‘Authoritarianism,’ ‘Cover Up’: Trump Slammed For Using DOJ To Protect Convicted Aide | MSNBC

‘Authoritarianism,’ ‘Cover Up’: Trump Slammed For Using DOJ To Protect Convicted Aide | MSNBC

100 Replies to “‘Authoritarianism,’ ‘Cover Up’: Trump Slammed For Using DOJ To Protect Convicted Aide | MSNBC

  1. These same lowlives were all howling like sick dogs when President Obama even remotely mentioned The Justice Department!

  2. Trumps fiscal 2021 budget, released Monday, includes cuts to the Social Security .and Medicare. a program millions of workers already paid for their entire lives out of their paychecks. Those reductions are aimed at the part of Social Security program that provides benefits to existing 38.5 million retirees. The average retirement cut about 280 per month. Cuts in Medicare will stop millions of deserving senior citizens from even going to the doctor along with also losing supplemental insurance. 12.5 billion cuts in EPA? Let’s have brown poisoning water and air? 48 billion cuts in Education. 16 billion cuts in Federal and State Law Enforcement, 24 billion cuts in Homeland Security, the program that protects us from Terrorist Attacks.
    These cuts would cause millions of Teachers,
    Medical staff/ Hospitals/ Paramedics, Firefighters, Law Enforcement Officers, to lose their jobs. Soon call 911 and get put on hold
    For hours.

  3. Where the law ends , tyranny begins , we no longer have the Republic to keep its been take from us like a thief in the night by Crime incorporated led by Donnie Numb Nuts.

  4. Donald Trump has now commited new crimes and abused his power for personal favors.
    This time on home ground.
    He is getting worse and worse, people.

  5. This unwelcome experience of observing what type of person Trump is has taught me something important—I am a better person than him.


  7. Porky Pig like Comrade Trump must go 🐽🎃🔒🐽🎃🔒🐽🎃🔒🐽🎃🔒🐽🎃🔒🐽🎃🔒🐽🎃🔒🐽🎃🔒🐽🎃🔒🐽🎃🔒🐽🎃🔒


  9. I think Americans have become conditioned to being psychologically molested, misdirected & flat out taken by the Trump administration. Any lack of meaningful action against what is now a fast advancing totalitarian state will be, sadly, unsurprising.

  10. A question: Can Trump be jailed after his Presidency for avoidance of filing his Tax returns and criminal deeds? Can Stone be jailed for other crimes after he serves the present term, if any?

  11. Trumpers defending trumps aquitel in the SENATE does not ever negate the impeachment.

    Even though he was not removed for the charges brought. Once brought and voted on in the House impeachment can never be removed. So there is no such thing as being acquitted in an IMPEACHMENT.

    There is only an aquitel of the removal of the president from office.

    The only way to never be impeached. Is to never be impeached. Like good the presidents.

  12. I always knew that the black people were always right. Then, none of this matters whenever the Germans, in American police uniform, go after those who they recall, from their oma's tales, won against them in the civil war. This is fantastic news. Now, just ask your President, because that's what he does, to fix this so it can't have nazis pretending it's a real thing for their Germans to do to others.

  13. Mueller case was closed and Trump exonnerated of all wrong doing, so why is Roger Stone facing prison over this witch hunt? Drop all charges against Stone, immediately.

  14. Someone start a whipround to get galactic credits and just hire the Mandalorian to go in and get trump out if he refuses to leave.

  15. He publicly threatened the life of a Federal Judge, interfered with and threatened witnesses, and lied to congress. He should be sentenced to the fullest extent of the law.

  16. Democrats are getting nervous that Barr, will uncover the biggest political scandal in American history. That will lead to corruption, by the previous President and his administration. So they have to get rid of Barr at all costs.

  17. A.G. Barr, another one of Trump’s eunuchs, still doing his dirty work, Gotta get rid of Trump to get rid of Putin who is in running our country

  18. What do you expect; the Republicans all but gave Trump permission to be a dictator. Not much different from other dictators, Russia, North Korea.

  19. Finally people are waking up that this Trump is moving towards Authoritarianism. Trump is weak without people in key positions – like AG – remove them and he is languishing. He is a weak, weak person. A mobster and that doesn't end well. History says so. So, remove key people.

  20. what Trump is asking is to take Stone into consideration he's a white privileged good o'l boy, while the miscarriage of injustice is already bursting at the seams in your profited prisons

  21. When the media addresses him as "The President" this gives him cover,
    his name is Donald Trump! the same con man real estate guy from NY!

