Ariana Grande Feels ‘Sick and Objectified’ By Male Fan’s Comments | Splash News TV

Ariana Grande Feels ‘Sick and Objectified’ By Male Fan’s Comments | Splash News TV

Ariana Grande shares a personal and traumatic
moment where she felt objectified by a young “boy” fan as he confronted her and boyfriend,
Mac Miller. The 23-year-old wrote a play-by-play of the
incident on Twitter, where she describes a young and excited fan who approached her and
Miller in their car, and made a lewd comment that made the singer feel “sick” and “objectified.” Ariana says the fan approached enthusiastically,
and she “thought all of this was cute and exciting until he said “Ariana is sexy as
hell man I see you, I see you hitting that!… Pause… Hitting that? What the fuck? This may not seem like a big deal to some
of you but I felt sick and objectified. I was also sitting right there when he said
it.” Since the unfortunate exchange, Ariana says
she’s felt “quiet and hurt” and felt the need to flag up the story in order to
help combat these situations which she says “contribute to women’s sense of fear and
inadequacy.” Ariana says she’s “not a piece of meat
that a man gets to utilize for his pleasure. I’m an adult human being in a relationship
with a man who treats me with love and respect.” Hopefully boys and men of all ages can learn
from this and up
the chivalry.

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  2. When you go around half naked exposing the true dirty whore you are, you don't get to feel objectified! Ariana is a dirty whore!

  3. I tell my 17yo daughter all the time "act the way you want to be treated."
    If you dress like a slut and talk like a slut, you will be treated like a slut. And not just by men, but by women too.
    AG needs to be mad at her parents, they clearly didn't get that message across. I don't see Adelle over sexualized in her videos and music, maybe because she actually has talent and doesn't need to do that to be recognized. If AG wants to be treated like a respectable woman, then she needs to drop the sex act.
    just saying.

  4. I don't think what that fan said was appropriate either. However, she's objectified herself and every other women with many of the songs she's chosen to sing. You don't have much of a leg to stand on when you've sold yourself as a sex symbol and then get defensive when someone else makes a point of it. Respect yourself first before you expect others to do the same.

  5. This is the epitome of hypocrisy. Collectively, women spends billions of dollars on hair-dos, hair products, an almost endless array of makeup and other beauty products, manicures, pedicures, pretty skirts, tight pants, shoes, etc. Why do they do that? Is it to show the world how genuine, selfless, smart, rational, honest, hard working and/or giving they are? No, they do it to make themselves look pretty and to make themselves more attractive. Women, like Ariana, want men (for the most part) to notice them and to be attracted to them. If a guy says anything other then words of absolute adoration (and submission), women cry foul and claim they've been objectified. What a load of crap and men, even young guys, should know this by now. Hey Ariana! Get over your sense of entitlement and get over yourself.

  6. What was she expecting after she shook her ass and tits through how many barely dressed videos? Her boyfriend is a spineless sack of shit if he let the little cretin speak to his lady in the manner that he did. He should have gotten out of the car, pulled the mouthy little shit aside, and demanded from the little shit that he apologize without delay.

    While I will say I think Ms. Grande's antics on screen has set her up for such commentary, it's not something I'd ever do, and neither does it please me that it happens whether or not I see it as the obvious outcome of her on screen performances.

  7. HAHAHA That is truly the STUPIDEST complaint I've ever heard of. NEVERMIND the topic matter of Side to Side, Love me harder, and too many other songs (put yourself out there like a piece of meat, you can't be indignant and surprised that we would crave that steak, as my man Crowder said about another cheap tart, it's vain and prideful, so at least own up to it and embrace it, hell retort back with a clever comeback, like buys always do and real women KNOW how to do). The REAL problem is that it continues to demonize the natural way men JOKE (if you can't see the difference between joking and actually pursuing, you're just diluting the meaning of actual violence and issues). Oh but of course it's too sexist and unfair to have a grown ass woman take ownership and accountability of how she portrays herself, I mean we guys are held accountable for EVERYTHING we do and things we DON'T by feminist women and society. Geez, real women have thicker skins and sensible heads to figure that one out for generations throughout previous to this snowflake feminized pathetic beta male feminist garbage infested claptrap. Anyone who actually believe in this continued HYPOCRISY is truly a regressive leftist feminazi sympathizer. And NO I NEVER condone sexual violence AT ALL, but I have to put it out there for all you hysterical idiots who'd jump to that conclusion, despite the truth there WASN'T ANY.

  8. what does she expect when she wears a bra on stage? doesn't she objectify herself?? she can't have it both ways….get over yourself,Ariana,you're not THAT good,ok? Just mediocre….

  9. Alot of brothers in the comments can see through this shit and are stating blatent truth. We men see things logically , women are emotional. Says it all imo

  10. Tbh, Ariana just needs to shut up. If you perform in front of millions of people (including KIDS), wearing inappropriate clothing, shaking your butt/grinding on backup dancers, singing about "walking side to side" for a dang boy, then how the heck are you going to feel "sick" when someone calls you sexy & understands why your boyfriend may or may not "hit that." I would side with Ariana if she didn't wear/do inappropriate things on stage but since she does, I'm not siding with her. If she doesn't want people to see her as a sex symbol, then she should stop acting like one.

  11. As a fan of Ariana Grande, I can't side with her for that. I've been trying to accept Ariana Grande's change over the years (Even emotionally scarred for life by that AMAs), expressing herself as a sex symbol. I'd say that was more of a compliment than "objectifying"

  12. She was high on laughing gas because she got her wisdom teeth pulled and her ex dared her to lick the donuts and instead of her telling on him she took full responsibility for her actions and she gets slandered for it…..Did I miss anything?

  13. What a stupid whore. She shakes her nearly naked butt as part of her show…but she doesn't want to be objectified??

  14. stop putting her down, yes she dresses in a provocative way but the fan shouldn't have said what he said, i expect better of you people. women are always being put down by men in society (I'M A GUY)

  15. The way Ariana dresses does not make her a hoe. All the dicks she's had rammed up her asshole makes her a hoe.

  16. Hilarious! Ariana doesn't want to be objectified but she keeps getting fucked so hard that she's singing songs about having to walk side to side like a whore. Just keep spreading your legs when you're told Ariana.

  17. I would look Ariana straight in the eye and tell Mac to pound her asshole until it's worn out and then dump the bitch

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