Breaking News Carnival Horizon Engine Problem Plus Crew Member Dies Onboard Ship

Breaking News Carnival Horizon Engine Problem Plus Crew Member Dies Onboard Ship

everybody it’s Bruce here with traveling
with Bruce today’s video is concerning the ship the
Carnival horizon here she is right here this ship is brand-new today is August
2018 and this ship was put in the service in May of 2018 so she’s only
three months old but she’s run into a bit of a problem she’s a thousand fifty
five feet long a hundred and twenty-two feet wide 134 thousand gross ton so it’s
a big ship the brand-new Vista class for Carnival 3916 passengers and fourteen
hundred and fifty crew now the ship is on a eight day Caribbean sailing out of
New York City and she was trying to reach amber cove which is in the
Dominican Republic this is her last stop on her a tour here’s a shot of Dominican
Republic amber Cove there’s on the top and she was trying to come in to to dock
in amber Coll and she’s she ran into technical issues with her propulsion
system he can take a look here how tight the the area is here the ship has to
dock itself at these piers and she was having trouble maneuvering it so they
had to cancel of the stop and Amber Cole gave all the passengers a fifty dollar
credit and said to them folks I’m sorry you’re not gonna be able to enjoy the
water slides you can’t do the zip lines we can’t even get you off the ship today
we’ve got issues we have to work our way back to New York yeah we’re on reduced
power and the issue I guess was that they have a propulsion problem probably
one of the azipods and this is an issue they’ve had before
overall I’m Carla Carnival they’ve had us before with the carnival one fantasy
cruise ship and the splendor cruise ship both last year and they had to resolve
them and so the ship is sailing at reduced power so the folks are on board
having a wonderful time with all the amenities that you see here but she’s
now working her way back to New York City and is expected to be there on time
day after tomorrow but obviously she been sailing for 24 hours already and
got a bit of a head start because she just turned around right away and
started heading up to New York and the hope is that between now and when they
get her there they can figure out what the route the problem is they don’t know
if we don’t know yet if it’s mechanical or if it’s a software issue you know
what what is the issue we’ll we won’t know for a while but they’re working on
it and they have some experience on you know this issue unfortunately the other
sad news actually the other news that’s kind of disappointing it’s a sad thing
to hear is that they lost a crew member they were in Grand Turk which is right
here the day before going to Amber Cole they
were in Grand Turk and they had a crew member on board in his 30s and he passed
away they they haven’t released the cause of death they’ve reached out to
the family there are family members of this individual who are also carnival
employees and they’ve reached out to them with their regrets and the crew is
devastated by this we don’t know what the cause of death was we may find out
later but that’s kind of too bad it’s a great trip for everyone except though
we’ve got these two issues and like I say things happen
these are smalls floating cities at sea what can we say anyway this is Bruce
with traveling with Bruce join me Monday to Friday at 5 p.m. Eastern Time
Saturdays at 2:00 we talk cruise ships every day and I’ll try to follow up on
this story as more news comes out thanks again everybody talk to you soon bye for

20 Replies to “Breaking News Carnival Horizon Engine Problem Plus Crew Member Dies Onboard Ship

  1. Sad news about the crew member. Hopefully they will figure out the issues with the ship once they get back to New York. Like the Itinerary of the Horizon when it comes to Florida 6 day Eastern Caribbean 8 day western Caribbean. So if you wanted to do BTB Cruises you’d go to different ports.

  2. That's the biggest problem with azipods, if you have problems with them the only way to fix then it's in dry dock and that's only if one is available.

  3. Oh my goodness, very sad for the crew member and his family. I am glad I found your channel, it looks like you have lots of valuable information here! I do cruise vlogs too and saw you on La Lido Loca's live show tonight. Love this little community 😊 Subscribed

  4. I just got home from this cruise…Captain kept us updated..when we left Amber Cove where we couldn't dock..we then sailed closer to Grand Turk while technicians took a boat and met us with some technicians. That night we were back to cruising speed. Next day captain announced it was fixed. We did not know about the crew death

  5. I was on the horizon in June and we missed grand Turk because we had to sail closer to shore for the coast guard to fly a helicopter for a man,I don’t know what happened though..

  6. I was on this ship. It wasn’t that bad, I saw the hearse on the dock and assumed that someone died, I heard through the grapevine it was a crew member, but it was never announced to the passengers

  7. Omg i was on this cruise like this exact one and we could not get into amber cove and we were all upset and they gave
    us 50 dollar credit and a free bingo card 😡 i was gonna do the zip lining. also when we were passing grand turk going home a little boat came out and the man on the boat fixed it. we saw the ambulance on the grand turk port but we didn’t rlly know what happened

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