Breaking News Cuba Cruises Maybe Banned By Trump Administration At Any Time

Breaking News Cuba Cruises Maybe Banned By Trump Administration At Any Time

everybody is Bruce here was traveling
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here with traveling with Bruce today April the 18th 2019 news is starting to
come out that pictures like these cruise ships coming to Cuba might be a thing of
the past come to light that the administration of Donald Trump is
seriously considering banning cruise ships from visiting Cuba and this this
decision could come down at any time the cruise lines like Royal Caribbean
Norwegian Carnival MSC Viking ocean cruises they’re all wondering what is
happening even our friends at virgin voyages they haven’t even started yet
they wanted to do 5-day cruises with an overnight in Havana they might be barred
as well we’re gonna find out here the rules with regard to travel to Cuba are
getting tighter and tighter for Americans money transfers are becoming
more and more difficult and lawsuits are going to be allowed to be filed by
Americans who felt that the 1959 revolution went against their financial
interests this is a bit of a mess it’s absolutely a disaster for cruise lines
this could upset the applecart for millions of pre-sold cruises for dozens
of cruise ships going forward the next couple of years will have to follow how
this works out join me Monday to Friday five o’clock Eastern Saturdays at 2:00
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12 Replies to “Breaking News Cuba Cruises Maybe Banned By Trump Administration At Any Time

  1. It is a sad situation for those planning a Cuba visit. However, geo politics have affected cruises before (as with other travel in general). Mediterranean seasons were all but cancelled in the wake of terrorism. Suez cruises and east Africa cancelled, British ships banned from Argentina, visits to Russia must be escorted, ships had to re-flag from countries with political tension, Mexican riviera cruises cancelled to avoid cartel gangs….on and on and on. Cruise lines will have to shuffle ships and markets – and it becomes more difficult as the volume and size of ships continue to grow. It is sad. It sucks when it affects you personally. But get a grip….NO ONE is entitled to go anywhere, anytime outside of your own sovereign nation (and not all permit it within). This is life if you travel. The cruise industry is not exempt from this risk – as well as acts of nature. Read you passenger contract. You can book a cruise to Bermuda and a hurricane can reroute you to the Canadian Maritime. You could sail across the Pacific to find a dock strike in your Polynesian paradise and miss the call. Cuba is not a free nation. You are not a free citizen to leave the ship and travel unescorted (as a US citizen) and by the way, it is the same applies in Russia. A cruise purchase does not buy you entitlement. Cruise lines do an amazing job delivering a fantasy product with many elements they do not control. Be grateful for where you can go, what you can see and what you will experience. But if you think the world bows to you you will be a very disappointed traveler.

  2. been there done that – holland america two years ago – one of the first to be able to enter – great cars, dirty city – just a destination. i don't believe everything i hear or read – we dont have a wall either. just travel enjoy and see the world. if it cancels go somewhere else.

  3. Cuba is still a communist country and USA should never had opened trade & travel without more guaranteed freedom for the Cuban people. Sorry lots of cruises will need to rebook destinations.

  4. Don’t even get me started on this…. I will not comment further and risk being attacked by keyboard tough guys

  5. Cuba travel for Americans remains legal. It has not it ended, nor will it be banned. Travel plans already in place or arrangements you make now will be valid if and when the White House updates Cuba travel regulations.

  6. Trump, Bolton and Rubio are all jerks. How about our freedoms to travel? The embargo on Cuba has not work since its beginning 60 years ago. People down there are very nice and dirt poor. Three jerks. I have harsher words for them.

  7. That's what America gets for letting Foxnews Sean Hannity Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham brainwashed them to vote a political party over their interests & as result has voted an unstable child minded modern day Adolf Hitler as President of the United States

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