Breaking News – Black Snake Prophecy Happening NOW – Standing Rock

Breaking News – Black Snake Prophecy Happening NOW – Standing Rock

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  1. somehow I feel that the black snake may represent the Islamic/muslim people invading many countries right now ,,, in many other prophecies of Nostradamus and other visionaries , ,they mention the 'Black plaque",or black smoke ,, that is taking over Europe and now the Western countries ,,, the muslims/women dressed up in their black garb when they came in as refugees , and illegal immigrants ,, ,,, ,,, and so the black color is either as black snake or black plaque ,,,which will destroy many nations ,,, with their radical ideologies and principals of so call religion and force everybody to becoming muslim and accepting alla or die ,,, this is a punishment that God will allow because people has turned their backs on their God , their Creator ,,, and which only Jesus the Son of God can save mankind from its own self destruction ,,, ( it is written that God will use His enemies to punish His rebellious and disobedient children ), Indian nations are not saved from these muslims/Islamic invasion either ,,, we are indeed in the last days ,, different visionaries of different nations describes the same ugly end ,,, with similar symbols or something that represents death ,,, but we can only have our hope in the Lord ,,, and God the Father , the Creator of all things ,, I try to be open minded when I read up on all these different things ,,, but everything seems to point in the same direction ,,, struggles for everybody ,,, ( If I may say something else here , if you natives know on how to survive in the wilderness like your forefathers , way out in the wilderness ,, ,, please try to move in the wilderness to save yourselves ,,, but bring God Almighty with you ,, and Jesus Christ ,, His Holy Son ,,,) ,may God be with you brother and sister ,,, ( I have Indian blood in me ,,, but not like you guys ,(I'm French Canadian ),, May God bless you and guide you onto the way you should go ,,, , Please pray about this ,,, . your future may depend on it ,, don't trust the Government , they care nothing for their own people ,,, we are only their workers ,,, like the beehive ,,, and the anthill, we work because we have no choice ,, , if we want to survive ,,, ( even Jesus said that by allowing these people in ,, they will be the cause of our destruction's ,, Please read the bible ,, it's all there , Peace , and love always ,, trust in God ,,

  2. the governments are afraid of losing control … that's why they are so aggressive ,,, the politicians and our governments don't care about anyone except for what they can get out of you ,,, and me and us ,,

