Bless Online News, Release Date, Monetization & Press Event | MMORPG 2018

Bless Online News, Release Date, Monetization & Press Event | MMORPG 2018

What’s good, it’s Fevir. Today we’re talking again about Bless Online
– and going over some of the new information, confirmed stuff that we learned during the
Bless Online press event.. that’s of note, there was a lot of non-news given.. as well
as some thoughts on the whole thing. So out the gate with the pertinent stuff. Wednesday the 30th of May is the soft launch-
no wipes .. price for the game is $30. Before then.. you can buy one of their founder’s
packs.. 3 tiers – 40, 70 and 200 dollars.. for some
assorted extras.. some premium currency, cosmetics and the like. $200 seemed to shock a lot of people.. and
while I do think it’s ridiculous.. it’s also not abnormal for the genre. On top of this.. all founder’s packs get a
2 day head start.. being able to play on Monday, the 28th… AND… they tease off their premium subscription
as each pack gives a different amount of subscribed months to it. This is what you’d call a soft subscription
– it’s planned for about $15 a month.. and you call it soft because you shouldn’t need
to pay it to play the game .. although that rarely ends up feeling like the case. When questioned about exactly what is included
in this.. they mentioned some sort of rotating monthly cosmetic or pet.. as well as convenience..
like boosts… you know, definitely not pay to win, convenience. In fact.. that was kind of the story of the
whole event in regards to monetization.. repeated time after time after time after time.. was..
definitely not pay to win.. then when pressed by any of the people there on what exactly
is in the subscription or what will be in the cash shop.. which for important reasons..
wasn’t there.. the questions were dodged or answered in a way which was just a rewording
of.. just convenience. And instead of probing deeper.. you had the
emissaries turn to chat and say, see that guys, no pay to win. We’re golden… I don’t remember the streamer but at one point
I remember seeing something that basically went like.. look guys, about the game being
pay to win.. I had drinks with some of them last night..
and they seemed cool.. passionate people.. so, I think we’re good. I remember another saying.. ok so they said
boosts.. but maybe there is a language barrier and they didn’t mean boost… like.. It was just so.. to shift from monetization
to impression of the event.. so amateurish. Without an official live feed or I couldn’t
even find an official press release .. being fed information through people who were trying
to build up their personas and being swept up in the excitement and basically vlogging
and not making use of this direct time was.. frustrating I’d say. The actual presentation from Neowiz, the set
up of the playtesting and game clients beforehand.. even referencing some of the last few months..
with weird timing of posts, black out periods, official social media channels going down,
information leaks on official channels, not using official channels, the selection process
of the emissaries and drama surrounding that.. I see a lot of people disappointed.. and to
me it’s interesting because.. while I might just be making a wild speculation.. this is
the kind of stuff that happens when you don’t use a publisher.. whose job and expertise is in doing this stuff..
if the handling of all of this looks like the first time someone in your office had
to run a meeting or give a presentation.. it’s because.. that may very well be the case
here. It’s the other side of the coin.. pros and
cons of not using a publisher.. That said.. especially after speaking with some of the
people who got their hands on it. For me.. I’m more interested than I was. Performance seemed much better and that was
confirmed from a couple people first hand, that I trust, and has always been my main
concern.. and I’m only looking for the game to be fun for a month.. now they were using
pretty high end hardware.. they had 1080 gpus.. so who knows how that plays out with lesser
stuff as the minimum requirement they do show are a bit steep.. but even on these streams
I’m seeing less lag and hitching than I have, with a 1080 on the other versions I’ve played
and they said they made progress by altering some interface stuff, which in a lot of cases
is a culprit, and while we don’t see a new interface they did let on they are working
