Breaking Down Paul Ryan’s Fox News Interview With Brit Hume

Breaking Down Paul Ryan’s Fox News Interview With Brit Hume

so positively by britt hume on fox news
now break is almost like his defense attorney here
trying to help unbilled this case ryan bundles of perot any pc britt hume as anybody goes on
getting a little frozen like all don’t you think it’s a this solar system doesn’t your budget also come played
very major who savings from medicare on something
like this and you know only personal bomb off rates sever sixteen billion dollars from an
editor of army customer sixteen billion dollars from the medicare program to pay
for obama care right we don’t do that all we within that you make save how
much more the point that we we’ve i doing the wrong e-ticket and what mit romney is proposing dues
repeal all of obama care uh… but they sell on i’m not run notorious his plan does the same exactly is obama’s plan
any number of a good answer for that brisket republic out again began rising to stumble arrived at that meeting not saying
though that you don’t come play tenure budget-cutting significant savings over
the five hundred billion dollars in medicare now what our by that we need a copy of
the baseline issues uh… but that’s the current law so
you’re cut so you don’t come play making any savings in medicare we will make savings in medicare for the next generation schmidt is case
that in the budget did you pass through the house of representatives significant savings of over two five
billion dollars in medicare we don’t have that we don’t we do not have
touched the medicare program in the house budget take more cuts to medicare which uh… i’m a little interested how
that works you who you make savings to prevent that program from going under what will
happen i was just so here’s the is the issue what was it a bomb is trying to do with
his medicare plan strikeout a dollar twice i love that king c if we work on it seems he’s co-opted
but he’s a low-key he’s robbie he’s still with cd it’s easy to see a big but anyway are galia hobart is two dollars for every
one dollar hop and when that doesn’t work if your first this but the let’s be clear here bit i am on the romney ticket and what make money is proposing its repeal all of a bamaca and lover interactive alright way to go or back our message here with ron forget my plan although some bad within a balance the budget it’s an
interesting conversation budget plan that you’re now supporting
would get to balance they’re different the better plan that
that money supporting get’s us down to twenty percent of
g_d_p_ government spending by twenty sixteen get the size of government backed where
historically has been what russell bomber has done he’s he’s brought the
size of government to as high as it hasn’t been since world
war two we want to reduce the size of government so we can have more economic
freedom get that but what about balance well i don’t know exactly what a balance
is because we haven’t i would be wonky on you but we have to run the numbers on that
specific plan right camps i thought that alone you know what you
really have that we don’t know will run uh… happy hearing god personal bomb never once has offered a plan to ever balance the
budget united states senate they hadn’t even been lost passed a budget in three years kristin
but but your own budget you but you some of the house but on some of the
house budget missus buses your budget is it an isolationist but
house budget otherwise had company cars but it doesn’t budget until the twenty
thirties threat right now he is a utah my body that whatever every dollar so there was
all about balance the budget and when you walk you it uh… week and what’s the difference is okay well
let’s find out king broadly i wanted to uh… to train
your plan is with numbers pajama aspirin and yours shortened it we put the budget on a path
to balance i get that we get government spending under control to wherever
historically has been so how much less you spend and he would trillions of dollars but again what we’re doing is we’re offering the
romney ryan plan so uh… uh… reiterate up in the house
well you know biology of the rock but you’re on the road has outlined but doctor i doubt it we all want yet
you but you really computerize budget uh… all endorsed we cut surely is more
than a obama’s tommorrow i’d tell you that drives for everyone dot isolated after about a minor and paid
less in this woman gotta libertarian lunatic you know all this crazy talk which is going on
about how annie have children are solved normal
woman should never be present the united states well on her admiration for a serial killer in
sentosa at using a peace treaty and christian
thread now not every use his christians but she
saw them this week and and and you know these prophetic
creatures instead that paul ryan say you love i’m ready these are all over again that she was as
moral driving force are of course i was watching it is said that your disciple andrea what is your view of our money and how
it happened are you an iron man disciples i wasn’t sure if i really
enjoy it or not was that was sort of particular exhorted my interest in
economics that’s where i got a new study economic
just one word study the whole field of economics and later
in life learn about what her philosophy was that the whole objective is and it’s
something i completely disagree with this make it stick faucet altieri no i read the navy’s you don’t set well i was reading it you know for a
interesting echoes in eternity she has a philosophy hello and that later in life but didn’t
know that oak allies pad kamian radical libertarian she has a philosophy a program run i think how do you read
her books and have them in your favor books and didn’t realize that she had a
philosophy if that’s true to really incredibly duh how did you in midtown was fun let me ask you about your relationship
in that room people who sold it to the campaign together in wisconsin back during the wisconsin
primary noticed it for a while you were just introducing goes for those of you know that as of
local boy before was over you’re basically sharing the stage what happened between you two mandarin
as being unfair we spent about five days of the road five th fourteen-hour or so days and in between
all of those stocks driving from mill appleton tim green bay did change
holcomb walkie uh… we got to know each other no and
sooner or later we basically centered sharing how the microphones that these
town hall meetings on this kind of developed uh… whatever shoot one
another and a mutual understanding of each other when he said oaks after a while we said it should what’s disco right now and i were showing a bedroom together
and as long sleeve fourteen hour days and we’re mano a mano man a man and when we were hiding credibly partner that lives in an area of mangroves
anytime like over yet i had to cut taxes color t_v_ court or
or who will you had all welders i was a different roles together but must know fun trip stubbs hope is that i missed it

