Black Fox News Contributor: Obama ‘Has a War on Black Americans’

Black Fox News Contributor: Obama ‘Has a War on Black Americans’

uh… the sean hannity show on fox news
did something which is absolutely despicable and it basically checks off
every single box of the problem with the corporate media today sean hannity
decided to have a panel last night he said you know what let’s get a bunch of
black republicans who don’t like obama in the same room
and we’re going to kind of set up this whole thing to talk about how bad
president obama is for minorities and black people now as we know this is
completely not representative of the situation in this country were african
americans overwhelmingly support president obama and the complaints that were kind of elicited from these panelist this group
of of black american republicans on the sean hannity show do not represent
anything when it comes to did they don’t correlate anyway with the polling that
we see nationwide so we’re gonna focus specifically on one
individual i thought to be honest that this was but some kind of s_n_l_ skit parroting conservative media’s use of black people
into against progressive values but it wasn’t this is really the sean hannity
show and he brought on um… an individual
named dini nber rally now dean burrell e is a fox news contributor and sean hannity had the following
conversation with her and that led to her making the claim that president of bomb a has a war on
black americans and again this is so misleading because if you’re a casual
observer casual consumer of corporate media you flip around and you say oh
interesting fox news and i would just just one other news channel i don’t know
anything about what fox news means as this room of black conservatives and some of them are angry
with obama they think obama is actually has a war on black americans seems
legitimate let’s take a listen wrote a book flack flashlights in that
book you start out and you say global my name uh… i think you well i googled your
name i don’t like what i say tell people what they say if they do that i was
saying you know you’re gonna see things that i can even sale your program but
ochen traders sellout into my malval tom but these individuals hiding behind
their computers is that a debating the on my values in my principles but i’ll tell you uh… ire up like last
because i want to expose the failures of the black liberal establishment right
top of the list is present all bomber and i opinion he has a war against black
americans because look at the unemployment rate look at the failed out
of high school dropout rates he is not doing out what he should in be doing to
implement proposals where people should be employees his energy policy is fairly
our country and we know it is and first of all one of the red flags when you see a
video like this is when you see just this kind of frenetic apoplectic recitation of unrelated issues in
talking points she’s talking about president obama has a war on black
americans the liberal establishment has failed black people were all of a sudden
they don’t bomb is an urgent policy is bad we’re we have zero zero substances
just talking points that that’s red flag number one when you’re consuming
corporate media like this but let’s take it a step further here first of all it’s amazing that ms burrell year gripes that there
are individuals who are behind their computers instead of debating her on her
values and principles and she chooses to make this attack on
president obama on shine hand he’s debate free show here
we are we’re no one’s going to confront her on the shots over early said but
that’s that’s the the funny thing there but this and that there’s some controversy
here there’s some contradiction rather on president obama heated america and wanted to destroy the country
meaning all of us black-and-white asian hispanic anne glenn beck said that president
obama hates white culture this contradicted this uh… this is a
conspiracy theory contradicts the other conspiracy theories about who does president obama wanted destroy is it just black people is it white people people who are religious i can’t even
keep its trailers who knows everyone’s got a different
opinion of of how our president is trying to destroy this
country dia so began jet just to sum up here we have we’re
checking all the boxes we have the false a balance falls controversy thing which is well a room full of black republicans who
don’t like obama their muscle really be a big debate nationally amongst
african-americans about whether they support her don’t support president
obama not doesn’t exist that’s falsely
portrayed it’s the false balance with corporate media and then also note on this is a way to
really of unempowered i’ve feel minorities even though push on hannity
is presenting it as hey you know what were not going to let the liberals use black people in assume
they’re all on their side by pointing out that these fourteen people aren’t but really i feel like it’s actually
bite by misrepresenting the reality it’s more damaging than anything else yeah and uh… this cara minefield when
john mccain a few months after obama took office in two thousand and nine he
complained uh… on one of the sunday talk shows i
think that uh… she was expecting changed and we didn’t get anyone here
and again fetching so on the one hand there’s a question here
as to whether a president can you can even to the miraculous things of this
woman is asking for right arnes on another level onion isn’t fox news and
isn’t she has a conservative advocating for the policies that would actually be
we were sitting on the go bomb a is actually implementing shop yeah i really
get what she expects obon odu bill which he supports wouldn’t do worse

100 Replies to “Black Fox News Contributor: Obama ‘Has a War on Black Americans’

  1. First of all, the GOP attempted the SAME thing in 1988 for Reagan, and secondly, there is little evidence of partisan motivation for this bill. Just some Democrat who has already introduced this bill. Lastly, even IF this is passed, that does not mean that ANYONE has the will or means to prohibit dissent, declare martial law, or become a dictator.

