Attorney General Barr Facing New Scrutiny For Intervening In Michael Flynn Case | NBC Nightly News

Attorney General Barr Facing New Scrutiny For Intervening In Michael Flynn Case | NBC Nightly News

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  1. In the video of a December 2015 dinner celebrating the 10th birthday of Putin's propaganda  network RT at a  Moscow hotel, Putin and a host of Russian luminaries toasted the state-controlled news channel that U.S. intelligence calls a Kremlin mouthpiece. And next to Putin at the head table, in the seat of honor, was Michael Flynn, who would later become Trump's national security adviser, was already advising Trump's campaign when he was being paid $45,000 to speak at the gala.

    "It is not coincidence that Flynn was placed next to President Putin," said Michael McFaul, former U.S. ambassador in Moscow "Flynn was considered a close Trump adviser. Why else would they want him there?"

    Flynn's Moscow jaunt, like his oddly timed phone chats with the Russian ambassador, has been well reported. The video shows that the Dec. 10, 2015 dinner, was attended by a healthy serving of ex-russian spies, Putin's cronies and oligarchs.

    Sergey Ivanov, then Putin's chief of staff, sat directly across the table from Flynn. A former KGB general who at one point ran KGB operations in Africa, he has also served as Russian defense minister and deputy prime minister. Ivanov had been under U.S. and European sanctions for a year and a half by the date of the dinner.

    Next to Ivanov was Dmitry Peskov, Putin's spokesman, but more importantly his de facto national security adviser, say U.S. officials. Flanking Putin on his right, two seats from Flynn, sat Alexey Gromov, Putin's deputy chief of staff. U.S. intelligence considers Gromov to be Putin's head propagandist. According to the January 6 Intelligence Community report on Russian interference in the U.S. election. He too was on U.S. and European sanctions the day of the dinner.

    After Putin got up to make his speech, his place at Flynn's side was taken by Margarita Simonyan, RT's editor-in-chief. A personal friend of Putin, she worked in one of his presidential campaigns before being chosen by Gromov to head RT. U.S. intelligence assessment of RT paints Simonyan as the lead person, along with Gromov, engaging in information warfare against U.S. policies. She is described as closely tied to, controlled by the Kremlin.

    Beyond the head table, Russia's oligarchs filled many of the seats. Like Viktor Vekselberg, whose billions are in oil and aluminum and who is a business partner of Trump's Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and the owner of the world's largest collection of Faberge eggs.

    Flynn had already been a frequent guest on RT in the months prior to the dinner. When Putin finished his speech that night, Flynn was among the first to leap to his feet and offer a standing ovation.

  2. i give the cia or the doj or the fbi my permission to go into the whitehouse and frog march trump to the nearest jail. i promise i won't say anything.

  3. We all know that Trumps lawyer Cohen, is doing time for the crime him and Trump commented. If it's true, that a president can't be charged of a crime, even if he's already guilty, according to the courts, as individual one, then why can he claim that he's being attacked, and saying that others are innocent? He's a criminal, of course he's going to say that if it helps him.