  3. Setting the Record Straight About Native Peoples: Lost Tribes of Israel
    Q: Are Native Americans a lost tribe of Israel, Ancient Egyptians, Canaanites, or any other people mentioned in the Bible?
    A: No. These Biblical events happened only a few thousand years ago. Native Americans were already here. Also, Middle Easterners are Caucasians. American Indians are Mongoloid. (Indians have epicanthic eye folds, like the Chinese do.) Amerindian languages do NOT show any relation to Semitic languages, this data was faked.
    Q: Did a lost tribe of Israel sail to America and join the Indians, maybe?
    A: It's doubtful. It would have been a long trip, and there's no evidence to suggest it. No Israelite ruins have been found, no oral histories of native peoples mention it, no Semitic art or technology infusions happened in the Americas, and there aren't any Israelite records of such a journey. When the Vikings landed ships on Newfoundland in the 11th century, there were fewer than 100 of them and they stayed there less than ten years, yet they still left behind identifiable Norse ruins, two Viking sagas, and mention of the event in the oral history of the Mi'kmaq Indians. A permanent settlement of more than a thousand Israelites would surely have left behind even more substantial remains, yet there are none.
    Q: But aren't there special similarities between Aztec/Mayan culture and ancient Middle Eastern cultures, such as hieroglyphs, pyramids, symbology, traditional religions, and ethical laws like the Ten Commandments?
    A: Well, no. First of all, there is no special similarity between Mesoamerican and Ancient Egyptian writing systems. "Hieroglyph" just means "arcane writing". You could as easily call Klingon writing "hieroglyphs" if you wanted to. None of the languages or writing systems of native America are related in any way to Semitic, Norse, or Celtic ones, and the websites we have seen claiming this have been deliberately lying by providing made-up Indian words to "prove" the similarity. A quick glance at an Indian dictionary is enough to prove that the writers of these websites are inventing their "evidence" from thin air–not behavior that lends much credence to their claims. See here for some further information about how to really determine linguistic relationships.
    As for the rest, there is no more similarity between Native American and Ancient Egyptian civilizations than between any two ancient cultures. Traditional religions are particularly different. Most Native American traditional religions were animistic, unlike Middle Eastern religions. Some Central American cultures had pantheons of gods, as Egyptians (and Chinese, and Africans, and many other cultures) did, but these pantheons bore so little resemblance to the familiar Egyptian or Greek gods that it took European anthropologists centuries to even figure them out. Mayan and Egyptian pyramids were constructed so differently that modern anthropologists don't even class them as the same style of architecture, and the use of five- and six-sided stars in Mesoamerican decoration does not show a connection to Christianity and Judaism any more than the use of swastikas in ancient North American decoration shows a connection to Nazism. Stars and swastikas are common patterns that even children will doodle without being taught to. The best argument would be the one about ethical laws, for it is true that traditional Native American morality shares similarities to the Ten Commandments (not stealing, not murdering, and not committing adultery). However, it would be hard to envision an ancient society in which stealing, murdering, and adultery were encouraged. It is rather culturally imperialistic to say that such basic morality must have been learned from Egyptians, Israelites, or Christians. Perhaps it would be better, religiously, to say that the Creator made all human beings capable of understanding good and evil, no matter where they live. It certainly is more accurate anthropologically to observe that all human cultures developed such laws, and that one might as well say that the Chinese and Celts were lost tribes of Cherokee on this basis as that the American Indians were lost tribes of Israel.
    Q: But I really, really want to believe that Native Americans are a lost tribe of Israel!
    A: No one is stopping you, but using made-up vocabulary lists and implausible 'evidence' to prop up your beliefs is bad science and bad faith. If you want to believe, then believe; you shouldn't need evidence to have faith, and you certainly shouldn't need fake evidence.
    I have been receiving quite a bit of profanity laced email from Mormons for showing that those word lists are not real Algonquian words. Please think before you hit the 'send' button: is cursing at people who don't tell lies to make it easier for you to believe things really the image of your church you want to be sending out? so boom and next please i love this debunking stuff

  4. There is a train 🚂 that travels across the sky which is full of young Native American warriors. The train stopped for me to get on board but I didn't because I am African American. Give us permission and we will kill the white man. We need your permission though. How long will you guys suffer at their hands. Death 💀 is a lie

  5. On 28th February I was given a dream.  I was standing upon a blue bridge.  Below that bridge was the top part of what I at first imagined to be a living severed fish.  I could see what looked like a white tube positioned in the middle of this creature.  As I was awakening Yah'weh my Adhonai told me to read Isaiah 9:14:15  "And Yah'weh will cut off from Israel head and tail, shoot and rush, in one day.  The aged and highly respected one is the head, and the prophet giving false instruction is the tail.  The aged and highly respected ones and the tail being false prophets are who are the cause of all the wickedness in this day.  I then realised it was not a fish but a viper I was seeing.  I googled and saw the same replica.  It was a gold coloured creature but it would become black by the oil leak..  I could reveal other dreams I have been given by my Heavenly Father.  Revelation 11:18 promises my Yah'weh will bring to ruin those ruining the earth!  May

  6. I had a bit of an enlightening moment while studying Hebrew Greek and Islamic letters and texts.
    the Greek/Islamic number for 666 is what appears to be a black snake. crossed swords, snake and a lay down one to represent God/Allah. oil I don't think is the snake. have a look, tell me it isn't how it appears

