Back To Policies Of Cruelty And Fear, And No Movement On Gun Control | Deadline | MSNBC

Back To Policies Of Cruelty And Fear, And No Movement On Gun Control | Deadline | MSNBC

93 Replies to “Back To Policies Of Cruelty And Fear, And No Movement On Gun Control | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. Folks, your (((media))) are no longer REPORTING information, but have become, PROVABLY, an instrument of the greater-cabal, and are pushing the literal TREASON, SEDITION, and SUBVERSION, that The Crack-Head, and his "Administration", pushed against both then-Candidate Trump, and now-President Trump, and this LITERAL and FAILED effort at a coup-d'-etat!!!

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Call (((the media))) out on the BVLSHT and SEDITION every chance that you can, and make sure that people know that (((they)) are part of this LITERAL COUP-D'-ETAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Trump has signed an executive order that will eliminate student loan debt for disabled veterans. Will fake news report on this ?

  3. Trumplicans are shooting themselves in the foot (haha) on this issue, swimming against the current of what 90% of the people want. Just another nail in the coffin of their relevancy.

  4. 14 the amendment take out a national power of attorney take over attemp on all citizens of the United States. If you refuse to break this legal advice and any incident happens you will be held accountable. Remove the nuclear brief case from Trump immeadiatly.

  5. MSNBC says the Chinese Government is funding Trump when he is actually being funded by Buddhist Chinese who escaped Chinese Communist death squads. SHUT THIS HATE FILLED PROPAGANDA CHANNEL DOWN!

  6. Since Windows `95, the computer had become the babysitter. Parent(s), threw and still do, put there kids away to the screen, quiet, no conversation, nothing!….A happy retreat for both. Now, you understand, there are no bad parents, just the reality of how life has taken us to the bridge, of stress relief……..

  7. America ——>>>>> The country that has nothing but total chaos for 2 1/2 years now. The country that allies can no longer trust.

  8. why don't people show the year of this statement and what it indicates.  Couldn't he get the democratic nomination???  Donald Trump in Unearthed Interview: I Identify More As a Democrat

  9. People who want to buy guns are self-identifying that they are mentally unstable and not worthy of having guns.

  10. Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, bla, bla. Why dont we post news about corporations and class? Inequality? Failure of the ruling class? Collapse of the ruling class?

  11. the problem with ar 15's getting banned is…
    1 – white power terrorists that all love trump and his views on the world will use other guns(but they will soon anyway, terrorists always use bombs eventually)
    2 – white people like them…if brown people liked them they'd be banned in a hurry.
    3 – trump is for sale

    switchblades banned – During the early ‘50s, the white middle class became obsessed with the
    alleged danger posed by gangs of ethnic minorities allegedly roving
    America’s cities. That’s one reason for suburbia and the hysteria is
    what led to the Switchblade Knife Act, as well as the bans by individual

    nunchucks banned – But New York lawmakers worried some young people might be using the
    device nefariously. Officials were especially worried about “muggers and
    street gangs” who might use nunchucks to cause serious harm, according
    to Ms Chen’s decision. Out of concern for public safety, they passed a
    law to keep nunchucks off the streets.

    brass knuckles/knuckle dusters banned – Although injuries from brass knuckles are usually serious but non-fatal,
    there are some cases where the use of brass knuckles has resulted in
    Supporters of the bill argued "knuckles are primarily a defensive tool,"
    the summary says, and shouldn't be associated with "explosive weapons,
    machine guns, and other prohibited weapons."

    the weapons laws are obviously still for whites to arm themselves and to keep arms and defensive weapons out of the hands of minorities.
    trump is now pushing for eugenics for mentally ill. keep paying attention. he will advocate for locking up the mentally ill so that terrorists can continue to attack non whites(but they miss alot) for his affection.

  12. Background checks still violate the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments, and the presumption of innocence guaranteed in the common law!
    Red Flag "laws” violate the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th and 14th Amendments!

  13. What is the difference between the Nazis and ICE? That the ICE photos of children in cages are in color.
    This is what USA is today, a Racist Nation!
    This Christian Nation supports Torture of Children, just like ISIS!

  14. Do a mental health check on the people who committed the recent mass shootings or mass shootings in the last 5 years and let’s see if they really are mentally ill!

