know where he’s
found that out from but that’s really good. What are the knobs on the top for? Individual effects, mic control? The knobs on the top, let’s
have another look at them. The knobs on the top left
appear to us to be the mics and the knobs on the top right
is the zoning and the output. As we’ve been talking about
this has got two zones. You can play one playlist in one zone completely separately from
your DJing in the main zone. More live stuff, more
live stuff, very cool. This could be perfect for my mobile gig. Saves on the laptop and vinyl decks and control vinyl, says Ali. How do the jogs compare in size to the SC5000 Prime jog wheels, says Nick. This is the SC5000 Prime series here. This is what it’s based on. It’s kind of an all-in-one stand alone, cut down version of this system here, the Prime Pro DJ System. I’m going to say, from
looking at the pictures, that the jog wheels are going
to be smaller than these but, well, almost definitely
they’re smaller than these. But how much smaller, we’re
going to have to find out when we get out hands on one. I just bought a MCX8000, says Dave. It hasn’t been 90 days yet, I guess it’s time to return it. If you can wait the two
months until this comes out and I’ll bet there’ll be a long wait to get ahold of these as well. Pioneer will do a four-channel
RX4 now, says Rob. Well, let’s hope. That’s what competition
is all about, isn’t it? We win from competition. Both of you asking the price, 1699. This will make me come out
of retirement, says Elvin. Well, when you do come to us. We’ll help you get back on your feet and back behind the decks, Elvin. That’s what we’re here for. This. (laughs) Is it a laptop controller, so could you play anything
from your library, says Arijit. This controller will work
with Serato DJ software, it’s coming soon according to the press
release we’ve just read out. That means that, yes,
you will be able to…. Oh, it’s gone. Let’s bring it back. That means that, yes, you will be able to use this controller with Serato DJ and therefore play your
music from your library just like it was indeed a controller rather than a stand alone DJ system, which is how it’s been made. Six-inch capacity touch jog
wheels, Ali filling me in there. Thank you. It’s so good to have
such a great community who fill in the gaps when
we’re covering this stuff. Before we do a final
round up of this big news, big breaking news, that Denon DJ has the
Prime 4 stand alone system which is four-channels and
it doesn’t need a laptop and it’s coming soon and
hopefully it’ll be at NAMM and hopefully we’ll be
bringing you some stuff from there just next week. Before we move on to that news, let’s just get a few
more shouts from YouTube. Then, we’ll have a
run-down of the features and then we’re going to round
off this live broadcast. Jeremy says, they need to
move out CDJs to XDJs. He’s talking about Pioneer. Just looking for anything
we haven’t read out there. I think I’m at the wrong
end of the list there. Has it got dual mic XLR
input, says OneCrazyDJ. I think it has. By the way, if you’re enjoying
this please hit your share. If you’ve got DJ friends, who you know would love to
know about this hit share now and let them see what’s going on here. I’m sure they’ll thank you for it. And of course, if you’re enjoying this, please hit like as well. It makes us know that what
we do is being appreciated. Likes and shares would
be well appreciated here. We’re talking about this. The Prime 4. I’m going to give you a
final features run down from the official press release and I’m going to tell you that if you want to learn more you can head over to This is without a doubt
our top news story. As I speak, Joey and the
team will have been busy putting this live there. So head over there if
you want to see high res, full screen pictures of this
and learn a bit more about it. But meanwhile, let me give
you a features rundown to close off this broadcast. And we’ll close off with the
price and availability as well. The Denon DJ Prime 4 is a
four-channel, with four decks, stand alone, DJ controller. It’s got a 10-inch HD multi-touch
display with gestures. It’s got dedicated XLR zone output, providing music to a separate
room from the playlist. It’s got built in 2.5-inch drive bay to store music on board. It’s got six-inch
rugged metal jog wheels with an HD central display. We didn’t talk about that before. These have got an HD central display that can show your cover
art and stuff as well. If it’s anything… If the existing system
is anything to go by, this one here which is the
Denon DJ SC5000 system. It’s got four assignable input channels for external sources. It’s got two dedicated
XLR inputs for microphones which have got individual controls. It’s got Stagelink connections for events and Pro DJ lighting and video controls. So, there you go. Now, Stagelink is done in
DJ’s protocol for video and for visuals. Now, we haven’t seen much of Stagelink. I think Denon would be the first to admit they haven’t taken it
to it’s potential yet but it’s build in to this. So, as that develops, you’re going to get control
over those things as well. It’s got Denon DJ 24-bit DJ legacy audio. What they haven’t put on
this round-up, that we know, is that it’s got loads of onboard
effects, hardware effects, so it’ll work with your
external CDJs and decks as well. It’s coming soon with
Serato DJ Pro control. This is it. The Denon DJ Prime 4. The world’s first four-channel,
stand alone controller. It’s going to retail at U.S. for $1699. It’s going to be available in March 2019. Thank you to everyone who’s
been giving us comments over on YouTube and on Facebook. You can read more about this right now in our full write up over
at Please share this so your friends, your other DJ mates can
see what’s going on. Please like this if you’ve enjoyed it and please head over to Digital DJ Tips to read more about it. Leave us your comments anywhere you want. We’ll get back to you. And as I say, we’re going
to be at NAMM next week reviewing this in full. I’ll leave you with that
full screen picture of this, the new Denon DJ Prime 4. Thank you for watching. Get good. Get out there. Make the moments and
I’ll see you again soon.

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  34. 🔥🔥🔥 Numark Need to come up with that same idea but with 12" Motorized platters. What microphone with fX's

  35. plz i had the denon prime 4 and i need to connect it with my laptop but its dosnt reonize it
    its freez in ( searching for computer ) on the screen and i maked every thing update firewarm & usp update its work & the audio driver in laptop written audio unavileble

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