Bible Prophecy Update – September 1st, 2019

all right let’s get to our prophecy
update for today I want to talk to you about what I see as the prophetic
trajectory I choose that word for a reason of where significant developments
are heading the direction in which they are going specifically as it relates to
what is happening in the Middle East but even more specifically what’s happening
concerning Israel now I’m going to make a statement and I should probably
preface it because I am keenly aware that it might come off as being somewhat
sensational but I’m going to also argue the case as to why I truly believe this
with all of my heart I would argue that an attack on Israel an invasion of
Israel and the subsequent peace agreement with Israel is imminent what
do you mean well we’re told in Scripture that there’s going to be this alliance
of nations and at the helm of this alliance will be Russia Iran and Turkey
and Ezekiel 38 with great detail tells us that they will come from the north
there from the Golan the border with Syria from the north and they will
invade Israel we’re also told that God Himself will intervene on behalf of His
people and deal a devastating and decimating defeat to this
invading alliance of Nations in Isaiah 17
we’re told that Damascus Syria will become a ruinous heap and it will be so
destroyed as to be uninhabitable and many believe present company included
that the Isaiah 17 prophecy when Damascus is destroyed that is the
trigger the catalyst for Russia Iran and Turkey
all of whom along with the other nations are at the ready as we speak there in
Syria on the border ready to attack now this is where it gets a little bit more
speculative I am personally of the belief that after Damascus is destroyed
and Ezekiel 38 is fulfilled and this invasion is dealt this decimating defeat
that the world will be screaming begging pleading willing to do anything for
peace and it will usher in the Antichrist and a very detailed prophecy
we have in Daniel 9:27 which is that there will be this peace agreement that
will last for seven years you know it was interesting when we had Dr. Ed
Hindson here I had the privilege of spending the afternoon with him and we
were talking about some of these prophecies and the conversation we
had this conversation about Daniel 9:27 he made a very interesting comment I
never thought of this before he said this that the Antichrist may not
make this peace agreement specifically for seven years in other words this
peace agreement is just going to be a peace not a peace agreement the peace
agreement finally we have peace in the Middle East Hindson’s comment was the
Bible says it’s only going to last for seven years they don’t necessarily know
that they don’t set out at the onset hey this is going to be an agreement that we’re
gonna have peace and it’s only going to be for seven years well why would they do
that doesn’t make any sense right I never thought of that before
so Daniel 9:27 again with specificity tells us that there’s going to be this
seven-year peace agreement and at the midpoint the three-and-a-half year mark
the Antichrist will demand to be worshipped as God in the temple which
means that part of this peace deal involves the rebuilding of what we call
and refer to as the third temple which will be the temple during the seven-year
tribulation now hang on to that I want to come back to that because I think
that’s the order of that and if you’ll just bear with me and hear me out
I’ll start with this Israel Hayom report about Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu making it very clear that Israel will not sit idly by as Iran
prepares attacks you know that Iran is already attacking Israel vis a vis Syria
Lebanon Hezbollah in the article they quote Netanyahu as saying if someone
comes to kill you rise up and kill him first
this after Israel thwarted an Iranian attack from the Golan Heights
it’s not the first and it certainly won’t be the last he went on to say any
nation that allows its territory to be used for attacks on Israel will be held
accountable this is Syria and this is really a
question that many have as to the Isaiah 17:1 prophecy about the destruction of
Damascus will it come by the hand of Israel it certainly seems like it could
last Sunday the 25th Netanyahu also vowed not to let Iran establish a
permanent foothold in Syria which was one day after Israel struck Iranian
assets near Damascus and thwarted an imminent terrorist attack that’s a quote
by the way just yesterday The Times of Israel reported that US Secretary of
State Mike Pompeo said that the US had intelligence indicating that an the
Iranian tanker was heading for Syria despite Tehran giving assurances that
its cargo would not go there the tensions continue to escalate and that’s
almost an understatement to say it that way all of this is taking place with
just 16 days as of today today is September 1st in 16 days Israel goes
back to the polls this because Netanyahu was unable to form a government first
