Asa Hutchinson on Democrats targeting ‘bribery’ in impeachment probe

Asa Hutchinson on Democrats targeting ‘bribery’ in impeachment probe

67 Replies to “Asa Hutchinson on Democrats targeting ‘bribery’ in impeachment probe

  1. The right is completely becoming treasonous. Becoming a Russian ally because they are “ white and Christian”. How dumb can you get.

  2. Faux News is the fake Conservatism that represents Charlie Kirk.

  3. doesn't that bimbo understand that Trump is innocent? Please go to CNN where you would feel more at ease with the other media whores.

  4. THANK YOU Madame Speaker Pelosi for including the public in an open hearing. The Democrats are the true champions of transparency.
    America loves you.

  5. Attention Fox News Viewers!!! All hail the cake eating draft dodger. He needs you more than ever since he has been caught!

  6. Attorney General Bill Barr just delivered his reasoning and rational for what is coming! The Piper has tuned up his Pipes and is ready to play loud and Proud, it will be like no song every played before! We have paid our ticket to the concert, Pray we all enjoy the music!
    I will personally cry with PRIDE!

  7. This is nothing more than a democrat game show! If this were an actual court of law the judge would laugh all the way to lunch room. They got nuthin their witness's got nothing this whole thing is about nothing and in the end the Senate will shoot it down.

  8. What a bunch of idiots ..Democrats only want power ..could care less about policy or country they can operate fraud without being investigated just like Biden , Hillary and even Bill Clinton.

  9. The time has come for Fox to get rid of Chris Wallace. Wondering how much longer before he begins to have a much more negative impact on Fox ratings?

  10. Do not trust Fox.. The engage in duplicity disguised as "fair and balanced."
    THEY EMPLOYED FAKE POLLS TO GET OBAMA REELECTED…they attempted to stop President Trump during debates last time around.
    They only allow a few honest voices and then it's fake, fraudulent, typical propaganda for "news."
    Napolitano, Juan Williams, Brett Baier, Shep Smith, Donna Brazile, Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly etc…all get activated (or got activated in the past) close to election time, for FAKE NEWS…and One-way propaganda.

  11. Ethical, well-qualified people refuse to work for Trump, so the administration is littered with dim and disgraceful instead of the best and the brightest.

  12. Democrats are DISGUSTING! Every single one of them. Just think about how evil every Democrat you know is. Never trust any of them!!!

  13. Dems have no evidence, the transcript proves what Trump has said.
    Many has supported this evidence. The transcript is the core evidence of this case. Dirty Dems as always gives no due process or fairness to the accused. If Dems cons you into impeaching Trump this show and tell rooted in their communist party line coming to a town near you. Just let them finish off the only man standing in the gap between you and those with evil AGENDA'S. Then they will be hunting for targets to continue to steal Americans wealth. Christmas is a coming alright and it's mine – the grinch

  14. Does anyone remember when Clark Kent said there were numerous Americans working for barisma after he said hunter Biden was the most notable name.
    Things that make you go mmmm

  15. I hope they vote to impeach soon! Not because I'm a nutjob sjw
    So the Senate can call Joe, Hunter, Hillary, Obama, Obama's manly wife, and Swiffer schiffer to testify under oath

  16. So searching for the crime to fit the punishment.
    The democrats have shown over & over again that they believe – guilty before proven innocent.

  17. I'm sorry to say this to all of you Trumpturds but are your heads up your asses for the warmth? How can you tolerate an intolerable would be dictator?

  18. Time to fix Democrats logic. …If five people tell another 5 people that Adam Shiff has a tiny brain and those 25 people come and testify now its 100% true.

  19. Why would the Rothschild front Sniff-Schiff be allowed into the US Govn’t? Stupid disgraceful and shameful upon Calif. look at kiss utt swallwell?

  20. Hutchinson – GTFOH!

    The Clinton Impeachment was a political hit job managed so badly they had to re-write the laws around it.

    I watched Nixon and I watched Clinton’s impeachment. Nixon’s ran pretty well. Clinton’s was handled so badly that public wanted Bill for a third term.

  21. So Biden couldn't even be president according to this he is on tape saying you don't get this unless you do this. That's a flat out bribe to get what you want.

  22. Asa Hutchinson has his head in the sand, like most of his cohorts. Trump is unfit. Period. Hard to understand how anyone who cares about this country can defend him. Throw him out, lock him up!

  23. Hi, the assault on the Executive Branch by the Congress is fundamentally unconstitutional, and this "show trial" is a litmus test to overthrow the constitution and make the Executive Branch irrelevant for governance…Pelosi's traveling to Europe to validate Trumps position…obvious unconstitutional

  24. Democrats want Americans to believe they are stupid but they know whats right for them .
    Sad truth is ……….. it's actually working on half the population , otherwise , this moment would be over . Anybody with a little bit , just a wee bit of intelligence would catch on fast when said '' They're looking for the word that has the most impact ''
    Then again , media plays a huge roll . I know of a lot of elderly folks that still struggle with a remote control and limit themselves to specific channels . People with preconceived opinions simply refuse to explore other outlets . I have no idea how , I wish I did , but there has to be at least one way to create a major turning point .
    It is said that futur generations will speak of this moment . If it keeps up as such , futur generations will LIVE this moment !!!

  25. Wow. THAT is not going to work out for them. All they have to do is apply the same standards to the Dems and they are done for.

  26. Really.? Bribery intent a foreign government? I'm thinking Hunter Biden! I think you better read the Constitution over again it has nothing to do with diplomacy! You just made the case for Joe Biden's arrest!

  27. its like a child who wanted an ice cream and his daddy refused.. so the child goes to his mommy and grandmother and shouts and blames his daddy for offending him/her.

  28. So now it’s bribery because us smelly Wal-Mart shoppers can’t understand Latin, I.E. quo’s pro quo (this for that, tit for tat, one hand wash’s the other do you need more example’s) these stupid dems (socialists) have moved the goal post so many times it’s become a big joke STOP THIS JOKE OF A HEARING IN SEARCH OF A CRIME!

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