Ben Stein Scared on Fox News: Rich People Should Pay More Taxes

Ben Stein Scared on Fox News: Rich People Should Pay More Taxes

ben stein talking about stein’s
unrelated ben stein went on fox news and this is in the first and he said
that we need to raise taxes on the rich to help the economy but he actually said i hope idon’t dick
kill given that i’m saying this on fox news
and of course he got the out to be the usual question from i think it’s the
d_c_ of one of the people on fox and friends and it was uh… what we can spending
too much ben stein making and obvious case for
what needs to happen here is the way in which was six the economy
with entitlements spending taxes parties anti-aging says i’m part
of our blood legalized but i don’t think there’s any way we can
cut spending enough uh… to make a new window but you don’t
have to raise taxes on very rich people people in guns invited two three four
million a year and off and then slowly so easily move it down two-digit year that’s not originally you don’t think
about it in his has aids spending are about ten minutes of a spending problem had a good cartridge pen in trouble but they also into low taxes problem
though with all due respect papa to my love like brothers and
sisters well there that’s all that you do a lot of their first i got it’s funny
because he is making it clear the reason he’s scared to say the stuff is because
fox is so overtly of right wing anti-tax is on the rich nobody’s arguing that they were that no
point does and you either of these three individuals on the couch the do see
brian kilometer and and gretchen carlson they never say well wait wait wait a minute we do news
we were open to all day never say that it’s almost like this complicity
acceptance that yeah it is fox news and and we have an agenda
here straight probably continue a little more
here from ben stein oddball simpson it is more since israel agreed with the
deficit they haven’t cut spending and raise taxes would more revenue was
brought in during the bush years any other time well because you’re gonna drive grows
growing during that time uh… but uh… did we learn more
revenue rimonabant in that accident revenues are larger punch intervention
tax rates at a level of economic activity level of
economic aid to israel and in two thousand eight so their minimum on it but action with tax revenues exceed fell run two thousand one and two thousand
two then they recovered right but certainly that band in view of
this great economicline i don’t know if they have would absolutely ready to grow
at the rate if the taxes which you are bloody
evidence isn’t it funny brian kill me p_t_a_s says it will benefit great
economic might note he understands with the basic stuff
like inhibit rich people pay less on taxes that’s not gonna create jobs because
they’re not gonna go out hire people out of those were people to have businesses
their living off of investments and number two you would still continue to
invest even with higher capital gains rate up until the point at which there’s
a negative return in other words if you can have your dollars working for you
remember the taxes on the game not the initial capital if you can have your
dollars think about your dollars as employees if your employees after paying
those employees paying the tax on the gain your employees are still going to
bring you an again the economic ah… ah… incentive is
you continue producing because you have a positive uh… marginal revenue there and he would keep doing it so this
edited it doesn’t require a genius there doesn’t work with economic minded
requires common sense as a break is going to keep trying to do to catch in
somehow into making admit something that uh… is that it happened uh… he completely dominates fox news
and and he’s a conservative right that that he’s a republican he’s a
conservative you just understands that this this is a silly way of going about
that cutting taxes on on the rich guys that’s a good that’s a good i think he understands
that i think you guys of within a day at a live

34 Replies to “Ben Stein Scared on Fox News: Rich People Should Pay More Taxes

  1. What I saw was some one disagreeing with a bunch of right wing conservatives and them letting him talk and get his ideas out with out shaming or making Bidenesk snarky comments. You don't get that on liberal shows. And of course he made it out alive, why wouldn't he.

  2. Fox actually has a tendency in their past to cut the mics of people they disagree with in the middle of an interview or discussion. At least with msnbc they can still talk. I don't know why people watch cable news anyway

  3. How can any of these talking heads argue w a economist ? They would have to go back and get fed retorts and info from their producers. Ben Stein is a educated man who would have shot anyone of them down. He served on many presidents cabinets. He's a whiz kid.

  4. Why do people care about Ben Stein's opinion on economics? He's not an economist. His father, Herbert Stein, was the economist. Ben Stein merely has an undergraduate degree in economics. By training he's a lawyer. He played a high school economics teacher in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." Apparently that is sufficient qualification for Fox News.

  5. Bein Stein has just regained a lot of my respect. He can say what he want about evolution now, because at least he is meeting the rest of us halfway (those that live in the real world, and not some lala land)

  6. I think it's more of a case of him actually believing what he says – in this case. Hell, he's still a moron – or a liar – when it comes to evolution, but he at least has balls enough to state this on fox news
    Let's just say that I've seen two sides of the man now: one I am disgusted with and one that I do have some respect for

  7. As David says, one doesn't have to be an economist to understand what is needed, just common sense. When only 5% of the population controls 95% of the nations wealth, does it make sense to keep trying to squeeze more tax dollars out of the remaining 5% which controlled by the rest of us? Ben is very correct in his comment to raise taxes on the very rich. As long as the wealthy can still make a profit after the tax hike, who cares? Plus, the country will fare better.

  8. Washington most definitely has a spending problem. what about the crazy drug war?! what about their need to keep the military on every continent in large numbers?? or just military spending in general.

  9. Raising taxes actually gives greater rise to seek deduction to offset higher payment of tax. This effectively provides extra usable money that cannot be converted into profit other than to expand the business. This equates to extra employment and production.

    The myth that lower taxes creates jobs ignores the fact that it is essentially extra profit. A handout that usually gets pocketed by the wealthy. Because they can.

  10. The spending problem can be summarised by three words: Military Industrial Complex. Money spent on building planes, ships and tanks is basically money wasted, if it was spent on building infrastructure, people and businesses could use that infrastructure, and that infrastructure adds value to the economy, but if tanks, planes, bombs and stuff are used, they destroy value in the economy.

  11. I totally agree, with the addition of the drug war. our infrastructure is terrible. the USA basically has ZERO inter-city/inter-state public transportation. pretty much anywhere else in the world you can hop on a train and be where you want to be in 2/3 the time and 1/2 the price or less. Our education is also absolute shit. I think America will continue to rot until there's a revolution.

  12. In 1930, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, in an effort to alleviate the effects of the… Anyone? Anyone?… the Great Depression, passed the… Anyone? Anyone? The tariff bill? The Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act? Which, anyone? Raised or lowered?… raised tariffs, in an effort to collect more revenue for the federal government. Did it work? Anyone? Anyone know the effects? It did not work, and the United States sank deeper into the Great Depression.

  13. I don't like Ben Stein, in many ways he's just like many of the other republicans out there. However in this case I agree with him wholeheartedly. The U.S has two big financial.problems one is that it's spending way too much on it's military and not it's infrastructure and public resources and the other is that the taxes for the wealthy are joke. They are being charged much less than they make and the government is trying to make up for that by over taxing people who can't afford it.

  14. It was funny, when he said this on Clusterfox you could just see Doocy, Carleson and the guy who's not Doocy short circuiting.

  15. Haha, I love how no one corrected or joked about his statement about making it out alive.
    But its got nothing to do with great economic mind, its just freaking common sense!

  16. it's not that americans hate paying taxes, it's just that people here have certain believes and they don't want their money to go to those programs.. for example, some religious people don't want their taxes to go to programs that support abortion, science etc.. and it doesn't help that the media twists things and lie about other things… basically, a lot of americans don't understand taxes nor the percentage that goes into certain programs

  17. Ive heard the ower of fox news is an extreemly paranoid man. And seems pretty unstable. I heard he sometimes wanted to conduct meeting in closet out of fear of rooms being bugged

  18. Ben Stien is your hero because he stood up to Fox News?  You liberals are pretty quick to forget that he denies the theory of evolution when it suits your cause.

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