Breaking News! Allure of the Seas Having Continued Engine Problems 30 More Sailings Affected

Breaking News! Allure of the Seas Having Continued Engine Problems 30 More Sailings Affected

everybody it’s Bruce here with traveling
with Bruce today’s date July the 29th 2019 and Royal Caribbean has just made
an announcement regarding the allure of the Seas this Oasis class cruise ship
that can hold up to 6,000 passengers at a time as got engine problems
the azipods are faulty they need repair but the cruise line is decided they’re
gonna continue to run the ship at produced power at reduced speed and
they’re now altering an additional 30 future sailings for the Allure of the
Seas they’ve done 20 already they’re doing 30 more this will keep the ship in
the water until probably January 2020 the problem is at the dry dock in Grand
Bahama the one you see at the bottom of the picture there was damaged when the
Oasis of the Seas listed inside her and caused major damage to the drydock the
drydock is out of commission the other problem here is Carnival was able to use
a floating dry dock to repair the Carnival Vista a couple weeks ago but
this floating dry dock is not large enough to handle the Oasis class ship so
the only way that Royal Caribbean can repair the Oasis class ships at the
moment on an emergency basis would be to sail all the way to Cadiz Spain get into
this drydock if it’s available and do the repairs there we’re talking about
four or five cruises that would have to be cancelled by Royal Caribbean and they
don’t want to do that right now they’re gonna run the Allure of the Seas on a
slower speed they’re gonna shuffle the deck with a whole bunch of other ships
to make room for the allure of the Seas so that they can continue to offer
cruises right into January 2020 that’s the latest that I see here join me
Monday night 8 o’clock Eastern Time 4 live cruise ship talk and subscribe to
my channel today hit the bell notification icon I’ll keep you posted
on the latest developments take care everybody bye for now

37 Replies to “Breaking News! Allure of the Seas Having Continued Engine Problems 30 More Sailings Affected

  1. I will be going on Allure’s September 15 sailing and they have known about this for a long time. They changed our ports of call because of the engines.

  2. Is this the same problem as all the other Ships are Having? Is there a Common Link in all of the Ships that are having similar Problems?? 🌴🚢🌴

  3. Eastern sailing in December. Are they only changing the eastern stops or are they changing western as well.

  4. Yes folks! Enjoy your cruise from North St. Thomas to South St. Thomas. It will take us approximately 18 days to get there. 😉

  5. That means trips will be MUCH LONGER??? how do they know that the cruise ship will stay out out the until Jan???

  6. Wow. More aziopod problems!! Bigger ship's were a good idea until mechanical emergencies arouse. Guess Royal Caribbean will be building it's own dry dock next!

  7. Wow.,…another engine problem on a cruise ship! We're on the Carnival Panorama Dec of 2020 & I hope our cruise doesn't develop engine problems.

  8. Hmmm. Seems like RC should slow down on building billon dollar ships for a day or two…& make the ones they’ve got in the water—RUN properly—like they’re advertising. Is that too novel of a concept ???

  9. Building too many mega ships too fast. Quality is going down on the ships in terms of cuisine, amenities, and the cruise intinerary. Now it’s becoming a “get you on the boat and spend “ type of atmosphere. Drink packages make sure you can’t taste quality in the food, every celebrity cook or sports figure has a burger or chicken sandwich to push, no chocolates on your pillow at night, and the same tired treks to Bahamas and St Thomas. Time to save up a little more dough, and cruise the upper scale cruise lines!

  10. I think there was a manufacturing error with some of the parts making up the azipods. Probably went unnoticed till it reaches so many hours of use. I'm sure the cruise lines are no deep diving the date of manufacture to find out which azipods are affected.

  11. Sounds like another ship where people are gonna end up stranded in the middle of the ocean again. Only this time its 100% preventable if you booked it. Cancel!!!!!!!!

  12. I’m on adventure of the seas right now! I’m diamond plus! And I’ve been on 16 cruises, and my dad has been on 75plus Royal Caribbean cruises, we only cruise Royal Caribbean! I’m on a 9 day cruise right now,

  13. It would seem that both Carnival and RCCL have this azzipod trouble, recall? Haven't seen NCL with any troubles…

  14. R.U. Sure it’s the aziopods? Did we change the oil last year? Seriously, had a great time on Allure and I’m sure that RCI will get this hiccup fixed and she will be fine. I’d go out on Allure again in a heartbeat!

  15. Sailed her TWO years ago with same issues. Trying to drag it on until her official massive dry dock refurb 2020

  16. We are sailing on this ship at the end of September & it's already affected our itinerary. If they end up changing our port of call, I'm going to demand a refund for the entire thing. They are taking peoples money even though they know there is an issue.

  17. We have a cruise booked in January on this ship got notice they are no longer taking us to Roatan and have changed it to Nassau instead of that stop due to the engine issues.

  18. I went in late May. The first 3 days it was noticeably rocking left and right. Day 4 when we left from the first island it “magically” stopped. I found out why in one of their restaurants. Beautiful ship but they need to bring her in earlier than scheduled.

  19. So I sail in 2 days on Allure and this definitely makes for troubled nerves. I’m a NCL lover. This will be my 2nd RCI cruise so that means I decided to try them again. So far though I’m not impressed with the customer service but everyone keeps saying the ship is great. I keep being positive, I’ve been telling myself the experience will be worth it but now this🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ how do I try to convince myself now?

  20. Cruise ships aren't really built for running twenty-four hours a day, year round, like they do. They aren't ocean liners. Cruise ships need to be run during peak cruising season then dry-docked for repairs and refurbishment during the off season or they will end up having these costly problems that delay the regular cruising season more offten.

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