  15. Moscow Mitch McMass.Shootings and 45 da Racist Flip Flop will cave to the NRA for sure. Vote Dem in 2020. Let's take back our country.

  16. I think these crazies that fill Trump rallies will go hunting for anyone they can blame if Trump loses in 2020!! Problem is, The Entirety of Republicans are to blame for no movement against the NRA for far longer than Trump was around!

    AndI’d say mental illness IS a HUGE problem and it’s in the Oval Office! Yeah, he’s nuts 🥜 BIGLY!

  17. USA has soldiers and concentration camps in more countries than Hitler did. Americans really are as disgusting as Trump. That is why he is president.

  18. If the clown claim to be a stable genius, then he should know that, even it is the finger that pull the trigger, if AR 15 is not available, America will not be face with mass deaths, do you think the moron can report how many are killed by M 13 members and how many are killed by Americans with automatic rifles?

  19. Yep. Yesterday’s “We will see…”. Today…Yep, We see again. The trump has how many personalities?

    Moral of this soap opera: wait and see.
    And then we will see: “He’s Back.”

  20. In addition to El Paso, Trump Pence, their constant white nationalist campaign and Republican enablers are also responsible for the worst massacre of Jews in US history as another Nazi echoing Fox & the GOP's "invasion" campaign propaganda shot up a synagogue in Pittsburgh because a Jewish nonprofit helps refugees in the US. Anyone who votes Republican is "disloyal" to humanity.

  21. As someone who suffers from clinical depression, that description by Maria Hinojosa on how you don't even have the energy to open your own eyes and open the window, is spot on. "Crazy people", as some put it, are usually not the disaffected who lash out at others.

  22. If an ordinary citizen should have a mental health assessment before buying a gun, doesn't it naturally follow that somebody who is running for Commander In Chief who will control MILLIONS of guns as well as countless tanks, bombers, fighter jets, warships, submarines, artillery, armed drones, not to mention thermonuclear missiles should also have their head examined before assuming a position that enables them to end life as we know it?

  23. The killer in El Paso does not look mentally ill, he came prepared and in fact he is answering the moron's call of invasion from the south?

    HELP US.

  25. So… he says he wants to keep crazy people from getting guns, but he doesn't think everyone should have background checks? OK……

  26. This week, we got to see the real Trump, and today he emphasized who he is presenting himself to be.
    Clarence Larkin, the Author of "Dispensational Truth", published in 1917, in his chapter on the "Antichrist" wrote the characteristics of this Man of Lawlessness to come in the latter days and times.
    The characteristics were these:
    Audacious, Arrogant, Persecuting, Imperious, and Narcissistic. (I would add socio-pathic) That's Trump!
    Again; this was a prophecy by this man, back in 1917.
    When he pronounced today that, " I am the Chosen one". That's a SERIOUS red flag! But I felt this already by him, when he started dabbling with Israel in February of 2017 about a treaty.(red flag) And then in 2018, Pronounces to the world that Jerusalem is now Capital of Israel, and then presumes to and did place the U S. Embassy in the midst of the Holy city.(red flag)
    I felt this was blasphemous. But Netanyahu and most all the Israelis adored him for that. Insomuch that they minted a coin with his face on top of a silhouetted face of King Cyrus of Assyria. And Netanyahu proclaimed it aloud that Trump was like the returned Cyrus.(red flag)
    A lot of the sick evangelicals have stated the same.
    Israel could have made that decision to change that status after the 6 day war by themselves. They didn't need America's permission to do so.
    None of the presidents before Trump ever thought to do that. And it was out of respect for Israel to name their own city and Capital.
    But Trump is all about adoration. And he envisions granduer and Hossanahs. That's why he's been pushing a treaty(or covenant as scripture relates) since 2017. But he blew that up by ticking off the Palestinians.
    I don't know how it will happen; but Palestine will eventually sign that treaty (covenant). Nikki Haley had the treaty made up after hearing Trumps proclamation for a treaty.
    Somehow; the Palestinians will be forced somehow to sign the treaty, because of economic hardship, and perhaps pressure by Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Iran. All this, over land settlements that Israel holds.
    Should Trump still be in office,and that treaty(covenant) signed, it would make Trump appear as a hero to the world. Which afterwards, he is given to sit in the Temple. And what did the Saint relate? That he would "…sit in the Temple of God, showing himself that he is God." I think those words were by Jesus himself, on the mount of olives, and it was a prophetic warning to them, of a time in the future.
    I'm thinking it may be, that these are the latter days and times the saints spoke of.
    Now there's no certainty to these things done by Trump, that will turn out as I mention,specifically. But thus far, he's playing the role.
    This is why he's needs to he removed from office urgently.
    His dark oratory already gets people murdered! And he's so psychologically erratic, there's no telling what chaos he will create.

