Borderlands 3 – FL4K Character Trailer: “The Hunt”

Borderlands 3 – FL4K Character Trailer: “The Hunt”

HUNT The hunt is everything. And the pack is always ready. This one is eager to please. This one is eager to kill. And this one… Well, he likes to chase cars. But there must be an alpha. And the hunt? The hunt is never ending.

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  2. if you also spoke in Haiku… you would have had me on first playthrough…

    you will get screen time, eventually…

  3. What's that about banning people who call Fl4k him instead of they/them?
    I know it doesn't influence the game's content but I'm struggling with supporting a company making these decisions by buying their game.

  4. I think that the trailer is lame compared to the gameplay, watch some dude using this guy is just better than the trailer.

  5. I’m exited! Every character stands out and has abilities I would want to use! I actually want to try out all of them- when in the previous games I only wanted to try out two!

  6. I was interested in fl4k until I saw that everyone and their mother wants to main them. Now I’m deciding between rock-um sock-um robot Maze with her amazing boxing bear, or the Irish Janitor/Pest Control/Plumber Zane with his awesome synergy between action skills.

  7. EDIT: I am buying the game and have admitted that people who do agree with there being more than 2 genders deserve representation, even if I don't agree with it.

    Although I love Borderlands, I disagree with the whole…"Non-Binary" nonsense. (This is coming from a bisexual, contrary to what many may think, I do not have to support what I don't believe in just because I am Bi.)
    And seeing how Gearbox is banning people for misgendering a fictional robot, I might pass on this.

  8. This looks slow, not much is really happening, the walking, the fighting and everything looks like it's happening in slow motion

    Every kill is done out of frame.. WHERE IS THE VIOLENCE?? this is lame as hell, you'd think the beast would tear into that psycho but it kinda just bumps him off screen… There are so many shots of him just pointing his rifle at something out of frame

    The music is so close to drowning out the dialouge at the end, feels like amateur work

    I was initially hyped for this game, as time goes on it gets less and less likely i'l spend money on this game

  9. I don't understand they/them pronouns. I mean they a them usualy refers to more than one person, does this genderless robot have a mental disorder? I'm only going to refer to him as a guy. Sounds like a guy and looks like one to me so fuck what the lore says.

  10. I'll be sticking to He/Him anyone have a issue I don't give a shit, it's a game , the character has no feeling to give a shit of what I call "HIM"

  11. This DUDE, I have to say HE looks cool. I will play HIM as my first one, and will gladly play with HIS pets.
    Of course, considering Gearboxes TOXIC attitude to gamers and non-SJW's, I will acquire this game via The Bay.

  12. ahem…. Him, he, male, guy, dude, his, man…. that is all…. triggered now? gonna ban me? dosn't matter, Tencent can't steal my payment information if I pirate the game lol

  13. Oh look, it's the non binary political shitlord character, HE can go fuck himself, the creator of the character and a certain forum moderator along with it.

    Banning people in your forum over silly shit like misspronouncing a fictional characters gender, virtue signaling where it doesn't belong, normal people play and talk games to get away from politics and people trying to impose their way of thinking onto them, you are fucking up peoples reality-escape.

  14. So… Referring to a robot with a masculine build and a male voice is as a "he" is now wrong.
    The world is so goddamn fucked. Crazy people coming together on the internet and then validating themselves in their own bubbles and are later on pandered to by companies…

  15. I don’t know anything about borderlands, but I’m about to become a diehard fan. They look so cool can’t wait to kill people with my weird dogs

  16. is it just me or does this guy look like a grizzled, experienced version of Loaderbot (in his "final form" of the body he nicked from Jack)?

  17. wow this GUY looks cool And HE seems like a fun Vault Hunter would be bad if someone didn't call HIM by the right gender

  18. I'm not really into First Person Shooter type games, but I must admit this guy looks awesome enough to make me want to try it out.

  19. German word: U will never learn how to pronounce me!
    You: OFC!
    German word: Flak – Die Jagd
    You: "Flekk – dy djagt"

  20. Damn this guy looks cool, even though the game series doesn't interest me I hope people play this guy, like damn what a male bro this guy right here what a guy

  21. HE is my favourite MALE character in the whole game universe. I can't believe that there are still these strong MALE characters in videogames. Thank you Gearbox for NOT going with woke community!!!

  22. Just when you thought the characters couldn't suck worse than the pre-sequel's. The Mensa members at Gearbox can't figure out how to implement a character creation screen.

  23. never played this series so i dont know why yt recommended this but i kinda want to now since this guy seems really cool

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