time in the history of Israeli elections so they have to now
these snap elections and Israelis go back to the polls in 16 days on
September the 17th and all eyes are on what’s going to happen when they go back
to the polls is Netanyahu going to be reelected and if so is he going to be
able to form a government also all eyes are on president Trump’s long awaited
and long delayed peace plan dubbed the deal of the century according to Ynet
news two days after Trump said the long-delayed proposal could be published
ahead of the Israeli vote his Mid East special envoy Jason Greenblatt said that
the United States will not be releasing any or all of its plan for Middle East
peace before the September 17 elections in Israel add to that this breaking
Israel news report on Thursday about Prime Minister Netanyahu’s move to make
a Pro Third Temple politician a top official I don’t know if you know this
or not but you can talk with virtually any Jew in Israel today and the number
one thing they will say is we need our temple they’ll do everything in order to
have their temple rebuilt in Jerusalem there on the Temple Mount
here again you have Ezekiel 38 you have Isaiah 17 and you have Daniel 9:27 and I
would suggest to you and I truly believe this with all my
heart that those three prophecies specifically there are others are on the
cusp of being fulfilled and you know what’s exciting exciting if you’re a
believer terrifying if you’re not is that the rapture of the Church of Jesus
Christ likely will happen prior if not prior it could be simultaneously with
this sudden destruction that comes upon them not us we who are alive and remain
will be caught up raptured up prior to and then God will shift all His
attention to the Jew because that’s the purpose of the tribulation is for the
salvation of the Jewish nation and once the bride is out of the way once the
church has been removed the Antichrist will be revealed and I’ll say it this
way and you’ll forgive me but all hell will literally break loose because at
that time the restrainer has been removed the restrainer has been removed
and how it’s like hey they’re gone now we can do what we always wanted to
do and they will in my time with the Lord this last week He directed my heart to First Peter
chapter 4 really the whole chapter specifically verses 7 and 8 but more so
verse 7 listen to what Peter writes he says the end of all things is near oh
come on we’ve been hearing that for how long now I mean come on pastor
you’ve been telling us that it’s imminent that we’re so close for years
now I know and I’m going to keep telling you why because it’s nearer now our
salvation is nearer now Paul writing to the Romans than it was when we first
believed the end of all things is near now listen to what Peter says that we’re
to do about it he says therefore be alert stay awake
and of sober mind so that you may pray let me read that again the end of all
things is near therefore be alert and of sober mind why so that you may pray dare
I say that if there was ever a day to be alert and pray it
now this is why I find myself almost pleading with you to come to our prayer
meeting on Tuesday night can I just ask you just very sincerely will you on
Tuesday night at 7 o’clock come to our prayer meeting over the last couple of
weeks it has been so intense and so heavy on my heart and I have sensed that
we need to pray why because of what’s coming what’s coming the end is coming I don’t want to come to the end of my
life should my death precede the rapture and have any regrets before the Lord
when I’m giving an account I don’t want there to be any regret that I did not pray with you as a church family because
it’s the most powerful thing we have it’s so powerful that Daniel who was a
man of Prayer had the forces of Hell come against him to keep him from
praying everything was thrown at him to keep him from praying because Daniel had
a powerful prayer life even when he was promoted and exalted and given this high
position many responsibilities very busy he still was a man of Prayer and it
shook the powers of darkness so much so that the demons would possess these men
to get the King to issue an edict that if anybody prays for 30 days they are to
be thrown in the lion’s den and put to death can I say this this way I want
this church I want us as a church to make the demons in Hell tremble because
we pray this is not hyperbole please listen to me
I want on Tuesday night and I promise you I promise you something’s
going to happen on Tuesday morning or Tuesday afternoon
at work at home to keep you from coming I want the demons in Hell to be shaken
because we as a church are going to be praying on Tuesday night I want them to
tremble ho no pastor JD’s yelling at them to pray and we don’t want to pray
because if they pray God moves and we lose so we can’t have them praying I promise you I promise you I I am NOT
trying to predict or you know put any you know but I promise you if you’re
