Rise into the light, set flame to the night! Sick of being told how to run your life Their rules Their schools Empty words that promised so much Their precious status quo remained untouched [chorus]
If you want the world Use your mind Take control Feel the strength Rise from within If you really want it the world is yours Every empire was raised by the slave Built through the ages, you can destroy it in a day Turn the page Unleash your rage Burn their golden cage and walk away On your path towards ultimate power [chorus]
If you want the world Use your mind Take control Feel the strength Rise from within If you really want it the world is yours Straining at the leash Foaming at the mouth No more subservience Justice will be done There was only so much You could take There was only so much You could tolerate When the bough breaks, the empire will fall [chorus]
If you want the world Use your mind Take control Feel the strength Rise from within If you really want it the world is yours [chorus]
If you want the world Use your mind Take control Feel the strength Rise from within If you really want it the world is yours

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  1. All the top comments on every single video make reference to her beauty, give me a break. Stop trying to use your dick as a lightsaber, you bunch of prepubescent jesters. You guys are definitely deaf, to say the least.

  2. I am sorry guys but the line up of Arch Enemy that did Immortal absolutely SUCK. They are terrible in every department.

  3. Not even is their singer horrible, the guitarist is not worthy to string Jeff and Michaels guitar. He can't tune them either as he is tone deaf. The drummer is lack luster. Worst Arch Enemy ever! I don't care that the singer is a guy he has  no sex appeal and can't sing.

  4. Please come to Brazil. Alyssa you're an amazing, powerful and inspiring woman! Thank u so much. You light my way!

  5. My demon lines?? The German Band Wumpscut has some demonesses related to me. Other possible lines are Cain and possibly Medusa but neither confirmed and whatever branches off them. Medusa could be an aunt somewhere, no she was not cursed she runs her own powers. The movie Merlin Book of Beasts has the real Merlin and Medusa and sisters as well as the real heir to King Arthur's line Avalynn is it? I think Merlin married her. I was there and met them all. Have a son by Rudy Ratzinger of Wumpscut a demon line the guitarist with the Enochian symbol on his guitar and the Mohawk.

  6. Also as far as Vampires are concerned they do not fear garlic or crosses. Can see their reflection unless they work hard at it the Devil is the only one I know that can do no reflection. Most can tolerate the sun except Nosterftu and Underworld Vampires and maybe Darla and Angel don't know about those two or remember anyway. And Satan and Jesus get along just fine…they all handle crosses and hang them on the wall. Tubi has this movie called Vampire Ecstasy that is hilarious. Fake bats, Vampires who bite and leave puncture marks but have no fangs, Lesbian and Hetero sex and lots of tits. A Sanguine who has not had the immortal kiss that stakes a Sanguine who has had the kiss but only after she bites her TWICE. Its entertaining you will find it amusing and silly.

  7. Make sure our son meets Aleera, Verona Satan's mom and the Devil he will love them. I dunno if the Devil has a kid by me but I heard a rumor they could have gotten Lucifer confused though. As for my kids and money? Possible Bruce's kid lived in luxury or Papillons or the Rothchild but most of mine don't. Charlotte and Prince George obviously live between Kensington Palace and Buckingham and go to good schools but its situational. Some of my kids had it rougher than others. No idea about Adonis or Apollo's kids or Melkor's he is a doctor afterall.

  8. Our son has to tell the Devil its time for a Van Helsing sequel and he has to speak French to my son because he won't like it. And there is a role for you and our son in it LOL. Can't wait to see it! Sorry my naked breasts will have to miss this movie…..

  9. Relax Jeff no immortal husband yet, no lovers. I get laid once a month by the mortal hubby and its not me.

  10. God how much I wish I could be a sexy front woman with amazing vocals for this band again. At least I did it once, probably never happen again how sad…………….

  11. Best Fucking Band ever! That bs mascaraing as Arch Enemy with a male singer sucks sweaty balls…………….

  12. I would love to get my powers back and reinvent myself with a new look and new sound and be the feminine voice of this band once again. I want that so bad!!

  13. My natural breasts are larger, I'd keep them for the new identity. What do you think Black hair or Lavender? I want the latter but haven't ventured that far yet. Clean vocals or not???

  14. Жаль что не переходит на нормальный вокал .. Сочитание было бы класное как в Слипкнот

  15. Yeah I don't scare easily shot in the head, taken into the bowels of Hell among the demons, hang with the Devil and Verona and Aleera and Marcus of Underworld. Hellhounds and Werewolves and Lycan. I even was attacked by something I couldn't see that was biting or scratching me once. Lilth was there and even she had no idea what was going on…..

