Boston Marathon Bombing – Breaking News

Boston Marathon Bombing – Breaking News

just as we were about to go off the air
we got some word on our live stream that there’s been an explosion just near us
at the boston marathon we are now getting some of the first pictures and
reports on on my twitter serena tom let’s see if we can pull this up i warn
people some of these pictures are somewhat graphic this is a picture posted by uh…
bloated was retrieved by sam stein it was originally posted i believe by john
ward eleven and as you can see here there seems to have been an explosion there is a there’s blood
all over the place there are people down police are seen there the area may have been cleared you can see that
there’s a fence knocked down still unclear what the extent of the
damages um… another picture that we have here
is kinda from further away you can see the smoke kind of at the bottom right
and people are going in that direction uh… lewis are you getting any more
information about this on your end what else can we come up with uh… nothing really i mean it just seems that all we have is
is firsthand evidence people taking
pictures with their cell phones and things of that nature right hard to say we have another picture here
which actually seems to have come right is the explosion was happening you
can actually see the cloud of smoke kind of rising in people going in that
direction early reports of the car that this was
near the finish line again a lot of the information is new news breaker has published that brit
dozens of people have been seriously injured after an explosion near the finish line
uh… on i’m keeping an eye on what else is going on but see if we can pull up
alleged can at the finish line if they still have that live guys and not sure if they do and so many questions right away lewis was
this what was this right i mean initially say is it a gas main or is it terrorism
that’s kind of the initial question and what we just don’t know at this point yeah pretty huge coincidence if this
happens right around the finish line on the day of the marathon uh… and as
people were finishing or what have you had no more point if we
now look at the finish line camera it looks like the entire area has been
clear in this is actually live at the finish line let’s see if we can pull it
up now full stream does not seem to be
working and i apologize that that seems to have uh… which we will see if we can get that
back there were and illnesses and that the second we were able to get there uh… and that’s uh… that that
certainly seems to confirm that is a uh… oppressed significant
problem that is going on there this is just a unbelievable the boston
marathon you know i think incorrectly probably we have the idea certain cities are going to be the
targets of this type of thing if it is in fact some kind of terrorism and boston is biz i’d lease for me not usually on the list
you we have the stream back and it really can happen anywhere in
this is a big event we see police walking uh… we see a number of ambulances the crowd that the the uh… the area
the bleachers have been cleared and people are milling about there’s
there is a lot of activity and you can see that going all the way down the street just incredible and uh… we we just
drag is we don’t know for sure that it was a bomb right i mean initially the
reports are that obama stetson detonated people sometimes on twitter may not know
the difference between a bomb in a gas main earn electrical of breaker box
exploding by the nature and location of the it is
very very suspicious yeah i would be shocked if this were any type of uh… gas manner anything
like that you know i i mean it’s in our nature to
assume the worst of course when whenever you hear an explosion some of the
reports now including c_b_s_ news or that one or more explosions have hit and
then another reports saying that two explosions were heard of course when
there is an initial explosion that may trigger something else that’s
nearby and other words you may have that near a gas main and the second one may not be a bomb may
be the first where i was a bomb just too early to know uh… at this point we
still don’t have any of the mainstream media covering any of this at all uh…
but we do have good news that according to seven years the marathon has been
stopped altogether and that’s where we are right now that’s
all we have let’s stop for now will gather more information and and i’m sure
tomorrow will have play more coverage of this no doubt

78 Replies to “Boston Marathon Bombing – Breaking News

  1. Feinstein better start crafting an anti-bomb law. Oh, wait — possessing bombs is already illegal. Just goes to show that no matter what kind of weapon is made illegal to buy, make, or own, the bad guys will always be able to get that weapon. Support the Second Amendment!

  2. Yeah it's Mexicans…we all know how much they like to blow up stuff when they aren't working 14 hours a day or drinking.

  3. Why do you assume that supporters of the Constitution and one of its Amendments that was passed by our Founding Fathers are all nuts and wackos? Do you think every person who owns a 9 mm handgun or a hunting rifle is mentally unstable? Wow! What a blanket statement! I am seriously offended if you think I support mentally unstable people blowing people up or shooting people in public setting. What's wrong with you? Banning weapons is not the answer; the bad guys will always obtain one.

