Breaking News! 2 Year Old Child Dies Falling Off Freedom Of The Seas In San Juan

hey everybody’s Bruce here with
traveling with Bruce today’s date July the 7th 2019 and I have some tragic news
to report coming from San Juan Puerto Rico today appears that the Freedom of
the Seas was docked in San Juan today getting ready for a seven day Caribbean
cruise people were getting on board and a accident took place today
apparently a two-year-old child slipped through the arms of a grandfather and
fell onto the dock in San Juan and unfortunately the child has died
apparently the child slipped from the arms of the grandparent on deck 11 near
these windows reports are conflicting but one report said that one of these
windows was malfunctioning or wasn’t was broken something was missing and somehow
the child fell from this deck down to the dock below
it’s very sad story police are investigating this as we speak the ship
is still not left port she’s now two hours late and the investigation
continues a very sad day for all concerned that’s all I have on this one
if I get any more information on this story I’ll update it later thanks
everybody bye for now

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