Breaking Down the First Official Look at Shazam’s Costume! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

Breaking Down the First Official Look at Shazam’s Costume! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

– We’re breaking down the
first official look at Shazam! Fans of the protector of Fawsett City just got a fresh jolt of
wizard energy this morning when Entertainment Weekly
released an official first image of Shazam from DC’s 2019
superhero flick of the same name. If you are new to the red-and-gold hero, Shazam was first introduced
in Whiz Comics number two all the way back in 1939. As the story goes, a grade-school
kid named Billy Batson was given mystical powers by
a good wizard named Shazam, and every time Batson
says the wizard’s name, the kid turns into a full-grown
superhero also named Shazam. Now we got a few unofficial
sneak peeks of Shazam from the upcoming film in
the form of leaked set photos and concept art posted by
the film’s star Zachary Levi on Instagram, but this is
our first official look at DC’s version of the
Tom Hanks movie Big, but with a superhero. So, from his insane Dwayne
Johnsonesque shoulder muscles to the box of delicious generic cola, there’s a lot to unpack here. But what does this image
of the costume tell us about Shazam? From the looks of it, Big
Red’s look is a hodgepodge of different elements from the
character’s 75-plus-year run. While the boots and belt are straight from the New 52 version of that character from the early 2010s, the
cape is notably old-school. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly released earlier today, the film’s director David Sandberg said, “I wanted to keep the
shorter cape as a throwback “to the original because that’s something “that sets him apart
from Superman or Batman.” Sandberg continued, “It
makes feel a bit more like “a Golden Age superhero, which
is the vibe I’m going for.” Though the cape is a throwback, it also incorporates the
hood from the New 52 run because hey, even magic boy-men
don’t like to get rained on. Rounding out the costume, the
photo also features Shazam wearing the gauntlets from
the 2014 animated film Justice League War. And it’s also worth noting that Shazam is ditching his
trademark Golden-Age sash, which is another choice
from the New 52 run. Please, nobody tell Shazam that sashes are actually in this year. What? Who wears sashes? In addition to being the
first official look at Shazam, the pic also features his
best buddy, Freddy Freeman. In the comics, Freddy is a
teenage friend of Bill Batson who eventually gets superpowers
from Captain Marvel. No, not Carol Danvers, the other
Captain Marvel, AKA Shazam. For those of you unaware, before
Marvel Comics was a thing, Shazam used to go by the
moniker of Captain Marvel back in the day. Obviously, a lot has changed
between 1939 and now. And as we’ve said, in the comics, Freddy becomes a teenage superhero who goes by the name of Captain Marvel Jr. Now since the movie is using Shazam as the name of Billy
Batson’s superhero alter ego, we’ll have to wait and see
if Freddy Freeman gets powers in this movie, and if he does, will they call him Shazam Jr.
Instead of Captain Marvel Jr? But back to that EW photo. The window on the left
side of the pic is broken and there’s shattered glass on the ground, leading us to ask, “Is this a shot of them “robbing a convenience store for cola, “or were they responding
to a robbery in progress?” By the looks of it, Freddy
and Billy will be using the adult form of Shazam for
some teenage shenanigans, like stealing cola. Now it was also revealed this week that Djimon Hounsou will be leaping over from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to DC, as he was just cast as
the 3,000-year-old wizard who bequeaths his powers to Billy Batson. Ironically enough, we’ve heard
that he would also reprise his Guardians of the
Galaxy character Korath for Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, which means he is
literally in two separate Captain Marvel movies next year. Just a fun little tidbit for ya. So what’s all this mean? With the combo of the
official image released plus this casting news,
it probably means that we’ll be getting a Shazam!
trailer at San Diego Comic Con. Hopefully, we’ll find out whether drinking all of that delicious generic
cola was worth committing a burglary. But what do you folks think? Are you excited to see Shazam? Do you like the look of his costume? And do you think Shazam’s
costume is black and blue or red and gold? Oh, it’s not dead yet. Let’s discuss.

