Breaking Down Kendrick Lamar’s “Mask Off (Remix)” Verse | Genius News

Breaking Down Kendrick Lamar’s “Mask Off (Remix)” Verse | Genius News

As if we couldn’t get enough of Future’s
“Mask Off” already, On Tuesday, Future shared the remix to his
Top 10 hit, now featuring Kendrick Lamar. Genius Contributor nogastan explained in an
annotation that Kendrick is most likely referencing Pancho Villa, a Mexican Revolutionary General typically pictured wearing dramatic ammunition bandoliers. The Mask Off Remix is the second time Future
and Dot have officially collaborated on a song. The previous being Mike WiLL Made-It’s “Buy
The World.” This is also Kendrick’s first feature since
dropping his 4th studio album, ‘DAMN.’ on April 14th and Kendrick made sure to rap
about that album’s success. Kendrick’s 3 major label albums, ‘Good
Kid Maad City,’ ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ and ‘DAMN.’ have all earned the coveted
platinum status. A rare feat for a quote unquote conscious
rapper. But Dot’s verse was more than just an album
stunt. Kendrick also used these bars to taunt his
opponents: While he’s being broad, there is one individual
who has been pretty silent despite being cast as the target of many of Kendrick’s recent
shots: Big Sean. As Genius Contributor Don Fargo points out: Kendrick is telling whoever wants to do it now. Kendrick shared similar sentiments in “The Heart Part 4,” in which he subbed either Big Sean or Drake. Big Sean tip-toed around Kendrick’s name
on his track, “No More Interviews” poking fun at Kendrick’s “savior of rap” status
and taking jabs at his fast rapping. While Future mentions Rick James on Mask Off, Kendrick ends his verse on the remix comparing himself to Prince. Prince shared his respect for Kendrick in 2015, telling Cuepoint:
“He just has something he has to say. It’s pure, and with Thundercat on the album? Come on. You’re not taking ‘Alright’ off my playlist” Kendrick also revealed Prince was originally
supposed to be on TPAB’s “Complexion” but as Dot explained to
“We got to a point where we were just talking in the studio and the more time that passed
we realized we weren’t recording anything. We just ran out of time, it’s as simple
as that.” I’m Letty for Genius news, bringing you
the meaning and breaking knowledge behind the music. See you next time.

100 Replies to “Breaking Down Kendrick Lamar’s “Mask Off (Remix)” Verse | Genius News

  1. His verse is overrated tbh. It's definitely one of his weaker verses. I mean of course he killed Future on his own track, but Joey Bada$$ is the best sounding one I've heard on this beat. He murdered that freestyle.

  2. Here's a quick summary: everyone in the rap game better step their game up because he just murdered this beat

  3. Why is everyone missing THE MIGHTEST TOUCH line!! thts a clear shot at drake. ( back to back reference)

    If it's Kendrick then it's straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Anyone who says it's trash is probably an Xxx fan… 😂😂😂

  5. damn y do people think he means more than he does. theres no fkin way in hell Kendrick looked into spanish history books to find info for a verse. Im spanish and i dont even kno that fkin guy on the donky. The entire verse sounds like it was off the dome. hes just freestyling random shit that rymes and thats what he do most the time

  6. Kendrick Lamar is someone on my personal list of GOATS, so I'm certainly not biased when I say his verse ruined Mask Off; his lyrical content was stellar as ever, but the flow and pitch were wack WHEN paired with Young Metro's production; Future on the other hand effortlessly surfed the beat, because… duh, Metro and Future are a match made in heaven. So, I think Kendrick did his own thing to the detriment of Mask Off and dragged down a track that should have just remained a guilty pleasure. You may disagree with me, and swear up and down that K Dot can do no wrong and all his work is equal, and that's okay. That's what music is all about. Thanks for reading!

  7. rap genius users are not to be trusted tho, they overanalyze everything, a rapper can have a adlib like "yo" and some dickrider fan say he is questioning god and what not

  8. Mans bringing back that bones thugs and harmony flow🔥🔥

  9. heart part 4 is about Drake, and he mentions big sean when he says "ima leave you like that last nigga i know, you dont want beef nigga i know"

  10. Joey badass freestyle on this beat was way better. Talk shit I don't even care. This was still dope tho


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  13. In my opinion, that line is directed at Drake. Drake is the one that made reference to Kendrick being a conscious rapper. Also, even after Drakes subliminals he had to congratulate Kendrick on his success.

  14. They really pushing for this Big Sean Kendrick beef but overlooking the fact that he's aiming at Drake.

  15. Cultural appropriation. What does this white chick know about Kendrick Lamar or let alone hip hop. F'k out of here.

  16. I just got legitimately pissed to know that Prince was supposed to be on my favorite song from TPAB. That collab would have made my life!

  17. i think future is secretly is sponsored by some group wanting him to promote drug use and this song is subliminally saying that.. "rep the set/cet (Percocet) chase a check (getting paid for it)" easily can make you believe he means rep his crew (Freebandz) idk just my deeper thoughts hot song though frfr
    follow my ig: @nickyrose704 if you will

  18. Kendrick: There is no beef with Drake
    Genius: Here Kendrick uses reverse psychology to tell us he is beefing with Drake, confirming it, probably dating back to the name drop in his Control verse. This simultaneously takes a shot at Big Sean who ate a beef steak at least once in his life.

  19. kendrick: "yo"
    genius: with this layered quintuple entendre, kendrick addressed america's history of colonialism while also juggling the symbolic seven sins of the bible

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