planning to come to Tuesday night’s prayer meeting something’s going to happen
Tuesday the enemy will do everything he can to keep you from coming you know
what’s interesting is when Daniel is praying the angel comes to his rescue
but is delayed because he was wrestling and fighting with the powers of darkness
and could not come and answer Daniels prayer sooner they did everything they
could to keep Daniel from praying because when Daniel prayed God moved I want us
to be like that do you want to be like that do you want to do you want to be the
kind of Christian the kind of church that when you pray Satan calls an
emergency demon meeting what happened they’re praying again did
I told you to get them to stop doing that I know but I can’t this pastors
spitting on everybody in the front row and yelling at everybody and telling them
to pray I have permission to share this so this morning we have a by the way we
have a prayer meeting every Sunday morning at 7:45 thank you yeah it’s all
a blur 7:45 to 8:15 we have a prayer meeting
here so this morning I walk out I noticed this guy standing in the back
and I said hey brother how you doing you here for our prayer meeting he says
absolutely so I wanted to introduce myself to him
he’s sitting right here with his wife Jane this is Edward and Jane Mccormick
good friends with Gary and Amelia so I introduced myself and he starts to tell
me about 2015 right he’s in Queens hospital I actually had to write it down
this is unbelievable he was incubated septic pneumonia in both lungs pancreatitis and
I think more even than that and he says he remembers the doctors saying there’s
nothing more we can do and he had pretty much resigned himself to I guess this is
it and Lord’s going to take me and I’m ready
and this is how it ends and then his wife said not so fast
it’s a good thing when the wife wants you around a little bit longer yeah so
she has Amelia get a prayer request to us this is when we’re at the SDA church
in the old building 2015 so on a Sunday more
we prayed as a church for our brother Edward he’s sitting right there a
miracle because of prayer are you the worship leader at Calvary Chapel East
Anaheim you worship all over the place right they live in Orange County
they’re here visiting on the islands four years ago we we probably at that
time you thought oh pastor has got to pray for somebody before we get to the
teaching this is going to be a long sermon anyway (grumbles) I’m sorry come on let’s be
honest can we just get to it no we need to pray ah
Thursday night John Pedro he is in our audio/video booth ministry and he had
been asking for prayer he had only slept like two hours in three days and I had
talked to him that day and he said please I need to sleep please pray so I
said we’re going to pray for you as a church tonight
and so we Thursday night before the Bible study just like we did for brother
Edward we prayed for John Lord please our brother needs to sleep would you
give him a full night sleep you know what happened because we prayed he slept
for 12 hours I don’t know am I just am I is it just me I mean do I we need to pray can I go back to the
Colossians teaching just real quick don’t get your watches it’s just give me
a minute you know some of your marriages need to pray your families you need to
pray that’s it that’s it yeah you need to pray that’s the problem yeah that’s
the problem you need to pray you don’t think God’s not going to hear or answer
your prayer you know how we as parents when our ears are tuned to the cry of
our children I remember when our boys were little I could not stand it when
they cried you know I could never we tried one time let him cry it out you
know they teach it let him cry it out okay we’ll try so he’s wailing and I
lasted for about 37 seconds and I finally I just said to just go and I couldn’t know how much
more our Heavenly Father will hearken unto the voice of our cry I stand
before you today as a pastor as is my privilege to be of this amazing church
and I have to tell you that the very fact you’re sitting in those nice
comfortable chairs with this great air-conditioning some of you are saying
stop praying for the air conditioning it’s too cold in here but it was because we
prayed prayer God answers prayer it’s so
simplistic pastor I want to bring it to a close and I
appreciate your patience with me we’ve been ending for quite some time now
these prophecy updates with the gospel of Jesus Christ the good news of
salvation in Jesus Christ and the gospel is actually in 1st Corinthians chapter
15 the Apostle Paul is writing listen to what he says he says moreover brethren I
declare to you the Gospel which I preached to you which also you received
and in which you stand by which also you are saved if you hold fast that word
which I preached to you unless you believed in vain for I delivered to you
first of all that which I also received that Christ died for our sins according
to the scriptures and that He was buried and that He rose again the third day