100 Replies to “Breaking Down the First Official Look at Shazam’s Costume! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

  1. This video should be titled, "DC throws in the towel". There is no way this is going to work if they couldn't even make a decent movie out of their most bankable properties. Not to mention a costume that isn't even worthy of cosplay at Comic-Con.

  2. Ok sorry to say this but this film is gonna suck…. DC should put all the eggs in the same basket and release a Kingdom Come trilogy without any of the classic heroes backstory. Stick to good interesting narratives, you blow origin stories…

  3. Its not that its a fake muscle suit….most costumes are fake…but this is sooooo bad….just look at that left shoulder/arm :/

  4. Is it also possible that the kids are at the store and witness a robbery in progress, so Billy decides to Shazam and beat some robber ass?

  5. Is it me or is it super obvious he’s wearing a muscle suit? Like you couldn’t hit the gym a bit before your superhero movie? Not like he has a ton of projects going

  6. That broken glass is on the outside of the store…. looks like whatever went down was inside, so not a break in for that RC cola look a like. Couple people said "compensation" for thwarting some other crime, that seems reasonable for SUPER discount Jay and silent bob here

  7. Shazam it's very important actually into the DCEU world, he's the kind of super-dude able to provide the friendly vibes that they need 🤔… the attempts in the last JL movie were terrible 🙄…

  8. For the critics and Marvel fans hating, this movie is aimed more for the kids, so adults that watch it would obviously hate, but I'm up for any movie.

  9. Wait stealing Cola?
    this could just be a cola reference, that picture is obviously just a small joke to hype us up
    and tell us or show us the vibe of this movie

  10. Judging by the these photos. This movies looks like a hot steaming pile of shit.

    I'm still loving blonde CHOBOT. She's out here looking all golden and delicious like a sexy tatter tott….. a CHOBOT tott.

  11. for sure that is not "cola" they are drinking, thats for sure beer. photo-shopped to avoid spoilers, just like how the trailer for ragnarok had hella destroying the hammer in a city, not norway.

  12. It's a lot more complicated than that, Timely comics was created in 1939 that same year Bill Parker and C.C. Beck created Captain Marvel but he did not appear in Fawcett comics until 1940 in Whiz comics #2(you mentioned this part). DC had a habit of suing other companies that created superheroes including suing Marvel for the original design of Spider-Man, who had a magic gun that would summon a genie. In the early 1950's Timely began calling themselves Atlas and Fawcett had introduced the entire Marvel family since he was an even bigger sell than Superman at the time. By this time DC had sued Fawcett so bad they had to stop publications of all Captain Marvel related comics, and the character sat in limbo. By 1962 Atlas had changed it's name to Marvel comics fully, and in 1967 they created their Captain Marvel who way a Kree soldier. In 1972 DC licensed the character from Fawcett and began publications of his comics, but because of Marvel they had to name and sell the comics as Shazaam. By 1991 DC had bought all rights to the big red cheese and his entire family and integrated them into the DCU. DC did not create him and only couldn't use the name Captain Marvel to sell him but could still call him such in books this confused some readers so they renamed him Shazaam in more recent years and Marvel bought the rights to the name Captain Marvel.

  13. Why so negative @nerdist? He could have been celebrating with the generic cola after stopping a burglary…

  14. Idk why but I can’t get behind his suit, yes it pulled from a lot of source history but it just looks to kiddie to me, like the tv flash’s suit is a good look but we would never use that one in the movie because we know, with a big movie budget would come a better looking suit! That’s what I feel they did here, except with the big movie budget came no big movie budget suit, so we’ll see I’m holding out hope the finished theater reveal will sway me :/

  15. Look. I think Shazam is just a much better name for this character. Plus it just makes more sense for marvel to have a character named captain marvel. So stop complaining and just accept his name is now shazam. Plus he's called that in the comics now, and since so many of babies seem to want everything to be comic accurate there you go.

