100 Replies to “Boyz II Men – On Bended Knee (Official Music Video)

  1. Who is listening and why in 2019 allow me to solve this simple azz riddle you arrogant millenials!

    Music is Timeless! Duh!

  2. Going through a hard break-up and this song is actually saving my life. I just listen to it and cry. These guys really know my pain. What an incredible masterpiece.

  3. My gosh I miss this era of music and the much simpler life that came with it.
    🎵 Can we go back I baby, I just wanna go back.🎵
    RIP Malcolm, my first true love & lifelong friend. I’ll love you forever. ❤️

  4. The real stars of this video… Lisa Turtle, Tootie Ramsey, Dr. Lexie Carver, Drucilla Winters and the street cars of St. Charles in New Orleans!

  5. Wad.watching an interview with WBLS Lenny Green with Kim Fields and she mentioned ON BENDED KNEES was her favorite slow jam

  6. I'm a metalhead… This is my guilty pleasure. So much talent, without gangster themes, naked women, violence. Just pure emotion and skill.

  7. Can we go back to the days when love songs. Had a meaning and make you want to be in love with that
    one soul. Talking on the Phone till the sun comes up

  8. Damn I truly miss those days n I get so emotional whenever I listen to great songs like this just brings back memories ❤️ I sometime don't want to keep with. Me just bittersweet taste

  9. Came here after B2M sang this at the soul train awards where my man wanya saved the men with his voice. Wow. He still got it. What a voice on this beautiful man. 😊🙌💖

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