Breaking News 21.12.2016

Breaking News 21.12.2016

Hi everyone! You are watching the first video version
of news about breaking! Taking into account that this is the last weekend of 2016. I will have to repeat some news
from the previous release of Breaking News! 24.12.2016 Funky Melodies Battle , Pervomaisk city in Nikolaev region There will be battles in such categories 5vs5
up to one year of experience 5vs5
up to three years of experience 3vs3 pro and 7 to smoke Judges: Bboy UHO Bboy KenGuru Bboy Cherep DJs : Tamaryan CanOn Zett MC: Kit 24-25 of December in Moscow
will be TOP8 Young And Fresh battle There will be battles 1vs1 Breaking & Hip Hop Breaking judge will be
Jamal Predatorz crew Hip Hop judge will be Rush Do not relax guys!
Celebrating New Year will take only 2 days And then again trainings, battles, jams Such as TELOGREIKA JAM
in Yalta 04.01.2017 After that Anniversary of
Evolvers Crew 14-15 of january But I will talk about this in details later! Keep prepared for the battle! And now about the latest battles
and other interesting news! Chelyabinsk city ENERGY 2016 Break -kids First place shared two brothers Komarik & Zhivoi from Kostanai city Bboy PJ from Krasnoyarsk city took first place in 1vs1 battle In the final, he battled against bboy EL Bgirl Astra from Noyabrsk city
took first place in bgirl solo battle In the final battle she went against bgirl Mikmik Crew vs crew battle was won by Smak crew !
In the final they battled against Evolvers crew NAZYA from Astana city took the popping battle Locking won K-ro from Moscow House battle won Karl from Saint P. Best show in Hip Hop took Plan P crew from Kurgan Winter JAM was in Mytishchi city Winners 2vs2 battle Mafia13 crew
Bboy Tsipa Tron & Bboy Bullet From The Space Beside taking the first place they also won a trip to Breaking Masters Battle! bboy Lex from ComixZone crew took the solo battle with a winning trip to NBC First place in 1vs1 juniors battle with a winning trip to
Yalta Summer Jam took bboy IS.MY.LOVE from Breakoniers crew Won bboy GROM from Outstanding Clan Crew battle won Breakoniers crew! Bgirls battle under 10 years won
bgirl Youla from Ivanovo Footwork Bgirls battle under 13 years won
bgirl Tori from Dominant Kids under 10 years old won
ThinkTeamATeam from Minsk city Baby Battle won David Winners of Coffee Break Battle in Borodchany city are: Kids bboy Shults Juniors bboy Dimon Adult bboy Play Rock bboy Bant from West Da Crew has won 1vs1 pro Hello everybody! It’s me
bboy Bant West Da Crew from Lviv city! It is an exclusive video for Breaking News! Yesterday was cool Battle what calls Cofee Break I won first place in the solo pro battle! This is my prize! Look at it closer) There was a great vibe, great judges! Respect to all the bboys I battled against! It was very cool! Train hard and see you at the next battle! Now I’ll talk about Kazakhstan Dance 2 Be Free Battle in Astana city Crew kids battle won
Dinamika crew from Taraz city Crew pro Battle won Hot The Sonic
from Atyrai & Uralsk city Solo bboys kids took
bboy Atomic from Almaty city Solo bboys pro took
bboy Fast Man from Uralsk city Powermove contest won bboy Neutron Almaty city Cypher King took bboy Ukrop from Astana city Final Breaking League Of Ukraine Toprock won bgirl Yelizarik
Bro crew from Poltava city Footwork contest won bboy Bullet
X-makers from Kharkov city Powermove contest won bboy Smelchak
Natural Kids from Kiev city Break Fun contest won
bboy Vint KCBrats from Kharkov city Complete contest won
bboy Demo Sabre Tooth Cypher Boss won
bboy Kiyanitsa Natural Kids from Kyev city And now the final news ! And it is the brightest event for me because I was there! This event was called Adidas New Year Cup 2016 Judges were :
Abdul, Mafia13 crew Judges:
Jamal, Predatorz crew Judges:
Robin, TOP9 crew Battles were hard, the level was very high, it was raw! Attention ! Bboy Valeron and bboy Plastmas
met in the Final battle! The battle smoothly transitioned into the afterparty. which was dedicated to the first wave of breakdance in USSR And it looked like this! We just chillin! Drinking water! Every secrets of the afterparty i will not reveal to you because you need to be present at events like this and not hear the stories from someone else. Im very glad about the people I met that evening and the
hospitality I received from the fathers of hip hop in USSR! Thanks to Mafia13 crew for the invitation! Thanks for the company of bboy Kaban, Outstanding Clan and bboy Genetic, Tatanaka crew If you like this video give me LIKE! If you heard something new in it
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