  16. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN? THE REAL TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE. (see below) Received by brother Byron Searle on 06/06/19, Commanded to be published on July 22/07/19 By Jesus Christ the Messiah (Yahushua ha Mashiach) My son, the world has always had wars, and men have fought and died in these wars. Wars are fought for one reason — MONEY! Yes, many can say they (wars) are fought for land, natural resources, religion, and many other reasons, but the ROOT OF ALL WARS IS MONEY. The men who control the world, the elite globalists, will make fortunes if the world is at war. The globalists lend money to both sides so they always win, plus they OWN the world's banks, and war brings in big money! My son, I have said in previous words to you what will be the wars to come, but only a few read and believed Me. Here is the list again of who will go to war. There will be wars ON the earth, IN the earth, and ABOVE the earth. Space will be littered with so much debris that will fall to earth as shooting stars. (I understood and saw this to be WAR IN SPACE with the targeting and shooting of satellites, etc., and debris orbiting the earth falling and getting knocked out of orbit, entering into the atmosphere, and burning up and/or crashing.) (Note: I want to clearly emphasize that the following list was not given in sequence or in any kind of order. Also, it is not a complete list of the wars that will break out around the world and the nations that will be involved in these wars. The Lord has previously shown me other nations that will also erupt into conflict to the point that the entire world will be at war. I was not told when and in what order any of this will take place, but was only told very soon. It is all in Gods timing, not ours. At the same time as the Lord was speaking this list to me, He was also showing me a vision of each of these events happening.) 1. America will continue to be in war until the end (of America as a major power). She will fight on a multitude of fronts and be spread so thin that a draft of young men will be called on. 2. America will attack Iran after a major false flag event will draw the nation (America) in. Many men will die as Iran is backed by Russia and China. 3. China will attack Taiwan. The U.S. will try to stop China, but cannot. America backs away (but not completely) because the fight against Iran is difficult. 4. With America tied up with Iran and China, North Korea invades South Korea. North Korea also sends a nuclear missile to Japan. 5. As Americans become enraged (over what is happening), Russia sends over an EMP attack to America. With America now in the dark, Russia will wait until the majority of Americans kill each other, die, or commit suicide. (I saw massive, massive chaos and hysteria everywhere over every part of the entire country, roving gangs, people killing for food, and everyone only concerned with one thing — survival!) Then both Russia and China invade America. 6. America sends nuclear rockets toward Russia (after the EMP strike), but the Russians are prepared and they survive. (Russia practices disaster preparedness drills with moving their people into underground shelters.) With America now in the dark, the US military and the UN forces will be in control. Martial law will be declared, and many Americans are killed in battles. 7. Russia takes over Venezuela and takes control of the oil. 8. The world's economy will be in shambles — the whole world is at war. The seals have been opened, and the Antichrist will bring PEACE TO THE WORLD. (I saw all the money being thrown out into the streets and it blowing around in the wind everywhere because it was worthless.) 9. Millions of people will vanish as there will be a mighty revival and harvest of souls during the judgments. (I was not shown when this will occur during the events/Tribulation.) Now Jacob's Trouble begins. My son, all these words have been said before so My Remnant will know what is coming very soon. The Time of Judgment is here as I have also said many times. My Body WILL WAKE UP, and they will HIT THEIR KNEES and STAY on them, for they will be bloodied from so much prayer!! My Children WILL walk in GREAT FAITH!! They will have need of nothing, for I will be their God, and I will supply their every need!!! Many parts of the world that have not seen such battles will be in shock. The men who fought in the last Great War saw such sights. Many of those Warriors are at home here with Me. My son, I say all this NOT to put fear in My Body, but to WARN AND PREPARE them! Many will see death and destruction all around, but FEAR NOT!! These events are but the wars that will occur! There will also be natural events, unnatural events, man-made events — these are but the Judgments of the Days of Sorrows. These events are NOT the Tribulation, for those days will be far worse! The Great Tribulation spoken of will be like never before seen on Earth at any time! Have your houses in order, for the War Events are now in gear and moving forward at great speed! I love you all, but GET READY for the Time of War is at hand, and you MUST be prepared!! I AM coming soon, but not soon enough for some.

    The Time to skid in on the last minutes of the Period of Grace is NOW! Please Pray,

    Dear Heavenly Father, i turn to you today, I repent of all my sins. I believe that your Son Jesus Christ, died on the cross for my sins, and was resurrected to life on the third day, and forever more he lives. Father, I ask of you to baptize me with the Holy Spirit right now, Change my heart, and renew my spirit. I forgive myself completely, and I completely forgive others who've done wrong against me, and have hurt me.. I invite you Jesus, to enter into my heart; change me, Save me, and be Lord of my life. Right now, in your mighty name, I pray, Amen!

  17. Власть не надо брать (захватывать) ,её надо заслужить или получить по заслугам !

  18. i died 4 times. First Adonis od me on ghb. Second Dracula Jr gave me the immortal kiss. Followed by Raphael who at climax hit me with black widow venom. I am the only one to survive it. Last was either Satan or me give me the immortal kiss. If it was me I was a convincing Satan. Only Satan knows.

  19. you land after and thru the censorsip of RAHOWA , a goth/metal band before your time , lol if you guys are buds then im sorry but you dont wanna be associated lol please stand behind freedom of speech and know your genre was hated one time, cling to the ass that feeds you stupid turd!
    ach back? lol crippled digital metal for posers!

  20. Bonjour magnifiques paroles vraiment j'aime beaucoup et pourtant j'ai 57 ans en France nos "artistes " ne sont pas vraiment capables d'une telle performance Bravo continuez comme ça et les sous titres sont les bienvenus Cordialement

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