Billie Eilish BEATS Ariana Grande At The 2020 Grammys!

Billie Eilish BEATS Ariana Grande At The 2020 Grammys!

Last night was music’s biggest night and the 62nd annual Grammy Awards certainly didn’t disappoint. We’ve got all the winners right here for ya. What’s up guys? It’s Sinead DeVries here with Clevver News and last night’s Grammy’s were certainly an emotional one. We danced, we laughed, we cried, we truly did it all. And many of our favorite artists walked away winners. While the nearly four-hour telecast was packed with performances from Demi Lovato to BTS to Camila Cabello, we were all ready to know who won the evening’s biggest awards. And we have to start off by talking about Billie Eilish who completely won the night. She won 5 out of 6 Grammys that she was nominated for at only 18 years old! Billie won for Song of The Year, Best New Artist, Album of The Year, Record of the Year, and Best Pop Vocal Album. She won album of the year for When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? and Record of the Year for her song Bad Guy. Seriously that’s basically a SWEEP and fans think she totally deserved the wins. One fan tweeted saying quote, “My girl @billieeilish won 5 Grammys at age 18….woooowww your fans wanted hard, you deserved this Billie” Another said quote, “YOOOO WHY TF CANT I STOP CRYING?! Oh wait… It’s bc my girl @billieeilish won 5 GRAMMYS!!!!CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND YOUR AMAZING BROTHER @finneas AND THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST AND MOST CARING ARTISTS IN MY LIFE!! I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!! #BillieEilish #finneas” And another wrote quote, “i’m just like… FUCKING HAPPY FOR THESE TWO @billieeilish @finneas DESERVED THAT AND MORE! #GRAMMYs” And speaking of Finneas, Billie’s brother also had a big night. He won Producer of the Year for his work on her album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? So clearly their family had a big night! But Billie was surprised she won as many awards as she did. She actually didn’t think she deserved her award for Album of the Year. She gave Ariana Grande a shoutout during her acceptance speech. This was very Adele-esque. If you remember back in 2017 Adele had a similar moment when she said Beyonce should’ve won this award. This was very Adele-esque. If you remember back in 2017 Adele had a similar moment when she said Beyonce should’ve won this award. But regardless of who anyone THOUGHT should’ve won, Billie walked away a BIG winner and we are super excited for her over here at Clevver. We just can’t wait to see what comes next and we’re excited to catch her on tour this year. Lizzo came into the show Sunday night with the most nominations and she walked away a winner. She won the first televised award of the night, accepting the award for Best Pop Solo Performance for “Truth Hurts.” And she was overflowing with excitement during her emotional acceptance speech. And she was overflowing with excitement during her emotional acceptance speech. And last night was truly a sign of how music can bring people together in so many different ways. Lizzo also won for her song Jerome in the Best Traditional R&B Performance category and for her album Cuz I Love You in the Best Urban Contemporary Album category. Let’s move on to another big award, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance which went to Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus for their iconic song Old Town Road. This was truly one of the songs of the last decade and they now have the Grammy to prove it. Some other notable wins were Tyler the Creator winning Best Rap Album for his album Igor and Dan and Shay winning Best Country Duo/Group Performance for their song Speechless. But there were also some big snubs. While Ariana Grande was nominated for 5 Grammys, she didn’t win ANY awards. Fans were pretty outraged about this online. One person said quote, “YOU’RE A WINNER IN OUR EYES BABY! please don’t ever go to the grammys again. they don’t deserve your presence or talent.” Another said quote, “You and we all know u deserved so much more!! Your music os unique, special and Very important to your fans. Don’t let some stupid motherfuckers old MAN from the @RecordingAcad make you think otherwise. You are FUCKING AMAZING” And another chimed in and said quote, “you don’t need grammys ari bcs we already know that thank u, next issa brilliant and spectacular album. ily” And another chimed in and said quote, “you don’t need grammys ari bcs we already know that thank u, next issa brilliant and spectacular album. ily” Taylor Swift, who didn’t attend last night’s events, also didn’t win any Grammys. She was nominated in three categories but didn’t have any wins this year. Maybe next time for Ari and Taylor! At least, they’ve both won Grammys in the past so we don’t have to be too upset. But I want to know what you guys think about all the Grammy winners! Were you excited to see Billie Eilish take home so many awards? Or do you wish some of those awards went to some other artists like Ariana or Taylor? Let me know down in the comments below.