  27. 😆🖥💥🤛😉👌Well.. come 2020 & I'm completely overwhelmed and overly wiery about #wicked reality TV produced presidents for good.😂🖥💥🔨🤣👌

  28. Are these morons calling for the confiscation of 20 million firearms? And prosecution for the gun owners who won't surrender them? Are you liberals ***** nuts?

  29. OMG im tired of this imbecil… WTF America, i never thought evangelicals and white supremacists would be on the same side… Although if you think about it, it makes sense

  30. Trump plays the media like a cheap rented violin. Billions in free advertising. He's a shoe in for 4 more years.

  31. TO ALL CHRISTIAN'S!! I follow Jesus Christ, the Sermon on the Mount is a Lifestyle for me!!
    Republican, Democrat, or the Heavenly Father? If you could ask Jesus if he is a Republican or a Democrat he would say neither!! Jesus is I AM, follow his teachings not a politician!! So I say this to every Christian reading this!
    And if that isn't enough For any believer/follower in Christ, you should be wise and remember what Jesus' command is!! Love each other!!
    Seek 1st the kingdom of The Heavenly Father, people seek out money 1st, a career, a car, a house, saving for vacations, retirement, all selfish desires, so it is easy to get so wrapped up in the rush, rush, hurry, hurry, of society, people become so self absorbed they over look someone else less fortunate than themselves! Therefore believing what you hear and thinking homeless, starving immigrants are terrorist, now that is gullible! But don't believe me follow what Jesus said!!

    To the gun issue!! Its like the drug issue, They don't want to solve it, it employees to many people! if they did want to solve the gun issue, they could simply ban all lethal ammo without a special hunting license, and only allow hand gun ammo to be rubber bullets or other non lethal bullets same with all other guns!! This includes law enforcement!! They have why to many other options to be using lethal force as a 1st tactic!! Specially when their main objective is protecting!!

  32. Why is all of this sooo reminiscent of nazi germany and the holocaust? Oh thats right, the white supremacist in chief…

  33. What CRAP! Mental patients are NOT the people that are getting their hands on assault rifles and mowing down 25 people in a church.

  34. Disgraceful, despicable … no gun laws – thank you for killing US citizens moscow mitch – but again targetting those who were massacred. Shame on the GOP , the enablers of serial killer miller, the psycho in the wh (not the only one)

  35. Come on now no one expected to keep these promises ………… but I do have to wonder regarding the southern border where does he go next …………… the gas chamber because what else do you to infestations. Surely to god he can be seen as incompetent and removed from office.

  36. 2 mass shootings 13 hours apart. 2 different reasons they happened. Yes one was mental illness. A man who heard voices since high school but the other was pure hate of "the other" 1 single factor in both GUNS
    Hate is not a mental illness. It is an emotion. A taught ideology. There is no pill that can fix that.

  37. Moving further than other republican presidents on gun reform doesnt mean much when its still not moving at all. Pathetic.

  38. Trump makes the Grinch look like a good Samaritan. ICE will provide their own license and supervision? Sound familiar? Gestapo tactics anyone?

  39. They DO have a seat at the table! …
    Purchased for 30 million in campaign donation,
    Even the majority seat it proofs now

  40. The mental institutions are closed because all the funding of them has been given to the millionairs in tax cuts
    But then again…if they would still exist, he himself would be in there

  41. beside your myriad of guns in the USA you have a joke for a health system , to name it a system is a joke in itself, a mentally instable president, your problems pile up, when you get rid of your politics paid solely by special interest groups, than i hope you can go back to the great values that once built your country

  42. What has TRUMP brought to the table since 2016 ? Nothing but Chaos , Instability, Lies, Coverups, Conspiracies , Racism, Ignorance, Nazi Tactics, Supports Dictators, Calls Allies names, and now claims he is the Chosen One. Impeachment is needed now as matter of Urgency

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