  16. Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill & Jason Mamoa got in shape to play Super Heroes. Levi must be so ashamed of himself.

  17. I hope that he is campy af. Like not every character has to have the same tone. Batman can be dark af, and shazam can be really goofy and they can still be in the same universe.

  18. what an idiot. no ones stealing cola. 100% shazam stopped robbers and the owner said he could have anything he wants for saving his store- he chooses cola since he’s a kid. duh,

  19. I don't mind levi but they missed a golden opportunity to cast Dwayne Johnson as shazam (not black Adam). Making Billy and thus shazam black world have been ideal.

  20. The tweeted picture looks great, as a highly doctored/stylized image would but I'll have to see action scenes before I can say that I just barely dislike the live action costume. It's kinda foamy without the effects. Wonder how Dwayne Johnson would look fitted with the enemy's attire.

  21. Here comes the whiny babies again. Crying about something that they haven't even seen the finished movie yet. Making reviews a year ahead of the movie release.

  22. Nerdist blows it as usual. Who’s writing this crap?
    He stopped a convenience store robbery, and the owner offered him a reward.
    He chose a case of “cola” because that’s what an innocent, pure-hearted kid would do.
    It’s very telling you people even considered that they were committing a crime.

    You nihilistic lefties are absurd, and the exact antithesis to what you claim to be.

  23. Djimon was so underused in GOTG. When I heard he got cast in a MCU movie I was so stoked. He’s a high caliber actor; then they gave him a throwaway character.
    I always wanted him to play a big part in BP (way before it ever came out). Heck, the dude already has an African accent!

  24. The glass is smashed outwards. That suggests somebody or something got thrown through it from inside the store. I think they foiled a robbery and are celebrating with Generi-Cola.

  25. I love it how Jessica puts an accent when she says "we get a superhero ALSO named Shazzam". But we all know the truth dont we Jess? Say his name Jess, say his NAME!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Costume looks pretty cheezy. Unless that's what they're really going for. Looks like an 80's throwback to really bad superhero get ups

  27. More likely he saved the store and trough the perk(s) through the window, and was rewarded with their favorite drink.

  28. I love Shazam (and I always preferred calling him that), but the costume looks amateurish. It hurts me to write this. I'll go see it anyway, just with one less thing going for it. Also, Jessica is fuckin' annoying…..beautiful, but fuckin' annoying!

  29. I like the design. Simple and on point. It doesn't need to be overcomplicated. I also would rather call him captain marvel than shazam imo

  30. Actually, his name wasn't originally "Shazam," it was Captain Marvel. Yeah, that's right..the same name as a hero over at Marvel. DC had it first, but somewhere along the line it changed.

  31. Why does no one on the internet seem to understand that Shazam is purposely supposed to look silly in this movie there clearly going for a comedy I’m not even a huge fan of the character but even I can see that Shazam is a kid that can turn into a grown man he makes himself look like how a superhero should look so he’s obviously exaggerated because that’s how u say hero’s when ur a kid , honestly I believe this will be one of the best dceu movies we shall get

  32. At first i though he looked ridiculous however i then realised that it is probable that the costume was influenced by billy's own thoughts of what a super hero, or what himself as a super hero would look like and through those lens i absolutley love the suit

  33. The costume is bad. I mean really bad. The material looks like red burlap, and the muscles are obviously padding. It must be 360 degrees in there, poor guy.

  34. Fuck marvels lesbian looking ass captain marvel….. I dont understand why DC has to go with sazam and not captain marvel

  35. For all of u guys who said 'no' to the customer u ppl need to read the comic at least once, or u ppl r just a hater

  36. If the glass is on the outside that means it was broken from within. I think Shazam stopped a thief and the owner repaid him in cola.

  37. I simply do not like the comedic approach to a superhero movie. I believe it will be a big mistake to try to make this into a funny movie.

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