100 Replies to “Breaking Down Paul Ryan’s Fox News Interview With Brit Hume

  1. So, your solution to evil tobacco companies is…hire politicians you've never met who will most likely get bought out by the evil tobacco companies, and then those politicians will lie on BEHALF of the tobacco companies, and pass laws that benefit the tobacco companies. Haven't you ever seen the documentary, "The Corporation"?

  2. You're getting tense, just breathe, that usually happens when your worldview is threatened by a valid point. Here's an idea: when broadcasters air commercials that are louder than programming, just turn your damn TV off. Ads only work if you watch them, if people stop watching obnoxiously loud TV ads, then they lose their efficacy, and the broadcasters/advertisers have no choice but to conform to the interests of the people. My self-regulating perspective only works with conscious people.

  3. Monsanto's dominance exists largely due to the power of government, which subsidizes shit like corn, meat, and other livestock/farming elements. Have you ever heard of the "revolving door of politics"? The USDA and FDA is OWNED and OPERATED by Monsanto. Don't you get it? You can't trust the government to regulate, because the regulators WORK for the same industries and companies you want to regulate. Only you can regulate it, and me, and other people. Corporations own our government.

  4. You're mentally challenged if you think corporations are INHERENTLY evil. Even more if you think businesses (versus corporations) are inherently evil. Yes, the capacity exists for evil, but necessarily. Certainly, the legal status as "individuals" that corporations have is bullshit, but that "legal status" only exists because they pass gov't laws in their favor. Once again, you naive reliance on government to save you, is the same slippery slope that empowers the corporations.

  5. Exactly. You just admitted that using government as the solution is "very difficult". Unless you can trust the gov't, then your little "regulations" plan won't work. And for me, I trust myself more than obscure politicians I've never met, hence my support for localized self-regulation, instead of your plan, which is basically OUTSOURCING personal responsibility to obscure politicians you've never met, in the hopes they'll stick to their word, so you have more time to watch football…

  6. The dumb shit is going to tell Brit what the issue is but had he gone along, he'd have smelled like a rose rather than what he ended up smelling like…
    What you are witnessing is Ryan so full of "coaching" that his mind is rattling. Paul Ryan is actually well spoken and great in interviews but now he's getting turned into G"W" Bush.
    We are in serious trouble in this country and political parties no longer matter…they are part of the problem.
    The EMPIRE owns the USA, EU, UK, Canada, Australia

  7. Corporations can only get profits if they serve the interests of consumers. Shareholders' profits are determined by how well the corporation serves the consumers. Thus, corporations cannot make profits by shafting people. HOWEVER, they CAN make profits by shafting people, if the consumers themselves don't mind being shafted. If your average Wal-Mart shopper is ok with being treated like shit, then that's his fault. Gov't just sucks corporate cock, it does not represent us. Do you get it yet?

