Breaking Down Nicki Minaj’s Shots On 2 Chainz’s “Realize” | Genius News

Breaking Down Nicki Minaj’s Shots On 2 Chainz’s “Realize” | Genius News

Nicki does one guest verse on a 2 Chainz record, and it seems her beef with Remy Ma is back on. People first heard Nicki’s verse on 2 Chainz “Realize” during a listening session last week. And apparently, so did Remy Ma. This may be why Remy put Nicki Minaj on the
Summer Jam screen during her performance of “Shether.” this past weekend. Queen Latifah: “Love a black woman from infinity to infinity” Remy: Who you calling a bitch?! And now “Realize” is out, along with the rest
of 2 Chainz’ ‘Pretty Girls Like Trap Music,’ and the Barb has a lot to say. Nicki sent similar shots on “No Frauds”, alleging that Remy’s husband Papoose wrote
her bars on “Shether” Nicki’s verse on 2 Chainz “Realize” continues by teasing the theory that “Shether”
didn’t receive sample clearance for using the beat to Nas’s 2001 Jay Z diss track
“Ether”. The Aretha record she’s referring to is Most Hot 100 Hits By A Female Artist. Nicki took the throne after releasing “Regret In Your Tears”, “Changed It” featuring Lil Wayne, And “No Frauds” featuring Drake and Lil Wayne. Nicki Minaj now holds the title with 76 songs. Also noting on Instagram: Savage.

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  1. Nicki has been mediocre since 2012 because there was no competition. I personally feel the verses are leading up to a crazy album. You can't give us an album like pink Friday and then not go in after the pinkprint. She BEEN barring harder than a lot of niggaz but you guys only care when you're tearing down someone directly or if she's shaking her ass like in anaconda. That's all you guys quote.

  2. Mind you the reason for no frauds was simple to break arethas record. Anyone thinking no frauds is a diss record is wild dumb. Just got a diss verse from nicki that's it. It's been blasting everywhere since …

  3. She repeated the same line in a diss record twice that's trash….Aretha don't want you to mention her name Nicki u don't belong in that class

  4. People say they don't like her music, she rap better than half these damn new mumble rappers out here. As far as the beef between her and Remy, it'll continue just like what happened between her and Kim. Nicki flow isn't bad, at least she can rap on beat and make hits. That's why she's breaking records.

  5. ugh that savage add lip fucked that whole video up. nikki is far from savage. shes just a character. remy is all the way real
    …… and ALL THE WAY UP!

  6. lol, remy rhymed ass drop with ass drop and dumb ass with dumb ass in the same definitional context. nicki did it the right way by describing remys bum ass in a continuation of three different definitional meanings in reference to adjectives, adverbs and nouns. remy spits predictable name drops such as "mariah didn't carry, taylor wasn't swift enough, shoot nick with the canon" nicki name drops correctly with with cut through multidirectional points given such as "i call this rock dwayne, johnson stop the playin""i coulda helped you out that pit you fell in/felon, i am degenerous/the generous queen, ask miss ellen", and when attacked for being a barbie she sais bitch please with intense vowel and cadence manipulations for the punchline,"first name anne, last name rraaaaaaaagggeeeeeeddddddyyyyy" lol, yes, nicki IS a LYRICAL bitch. remy, cardi, most defiantly are not. lyrical bitches are people like em, smalls, lauryn, leshur, tink, and NICKI. cmon y'all, rem stans don't know shit about lyrics, they only promote bias opinions and spout the words "real hip hop" when they don't know shit about lyrics.

  7. nicki is queen hands down, stop downplaying her. she's a lyrical genius, maybe the most clever in the whole rap game. stop comparing her to just females. Nicki also has the most interchangeable flow there is, fuck she can even do that shit in different accents and still sound good, and to any beat thrown at her wether pop, hip hop, shit from guetta…

  8. genius is so fucking buyest when it comes to mainstream but wont knowledge other females, you see tlc, lil kim and other female mc's dropping shit yall mad trash lmao

  9. I couldn't give a fuck about this beef. Nicki is mediocre imo, nothing special. But clearly she won, even if Remy wanna bring on her girl gang to back her up. Some people saying Nicki's on top only because she has no competition, but Remy's been doing it since 2002?? so clearly she hasn't got this brass ring that Remy fans claim she has. But whatever, it's clear that this beef is probably this worst rap beef I've ever seen. Think about it, Nicki's hiding behind big rappers like drake 2 chainz etc and Remy is hiding behind other female mcs. Why should I care? Remy lost, I couldn't care please move on to something else's

  10. Y'all really just hate her to be part of a "wave". I bet if Nicki ghostwrote a song for remy y'all would praise the hell out of it just bc it is remy, up until the point y'all found out Nicki wrote it. Then it would be "mediocre" *eye roll*

  11. Wont catch me listening to any female rappers to be deadass. Nikki deserves her respect though for sure, Remy too.0

  12. what a waste of 1:42 seconds of my life…nicki is pure unadulterated trash.her rhyme scheme…trash. quite frankly..she sells pop records..not rap records. so there's that.