according to the scriptures that’s the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ
that Jesus came He was crucified He was buried He rose again on the third day
and He’s coming back again one day and very soon soon and very soon this is why we also do the ABCs of
salvation if you’ll just give me another minute and a half I would like to share
with you the childlike simple ABCs of how to be saved the A is for admit or
acknowledge that you’ve sinned this is what repentance is it’s a change of mind
so now God can change your heart and change your life from the inside out
it’s a turning from your sin and turning to the Savior for forgiveness of sin
it’s an acknowledging of one’s sin Romans 3:10 says there is no one righteous not
even one Romans 3:23 says that all have sinned
and fallen short of the glory of God we were all born sinners which is why we
must be born again in order to enter the kingdom of heaven Romans 6:23 says that
the wages of sin is death that’s the death penalty that has been pronounced
on all because all have sinned that’s the bad news here’s the good news the
gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord
this is what we’re going to be celebrating today for those of you who stay for the
communion service the B is for believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord
and as Romans 10:9 and 10 says if you believe in your heart that God raised
Jesus from the dead you will be saved see He had to go to His death in yours
and my stead He took our death penalty for all our sin upon Himself and paid
for it in fall here’s the C this C is for call upon the name of the Lord or as
Romans 10:9 and 10 also says if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord
and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead you will be
saved for it is with your heart that you believe and are justified and it is with
your mouth that you confess and are saved and lastly Romans 10:13 all who
call upon the name of the Lord will be saved if you’re here today or watching
online and you have never called on the name of the Lord I implore you
today the end of all things is near the time is at hand
the Lord’s return is at the door it is imminent please stand and we’ll
pray Father in heaven I thank You so much thank You that we have detailed
passages of Bible prophecy telling us warning us really of what is about to
come to pass it is because of these prophecies in the Bible and our ability
to connect the dots with what we see happening in the world and see that it
is happening exactly as you said it would Lord we believe You said that You
would tell us what’s going to happen before it happens so that when it
happens we both will believe that you are the I am the great I am and you also
told us that when we see these things beginning to come to pass when we see
Russia Iran and Turkey right there on Israel’s border we see what’s happening
in Damascus we see what’s happening with Israel and the push for peace and the
rebuilding of the temple and You told us this is exactly what would happen and
when we see it begin to happen You said we can look up and lift up our heads
because our Redemption draws near Lord we know it’s near Lord come quickly please
and Lord for anyone here that has never called upon You or maybe somebody’s
watching this video online and You’ve really spoke to them You really got
their attention and this makes sense and this actually
has answered a question they’ve been asking Lord I pray that today would be
the day of their salvation in Jesus name Amen listen by the way did you already end the
video that’s fine I wanted to say for the YouTube online church we upload the
communion video as a separate video I don’t know if that got on there or not
that’s fine by the way we have like three thousand people that partake of
communion with us online from all over the world and since we anyway I don’t
want to go if it’s not being recorded nevermind if you’re able to stay for the
communion service we certainly encourage you to do so if you have to leave we
understand God bless you and have a blessed week in the Lord the worship
team is going to close us in song we have the elements upfront they’re
prepackaged we do that by the way for sanitary reasons you can take the
elements take them back to your seat and then take your seat and then wait so we
can partake together so go ahead and come on up As we break this bread
as we drink this cup Lord we remember How you gave Your life
on a brutal cross Lord we remember This is the way
You’ve chosen to save This is the way You make all things new This is the way
You’ve chosen to save This is the way
You make all things new Broken and beautiful extravagant love, prodigal grace Broken and beautiful Gods perfect justice
mercy embrace As we break this bread
as we drink this cup Lord we remember How you gave Your life
on a brutal cross Lord we remember in Luke’s Gospel the 22nd chapter we
have the account of what we affectionately refer to as the Last