  7. they have always done this to us took our identities ethnicities tribes tribal names true histories cultures even made illegal to say you are indigenous people and a law in 1839 refusing verbal and written proof we been called negro colored black black Indians and now African American they have hidden plenty of birth records all types of documentation and destroyed a lot of proof but the truth is out and you can can these records we have proof in my family old grave yards court records documentation as well as other information in old bibles the government's our crooks liars thieves murders rapist we are indigenous to planet earth period these are my brothers and sisters we must stand together as fellow natives people of colors we all are Apart of each Other literary all brothers and sisters we are one race of people humans our people are in all skin tones colors complexions due to our multitude of ethnicities cultures mixture of tribal nationality backgrounds of different humans features shapes and sizes hair colors textures types eye colors like my family the original tribes of the earth was very deep dark rich in melanin production pigmentation color like burnt brass coal reddish brown like the soil dirt clay of earth copper colored many different tribes nation's civilization of nothing but deep dark rich melanin people humans from all over earth not just one place like the lies we are taught in their schools they all spoke one language at one time in the beginning .The thieves government's that stole our lands took our true identities ethnicities tribes names histories cultures and hiding it destroyed a lot of proof and gave us fake false identities ethnicities names lables histories cultures even use our real histories cultures identities ethnicities tribes as they own everywhere they have went they done to the natives indigenous people humans in those parts of the earth they poisoned our water supply food air lands they put us down as 2nd class citizens tell us where can and can't live we never had any rights never been free they been attacking us with dogs spraying us with water hoses and playing us against earth other we got to come together stand up and fight for what's right this affects us all! And another thing stop believing the fake DNA test it's a scam of the government's to try to make the lies the told and taught us appear truth we are not from Africa you are not African American you are indigenous people of the Americas we all are human and indigenous to planet earth period and a fact The Most High our Father and Creator said that we would be a stranger in our own lands we would be worshipping false pagan gods goddess idol's deities entities false pagan religions all world denominations religions our false pagan and their pagan holidays celebrations and he said his people would be worshipping a false pagan God made of wood and stone they worshipping Lucifer Satan Sun Gods worshipping aka Sunday worshipping.Did you know there was over 12,000 tribes here and that the 12 tribes of Israel was 11tribes of cannites that had been the say every since 300B.C. they found ancient burials in the oldest parts of Louisiana they found tablets of ancient Hebrew language and other tribes spoke it as well and had old biblical text Torah an many many more tribes from other places around the world and they cover it all up but it's been discovered and brought to the light they had been here a very long time before the white Europeans came I have family from that time that watched them come in off the water boats we have very old grave yards that date back to the 1300's some so old that the head stone writing on has long weathered away I was always told we are from the Americas we made up many tribes of humans from here middle east and other parts of earth!we term humans here all lives matter !!!

  8. yes sons of satan this does debunk you punk ass Nunsuch……………Hau kola,
    Hello friend. Allow me to offer you some facts and considerations which debunk the 'Bering Strait' theory…

    First and foremost, as you have mentioned, there are many Indigenous sites, traditional teachings and calendars that pre-date the ice-age by tens of thousands of years. One such example is the Mohawk Nation calendar. It is not the year 2000 for the Mohawk people, it is the year 33115. This is the number of years the Mohawk people have been recording an annual count.
    Other facts…

    If indeed there was such a thing as an 'ice-bridge', science clearly shows that it would be virtually impossible for any human migration to have occurred. Any attempt would have almost certainly resulted in death. It is also a reasonable possibility that this so called 'ice-bridge' never even existed at all!
    Other facts…

    If the Indigenous people of this continent came from Asian people in the distant past, certainly there would remain remnants of Asian culture within the Indigenous cultures in North America. These 'Asian cultural remnants' simply do not exist. There are absolutely no similarities in any of the diverse languages of Indigenous peoples to Asian languages, historic and present. There are absolutely no similarities in the spiritual customs of Indigenous and Asian peoples. There are no similarities in diet. There are no similarities in the music in its uses, structures and instrument origins. So, with years of intense study finding that there exists absolutely no cultural connection, past or present, between Indigenous and Asian peoples, it can be very accurately concluded that the Indigenous people of this continent did not originate from Asian culture.
    Other facts…

    Propaganda… This 'Bering Strait' theory is just that – propaganda. It was (and still is) perpetuated by the american euro-centric majority to somehow justify their greedy theft of our ancestral land and homes. This theory which is based not in science or history, but rather in american euro-centric propaganda, is taught in schools throughout the U.S. as if it were fact. Simply said – it is not. It is, what many of our Indigenous histories have mistakenly been dubbed, a myth.
    Other facts…

    As you likely know, a skeleton was found in the americas that was determined to be an Indigenous person. This skeleton was scientifically proven to PRE-date the ice-age. So there again, we have more solid proof of what we as the Indigenous people of this continent have been saying for 500 years – we did NOT come from Asia, or cross an 'ice-bridge' to get here. Creator made us here, and we have always been here.

