Baby Archie Makes Africa Tour Debut With Prince Harry, Meghan Markle | TODAY

Baby Archie Makes Africa Tour Debut With Prince Harry, Meghan Markle | TODAY

100 Replies to “Baby Archie Makes Africa Tour Debut With Prince Harry, Meghan Markle | TODAY

  1. Beautiful family and a handsome wonderful son, the exact portrait of his Dad Prince Harry. Beautiful 😍😍 can't wait to see the second baby🤗😊

  2. I just love these three and pray the Lord keep them safe and that they will fulfill their destiny in God, in Jesus Name!!🙏🙏😍😍

    Baby Archie, another African Grandma is here, loving you and praying for you always!!😍🎈⚽️🛐

  3. Archie is an angel baby. He looks so sweet and gorgeous like his parents. God bless this beautiful family 💙💜💚🇨🇱

  4. Omg es idéntico a harry con los ojos 👀 de mami Meghan 😍😍💕💕🥰🥰👶felicidades a los duques son maravillosos y su bebé precioso 💕💕🥰🥰🙏

  5. Awwwww!!!! Daddy's looks but mummy's personality! He's got best of both parents! God Bless the Sussex's!!! Put a huge smile on my face! Archie was totally enjoying himself!!

  6. Another brat that we've to pay for..its time that ginger whinge got a job…matter of fact it's time these royals were deemed to history..get rid of them…

  7. Isn't it funny how she couldn't let the British People see the child but puts him out there for all to see in AFRICA?? Is this her way of getting back at the Crown for not giving "Archie" a Title above "Lord"? Edward, the 4th child of the QUEEN, has the Title of Lord & Lady for his children! In fact, their Daughter, Lady Louise Windsor, is one of the Queen's favorite grandchildren!

  8. “Can someone explain to this cabbage Marlin Taylor that Harry and Meghan's home renovations cost £2.4m in taxpayer funds.” Last month it was revealed that £2.4 million was spent on the renovation of Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, the new home of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.26 Jun 2019

  9. This did not even make front news ….The whole world was looking at HRH Princess Beatrice's engagement ring yesterday 😀

  10. Despite the heads up about the rules, it seems a few people decided to ignore the request and send some generous gifts anyway. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex reportedly sent an estimated £7 million ($9.3 million) worth of presents back to the senders. No word on whether any were as bizarre as the 12 weirdest gifts the royal family has ever received.

  11. That baby is as white as a bar of soap.I wonder why she carries that baby wearing high heels without a baby unsafe.
    Desmond Tutu is a devil -very instrumental in supporting terror and a hypocrite like Meghan .
    That baby never met his grandfather but he met world leaders .
    One day Meghan will wake up and realize everything she does is FAKE.
    I think Prince Harry needed someone to tell him what to do

  12. I love this little family…why is Harry not interacting with Archie much? I thought he would be holding him, nursing him ect……?

  13. Reminds me of some Thailand prostitute married a middle class while man, then go back to Thai land to show off her higher status to the rest “sisters”

  14. Taken home to Mother Africa,where he is loved. British Press trying to do an indirect wack job on the kid,as they did on his beautiful late Grandmother.

  15. For the very envious haters claiming Meghan Markle isn't the mother here is a little cultural information about Black and Biracial people 1)Our children do not get their permanent skin color for up to a year and a half 2)Our skin color, regardless of tone, changes during the seasons. P.S. Glad to see mostly positive comments on this site.

  16. Harry thanks for being a Hero bravery for our poor Africa. Your Late mother would not be forgotten even if closing a heart, mind or slavery of African long time, but amongst all your Late Princess Diana touched an African child with her bare hands to a poor child. God bless her soul to rest in peace. One day remember the Pastor during that time of your wedding with Meghan. The words for the Pastor was gearing the couple to stand for Africa. It is hard to be an African because the voice for every child born in Africa is voiceless but though Archie God have revealed the Love of UK and Africa. Tears of African Sorrow. God bless the couple and bless baby Archie.

  17. FYI —According to collected tracking data most of these racial attacks on the Duchess is coming from the USA—UK is right behind them.

  18. Meghan is so proud of her son. I like this couple so much! They do remind me of us when we got our babyboy 20 years ago! I see also the same love and proud as Diana and Charles had for Harry! So nice!😍

  19. So, Meghan Markle leaves her pricey wedding ring at home. Someone must have told her she would be shaking hands with lots of Negroes in South Africa. hahaha!

  20. Harry has fallen out of favor with me since e hypocratic display with the environmental protection. I have never liked Meghan, I think she's a needy annoying woman who has her hand glued to her face. Baby Archie is adorable, its a shame he has to have these two phonies as his parents. But hey, at least he'll never have to work and probably be just as overrated as his parents.

  21. So, these two are all for “equality” and opportunities for women in South Africa, ok, but what about white people’s rights in South Africa, a country they built form the ground up some 350 years ago and the most developed and civilized in the entire continent? Do white people have the right not to be butchered in their own homes and to get government’s benefits when they need them? Apparently not since they are been murdered in their homes and farms by the thousands and their jobs have been taken from them and given to blacks, and are not allowed to get welfare. What about their rights? Is that the equality blacks wanted?

  22. what a lovestruck Harry does not yet realise is that he is being drawn not just
    into the world of ethics and morality ( in the name of making the world a better place) but into the dangerousl realm of liberal politics.

  23. I watched danja zone/Ashley. ( Meghan & harry) staged (Archie) set up . Had a sit Down/ w ( harpo studio) before going to South Africa. harry & Meghan knew this. Before Harry & Meghan got Archie they knew it wasn't there baby got baby to look like harry staged . Everything.

  24. Archie es un muñequito muy bonito y para los meses que tiene esta grande y robusto se ve que Meghan aún lo amamanta

  25. They love each other so deeply. and their son is so intelligent like both of them. very happy together. the British tabloids are going crazy beacause they dont have that kind of LOVE they are longing for. LOL hi hi hi hi

  26. She said:"I'm here as a woman of colour." He wouldn't look at her twice NOR would she be a part of the royal family if she didn't have white DNA so obvious in her face features and skin colour.

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