  4. Furthermore, I'm liberal and voted for Obama. Again, why do you think all supporters of the Second Amendment are Republicans, nutjobs, and wackos? Grow up.

  5. No one knows exactly who did it…… You may think you do, but you don't. No proof leads to whoever you may think it is. With other bombings, such as the timesquare threat about two years ago was directly from al qaeda forces. We know that because they literally said to the USA "That was us." And it wasn't lopng after the bomb was found that they said so. Here, they haven't said anything. And in other Terrorist attacks it was a suicide/murder that took place. no proof points the finger.

  6. No.. 0 evidence points to North Korea. North Korea is simply a distraction so that Obama can sneak gun control laws and other things by while everyone is worried about North Korea. They are a threat, don't get me wrong, but they are not attacking right now and I don't think they will anytime soon. And if it was North Korea why would they do this? They have no reason to, we have not put a threat on them, and if they wanted war, they would have actually bombed us by now. not just a preasure

  7. whoever did this hates USA and no it does not have to be Mexicans,do you think 11 million illegals are just from Mexico they are from all over the world,and it is since they were brought to this country,because they were brought here,many too stupid to leave their town. Thanks to some Americans that also helped them,what people need to realize that this country is no longer safe and you need to pay attention to your surrounding even if you hear somebody talking with hate,that can be a sign.

  8. cooker bomb. and actually, there is more proof that this was al qaeda than North Korea. Two year ago there was a pressure cooker bomb (just like the ones in boston) that was planted in times square. The bomb was found, and disarmed before anything happened. shortly after, Al Qaeda told the US that it was them who planted the bomb. So just in the way that it was the same bomb points more towards Al Qaeda than N K. Also, if N K did this, I would expect a better bomb. not two pressure cookers.

  9. why are these people trying to kill citizens of a country that promotes liberty & democracy worldwide – they must be part of a Satanic sect, imo.

  10. Hey look at the picture again when he said there was smoke in the right corner there's a person with looks like he's holding a gun in the building

  11. Why are there so many thumbs downs for this video? It was minutes after the bombs.. nothing controversial was said by David or Louis that I saw..

  12. those thumbs downs I think are because some people think they are approving or not the news they are reading. In this case they don't like the attack in Boston so they check 'thumbs down'. They don't understand that they are disapproving the posting of the video.

  13. Lol! I'm born and bred in Texas(just so you know) if you think we promote liberty & democracy you are one naive puppy. Study our history from the Spanish American war to Reagan and his illegal wars to Bush Jr.. We are an empirical power that tries it's best to let others to do the dirty colonizing work for us.

  14. I wasent korea if it was korea they would have bigger bombs and why the fuck would the aim for a fuckin marathon they would want to go after a place with a lot more people

  15. Probably because people that were horny for some hardcore violence, thumbs this down because they wanted to see the video of people getting blown up. -___-

  16. We can't just assume it's Korea.. It could have been anyone. They don't have to have an affiliation. It could have just been an American wackjob. Seriously people there is no evidence yet that NORTH* Korea is behind this..

  17. Hahaha, you're funny, The U.S. is weak now, it can't even stabilize its economy, and the American people is against any war. british are too fat and pink to go for a war.. so probably you shut the fuck up and wait for a new Calipahte that will get rid of you 😉

  18. abraham, people hate USA because they are jealous of all the freedom we used to have,during Clintons era the door was wide open to everybody to come and suddenly after 9/11 USA was hated,why? now as we can see the countries that prosper and have good economy copy and study what we used to do,that worked,I would suggest for those that have only hate to move,by the way there is a lot of foreigners posting hate comments on here pretending to be something they are not,seems to be a hobby for them.

  19. USA is not evil,but we do have people now in power that like to tell lot of fairytales and are not qualified ,it is just promises we can see what is happening now and how inexperienced they really are,by the way picture surfaced with large plastic bag in the front of people during the marathon,what was the police and security doing?Didn't they see it ? They were not doing their job.