  4. Germany 1933 no-one thought fascist could take over.
    1945 millions dead.
    All because a political party aided a despot to  put lackies and sycophants in  it's judiciary and justice system and police force!
    Is the similarities starting to show? Can you see them America?
    Or are you going to wait until the arrests start, then the camps open, then the trains start to run? Or will you just not bother because hey're not coming for you?It now it's without doubt, that the republicans will do anything, like trump, to stay in power.
    America is on the brink of a one party state with the republicans in charge.
    They are already in charge of the judiciary and SCOTUS
    In charge of the DoJ
    They're allowing the purging of independent minded people from the FBI, the CIA, the DoD and other security services and will replace them with lackies.
    If America fails to come out in overwhelming numbers to counteract the gerrymandering ect,  then America is a democracy no more. And a right-wing fascist dictatorship with all the connotations that go with that will ensue.
    Extra judicial arrests and imprisonment
    Dissappearances and murder.
    Do not think this can't happen in America! You have a two party state with three "equal" branches of government but one of those branches, the judiciary, are under control of one the political parties, republican, and the other the presidency is under the control of a dictator aligned with the republicans. The remainder, congress is split, with the republicans siding with the dictator in the Whitehouse. So who is going to stop the republicans if the people are hampered in their voting process by the Senate under the control of Mitch McConnell? The republicans cannot win with policy alone! They have only their policies that benefit the wealthy and the people are fed up with that. So  McConnell knew their party was shrinking, hence the policy of gerrymandering and voter suppression. Hence the reason for fighting so hard for Kavanaugh ect on SCOTUS and all the judges on the bench, political picks aligned with the republicans. This is to negate any democratic litigation against the gerrymandering policy, which has already borne fruit as SCOTUS ruled that they can't get involved in a matter solely for local government!
    Taken altogether your country is ripe for a right-wing coup, but your voting process has not been hampered enough yet, to stop enough people from voting. But if the republican party retains power in the Senate and trump steals the presidency then the next 4 years will see the republicans rectifying the voting system to their benefit! And you know the only way then will be to have armed resistance as once they're in total control the right-wing fascists will never give it up to something like the will of the people!
    Don't be complacent America, it could happen.


    What is the criminal description of being in receipt of illegal political funds. Oh yea… Money Laundering!

    Recently Indicted Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman face several felonies over their roles in various conspiracies and efforts to defraud the U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC) by allegedly misrepresenting the source of funds and for unlawfully soliciting foreign campaign contributions.

    Parnas made 20 identical contributions of $661.90 to the:


    North Carolina Republican Party

    New Jersey Republican State Committee

    South Carolina Republican Party

    Tennessee Republican Party

    Connecticut Republican Party

    Wyoming Republican Party

    Republican Federal Committee of Pennsylvania

    California Republican Party

    Republican Party of Wisconsin

    New York Republican Federal Campaign Committee

    Republican Party of Virginia

    North Dakota Republican Party

    Mississippi Republican Party

    West Republican Party of Louisiana

    Illinois Republican Party

    Kansas Republican Party

    Parnas made a donation of $2,700 to:

    Candidate Trump

    House GOP Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif)

    Pete Sessions (R-Texas)

    Parnas also showered cash on various electoral organizations.

    Vice President Mike Pence‘s Great America Committee received $5,000

    The GOP’s “Protect the House” joint fundraising committee received $11,000 The National Republican Congressional Committee received $3,800

    The Republican National Committee received $33,400

    The Trump Victory PAC received $50,000

    Fruman has been slightly less active in his exploits as a donor for the GOP but doubly maxed-out to then-governor and eventual Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) in May 2018. On the same day, Fruman donated $15,000 to the Rick Scott Victory Fund PAC. He later made two separate $2,700 contributions to Rep. Joseph Wilson (R-S.C.) in June 2018–one for the primary election; one for the general election.

  6. Why the GOP are IN bed with Trump… Russian Money. They are all traitors.

    –Legal Experts Say Attorney General's Ties to Russia Are Troubling [newsweek]

    –Barr’s public financial disclosure report, he admits to working for the law firm Kirkland & Ellis LLP, where he was counsel from March 2017 until he was confirmed as attorney general in February 2019, represented Russia’s Alfa Bank. (Barr earned more than $1 million at Kirkland) and for a company whose co-founders allegedly have long-standing business ties to Russia. What’s more, he received dividends [$5,001 to $15,000 in dividends] from Vector Group, a holding company with deep financial ties to Russia.

    –Questions have also been raised about whether Och-Ziff Capital Management, a hedge fund where Barr was a board director from 2016 to 2018, may also be too closely connected to the Russia investigation.

    –The billionaire Ziff brothers, Dirk, Robert and Daniel, provided seed money to hedge fund manager Daniel Och to start the firm in 1992. They retained a small stake in the company after it went public in 2007.

    –The brothers are also a subject of interest to the Russian government because of their work with billionaire William Browder, a financier who ran afoul of the Kremlin.