    I hope this info is helpful to you! Appreciate your interest. Peace to you.

  9. Ion Eye wish a merciless death upon all military, police, pipeline workers and dishonest media employees who help invade sacred land and mobilize to threaten water ways and peaceful people.Shapeless-ALBUM2-"Underground Colossus": Shapeless-ALBUM1-"Endeavors":

  10. The Black snake was planned. They know there are mega oil fields beneath the salt domes in the Gulf and under the southern states.

  11. I thought the 8th was 'youth with long hair joining tribal nations.' While the final 9th is a space station re-entering the earth or a deadly comet. Number 4 is the land being 'crossed by snakes of iron' (railroad tracks or the pipelines.)

  12. I think the black snake prophecy is more inclusive than Standing Rock, although it is part of it. I see snakes popping through the veil. I see snakes wrapping around this and other planets, including the sun and the moon. I've seen them for many months now. I appreciate your call to action on Standing Rock and I did take action. The snakes are like some sort of black magic. I'm wondering if CERN brought them in. In an ancient Norse prophecy, Thor fights the world snake and defeats it, and dies in the process. These snakes are also looking more like dragons now. The way I deal with the ones in the back yard who show up in my camera is to encourage them to get free, because they are like slaves also. Ignoring them completely does not work because most people don't even know they are there. But everyone feels their presence. Where they come from, they like smells, but we would find these smells not so pleasant. They are getting more numerous now. Please love these snakes right out of this world. Convince them to get free, go home, and leave us in peace. I know it sound nuts. But such is the new reality. Interesting that wormwood is an herb that repels snakes.

  13. Navajo Indian end of days #resist #theResistance Prophecy

  14. Well we can all see what is happening to America and all the world! KARMA IS A BITCH! Hail the Native Ones!

  15. Great water protectors and protectors for our mother earth. May you all be graced and guided by spirits that succeed mankind the invisible forces that is greater than that of man in your efforts to protect our mother against the black snake.

  16. +Nunsuch im not self hating. you blind. sure they wouldve invented modern tech, but they wouldve done it from a spiritual point of view, it wouldve been sustainable and excercised judiciously, with virtual certainty this is the case. you fail to see that cuz you are ignorant. you are a product of the very mindset that created the problem. its no wonder you cant see your way out. you need to rethink your life cuz your perspective on reality is faulty af

  17. the presisent of the us is evil they are a treat to the whole world…they keep pushing the limits we have to do somthing right know

  18. as usual the oligarchs who care only about money are now trespassing on Indian land to lay their evil pipe that will desecrate evetything.

  19. exxon and these companies with their leaks should be shut down and criminally prosecuted
    their funds should be frozen and assets seized

  20. the second great helper is here and will send letters to the elders she is working with mother nature the chilren are in danger

  21. Is the Black Snake Barak Obama? He is a muslim; and according to Bible prophesy, all the nations that oppose Israel's existance are Muslim.

  22. Most white people are not in favor of pipelines. Please do not lump all whites together. United we stand, divided we fall. Do not allow these shameful greedy idiots to divide us. All of humanity, all decent people need to join together against these pipelines, regardless of color or race or culture. We are all inhabitants of one planet earth. Division will only make the greedy pigs stronger. "Whites" are not the enemy. The greedy corporations are.

  23. Are you sure the black snake represents a pipeline? What about a group of people united under a black flag called Isis?

  24. These fucking asshole cops need to be sorted out & the Government needs to be stopped from making these retarded decisions

  25. You know…black people think they have it so bad but the poor Indians have had it worst than anyone since the beginning of time until present day. I feel so bad for them. I don't get why people keep fucking with them…leave them alone!!

  26. Did they get permits for protest ? If not they have no right to complain about force. If they did its a shame. It is a shame the oil hungry US government could never keep a treety with the native Americans. Talking about gathering information … is that not one of the things leftist SJW's wanted a while ago. To find and hunt down the alt right for excersizing free speach ? On facebook ?

  27. How do you know they are talking about an oil pipeline vs an actual black snake entity such as Apep as depicted throughout ancient Egypt?