on a new interface… although watching areas of the game I’ve been in.. it looks like they
removed stuff and NPCs to maybe make the game run smoother not to mention less people are
online and in those areas.. I don’t know but it’s not like I’d imagine
a short duration press event to be 100% representative of the general experience. We got a better and more exhaustive look at
combat – it’s what it looks like and what we all gathered
from watching the gameplay previews earlier this month.. but we got a bunch of things
confirmed. The combos themselves cannot be altered..
you can choose between the stances that give you the combos. The shift/dodge energy bar system was removed. In other versions this gave you iframes and
movement options separate to abilities.. in some cases these have been rolled into other
abilities and are able to be chosen as one of your general abilities Autoattack has been
removed entirely for us. Some non combat stuff you might be interested
in. The auction will have a fixed range of what
are allowed to sell it for… like Black Desert’s market if you’re familiar. You are unable to trade player to player. There is no fishing. No API available to make certain or damage
meters possible.. easily. No support for addons either. They released the locations of the servers..
we got an east coast server for NA – in Virgina.. and one in Frankfurt, Germany for EU. They haven’t as of yet.. changed that organized
PvP, competitive pvp – is only available at fixed times throughout the day.. and 3v3 I
believe I heard confirmed.. that you can only queue up as solo or duo.. BUT – castle sieges, territory stuff is available
from day 1. Which thank, Dhalsim.. usually the bigger
stuff like that stuff tend to be added later. I also liked seeing the voice overs being
in english already .. if you’re familiar with some mmorpg localizations .. a lot of them
are still in korean years later. Overall – the whole event and all the information
shared.. it’s strange to take in.. because in 90% of ways what Bless is- we already know. That 90% is the same as it was in the other
regions.. and this press release and a lot of other information about Bless has really
just been on introducing people to Bless itself.. while some of us are hyper focused on that
10%.. and so a lot of answers or concerns really haven’t been addressed directly or
at all because they’re trying to introduce people to the whole project and after watching
and picking apart a lot of this.. there really wasn’t much new information. Which isn’t a bad thing.. I wager that most people don’t have any idea
what Bless is at all and need to be introduced to it. But any concerns I have.. really haven’t been
addressed.. what’s funny is that knowing the game gives you context. So them saying they will offer convenience
boosts.. and premium service offers unique pets. You may know that pets give you combat and
non-combat bonuses.. so you may think that’s what you need to watch. But.. if you’ve played other versions.. all
pets skins are basically the same gameplay wise. And if one of those convenience boosts happens
to be a pet experience boost.. let me tell you.. thats a type of convenience people will not
be happy about. It was one of the things I liked watching
about King Krotha stream – he’s one of the emissaries – but he’s played
other versions so I’ll link to his stream to check out his VOD – but he was more inquisitive
than others and was pretty blunt and not just lobbing softball questions. On the topic of emissaries.. just so it’s
out there and I can offend certain people for not mentioning them.. I wanted to just highlight a couple of smaller
people who were chosen who are really worth checking out.. obviously some of the staples
of mmorpg stuff like Doc, Pohz, Mr Happy, DJTech and a lot of familiar names were chosen..
but keep an eye out for Carthh especially – he’s the spreadsheet.. pick apart everything,
play the game at a high level kind of guy. Izkimar – he has a lot of experience with
the past versions and so has a lot of insight. TheHiveLeader for when you want something
lighter.. he’s kind of like a scripted Bikeman but more attractive. A lot of streamers.. I did see Force walking around at the event
and there is also BigFryTV for some higher quality.. less fan boyee type stuff. So yeah.. it’s going to be interesting how
much and if they give more details on the cash shop or premium service before the game
starts and they have our money.. but that will do it for me. Until next time, this is Fevir. Peace.