  8. Okay, so corporations can be dicks. Why do people work for them, if they are treated so badly? Go work for the employer who does NOT treat workers like shit, and the corporation that treats its workers badly will have to adopt better working standards, or find other workers who are willing to work under their shitty conditions. Individuals, including workers themselves who work for and empower corporations, are the ones lettings these atrocities happen. Don't you fuckin understand yet? Damn..

  9. Why do u use curse words? They offer no value to ur argument. I know what u mean by regulations: u mean hiring obscure politicians u've never met, so u can outsource personal responsibility to them and hope they fulfill their campaign promises, even though Republicans and Democrats will most likely just serve the corporations who own them. Let me get this straight: corporations are corrupt. Corporations own our government. So let's use government to regulate the corporations. Wow, genius…

  10. No, they offer no value, they just show ur inability to remain level-headed and rational. "Who's to stop me from pissing in the water supply?" lol, I am: I'll find u and break ur fuckin face in for contaminating my water, and so will everyone else who doesn't like it. That's a pretty good regulation, if you ask me. Of course, there are some people who won't knock your head off, and those are the lazy ones who pray their elected politicians will save them from your urine.

  11. Who said anything about regulating themselves? YOU regulate them. I regulate them. PEOPLE regulate them. But hiring politicians, who you've never met and HOPE they're trustworthy, and praying they'll fulfill their shiny campaign promises, is exactly the same as letting wall street and corporations run rampant, because then the gov't starts to run rampant. My point is that regulation is necessary, but outsourcing regulations to corrupt politicians is not solution. WE have to do the regulating

  12. More curse words, you clearly are a frustrated little person. It's sad, really. If you live by your worldview, it's clearly not doing much for your personal level of happiness. Look, it's called spontaneous order. Understanding this requires more faith in humanity. I have nothing against regulations, but I do have something against hiring corrupt politicians to handle the regulating. NEWSFLASH: Don't you know our government is owned by corporations? How can you trust it? lol, poor soul..

  13. If corporations own our government, then how can you trust the government to regulate corporations? If you cannot answer this with reason and evidence, then it's clear you've run dry. The use of personal attacks, as opposed to logic, reiterates that your argument has self-destructed in the face of reality. I'll take this as a victory, I hope you find some happiness in the future.

  14. Lol, you poor, bitter person. Curse words do nothing for your argument. I don't vote, period. For ANY party. Both parties are corrupt, you know this. Outsourcing personal responsibility to politicians is a wonderful service provided by the business called "government", but it ain't reliable. Government is a business, and the service it offers is "ensuring moral and social stability". You voting in these crooks gives corporations the fodder in gov't to take over our lives.

  15. lol, wow, you cannot answer the question. Every response you make that dodges the simple question, yet continues your personal attacks, only PROVES you've run dry and failed. I'll pose the simple question again, and you can simply answer it and prove you're not a fool. Here it is again: If corporations own our government, then how can you trust the government to regulate corporations? Let's see if you can manage a logical response this time.

  16. A majority does not mean truth. The majority of Americans voted for George W. Bush, does that mean they were right? Hell no: Bush was one of the worst presidents in history. So who cares if "tens of thousands" of economists agree? Your arguments lack evidence, logic, and reasoning. You're pretty good at personal attacks and red meat, that's about it. Those same "tens of thousands" of economists were the retards who couldn't see the recession coming from 10 feet away. REAL trustworthy, lol

  17. Wow. "The task of electing good politicians" FIRST requires that you are a sane, sensible, and active human being. So, being able to self regulate, if anything, would come BEFORE being able to elect a politician, not AFTER. Which is exactly my point. "It starts with you"…exactly: it starts with individuals who are awake and conscious, not apathetic people who apathetically vote for obscure politicians. It takes more consciousness to self-regulate, than to cast a vote once every 4 years.