  13. Now everyone just looks for a good hook and forgets substance nicki writes good hooks and substance in her raps something we haven’t seen since …. the 90’s she delivers it in a new way which is why you “rap heads” can’t wrap your heads around it but to say nickis “falling off” or “her careers a wrap” all because of alternative facts you heard from a struggling decade old rapper is stupid you guys better jump on the nicki bandwagon because her cole and a few others is all we have left of real rap (and a side note you bash nicki for her different crazy flows and voices Eminem and jay z did the same exact thing and now they’re considered some of the greatest) and remy fans aren’t really fans they’re just nicki haters and once remy dies out so will the hate for nicki and she’ll continue to break records set records etc give her her props

  14. There is no competition, Nicki isnt capable of competing with remy on any level. lyrics, flow, etc. Remy ma is a real Rapper, nickis a fucking pop singer, bitch aint a rapper.

  15. Shes playing herself. Her saying Papoose wrote Shether is basically her admitting Shether was SO good she couldn't BELIEVE Remy wrote it. Ole girl is washed up and needs to be HUMBLE. She obviously does not know rap…or else she would know if Papoose did end up writing it he would have ripped Nicki 4 buttholes not just 2. Remy Mas flow on Shether is the exact same as her battle rap days in the 90s. But of course Nickis 12 yr old stans wont get that 💁

    Nicki here is a tip for you: Stop bragging about breaking the Queen Arethas record. She actually made historic songs that had a huge impact on society. Most of her songs on the charts were solo songs NOT features like your dumb ass. The day you create a life changing and ground breaking song like Respect then you can brag. But not today satan!!

  16. Y'all saying Nicki falling off? LMFAO y'all just can't catch her wordplay 😭 every single bar was a different wordplay in Realize, your minds are just too wired to them wack ass rhyming words Remy spits lol

  17. how remy better but she using the same old ass flow and rhyming dumb ass with dumb ass and all was talking about killing pap wrote shether sis cuz if she could rap like that her shit wouldn't flop👀

  18. I'm sorry quick question….where were all these so called Remy fans when her shit was flopping?…..oh most of y'all nicki haters and only hopped on her after her diss. I get it 😊

  19. fuck this wack ass beef, i wanna see j cole diss kendrick in a friendly battle that shit would be live….

  20. While I don't feel like she the best rapper she is wayyyy better than most guys give her credit for. Most of her lyrics are nice and she has a killer flow.

  21. Nicki Minaj is the mother fucking queen that hag Remy better realize it Bcos she won't even be relevant if she don't have Nicki's name on her mouth

  22. "We don't do diss records, we drop hit records & diss you on them."

    She literally is a queen and that is FACTS. I'm speechless honestly.

  23. I'm glad Remy is goin' against Nicki. At least she adds spice to the game and Nicki becomes hotter and harder to beat!

  24. breaking records only by being a sociopathic washed up wack hoe and if it wasn't for lames and hater she would never have a fan base bitch has no talant and is not fucking hood a fucking disgrace to the entire entertainment industry!!!!!

  25. who does Remy MA feel she is, maybe her music is good or not I don't really listen to her, Nicki is the rap queen and she wants to take her place anyway I got Nicki's back so Remy Ma could just go back to whatever hole she came out from, eat shit and d*@

  26. Does Remy putting Nicki up on the screen while she's performing ShEther remind you of anything? She's trying to copy Drake thinking that it's cool but really everyone is just laughing at her 😂

  27. you still took the L Nikki and no one cares you broke Aretha record like that's the only thing you got lame.

  28. QUEEN 👸🏾 xoxo " Here at Young Money we don't make diss records , we make HIT records and diss you on them "~ Nicki Minaj 💗💗

  29. The fact that it just came out that nicki wrote some shit on remi man’s album and no one is talking about it makes me soo tired of people

  30. Nicki still dragging Kim and Remy to this day.. now Cardi begging to dragged as well. Queen is strong she can take another one.

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