100 Replies to “Billie Eilish BEATS Ariana Grande At The 2020 Grammys!

  1. Omg change the fuckin title she didn't beat nothing…like shut the fuck up they both are equally amazing….did u not see when Billie said that she deserved it so shut up n stop starting shit bro

  2. I’m sorry, Beats? Billie herself felt that Ariana deserved some of the ones she was awarded. Billie is my everything, I love her, and she deserves it all, along with FINNEAS. However, you guys are part of the problem with setting these artists up to have the fandoms of each artist to bring each other down, that is just fucked up

  3. WHY DID YOU GUYS NEED TO MAKE THAT THE TITLE?! Why not “2020 Grammy’s Recap”? Stop putting everyone against each other. They have that enough with the fans and awards show.

  4. Yall so fuckin stupid bro like why the fuck would yall put the title like this like I'm fuckin pissed bro like shut the fuck up this is what causes war between the 2 fandoms…dis is ridiculous I already knew 2020 January was gonna be a disaster n fuckin stupid

  5. WTTTTTTFFFFF THE TITTLEE SMH🤦‍♀️ ARE U HIGH OVER THERE? Billie herself adores and looooooved Ari…by saying BEATS IN A TITLE U KNOW ITS GETTING ATTENTION…WTF STOP!! My eyes 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮U all need Bretman Rock ASS sits all over ur head so as to start making good WORTHY titles……thats why Fandoms start WAR on eachother…🤮🤮🤮

  6. Grammy's are dumb asl, they were the same people who didn't even recognize Nipsey Hussle till he died. Congrats to everyone who won but at this point, they are basically a popularity contest

  7. This channel is so problematic. There is not “beating” involved. Just because she won a lot of awards didn’t mean she beat her. They both deserved it very much xx

  8. Seriously? Watch billie beats Ariana in the Grammy's are yall serious? Using a tittle like this to get views? Honey no

  9. Why do you try to make everything a competition? Billia and ariana are both great artists, they both support eachother and other female artists, STOP PUTTING WOMEN AGAINST EACH OTHER!!!! FUCK U

  10. The title seems not appropriate. I mean it's not just Ariana who was beaten if that's what you are trying to convey with your title. But for God's sake, try using professional title!

  11. Listen, let’s all admit it, the Grammys are fake. They aren’t based off of fan votes. Everyone is going to have some sort of disagreement with an award. A lot of artist got snubbed last night (like Taylor, Ariana, etc) We still need to be happy for those artist who did win awards. We don’t need to hate on other hardworking artists.

  12. Unsubscribing cause the title is so ignorant. You need to change it because it is giving off the wrong vibe. This is so wrong!

  13. Ari should’ve gotten one for God is a Woman and Thank You Next literally breaking the internet but I’m happy for Billie and Lizzo Bc I love them all so much

  14. If you’re an Ariana fan, breathe and look at the thumbnail picture and title of this video. It’s designed to trigger you to get them comments and buzz. Try to ignore this, as hard as it may be. Don’t fall into this trap.

  15. Ariana got snubbed everyone knows that since the disagreement she had with that producer last year. Nicki had a disagreement with him too and she been blackballed from 10 nominations.

  16. I pretty much believe your obviously forgetting the fact there were several other nominees.. Sadly shamed on Ariana Grande's parade.
    I enjoyed much sincerity from her, the emotions were breathtaking and she rocked the moment off peoples back with the performance.

  17. Idk why Billie won over Ari…🤔
    Just my opinion but Ari should have won. I’m a big fan of both of them but as far as talent, and amazing songs… Ari won! Just my opinion…

  18. dont watch the video, give the dislike 👎👎, report as hateful content. Ariana is happy for Billie, stop creating a drama with your clickbait title!

  19. Am I the only one that saw the disgusted face the guy behind billie made when Billie said that Ariana deserved the award?😡😡

    Love you Ari and Billie😘😙

  20. Let’s be real here Ariana is way more talented than Billie like I don’t understand billie’s songs it’s just a girl whispering like everyone can do that it’s just cuz she got a talented ass brother who came up with a catchy tune Ariana is the one with the true talent like her voice is one of a kind

