[BoxingStar] BSN Breaking News (1.5.0 Update)

[BoxingStar] BSN Breaking News (1.5.0 Update)

bs and breaking news hello everyone this is BSM breaking news and I’m your host William chin now we just wrapped up the year of the golden pig Lunar New Year event now we have a lot of new operation store for you so now let’s get it dianna our first bit of news we have three new long-awaited mega punch gloves here’s your first look at these new gloves first up we have the Cerebus Hera booth – ribbets servers service mega punch glows here we have the ferocious three-headed sounds of Hades watch other rips the opponent’s prints next up are the Reaper mega punch gloves take your opponent soul with the Reaper mega punch [Music] finally the inferno mega punch glow burn your opponents will crisp with this magma hot mega punch as you can see all of them are 5 punch combo mega punches with random punches in between I sure wouldn’t want to face any players with these mega punches which mega punch gloves are you excited for here is a Duke Helen Tyne costume set to match the new mega punch blows you feel like marauding and destroying your opponent’s call now at 1-800-321-8633 [Music] [Applause] stars [Music]

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  1. Hey give us a break on chaning stats on gear . I've spent alot of money on this game trying to change gear stats and still have garbage for stats

  2. Too much money for this game..i still play with normal glove.. ty, i spend my money to mobile legend more better.. boxing star spend money to get stronger, meanwhile mobile legend spend money to get better skin.. get stronger need get pro skill..

  3. Yo it would be so cool if you added a joe king and dengrave body type please do it would be awesome and appreciated and maybe you could make it where you would have to complete story 1-10 thanks boxing star I will be so happy if I see this in game love ya boxing star🔥❤️

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