  2. See I been around a lot mixed white and black people. Their skin tone is normal far ligher like Obama than most what we call full black people. So yes I see a person of mix race. Obama is also a mixed(white) person. Unless you go by the one drop rule when figuring out what race people are. Which White people still have about 20% african gentic markers since we did come out of africa. So the whole damn world is black.

  3. Yeah but you can't find ONE single reason why Pres. Obama sucks. "He just sucks" is not good enough for me. Try using that extremely tiny mind of yours and come up with something a little more substantial.

    Or better yet…read a fucking book.

  4. what makes you NOT trust a former constitutional law professor, former state & federal senator? What are you blabbering about?

    He makes you "fucking sick" because you're so use to having someone white in white house, which makes you more secure in your own skin. You identify more with whites because you really think you're more white than Native American.

    Your psychological discomfort in seeing someone black in the Oval Office is a shortcoming rooted in an inferiority complex.

  5. NO you're lying, you see Pres. Obama as a BLACK man. Just like you would see any ordinary black man with Obama's skin tone. STOP your lying.

  6. Read a book.

    In order for Obama to become a dictator in these United States, he would need the full support of the military.

    Read A Book for crying out loud.

  7. That's your belief not mine. You must follow the one drop rule. I do not. All people came out africa. That is scienctific fact. So all the people in world have african Gentics. So the damn world is black by the one drop rule. Deny it all you want.

  8. BTW I finded it offencive when people discounts one part of people of mix races. Which you are doing. Beside Race is not propper classification that is accepted by biological science. Nor is any other sort of subspecses groups. Only when talking about the differnce between the speices. People can truthfull call Obama a white man or black man but he is mix race man. You know what is common with all 3 he is a human man.

  9. It's shameless the way Republicans use black people. When Sarah Palin was running for Vice President, I heard her call Africa a country. I suppose they have nothing to lose at this point.

  10. "Christians hate everybody." ya thats why Jesus came and slaughtered millions of people right??? WRONG.

    Christian literally means "Christ-like" so if a "Christian" hates everyone, they are not a Christian.

    Being a Christian is not about what you call yourself, but what you actually do with your life.

    As far as what our bible says about hating everyone: “For there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male and female, but you all are one in Christ Jesus” Galatians 3:28

  11. No, Jesus didn't. His people did, though. The Crusaders, the Inquisitors, the priests. I never said anything about Jesus hating people.

  12. wait a minute, before you had the great fortune of receiving my extraordinary knowledge, you had an intelligent quotient of about 9. After my education, your IQ went all the way up to 15.

    Now you say don't send a reply. OK, I rescind my 1st reply. But unfortunately for you, your IQ just decreased back to 9.

    As of 4/22 you will receive no more enlightenment and remain stupid for the rest of your life.

  13. You are responding to the wrong person… so before you insult me, maybe you should make sure you are responding to the person you intend to.

  14. That you've been around mixed people or black people is an argument that ends with "…I have a friend who's black." Snarf, you may allege that you see what you see, but true or not, is not addressing the qestion, because what's asked is: what's seen? Not what you believe you see. Whether 20% or 70% of some genetic marker is obsolete to prejudice and discriminate sight ("color-blind"). There are shades of skin color that do make the difference, and to say otherwise is to ignore it.

  15. Yet I do not use race to identify traits just mear skin tone differnce. First of all as a Army Combat Medic was to see people not what they have done or who they were just people needs help. Skin tone, enthic group, regilion don't fucking matter to me. People should be some what proud of their enthic roots. Not to the point of nationalism.

  16. No No No No, it's spelled MORON not Morron. Mr. Morron is the person who lives next door to a MORON named snarf3456. Jeeeez.

  17. – so basically you are saying that black people are not allowed to think and have an opinion unless it is in line with how you think and is favorable to Obama
    – progressive values …? Isn't that a contradiction …what values might they be, elaborate
    – red flags ..that may be a red flag

  18. We all use color to identify others–we are indoctrinated to do so–to deny this is to deny fault, and when we deny fault, we deny responsibility, and when we deny responsibility we miss confronting our fault. They shouldn't matter. But they do. And to remove yourself from the world that actually is in favor of the would that should be, you aren't confronting–you aren't addressing the problem. And I never said anything about not being proud of one's ethnic roots–where'd that come from?

  19. What problem are we addressing here. None except some people still follow that BS one drop rule. When even whites have good chunk of african gentic markers so all whites with the one drop rule would be black since all people came out of africa. I see people period, I care not of people so called races enthic groups just people when dealing with people.