  21. This girl went in those meet n greet booths and put up a fake smile till she couldn’t no more bc she had no more energy and you could literally see the dread in her eyes. She went to all the interviews where everyone asked her how it feels to be so successful.ion think ppl understand how difficult it is to be at the new extreme peak in ur career but at the all time lowest personally.This girl released 2 albums in 6 months,went in tour with all that anxiety and Ptsd that she sometimes couldn’t help but sob on stage she even said multiple times how touring was hell for her but she did it.WHY? For us. for them fans and yet ppl use her name for clout. I’m very proud of you Ariana but please don’t attend another award show again you don’t deserve this girl rly wrote a album in 2 weeks broke records filmed mvs While she was on tour and still wanted to talk to her fans trying not to see the hate.its not as if she sat her ass down and told y’all to give her numbers.she worked on music every little time she can get did above and beyond and that’s only thing that got her peace. We’re proud of you Ariana and we love you I hope Myron like the dress🥺😘

  22. Loved seeing Billie win so big last night. I wish the title of this video was different:

    “Beats Ariana Grande…” Those two love each other. Two women with the same career doesn’t have to equal competition.

  23. I think, Billie is SO overrated, she didn’t deserve these awards. Not to be rude but I don’t really understand some of the meanings of her music. But no hate love you Billie, keep doing what you’re doing🖤

  24. That Lil Nas song was absolute trash and annoying af and didn't deserve an award at all. Ari getting snubbed doesn't surprise me at all cause they did the same thing to Beyonce once too and they both deserve an award. And to everyone throwing a bitch in the comments about the title of this video, grow tf up, calm tf down and take several seats. They weren't trying to start any kind of drama or "fan war" with that title and the fact that some of y'all actually took it literally just shows how slow you are. It's literally not that deep at all. Congratulations to Billie and Finneas, they deserve those awards.

  25. Omg billie we love you you gave ariana a shout out that's really nice and lovely, but i wish nicki minaj can also win an award just for once like what the hell is wrong the people who nominate them

  26. It's not a matter of who beating who,that brings for uncalled rivalry…Billie won big congratulations to her…Arianas performance was amazing too…can't yall compliment both where they all shined❤❤

  27. honestly they are both talented but I don't agree with billie winning everything… I think Ariana deserved it way more. no beef tho

  28. The title makes me mad because there both talented and there styles of singing are very different and it doesn’t matter I’m a fan of both of them and it makes me mad when people compare about it

  29. you’re making me sick. there is no competition between ari and billie. they have a nice friendship.
    and, billie did NOT beat ariana… grammys are using ari and it’s sad..

  30. the title is making me sick. there is no competition between ari and billie and u just don’t get that.

  31. Ariana deserved the award. They basically used her for all their promos, invited her to perform and didn’t give any award.

  32. ARIANA doesn't deserve this.
    ARIANA deserve an award, atleast one. Ok i feel like ariana doesn't need grammy, grammy needs ariana.

  33. billie completely deserved it shes 18 and she just won her first grammys when ari and taylor already have grammys, let the girl get her moment, y’all had yours! she’s beautiful and her voice is amazing

  34. Um they both deserved the award equally. Stop making it seem like one is better than the other. They're friends and Billie even said Ariana deserves it

  35. this is so dramatic and OVER THE TOP. the Grammys is a complete scam. Even billie knew that ari should have won. They’re still just mad because she didn’t go last year smh. She didn’t beat Ariana, she just managed to win more awards.. calm down.

  36. ya’ll r so fucking annoying. she beat a hell of a lot more people for the grammy(s) than just ariana pls stop pitting 2 women against one another. they genuinely support one another. i hate this channel

  37. omg stfu. Billie and Ariana are both so so so talented they are rlly good friends. Stop comparing them to eachother.

  38. I love Billie and she definitely deserved to win but I feel like Ariana should have had atleast 1 grammy.But it’s ok the queen doesn’t need an award to show her talent

  39. I love lizzo and she totally deserved those awards and Billie has a huge following and is so talented but my love Taylor shouldve gotton at least 1 award and Ariana shouldve got 1 or 2 as well in my opinion 💖💖💖

  40. Stop no one is beating each other everyone deserves the Grammy but someone is going to win I admit I’m upset that ari didn’t win won at all but don’t make it a problem

  41. Doesn't mean Billie won more grammys means she's better than ariana ariana has better vocals and she worked her… Off ariana deserved album Billie deserves others

  42. Bruhhh the title just ticks me off. We all know that the Grammys were shady and that Ari should have won at least one. And don’t get me wrong I love Billie ❤️ but that wasn’t exactly fair and she has a point.

  43. YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING ANNOYING! You put anything as your title for views! The Grammys isn't a competition for someone to be beating someone else. Get your heads out of your asses and mature up!

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