  20. you are sick. people do not hate america for freedom. people hate the west for victimizing the planet. the system that worked good.

  21. Are you kidding me.1st-ppl would have reported smelling gas prior to explosions if it were a gas main.2nd-an above ground explosion wouldn't have "triggered"a gas main as secondary. This vid is a good example of the wide spread ignorance that seems to plague those responsible for reporting news but it also seems as if everyone is playing pretend these days

  22. I think it the "gray area" people don't understand how the thumbs up/down works. They don't want to thumbs up this video because they think they're supporting the bombing but the thumbs are for the video itself did he do a good job explaining or presenting what he was talking about.

  23. I have to agree @ nicky warm. things are wy intense here and to tell you the truth i just want out. People are frustrated and unhappy here and it just makes it not a pleasant place to be at. Nor the motivation that i once seen in me and allot of people has seemed tp fade. Now, of course its my perception but i have herd this by many. Is there really any hope for the human race here?! are we really fkd?!

  24. The video got raided by Ron Paul cultists who were upset that David Pakman didn't immediatley jump to the conclusion that this was a Zionist MK-Ultra Psyops false flag operation conducted by the CIA, Israel and Mossad.

  25. most likely from people that hate america. when other countries are attacked they ask for help but when america is attacked they celebrate


    MetalTerror666 noob..fuck off !

  27. Boston is not usually considered a target of terrorism???? I seem to remember that at least one of those terror hijackings on 9/11 originated out of Logan Airport. Its terrorism irregardless of who did it. It seems as though the great United States is suffering from a case of Selective mutism and it should be called what it is. Terror. Cowardly terror.

  28. Terrorism is a synthetic term made up by the U.S.A. in the 40's in conjunction with The National Security Act of 1947. This term justifies our loss of liberty and waging war on innocent countries as long as we can make the people believe we've been attacked.

  29. There is a video on my channel going out to all the families effected by this please go watch and show your respects and pray for them

  30. looking at the comments that are posted here, many expressing hateful views seems that there is a lot of symphatizers in Boston area,seems like they are breathing out air trying to blend in looking American and the public is unaware, they need to pay attention who is living in their surroundings because it seems now that I was right about the imigrants that come to this country only to try to destroy, it needs to be reminded to Obama when he will want to make laws to make them legal door open

  31. HAVE you seen that they have the background on the 2 guys that did this and they were in fact outsiders and radical muslims lol your theory is flawed

  32. Why didn't the news media mention that there was also a bomb DRILL going on at the Boston Marathon? Did that slip their minds? There were bomb sniffing dogs at the Boston Marathon? Why didn't these highly trained bomb sniffing dogs alert their handlers of the bombs before they expoded? Who dropped the ball here? The bombs should have been detected and the marathon rescheduled. Instead, the bomb exploded and people were killed and injured.

  33. Are you really trying to imply that if someone is wearing a bomb, it becomes unsniffable by bomb sniffing dogs? You underestimate the power of a dogs ability to smell.

  34. Where did you get the idea that I or any other non-christian owe you anything? You christians are so used to getting your way, dropping the name of Jeebus and having everyone scatter out of fear and superstition. Well, guess what… Those days are over! You are going to find more and more that people won't tolerate someone whipping his or her religion out in public, any more than they'd tolerate someone whipping out his dick. I know you're proud of your Crazy, but keep it in your pants.

  35. Your entire argument is irrelevant because there is no way, currently, to melt down all the guns. You will only leave the law abiding without guns, not the mob, not the criminal organizations. Just the law abiding.

  36. You are a heathen with too much time in your hands to care about what others believe in. Having beliefs doesn't make you insane. Extremists twist religion to accommodate their sick thoughts and harm others with an excuse. If you decide to kill someone tomorrow, I would know for sure u did it because you are fucked up in your head and took your own ideas to the extream, not because u are a Heathen.

  37. Now why exactly do so many people think this is the governments doing? Like I get that they lie to us a lot but what is there purpose here? I mean at least after 9/11 we had a better reason to go to iraq. But I mean this….why would they want to? Like nothing changed after this. The government isn't going to blow up there own cities and kill there own people for no reason.

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