  22. Roger Stone puts crosshairs on Judge 🎯, Trump Tweets 🐥, DOJ reduces sentence for convicted criminal 🏛, American law = Banana republic 🌴 DK Country, Donald J Trump = King K. Rool 🐊

    We're Donkey and Diddy 🙈🙊

    We're only fighting for bananas after this point 🍌

    Just happened under your very eyes ‼️

  23. blah blah blah
    wah, wah wah
    Wait till the truth comes out about the prosecutors.
    Do you really believe they would quit such prestigious jobs over this bs
    Wake up and small the bacon. Do some real investigative journalism.

  24. Isn't it remarkable that Trump can murder innocent little children and disparage combat veterans, and yet, refuses to allow his buddies in crime to be sentenced real prison time. Someone needs to remind Trump that the Judicial is the third co equal branch of government. It's not his toy.

  25. I’m not ready for the Democrats to lose another trail against Trump..this whole system is a sham.. Republicans are in power.. Trump is doing crimes, but guess what There’s nothing anybody can do about it and guess what? He might win a re-election because the system is rigged and a BIG JOKE!!

  26. The constitution has not protected us from Trump; DOJ head is working for Trump; but the military is not obligated to obey unlawful orders. Will military leaders fold next, when their pensions are at stake? then turn on the public…Trump wants their loyalty…sure hope he doesn't get it…..it'll be a whole different country….

  27. Trump: "Hey, this Lady Justice broad is blindfolded. You know that means she's asking for it. Watch what happens when I grab her by the… "

  28. Wow so I guess threatening judges and witness tampering is no big deal now. Oh wait if poor white or black people do it you go under the jail. Rich old whit guy, no big deal. Justice is based on your bank account and color. Don't worry it will be all white!

  29. The demagogue in the white house has been embolden by the republican senate and is now free to unleash whatever capricious whim he feels irrespective to the rule of law. Stone, Trump, Barr, Guiliani and the rest of the criminal syndicate aligned with the POTUS deserves jailtime in my opinion. It feels like its the end of democracy and the fall of an empire.

  30. This is a clumsy attempt to set-up the pardons for stone, flynn and manafort. The judge makes the sentencing, not barr or trump.
    Whatever stone gets (and it cant be enough!), Ahole Twitler will proclaim how unfair this poor old white man has been treated, so he has no choice but pardon him. This is how its going down.

  31. Dont for a second think that the republicons are confused as to the direction. THEY VOTED FOR THIS. THEY WANT THIS. THEY HOPE THAT IT WILL YIELD THEM MORE POWER.

  32. The "Cover up"…..just another Leftie, baseless allegation, a way to COPE with the nothingburger they've been fed, by the Democrats….lol.

  33. Authoritarianism??? It is FASCISM. RU-publicans are Fascists and use Christianity to indoctrinate submission. > Webster's: Fascism is a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

    WIKI: Fascism is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultra-nationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe. The first fascist movements emerged in Italy during World War I, before spreading to other European countries. Opposed to liberalism, marxism, and anarchism – fascism is placed on the far-right within the traditional left–right spectrum.

    “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”
    – Benito Mussolini

  34. Oh no. He was "slammed" for using the DOJ to protect his criminal friend. Why were they so harsh on him?

    What's next? He will be "scolded"? The horror. I'm sure he's weeping in pillow at this very minute, in sheer terror.

    U.S.A. Where it pays to be a criminal.

  35. the demonrat swamp rats are already crying foul….well get ready for
    the boomerang turning on you because you worked very hard to deserve it.

  36. Was'nt Barr and other people of his spineless ilk placed where he is , to do exactly what they are ordered to do ??? Is it surprising anybody ???

  37. They have to move towards authoritarianism. Have you looked at the demographic statistics. As the years go by, more and more people are siding Democratically.

    A lot of millennials are Democrats and so are most of the minorities. Majority of women are democratic. Way I see it is the Republican party is going to shrink in the coming years. The biggest demographic that they have are those with only HS or lower education and evangelicals.

    It used to be a more solid mix among older generations. But from looking at the data, it looks like the country might be tipping more Democrat than Republican in the future.

