13 Replies to “Astros fans stay faithful in wake of cheating scandal

  1. They don't have the talent to actually WIN a world series, thats why they cheated lmao should be stripped and the team should be disbanded give montreal a team again these cheating assholes don't deserve one.

  2. The cheating Astros are now an embarrassment.

    If I had kids and still choose to ignore the cheating of the Astros, what would I be teaching my children?

  3. Astro damage control spinning out of control. Why would you stay faithful to a cheater who craps on you? Drink the kool-aid losers. The championship is TAINTED

  4. Lucky fans get to go in the dugout and see the famous hallway!  Are the wires for the television still hanging from the ceiling?  They should at least put up a plaque!

  5. It seems like with every scandals coming out, the astros are trying to do do lame stuff like this to distract from the scandals.

  6. Tells you a lot about the city of Houston. If fans think it’s ok to cheat then they’re crap citizens of that city also. Cheaters stick to each other.

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