  20. Only things about skin color is melatonine in the skin to help protect against skin cancer. That is only differnt in they colors of people skin beside what it looks like which has no barings on if they will be good or bad people. Actions speak louder than words. All people can be good or bad. Doesnt matter what race you are or are not.

  21. Not "some"–all. We all judge. That's our nature. And all the more reason to acknowledge what we do–so that we can think passed it. You may not feel that you care about skin-color, you may not want to, you realize that it is absurd to discriminate so. You include random "truisms" (e.g., "actions speak louder than words") to give you the effect of "right" thinking.

  22. We should not judge other baised on skin color. We have scienctificaly proven we are more the same than differnt. Yes I judge people based on their actions or inaction depends on the case. Not on what they look like. I have PTSD from Iraq war. I lost some teeth from pretty much not eating and taking care of my self. Which can happens if you have sever PTSD. I do not judge other on if they have rottten teeth because well my own expreince. I see humans when I see people.

  23. I am not saying people 'should.' We all judge on actions, but also on their aesthetic. In your judgements you may depend more upon the internal person, and your experiences have likely given you a clarity on this that most do not share, but we as humans cannot escape our shortcomings, but we can work through them.

  24. Obama is not a liberal, he's a moderate who leans right. Blaming liberals for the failures of Obama is disingenuous.

  25. …its just that barack doesnt have any black folks around him … hell george bush had more black ppl on his team and we know he hates black ppl … i mean what black man hangs out with ALL JEWS all day long … and i like our president



  28. You need to go to this YOUTUBE PAGE ……OBAMA'S EEOC (1) AND THE DESTRUCTION OF THE BLACK I have proof that EEOC has been falsifying evidence in court,,,, this guy is a former Federal Civil Rights Investigator

  29. "RACISM" ? Is Centered Around The NAACP & The Democratic Party ! THEY Strive To "Keep Racism Alive" ! Wake Up People ? They Have Padded NAACP Pockets In Exchange For The Pushing For The Democratic "BLACK VOTE" ! It's Been Going On As Long As I Can Remember ! Where The Hell Have You ALL Been ? Martin Luther King Jr. [ A GREAT Man ] Would Slap The Taste Out Of Obama's Mouth ! Black People Of America ! WAKE UP ! You Traded One From Of Slavery For Another ! A Slave Tag For Big Government Socialism !

  30. You are also showing what a thoughtless bitch you are for calling The President of the United States: Barack Obama, hobama.

  31. To sum up this video: I don't like Fox because I don't like Fox, and because I have been told everything they do is evil so I will make a long, rambling commentary about how evil they are…
    How about getting your stuff together, and quit taking that Soros money to do anti-Fox hit pieces.

  32. Millions of blacks probably hate Obama because they expected preferential treatment because of his skin color. Sorry, he's the president of the united states of america, not the black people of america. The sooner this line of distinction is made the better.

  33. Yes they're African Americans who've lived the American dream, she's a highly intelligent woman, your a pre pubescent Libtard. The whole Liberal agenda is to put people on dependency on the government, and welfare. Your comments are risible, fair enough she didn't have anyone on the opposite side to debate her, so do it, why not comment on the number of minorities now on welfare African American unemployment, you didn't do it because by any standard Obama has been a total failure.

  34. Your argument does not make sense. Are you honestly arguing that an African American has to be a conservative in order to live the "American dream"? I am very socially liberal and I am also well educated.Does that means i'm heading down a path of dependency and welfare? Why are you people always so convinced that their is some sort of agenda out there to get as many people on welfare as possible? Please inform me of your sources because otherwise you are talking out the side of your neck.

  35. No im not, im saying your not very smart if your Liberal- why did African Americans have higher employment and family stability than whites in the 1950s, rather than today? You should you tube Thomas Sowell. Yes it is clear that Obamas policies have put people on dependency and welfare, the video explains that, look at unemployment. The government has no money, the taxes required to support the welfare state stifle the very innovation and creativity to employ people.

  36. Wow! And you are obviously not very intelligent as well because you obviously have not a single grasp of the reality of the African American experience. The African American family is so dismantled because of the numerous attempts to eliminate the black male out of the family unit across generations (i.e high imprisonment, redlining of black communities– which led to a disadvantaged opportunity for blacks to secure housing and become prey to predator loans, etc)..

  37. Come on, stop being simple minded and actually do some real research that has been conducted by an actual peer-reviewed community. Don't see and talk a much of nonsense that was fed to you by right-wing propagandize sites. I can't believe you are naive enough to believe that Obama is solely to blame for people on welfare. Ok, why don't we blame unequal social opportunities and structures instead? I think you should reconsider your political affiliation if they teach you think like that lol.