  18. There u go again, an entire paragraph dedicated to personal attacks, totally absent of logic, reason, and evidence. You must have a lot of trouble convincing people to your cause. Good luck out there, pal. I hope the corrupt Republicans and Democrats get their shit together for you before the economy disintegrates, the war on drugs kills more innocent marijuana users, and Obama's continuance of Bush's war bring an end to everything. U've clearly lost the debate, and have nothing more to say.

  19. Learn to read in context dumb ass. The quote that you mined out of my comment (500 character limited of course) presupposed a violent death. Pull your thumb out of your eye and put it back where the sun don't shine.

  20. Being a Libertarian & not knowing Rand & her philosophy is like calling yourself a Christian & not understanding Jesus' philosophy…which, after seeing how so many Christians behave makes perfect sense, now that I think about it.

  21. It's hard to listen to you being such an idiot…why not just present what you find and not play act being inbred? You could, if you chose, be intelligent…too bad i guess.

  22. Hume is talking so clearly and slowly….i cannot grasp how this wanker cannot answer his questions without stuttering and faltering

  23. Holy fuck u people are insane… " your part of the problem or part of the solution? Wow…thats deep u retards that would even think of voting for them scare the fuck out of me…. Is this high school?scary scary scary… U guys in the "best country in the world" better wAke the fuck up…..he is a weak pathetic man!!!!!!!!

  24. Man oh man!!! The president got an early Christmas present. This is a guy who sponsored a proposed budget plan. In his convention speech he's welcoming a debate over this very issue. Sarah Palin the 2nd coming. Hey Ryan….you're a buffoon!!!! Get your facts straight before you bash the president you effin moron.

  25. One thing I have learned in my Life of 60 years…..When someone STUDDERS and flops at the Mouth..Trying to answer a Question!!! They are trying to think up a LIE !!!!!!.Thier brain just cant keep up with thier mouth….ROMNEY & RYAN ???? Listen to them !!!!!!

  26. Romney and Ryan have no internal, core beliefs to bring to the American people, all they have to offer is criticism of Obama…Now Ron Paul has ideas that spark a persons interest and he doesn't run against people, he runs on his ideas.

  27. RNc was nauseating even sickening with all the lies and deciet few of the undecided people that I spoke with definitely don't want romney or ryan cuz lies doesn't help americans are smarter then that

  28. The Truth is what eludes the Republican party leadership, they cannot vote even on their own initiative as their voting record clearly shows their obstruction in every way possible as the absolute traders they truly are. John Boehner the spineless house speaker and McConnell the hater of all goodness, yet so few know anything about these men when voting. Sad

  29. SHUT UP ABOUT RON PAUL.. look if they dont bash obama obama will just bash the living shit out of them.. it's how they lost in the past they got bashed wouldn't bash back and they're not even bashing they're just fucking leaving out little hints… nothing like Oh Romney killed this guys wife.. great stuff

  30. How's this for a conspiracy theory: Fox WANTS Romney/Ryan to get hammered in this election. Why? They think the economy is gonna stay in the crapper for a while longer and will get strong only after 2016, so they tank this election and the country starts to really dump on Dems. Then in 2016 they can roll out the most psycho far-right LOON corporate lap-dog to run (and win) and it'll correlate with a strong econ and we'll have another generation believing in Conserative 'ideals'. Too crazy?

  31. It's clear that the Republican party plan is not a plan…because if they had a plan they would be able to show the numbers and they would make sense…but all they have is…"it's not our fault", "blame the black guy!"

  32. Well they have a lot of fans so I guess you'll have to just stop clicking on them….unless of course you want to keep adding to their hits

  33. Apathy isn't what fucks a country up?

    I can see there is no reasoning with you. You are too far gone.

    Please, enroll in a history class.

  34. "If corporations own our government, then how can you trust the government to regulate corporations?"

    Get rid of the corporate lobbying system and enact campaign finance reform. Regulations should be designed by those with knowledge of the industry the regs are for and these people should not be industry insiders. Get govt back to being a party that works for the American people again and not for corporate lobbyists (who write many laws and submit them directly to Congressional members.)