100 Replies to “Bless Online News, Release Date, Monetization & Press Event | MMORPG 2018

  1. Probably the most important line is.. "A think of lot of us know that Bless isn't and doesn't need to blow us away.. we're just hoping for a month or two of fun with that large wave of people discovering the game together."

    If you want to talk about games with some weird people.. check out

  2. I dont know…. Think this game gonna fail. I might give it a try but i have a feeling people gonna be very disappointed in this game. Guessing ptw, performance issues, lots of lag and boring gameplay. I dont know why but it reminds me of tree of savior for some reason. The no player to player trading is so stupid.

  3. No Auto Attacking, No fishing, No player trading, No API for Addons, Ghetto combat, No iframe,
    I just better stick to WoW.
    Bless just killed all my hope even further. First was the "improved combat system" that just looked like a clunky piece of mess, now this, lol.

  4. A fixed sub can't be pay to win. It is just not possible. P2W means that your wallet can win you the fight. A fixed sub just means that players who support the game get something extra. this is fine. this game needs money income to be around some time without having a cashshop like bdo, where you straight up can buy power

  5. It's games like these that have led MMO's to their current state. I can't begin to describe how frustrated I've become with the industry as a whole, primarily with this genre. Sometimes I think it's just an issue with myself, trying to find that feeling of wonder and urge to explore that MMO's gave me back around 2000 to 2005, something that no longer exists. It's just the times. The game industry as a whole has become nothing but a money machine. The corporations caught wind of the money to be had, and they've turned this outlet into a husk of its former self. Everything's about instant gratification and getting that quick fix 15 minute bite sized bit of content done and reaching the end as fast as possible. MMO's fall into two categories these days: Queue simulators, or overly convoluted, crudely slapped together, cash shop riddled shit fests. Bless looks like a blatant cash grab. Isn't this abomination supposed to release as an "Early Access" title? All that means is that when people call them out for squeezing out a steaming butt cigar of a game, they can hide behind the claim that "it's in an early state and this isn't the final product". How much were those streamers paid to show up and drink the kool-aid? Seriously. They refused to show the cash shop out of fear of scaring people, and even let slip the word b o o s t. "Oh it's okay guys I had drinks with a couple of them and even doled out some handjobs, it's totally gonna be fine". Everything about this game screams "stay the fuck away". $200 "collector's" edition, with Premium Customer Service listed as a benefit? Yeah that sounds legit. What a sad state of affairs when this is the only thing worth talking about. Ashes of Pyramid Schemes will likely release about the same time Scam Citizen is finished. Crowfall comes off like a zoomed in version of that mobile game dumpster fire Albion Online. I guess that leaves WoW and FFXIV. A game that revolutionized the ability to not interact with any other players, and another that's literally the same goddamn thing every single patch for the last 4 years and is a carbon copy of the other game, except with cat ears.

    What's the most popular crap as of late? Battle royale games? Before that it was card games. Before that it was MOBA's. Somewhere in the middle there, incomplete early access open world survival games with crafting were all the rage. When will the wave of diarrhea come full circle and shine it's glorious brown light on MMO's so that companies actually have to try and one up each other again? I want something to delve into and feel like a world I can get engrossed in, where no where on my screen is there a button to click that takes me to a cocksucking cash shop. Free to play MMO's should be outlawed. If your game isn't worth putting a monthly subscription on, where you pull in a steady stream of revenue for upkeep and content creation, as well as make a profit from people that WANT TO PLAY YOUR GAME, then don't fucking release it. Don't squeeze out some half baked trash and convince people to spend their money in a means of circumventing gameplay out of "conveinence". It's absolutely mind boggling that this is the current state of things.

  6. dont tell me weight/inventory expansion gonna be cashshop stuff? i hated this already in bdo and shit is expensive.

  7. I hope some people are able to find an MMO they love with Bless, and I hope it doesn't go the typical Korean MMO way.

  8. Extremely high priced founder pack almost always means game publisher knows it wont last long so are farming nieve kids as much as possible while information about extended gameplay is low. Its a sad reality of current gaming industry we have to just accept :((((

  9. As always thank you for the SSS grade content. Truly mondays blow but def helps the morning pass a bit when I see some new fevir content relevant to what I'm looking for.