  28. Thanks for posting this, bro. I was watching but I watched the vets disappear, so I know, a lost cause. Navaho prophecy coming true… Be strong. I remember being on the rez when they gove, in 1970-something decided we were "too prosperous" in their opinion – so they confiscated 1/3 – 30% of our sheep! Genocide in plain site.
    Fear not – the white man will pass away… They dare call us "savages."
    We know what to eat, where to go, and we will do that. And wait.
    O Mitakye Oyasin!

  29. I looked up the Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecy, very interesting reading. But it seems that much like the Mayan calendar ending in 2012, so did that prophecy. It talks about Time and Un-Time. Everything is a cycle, and we go back to the beginning of the cycle. I don't see a way for it to really occur without some loss of life. It is more of a reset.

    Also, in Astrology, each age lasts about 2000 years. We began coming out of the age of Pisces in 2012 and began to enter the Age of Aquarius. One phases out as the energy of the new one phases in. Church age out, Golden age in. This happens in cycles. Not sure how many of our years each cycle lasts.

  30. people need to learn that water and the true people of the america,s are much more precious than oil,the USA gov should be totally ashamed of them selves.

  31. get to High Ground more than 2500' don't be deceived by the Giant's which are the Nephilim the Vatican will say they are here to help but this is another lie the pope will call the AntiChrist King the man of Lawlessness is Obama the pope declared himself a antichrist said the Koran and bible same there not even close ! don't fall for the fake invasion be the Nephilim  they will say another is coming here to destroy but this will be Christ with his Mighty Angel's the Trumpets will sound the Dead will Rise then those that Have asked Christ in there Heart's be Caught up with them as we see the flaming Sword come from the Anointed Destroying those who will try make War with Yeshu it would be better for them that they where never born is one way to put it ! share the Truth and Love Pray Fast ask for the Spirit  to guide you wisdom and discernment get to High Ground away from big citys are your self

  32. we all know what needs to be done but we won't do it cuz we split apart our spirit is weekend but if you stand as one Indian Nation then we stand a chance support the secret knowledge that we once had and our mother will protect us take back our land white man does not care about nothing but his own personal gain Monopoly is his God the black snake twist and cuts through its land with this black goo that it squirts out of his mouth the schooling guy water but that is what they want the water source to be cut off the land fun beer of Beanie resource my grandmother Omaha was full-blooded Cherokee Indian she was on the 1909 Baker list her son Dennis Hughes was my father I am one of six the last to be born I am a snake spirit

  33. They should go around the river, not through because we don't want to die

    and this prophecy came from children…

  34. My Ex-Gurlfriend is Lakota Indian and Absolutely Gorgeous Beyond All Belief seriously hot af,but we are just bffs now,Anyways,She has told Me about this before.She has Lakota Pride Tattooed across her chest.

  35. Well,I don't know if he cared or not because I'm not him and dont have his mind heart or soul.Oob,And you don't either,but I will say this ,He cared a He'll of Alit more than Nasty ass Trump.

  36. How many prophecy has a black snake engulfing the world many like native Americans and norse .thor battles the a giant snake aswell what is that evil snake engulfing the world its the liberals look at liberals in every country human sacrificing in abortion gays n lesbians turning children in to trans genders forcing people to accept evil .thats the evil giant snake corrupting the world.

  37. Thanks Joseph, for standing with Standing Rock and for sharing this information with us. Makes me so sad that we the people are not being heard, and that our will is not being honored. We're now the United Corporations of America. The only voices that count are the big greedy corporate donors. We the people are just tax slaves. The fat cats running the show don't care enough about us to keep us healthy or to keep our planet healthy. It's all quite horrifying.

  38. All the external "efforts" will be FUTILE. What is crucial is to go within, purify and reconnect to the true self, the conscious unit if it is there at all. What is outer will transform ONLY when the world WITHIN has gone through the TRANSFORMATION. It is but NAIVE to ASSUME that CONTROL has no understanding of What will Bring in the END of the World and this time ALL AGES. Last chance. Humanity Failed three times already, the fourth is the Last chance and It Already FAILED.

  39. I am deeply saddened by the non caring, of our people. At a time when we should stay together, to all who are Warriors, & Rainbow warriors, Love, Light, & Righteous Indignation, protect you all.

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