  38. wait wait wait. high imprisonment only came in AFTER the welfare state, when the state said it would pick up the tab if you left your children.. Families where the father is not present, the child has MASSIVELY more chance of tuning to crime, and drugs, and you find the same trends here in the UK too, its just race never gets mixed into it. You tube 'Thomas Sowell newest book intellectuals and race' then.. 'Thomas Sowell housing boom and bust' all caused by government intervention, not predators

  39. As I stated before, please do your research first. There is a correlation between the redlining of black communities which had an impact on what happened after that fact (i.e high imprisonment). You do realize that Thomas Sowell's book was never evaluated by an academic community don't you? That's the tricky thing about many book publications, they do not have to go through the same avenues as journal articles that have peer reviewed by an academic community.

  40. Why do you think the Berkeley professor was able to publish his obscure book arguing that HIV does not led to AIDS. Or what about the London professor at the London School of Economics that tried to argue that there is scientific data to support that black women are inherently more unattractive that other races (which was not published because an academic community found his research as inaccurate and without scientific claim).

  41. Btw, I never said that race is the sole determinant of anything. There are many factors at play here. However, I am simply stating that you should probably do more research on history and the biographies of African Americans before you make such obscure statements.

  42. Right wing propaganda, your saying that about Milton Friedman's accomplice, one of the finest economists living today who has spent his life studying and writing 20 odd books? please. I agree the education system in America is appalling, but that's from the government, and teaching unions, which needs resolving. Why in the 1930s Harlem, did children have grades as high as whites in Washington, the finest in the country. They progressed in society and left the ghetto. All the data is out there.

  43. Again, can you please tell me which community of research is validating these studies. Is the ASA? The APA? Or even an actually Political Science community (key work "community" not a single individual)? As I stated before, it has to do with two important factors: history and biography. Of course there were many African Americans that fought discrimination and used education believe of their belief that it was a great "equalizer."

  44. However, as time went on, it was the constant discrimination of employment opportunities, lack of wealth generation that Blacks were able to obtain due to unequal opportunities (Check out Black Wealth, White Wealth, a study ACTUALLY reviewed by an academic community) and you will see what happened following this era and you will understand. Many studies will correlated this. You only wish to see or believe what you wish to believe.

  45. I understand it well, your delusional, you will continue to explain away all your answers with more failed government programmes; and no matter how many times you fail, those failings will be explained by. 1)the budget wasn't big enough, 1)lacked the wrong staff commitment, 3)should have had more/larger powers 4) needs more time 4)needed a bigger budget. But empirical evidence is an anathema to you.

  46. LOL I'm having a blast laughing at your inability to answer a single question i've posed to you. Rather than lose brain cells from trying to get anything further from you (since you won't actually answer a question anyway), I will let you continue to live in your naive, unintelligent existence. I hope it works for you.

  47. Please, enlighten me with this empirical evidence from actual sources. Why is it so hard for you to produce concrete evidence? You are only making it that much easier to laugh at you.

  48. Your comments are risible- I already gave you the information above. Your 'peer' reviewed papers are nothing more than Liberal intellectuals, reviewing the work of the failed policies of other Liberal intellectuals, I also gave you the name of an author, who breaks down the data in many of his books.

  49. the people who are suffering most under Obama is the poorest section of society do they happen most often to be black people…

  50. white president bush destroyed America before president Obama took office. don't believe me. research when bush took office and when he left. I'm black and supported him in both elections and would do it for a third time if I could. so, don't speak for all people….you're not speaking for me and my friends…all Obama supporters.

  51. president Obama's mother was white…making him bi-racial…and he was raised by his white grandparents. You own who you are..let him own who he is and his mother's side of the family. Have you seen his sister..she's not black and they both have the same mother.

  52. Yes, I would vote for him a third time. Got a problem with how I chose to vote. I don't have a problem with other people's right to chose the candidate of their choices. why you so concerned with mine. If people minded their business they'd have less time to get involved in others lives. You do you and i'll do me. Got that.

  53. This woman is way off and just hates Obama to her core. Obama also knows he can't just cater to black Americans.  If he did, she'd be calling him a racist. The high school dropout rate did not soar under Obama.  In fact, more charter school systems are working to change that under Obama's. Black unemployment is leftover from the depths of the recession. Everything has been improving (albeit slowly) since 2011.  Energy policy?  More domestic oil drilling in the U.S. in decades.  I will agree that Obamacare will be too expensive when fully implemented, and he hasn't been able to improve much. But not all of what she railed against.