    I will say I'm getting more and more nervous about this game as it grows closer and more is revealed though =/ This definitely didnt help ease nerves bahaha

  10. Korean games always have these strange yet very stupid limitations. Fixed price ranges are equal to no economy except max price, no undercutting if you want to sell cheap and fast you have to wait among thousands to sell something and hope RNG hits you. Black Desert had worst auction house ever and this looks like its following that hated and failed path

  11. Bless online looks terrible. Another crap asian MMO that will be hyped for a few months and then die, just like every other asian MMO (minus FF14)

  12. So many artists in todays age, if companies don't realize that people WILL be willing to pay for cool ass costumes or customization of the characters down to colorization or hue of skills. You don't need p2w to be able to profit from making a game. MMO companies please realize people will dish out $ consistently if the game is fun. P2W is a coffin and that business model is a very short term profit model. The word "Convenience" doesn't sit well with me and i hope i get proven wrong. It's a sad sight that the MMO genre is going extinct.

  13. Monthly payment? Nope, moving on. Sometime I can put into some hrs a month in a game, sometimes I can't. So whenever I hear a game has monthly subscriptions, I don't even bother.

  14. for me opinion the aunly non pay to win boost i can say is EXP boost if thay have things like Speed boost, gold boost, thay sed somthing about dungeons telepots ore somthing like that i can tell boost like that are definatly are P2W you can exployt them how ever you what, Speed Boots, gold boost are easy esxplot boost as p2w in evry mmo gold are one of the major tool to gear faster and speed boosts help you colect resorse faster thats boosting your gold gathering faster definatly P2W its not conviniants boost. EXP boost is the anly boost you dount get any value with this you thust skip leveling content and noting more like wow rigth now you can buy lvl 100 acc in 110lvl content with that boost you skill huge amount of old content but when you reach lvl 110 you are equall with athers later game players gearing and nothing more. NON P2W CASH SHOP CAN HAVE THUST EXP BOOSTS, MAUNTS and PETS WITH AUTE ANY ADVANTIGES AGENTS NORMAL PETS AND MOUNTS YO BUYING THUST MOUNT SKIN AND PET SKIN NOTHING MORE, LAST COSMETICS ANYTHING ELS is P2W. and sory for me english i know i suck 😛

  15. Took me 5 seconds of this video to realize I did not want anything to do with this game. An autopathing system for lazy people, screams casual. Bye.

  16. I was wondering can the game be played in Africa since you didn't mention that there is a server there ?

  17. An auto-walk feature like its a mobile/browser game, check
    A game that has failed 3 times, check
    A "founders" pack that jumps from $70 to $200, check

    Game's going to go about as well as rev online from the way its looking.

  18. Honest opinion : a game that is B2P and has a sub shouldn't have a cashshop with ANY sort of convenience at ALL.

    If you want a cash shop, don't use a sub system, if you want a sub system, don't use a stupid convenience cash shop! People are -willing to pay-, but not when its done as an obvious cash grab as opposed to a real gaming experience.

  19. This game looks like a typical Free-to-Play MMO. I'd be shocked if this game is still Buy-to-Play after 6 months or so post release.

  20. idk maybe it's just me, but i find this "convenience" stuff still p2w… they are just trying to say it on a more sutil way

  21. Oh good. Another mmo with no DPS meter. Nothing says fun like never being able to know how well you’re doing. Pve is obviously an afterthought. Yawn.

  22. Thank you for linking those twitch and YouTube channels in the description. Good video! Can’t wait to play it

  23. As soon as I found out their $200 founder's pack includes "premium customer service" I stopped any plans of buying any copy, and will be on the lookout to avoid any future releases from Neowiz.

  24. did they have depts? wtf? this game must be f2p/b2p or it will die as soon as other games like teso… subscription? srsly??? they want too much!!!