  35. You can't be serious. Corporations regularly weigh the costs of keeping faulty products on the market vs what it will cost them to settle the lawsuits that occur when their faulty products do harm. They have "bean counters" who calculate the numbers in situations such as this and there are so many cases where corps didn't pull a product they knew was killing people because they knew it would be cheaper to deal with a few law suits. Ever heard of Vioxx? What fantasy world do you live in?

  36. Corporations can only get away with what their consumers let them get away with. If a corporation chooses to be a corrupt entity, then that will likely result in a bad reputation. Look, it's already true: corporations have a bad reputation with you, and I suppose you do your best to avoid buying things from them. My point is that WE the people (as consumers) have to regulate corporations, because the corporations have bought out our government. That is no fantasy world, that is reality.

  37. Best part? How absolutely, histrionically BUTTHURT "reporter" Brit Hume was at the DNC Convention, b/c Dems were kicking GOP ASS the entire time!
    Yet, true to the cause (if not to the brave face he couldn't muster), hysterically EXTRA-CRISPY partisan! Which was..PRICELESS!
    And THAT, in full credit, was due to the announcement of Sandra Fluke, who was just about to make HER impactful speech! Just SICK!
    Like he was gonna go FULL DYSENTERICAL HAM and SHIT HIS PANTS!

  38. Right on Romney and Ryan!
    Wrong on Ron Paul, though. He's of the more typical Libertarian flavor, but he's ALSO a Laissez-Faire Capitalism-worshipping Rand-ite Republican (so much is he ga-ga for Ayn, he even gave HIS OWN SON…HER LAST *NAME*), and w/many of the same core beliefs and ideas. Selfishness AND limited government are a BAD mix. We can't catch the Madoffs, Corzines, OBLs and Holmeses of the world that way, let alone punish/deter such criminals/terrorists.

  39. A cult figure, who's novels you "REALLY enjoy"…
    but you DON'T KNOW SHE'S ATHEIST???
    That kinda' wonkytonk fella sure can lie! XD

  40. Ryan is nothing but a Stupid Weasel…..shut the hell up your stupid fool. I think Mitt Romey has sex with Ryan and tell him what to do. Both of you are fucking stupid idiots running for office. Why don't you have a 3 way with Sarah Palin

  41. YOU FUCKING LIAR……Here is the deal they will not tell you what the hell they are going to do until they get into the office because if they did they wouldn't get votes..When they into that office they will FUCK UP THE COUNTRY. You fucking stupid 42 year old weasel

  42. How sad and pathetic. He can't even clearly answer the question without sounding like a complete idiot. This interview is a major FAIL. …….. "wonky" ? Really? I mean REALLY?

  43. "We haven't run the numbers on that specific plan" "I don't know" – Ryan
    They're not answering the question cause conservatives, rich, right wingers and democrats won't vote for them when they find out what these fucking idiots have in mind.

  44. Ayn Rand, cited by Paul Ryan as inspiration called objectivism.

    Objectivism = you can make shit up as you go along and it's alright, kind of like anti-logic

  45. Paul Ryan is a political Boob, and a traitor to the American people…Wisconsin please vote this asshole out of office. It's a crime that America has to pay for losers like him for life and give them free healthcare.

  46. Romney/Ryan giving $5.00 sandwiches away for votes in Wisconsin….Exhibit A why Ryan should lose his congressional seat. Wisconsin show Paul Ryan the door. He is a Loser, obstructionist and part of the problem with the House

  47. Ryan is sufficiently plainspoken that this unappealing fat man need not stutter and burble in making his point in criticism, but who knows what he means? Whi is this Young Turks loser, anywy?

  48. So what if he is a socialist! SO WHAT?

    You think the social security, EED , medicare, medicaid you will get is not socialism?
    You want pure capitalism? Ok… here is how it is done. Make sure YOU make $1 of benefit a day max, and eat a 25c noddle soup every day. All the rest of the money goes to the "job creator". Since you make little, you don't pay taxes. If you are sick, you have to find someone private willing to take care of you for whatever you can afford. You like that… moron.