    –Mitch McConnell reportedly linked to Putin, Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska and Russian companies [DailyKos]

    –Right now, the point being made is that Mitch McConnell is benefiting from his direct and indirect ties to Putin and Russian oligarchs, which most likely guided McConnell’s recent vote to lift Russian sanctions. And it would seem he clearly voted in the interest of himself, his king and his Russian ties, when McConnell should have been working in the best interest of the American people. Alas, his Senate seat and constituents are merely stepping stones to more corruption.
    — YouTube: Wife Of Lobbyist For Russian Plant In KY Got Boost From Mitch McConnell

    –Lindsey Graham Received Campaign Donations From Firm Tied To Russian Oligarch [MavenRoundTable]

    –GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham received $800,000 from a Ukrainian-born oligarch with ties to Putin's inner circle.

    –As President Donald Trump appears to sink deeper into legal trouble and special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation pushes forward, the relative silence of congressional Republicans becomes increasingly difficult to ignore.

    –But apart from the obvious reasons conservative lawmakers might steer clear of commenting on Trump’s situation — party loyalty and fear of inviting a presidential Twitter attack come to mind — it is worth remembering that several noteworthy Republicans have Russia links as well.

    –Why is Giuliani supporting Trump?

    –Jean-Francois Revel wrote “Unlike the Western leadership, which is tormented by remorse and a sense of guilt,”, “Soviet leaders’ consciences are perfectly clear, which allows them to use brute force with utter serenity both to preserve their power at home and to extend it abroad.” This is what sparked a love-fest for Putin’s tactics from Republicans immediately following his invasion of Ukraine. “That’s what you call a leader” said Rudy Giuliani. Rep. Hal Rogers (R-MI), who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, said that Putin was playing chess while President Obama played marbles. [Torture, Russia, and Conservative Dictator-Envy by Jonathan Chait]

  7. How Putin’s oligarchs funneled millions into GOP campaigns [DallasMoriningNews]

    –As Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team probes deeper into potential collusion between Trump officials and representatives of the Russian government, investigators are taking a closer look at political contributions made by U.S. citizens with close ties to Russia.

    –Buried in the campaign finance reports available to the public are some troubling connections between a group of wealthy donors with ties to Russia and their political contributions to President Donald Trump and a number of top Republican leaders…In 2015-16 Blavatnik's political contributions soared and made a hard right turn as he pumped $6.35 million into GOP political action committees, with millions of dollars going to top Republican leaders including Sens. Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham.

    –In 2017, donations continued, with $41,000 going to both Republican and Democrat candidates, along with $1 million to McConnell's Senate Leadership Fund.

  8. Russia’s State TV Calls Trump Their ‘Agent’ [TheDailyBeast]

    –Sometimes a picture doesn’t have to be worth a thousand words. Just a few will do. As Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov returned home from his visit with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office last week, Russian state media were gloating over the spectacle. TV channel Rossiya 1 aired a segment entitled “Puppet Master and ‘Agent’—How to Understand Lavrov’s Meeting With Trump.”

    –Vesti Nedeli, a Sunday news show on the same network, pointed out that it was Trump, personally, who asked Lavrov to pose standing near as Trump sat at his desk. It’s almost the literal image of a power behind the throne.

  9. Russian Operative Said ‘We Made America Great’ After Trump’s Win [Bloomberg]

    Kremlin-directed operatives opened champagne when Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, according to a communication disclosed in a new Senate Intelligence Committee report outlining Russia’s sweeping social media efforts to help him win. “We uncorked a tiny bottle of champagne … took one gulp each and looked into each other’s eyes …. We uttered almost in unison: ‘We made America great,’” one operative at the St. Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency said in the message obtained by the Republican-led committee.

  10. The republicans are in bed with the russians

    34 years ago, a KGB defector chillingly predicted modern America [BigThink]

    –In 1984, Bezmenov gave an interview to G. Edward Griffin from which much can be learned today. His most chilling point was that there's a long-term plan put in play by Russia to defeat America through psychological warfare and "demoralization". It's a long game that takes decades to achieve but it may already be bearing fruit.