Supper and Luke by the Holy Spirit is writing and says when the hour had come
he speaking of Jesus sat down and the Twelve Apostles with Him then He said to
them with fervent desire I have desired to eat this passover with you before iI I say to you I will no longer eat of it
until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God then He took the cup and gave thanks
and said take this and divided among yourselves for I say to you I will not
drink of the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes and he took bread
gave thanks and broke it and gave it to them saying this is My body which is
given for you do this in remembrance of Me if you’ll take the packaging and peel
back the top part you’ll find the bread and just hold on to it for a moment there’s nowhere in the Bible where it
says that on the first Sunday of the month you need to partake together of
communion you know that some churches do this every day they have communion
set out every day for anybody that wants to come and partake of communion why
because as often as you do this do it in remembrance of Me why do we need to do
this in remembrance of Him because we get so caught up in the busyness of our
lives that we forget does not forget the antithesis of remember you know
sometimes I have to confess that I go about the busyness of my day and some
days are very busy for me I know people think pastors golf all week and then
teach on Sunday but I would like to meet one of those guys because that’s not my
world but I get so busy throughout the day and sometimes I just have to stop
and remember wait a minute I’m saved man this is as bad as it gets for me this is
the only hell I will ever know here on this earth it’s been said that for the
non-christian this is the only heaven they’ll ever know on this earth but for
us as Christians this is the only hell we’ll ever know and sometimes I just
need to be reminded of that I need that reminder wait a minute stop
everything I’m saved there’s coming a day very soon when that trumpets going to
sound and I mean it’s game over bye-bye I’m out of here no more death no more
sorrow and no more pain and no more suffering I need to be reminded of that
and that’s why I believe it is that Jesus said as often as you do this I
want you to remember what I did for you I died for you I paid in full for all
of your sin I paid for your debt so that you could have eternal life just try to
get your mind around this and I won’t belabor it but just think through this
with me kind of try to wrap your mind around this okay you know what Paul says
that our light and momentary afflictions are working a far greater glory or that
you know the sufferings of this life are not worthy to be compared with the glory
that awaits okay we know that right but let’s just try to put that into
perspective in its proper perspective in light of that which we’re celebrating
today think about this let’s say that we live to be 70 yeah let’s go 80 my life
insurance policy ends at 75 so let’s say 75 actually because so we get 75 years
and they’re hard years difficult trials hard life all 75 years now let’s fast
forward into eternity for the first 75 trillion years that’s what Paul saying I need to remember
that I need to remember that and put that into perspective that what I am
suffering now the difficulty this life in this fallen world as evil
seems to wax worse and worse with each passing day I have to be reminded that
in light of eternity so Jesus said I want you to remember and He gave us this
to do so that we would we hold in our hands a symbol of His body that was
broken for us instead of us would you partake with me in remembrance of Him Lord thank You we cannot thank You
enough for giving us this to do so that we will remember Lord thank You Luke goes
on to write likewise He also took the cup after supper saying this cup is the
New Covenant in My blood which is shed for you this is very important if you’ll
peel back the rest of the packaging you’ll have the cup and again just hold
on to it for a moment I don’t know if it’s possible to overstate the
importance of this cup that we hold in our hand as a symbol of the blood of
Jesus Christ see there is no remission of sin without the shedding of blood and
His blood was shed in our stead for the remission the removing of all of our sin
so that now when our Heavenly Father sees us He does not see our sin He sees
His Son and though our sin be as scarlet He has made it white as snow He has
forgiven and cleansed us from all of our sin all of our unrighteousness and He’s
removed it as far as the east is from the west and remembers it no more that’s
what this symbolizes will you partake with me and please stand again Lord we cannot possibly thank You
enough certainly this side of heaven however
we’ll have all of eternity to thank You to worship You because You are worthy
worthy worthy worthy is the Lamb that was slain thank You Jesus thank You
Jesus thank You Jesus in Jesus’ name Amen

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