  54. Ok she's a moron point blank, but anyone who really understands how government works HAS to understand that despite his campaign promises, as long as he has a congress that isn't willing to work with him that he won't get anything done…or am I just delusional?!?

  55. They bitch and moan that the "big government" can't do anything right, but they also bitch and moan that the president, you know, a GOVERNMENT official, isn't helping fix their problems!

    These idiots and haters–white, black, and otherwise–can't make up their minds. He's damned no matter what he does.

  56. My friend is a lazy shit who stays home all day and play video games… i blame President Obama. -_- My kid isn't doing well in school. Blame President Obama. -_- My neighbors are fighting. Blame President Obama. -_-

  57. This stupid white liberal just doesn't get it. Obama's energy policy has a lot to do with the lack of job creation in this country. According to liberals, black conservatives opinions do not count and should not be heard. 

  58. dude that is because black people are politically stupid as hell, and yes it has been proven that Obama doesnt give s shit about blacks, which the reason now,albeit too late, that many of them are singing a different tune…..and quite frankly when it comes to dealing with most blacks i wouldn't bother with them either.

  59. I really, really, really do not like to accuse people of lying, but what other explanation is there for Pakman's clip? He has to know how rapidly black conservatives are growing in number. He says this is bogus because there was no debate. Whaaaat? Fox has debate from the left and the right many, many times EVERY day. The others, Msnbc, Cnn, etc, have a conservative on maybe once a week, then pat themselves on the back for being "balanced". Incredible.
      Hannity has a panel show like that on every week, and 95% of the time it's split down the middle–left and right, with the left getting as much air time as the right. Now which network is being open minded? One month ago, of the 37 Fox anchors, analysts, and contributors, 19 of them said they were liberal, 18 said they were conserves. Those were just salaried employees. Those guests who are not paid were also split down the middle. Hollywood types, liberal politicians, etc. All one has to do is watch Fox for one day, even if he doesn't agree with conservatism. If he is honest with himself, and keeps score or takes notes, he'll have to admit that no channel comes close to Fox in "fair and balanced".

  60. They sit in there on fox news panels (on their as#es because their faces know better) spewing out unbelievably ignorant
    statements on various issues in this country, be it social political or, economical. All to often the black in this country who think they have arrived, have the idiotic galls or, gumptions to say things like black people are lazy, Jesse Jackson  and
    Al Sharpton are race hustlers. And if that is the case, what would we call the that wall street Caucasian persuasion bunch,or Pinky and the brain (bush and cheney.) Would something like World Class hustlers be in order. Today class is over.

  61. Really? "Frenetic""Apoplectic"..
    Your first critique and evaluation was that she is wild and indignant?… :/

    I don't like to promote violence, but you need to be punched right in the fucking mouth.

          ..-Now that's some wild shit.

  62. Not true, I am not a black GOP,and he has totally ignored the black hood.  Even the Black Caucus got on him about this but backed off.  I am not looking for a black master or a black racist to go out of his way to help illegals, Hispanics and gays and always become defensive if you mention the words "helping black folk!"

  63. two white men trying to disclaim this black lady on black issues.she knows way on and what she says is true

  64. Fox news hires Toms. The channel is racist and elitist bullshit propaganda.  If you get in the belly of the beast see what you can get away with on air. Fuck the bastards over like they fuck this nation over. Get in their faces, call them out, get arrested if you have to and take these bastards down a notch if not out

  65. Right wing nuts are so insane they would tell you the arsonist is the hero. He test the firemen's abilities, removes blight and creates jobs. They do not get that literal but you have to see the bullshit in their opportunism and manipulation

  66. The effects of his policies have hurt black people, no doubt about it. And not just blacks but poor whites, and other ethnicities as well.

    He's also done an effective job of inflaming racial tensions, almost completely extinguished from society prior to his presidency.

    I'm a libertarian leaning independent. I read and watch a wide array of news outlets, study issues in depth, and think for myself. I highly recommend others do the same.

  67. It's amazing how liberals can't stand conservative black people. Don't speak for black people. Let them speak for themselves!

  68. Whats Obama suppose to do about drop outs it's a parents job to keep them from dropping out if I dropped out of high school the president is not responsible for any of that but me and possibly my parents

  69. Lmao a White dude tellin us who Black Americans stand with….typical. Tellin us what to think.

  70. Fuck Obama he didn’t do shit for black people. He didn’t bring up reparations one time 2 terms. Fuck dude and anybody that rock with him.

  71. Way to go Deneen……….You knew back then……….you knew………….Where are the most abortion clinics located????   In black neighbourhoods.    Obama sure had his hand in destroying other countries as well

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