  25. Why try to make a new game ? someone need to buy aion and remake it for 2018 graphics…and remove p2w , and add a nti hack program …THATS all

  26. Covers game for over a year, game releases. Posts 2 gameplay videos. Game fails. Never talks about game again. Smells like Revelation Online

  27. I think the reason we still fork over cash, at least in the first few months, is that the MMO community wants that really good MMO to suck them in for the long-term. We haven't had a "Man this MMO is killer!" experience with an MMO that actually lasts longer than that first few months in quite a long time. If we can get bite-sized experiences of that (the first 2-3 months of initial exploration and discovery with hundreds of people who are also new to the world), we'll throw cash at anything that appeases our appetite.

  28. I agree with most of what you say but I need to point out that judging performance with 5 players connected to a server and 1/10 of mob density of what we've experienced in any of the other versions of the game is highly unlikely to be a display of what reality will look like. Personally I am not falling for the jon do'es that were ''hired'' as sales man to sell a product they know nothing about, I will wait and see, if the game is worth it then it will last longer then the initial 1 month hype, otherwise kudos to them for being able to fool, yet again, a lot of people into giving them more money.

    Edit: Just continued listening to the rest of the video and yea, hear you also point out what I just wrote, the best play here is to wait and see how it plays out. The shadiest part of them all is not displaying what's in the cash shop and the benefits on a monthly sub, waiting until release day ''forcing'' people to a blind purchase is a terrible business model, no one would ever go for such a deal in any other business in life.

  29. Buy to play + an optional subscription? A subscription that offers no pay to win but "convinience" items?
    If you ever played an mmo from asia you know it's gonna be pay to win, and it's not gonna be different here.
    I don't see a reason why you would want to pay for this game instead of playing a free mmo out there.
    I predict the game to die pretty quickly.

  30. Hi I have a question anyone know anything about optimization in game? I heard it's very bad…game is running on the same engine as Tera Online.

  31. Tbh i rlly loved to see them a little bit "unprofessional" at times especially at the emmisary press event. They are just humans too and it felt nice seeing that. I hate devs/publishers trying to be too proffesional and thinking theyre better/smarter than us (alright maybe they might be a little smarter xD). But im not sure how to explain it besides saying i love the little "unprofessional" feeling of Neowiz. Its like behind the scenes of a company 🙂

  32. I will say the game does look very beautiful. However, it feels like Aion and Blade & Souls had a baby and it was this. I don't see anything new here, no major leaps in creativity. They just played it safe. Despite this, I'll still give it a chance because I miss MMORPGs.

  33. Seems like it might turn into play to win, that will ruin the game.
    Also you can't trade between players? What?

  34. A good game should only need a cosmetics cash shop, Costumes, Skins, Cool looking Mounts or vehicles, keep the price point LOW so people spend… copy and paste pure profit items I don't actually own should not be twenty five bucks, period.. everyone debates a twenty five dollar costume, but five bucks, anyone could justify that!

  35. Even stuff like cheaper prices in the market place is shady to me. I have a pretty low threshold for what I consider pay-to-win though.

  36. I don't know how to feel about this game. It doesn't look any different/better than FF, BDO, Tera, ESO, GW2, etc. Nothing new, unless I'm missing something.
    Is the story/lore better WoW, FFXIV or TSW? Is the combat better than BDO, Tera or GW2? Is the PvP is fun? Are the graphics better than BDO, GW2 or FF? What about combat and progression–is it challenging and rewarding (because it looks really easymode to me)? Is there an intricate, fun, rewarding and relevant crafting system?
    I just don't see anything new or interesting…To me, it looks like the same old copy+pasta Asian port MMO: There's the Loli/Furry race, the insane proportions and overdone jiggle physics and ridiculous female "armor".
    All-in-all, it looks like more of the same, which is pretty lackluster and insubstantial imo.
    I wish I could say otherwise, but I'll probably avoid it unless I find something interesting to justify trying it out.

  37. Buy to play , no trading and a subscription ? Storage space is not something you mess with in a buy to play game ffs !

  38. Current state of online multiplayer games makes me wanna unsubscribe every single channel related to MMORPG's…oh wait, i have already done it :X

  39. So since this was your last vid (with comments) on Bless I take it you just don't want to deal with how crap it ended up?

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