  49. I'm pretty sure the reason Ryan keeps stumbling is because he hates Romney's plan too and wants to make sure everyone knows that, while he is supporting it, this is Romney's plan and is very different than Paul's original plan.

  50. Yes, Paul Ryan is lying but TYT is trying to make it seem like there is NOTHING to take away from Ayn Rand. That's ALWAYS bullshit…there is something to take away from everything and everyone…it might be negative, it might be positive, it might inform; but, there is ALWAYS something to take away from everyone and Rand's concern for the economy is a legitimate concern. Now I don't believe PR one bit…ironic his initials because that is exactly what he was brought on for, Palin Replacement

  51. 2008 -Palin was a chuckle ,2012 -RYAN oml this guy is Funny!!! , at least Palin at least could see Russia from her stoop.

  52. Biden says some dumb things every now and then. But Biden is going to wipe the floor with this guy on his own facts. Why? Because Lyin Ryan's plan cuts deep and hurts seniors and future seniors hard. Biden won't let that slide.

  53. Oh and you think that Romney has an internal core set of beliefs???? HA HA HA HO LOL HA HA HA HE HE HAAAAA BAAAAAAAHA HA!!!!!!

  54. The Madoffs and Corzines of this world became who they were precisely because of strong government that they used for their own advantage against their competition. I agree that there needs to be some intervention but the main problem is that when the government begins to interfere with the free market, the ultra rich can absorb and bribe their way out of it and the small businessman is killed…I think that we need to reform the crony capitalism problem and reduce government intervention.

  55. LMAO… EPIC. With the Vice Presidential candidate debate tonight, this shows how Paul Ryan should NOT speak.

    PS. Kudos to Mitt and his croneys for getting a guy with "Paul" in his name to run on his ticket. It would have been a monumental sell-out, but had Rand Paul ran with Mitt they would have won in a landslide…. with voters secretly wishing for an "accidental" EMP discharge in the vicinity of Marine 1 around mid February. =) kidding :-

  56. Who is the host of this show? He can't speak…constantly stuttering, muttering and making a general fool of himself. Get a better host if you want to be taken seriously.

  57. I usually agree with the Young Turks, but I have to say that ending was in really bad taste. That was attacking someone's ideas based on something totally unrelated, Republican campaigning 101. Geeze, just because he said he and Romney got to be friends that insinuates that they're gay? C'mon Cenk, if you're gonna criticize they provide a lot of material that's easy to tear through. You don't need to resort to gay jokes for lack of real things to be critical of.

  58. Do you have a problem with fat people? That's 60% of this country. Sounds like we have an anti-American on our hands. Someone call the FBI!

  59. Seriously, though… if America is so great, why do conservatives hate the majority of people who live in this country? Fat people, blacks, Latinos, Arabs, Asian men, queers, transsexuals, women who aren't submissive, immigrants, people who speak languages other than English, intellectuals, activists, atheists, anyone who isn't Christian, and "liberals"? See, even if liberals can't stand conservatives, at least we don't pretend this is the "greatest nation on earth" while hating its people.

  60. @Aprinsa you have no right to call me a racist. Just because a democrat president is black doesnt mean the rest of the black people in this country are on the same page as him. I know plenty on republican black people. By the way I am poor! Im poor because Obama put my family out of work. But I dont sit on my ass all day collecting taxes from the people that are making money. And FYI rich people employ other people. They can make jobs too, did you know that? Im voting for Romney this year becau

  61. {{{ JOIN THE MOVEMENT }}} remove fox news from your tv remote. its so easy to do. and refreshing. remember this no advertisers no more lies…… GOOD DAY MY FELLOW AMERICANS……. TELL A FRIEND ITS FUN !!!!!!!

  62. Slime oozes towards the lowest possible position
    I wonder if the interviewer was struggling in thinking ….."what should I do ? … I keep on with this interview or take a shower? "

  63. Paul is an evil dirt bag. Wish other. Why the republicans have gone full fascist is just crazy. Guess I’ll be voting D from now on. Hope you all vote too. Or love the Slave life for you and children.

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