    –Bezmenov made the point that the work of the KGB mainly does not involve espionage, despite what our popular culture may tell us. Most of the work, 85% of it, was "a slow process which we call either ideological subversion, active measures, or psychological warfare."

    –What does that mean? Bezmenov explained that the most striking thing about ideological subversion is that it happens in the open as a legitimate process. "You can see it with your own eyes," he said. The American media would be able to see it, if it just focused on it.

    –Bezmenov described this process as "a great brainwashing" which has four basic stages.
    The first stage is called "demoralization" which takes from 15 to 20 years to achieve.
    According to the former KGB agent, that is the minimum number of years it takes to re-educate one generation of students that is normally exposed to the ideology of its country.

    –Bezmenov was also instructed not to waste time with idealistic leftists, they would become disillusioned, bitter, and adversarial when they realized the true nature of Soviet Communism. He discovered that many such were listed for execution once the Soviets achieved control.

    –Bezmenov was encouraged to recruit from large circulation, established conservative media, rich filmmakers, intellectuals, cynical and egocentric people who lacked moral principles.

    The Russians know exactly what kind of people Trump, the GOP, the Kochs their followers are.

    The whole process follows 4-steps:
    1. Demoralize a nation (15-20 years):Expose your ideology to your nation’s “soft heads”. At the higher stage, the citizens of that country start brainwashing their own countrymen. (The Tea Party and the Trump Supporters) Trump has been discussing the presidency since 1988.
    2. Destabilization (2-5 years): does not care about your patterns. Essentials are attacked – Defense, Economy and Polity. (Trump,the GOP and the Kochs are attacking the US)
    3. Crisis (6 weeks): bring a country to crisis in such a way that violent change happens, which is followed by the next stage. (The Faux Southern Border crisis, North Korea Nukes, Trump followers creating civil war if Trump impeached)
    4. Normalization (infinite period): This is “tongue-in-cheek” and cynical. Because Normalization means adherence of the enemy country to your own ideology. The people who were instrumental in bringing the enemy country to this stage are “lined up against the wall and shot dead”.

  11. AG Fred Flintstone Barr should stop interfering with the law, resign and retire just like his twin sister Roseanne Barr! 😜

  12. Look at the whole pattern of Barr's behavior and it is to undermine justice and protect Trump's crimes. It is clear Barr is a liar, he is corrupt, and will not uphold the rule of law. Barr is Trump's thug in the DOJ. This is just one more example of Barr doing Trump's dirty work corrupting and obstructing justice.

  13. No one can stop Trump's insanity now. Barr keeps showing us what a brown-noser and traitor to America he is. It's time these criminals at the highest level feel the wrath of We the People.

  14. So are we at a point where we can at least all agree that it is not left vs. right or Republicans vs.Democrats, but upholding the rule of law, the constitution and our republic.

  15. Barr facing new scrutiny for running his own department and making decisions about his staff. Oh right, his staff wants to work rogue. This is key because only Republicans get 9 years prison for talking to Congress. Barr shut the shiftest down. Obstruction I say.

  16. Flynn 'THE Consummate General' and Patriot deserves to be exonerated. While Vindman the 'rogue, treasonous, traitor of a renegade' gets off with a mere firing when HE should be charged. Demonrats are still in control of the Government of the USA. PLEASE drain this swamp!!

  17. Corruption in American and the Worlds Faces. Stop dealing with the USA and look for other Trading Partners. Let’s hit them where it hurts. 💴 Money

  18. reinvestigate what the man admitted to most things. Plus he sold his country out for money. if you admit to crimes then it makes it easier to do your time.

  19. Don't let anybody get fooled by dropping this investigation into McCabe he's not done with McCabe will continue and continue and continue until someone stops him vote blue in 9 months vote blue

  20. jabba the barr is a criminal and needs to go to jail!! NOW!!!! when he talks it sounds like he's gurgling throwing up…eyuk!! he is a total POS!!!

  21. They keep opening these investigations for conspiracy theories purposes and wasting taxpayer money!!! Just to deflect from Trump's criminal activities!

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