  38. If only people could remember the lessons of the past, history wouldn't have to keep repeating itself.

    In1933, Adolf H. became the Chancellor of Germany. Afterwards, he and his Nazi party immediately assumed dictatorial powers over the German people. That very same year, the Nazis opened their first concentration camp. In a time span of less than five years, Germany went from a democracy, to a dictatorship. That's how fast it can happen. And if anyone thinks that it can't happen here, then you are sadly mistaken. If you could travel back in time to Germany in 1933, and ask the German people what they thought of Adolf, they would have sounded very similar to Trump cultists today. "Adolf is the chosen one. Only he knows what's best for Germany. He will make Germany great again!!!!" They didn't realize how wrong they were, until after Germany laid in ruins, and 60 million lives had been lost. All because they traded in their democracy for a dictator.

    "If you can get people to believe in absurdities, then you can get them to commit atrocities."

    — Voltaire

    History: "Don't make me have to repeat myself!!!😠 You should know by now how much I hate repeating myself. Repeating myself is getting old."

  39. I've lived in America since i was 8, i went to elementary, middle, high school and university there before i left to see more of the world. I might not be born american but i was raised and loved as one. Ive lived in arab countries, in europe, in india, in turkey and other places. I have been going crazy for months not understanding how people did not see that every step hes been and is taking is from the dictator playbook. He wants to take over. Its staring all of us in the face. This is your country, the gov is there for u, not the other way around. Without the people they would not be there. Take your country back, dont wait till its too late and all your rights gone like many other countries did. Unite and show the gov who really has the power. Its you. Not them.

  40. "Don't you realize that I have the power to release you or crucify you?" said Trump with the power given by GOP. Watch out MSNBC and CNN, you could become "Life Style" and "Cooking" channels.


  42. Yes, this is the end of democracy in America, and the USA is falling apart but those Republican senators really want to cling to power for a few more months, dagnabbit. Remember, it was the USA that dropped atomic bombs on innocent civilians, and then failed to apologise.

  43. Nobody in this comment section even knows what the powers of the President even are, because these news networks don't think that important. And I bet a good number of you dont even know what this Joe Shmoe did. And I bet no one here even remembers all the times previous presidents used this power in the past.

  44. I believe News Networks are what really have divided the people of this country. Regardless of anything Trump has done, they alone control what people who subscribe to them hear and feel. They train their audiences to react in a certain way when hearing the information they present to them.

    When the Senate voted to not allow any additional witnesses to be called, the News Networks 'Accidentally' left out the word "Additional", and instead told their audiences that disgracefully, the Repulicans in the Senate had voted to host the very first trial without any Witnesses. This is a lie.

    They do this so they can continue to sell even more newspapers and hopefully grow their audience.

    Trump is no angel, no sir he isn't, but he's certainly not impeachable.

  45. So, just to check if this is fake (propaganda) media, can anybody name the crime that this Stone guy pleaded to that's worth 7-9 years in a federal pen? Anybody? ……. Anybody? …… Anybody Please! …………… Somebody!!!! if you know please leave in replies, I'll be checking. Thanks

  46. This all started when the Democrats made up a false report and then leaked it to the leftist media. That is the high crime against our democracy.
    Our power as individual citizens is in our vote. So let us go out and vote. If you lose, try again next time.
    I am a veteran and will always be willing to give up my life for our freedoms. That is why my mind will not be fogged up by fear and hate.

  47. Donald Trump needs to destroy the Constitution and the law to satisfy Putin so he can build his hotel in Russia and to stop anything that Russia has on Donald Trump to make Donald Trump's job easier so he pays members of the GOP to be loyal to him the GOP got caught up what's the president's evil way and they will pay the consequences so as the GOP smells Donald Trump's butthole they are forever destroying their party let's see what happens

  48. What a bunch of jerks. Comrade Schiffty didn't even bother with the department of jerks. I didn't hear one word about that on socialist networks.

  49. Luke 8:17 ESV
    "For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light".

    Proverbs 8:13
    "The fear of the Lord is 'hatred of evil'. Pride and arrogance and the way of evil and 'perverted speech' l hate".

    This is the Word of God.

    "Let The Truth Speaks for Itself;
    The Truth Always Reveals Itself"

  50. welcome to the first american dictator….and american morons will vote again for their fuhrer….HEIL TRUMP !!! YEAH IT DOESNT ROLL OF THE TONGUE.

  51. Stone is flexing his power over Trump knowing full well a pardon is right around the corner. Take stone to cuba on a waterboarding vacation and get 30 years of trump crimes from this witness, then let him swim back…


  53. The next time I want to hear anything about Trump is when he is defeated in the next election or Melania accidentally killed him with a cattle prod.

  54. Impressive Michelle !! Very well spoken and to the points, in a nutshell kinda !! I thank you, as well as im sure many many fellow non-Trump supporters thank you too !!

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