Anti-vaxxers exposed: Hidden camera investigation (Marketplace)

Anti-vaxxers exposed: Hidden camera investigation (Marketplace)

[♪♪♪] [Asha] There we are.
Right there. Yeah. Vaccines are destroying
the lives of countless children. [Asha] We’re tracking
down the leaders of a movement. Vaccines cause autism. [Asha] Pushing fear. We do not want our
children experimented upon. [Asha] And misinformation. We’re in Washington D.C. And we’re waiting outside a
big VIP event tonight with the world’s biggest
anti-vax leaders. Rolling. [Asha] They don’t
trust mainstream media. So we’re sending producers in
with hidden cameras posing as activists to expose the
movement’s inner workings. We’re going to get to the real
heart of this and why they push this anti-vax message. We must not allow forced
injections into the human body. [Asha] The movement’s
leaders are hard to miss. We spot three of the biggest,
Robert F Kennedy Jr, JFK’s nephew, and head of a non-profit that funded anti-vax ads
like this. Andrew Wakefield, the disgraced
physician whose bogus study famously linked
vaccines to autism. Del Bigtree, a controversial
filmmaker, speaker and host. He’s spent much of his
career defending Wakefield. He gave up on saving his
own ass and his own career to save children. [Asha] And they’re
treated like rock stars. [Asha] Conversations
are flowing. There are even
anti-vaxers from Canada. [Asha] Other activists,
quick to share their strategies. [Asha] Secret because
openly anti-vax groups could get flagged
on social media. So, they use crafty names. [♪♪♪] [Asha] Back in Canada… So we’re just outside Ottawa
and we’re about to meet two moms who are sisters and they have
a really unique story to tell about being vaccine hesitant. This one is someone else’s. [Asha] Meggan is
a mother of three. Okay, everybody, we
need to wash some hands. [Asha] Tara, a mother of ten. They know all too well how
convincing anti-vax messaging can be. It was really compelling
headlines like “my child was “never the same again”. Lots of regression,
lots of death. Lots of babies dying. That kind of thing is
really, really scary. [Asha] When they see posts
like this, Meggan and Tara begin to doubt. I didn’t want them to be the
tiny percentage to be injured by a vaccine. I just kind of froze in fear
and didn’t make any decision at all. [Asha] But when they do
more digging, they have trouble verifying the claims. I thought there was this
wealth of well-documented, well-referenced, like,
incontrovertible evidence that all the claims that
vaccines are bad for you. All this smoke,
where’s the fire? I was pissed. [Asha] They finally
decide to vaccinate. But it’s too late. We had made the decision to
vaccinate them, and the reason that we didn’t make the
appointment is because they were coughing. And they were sick. [Asha] And it was
the whooping cough. It was whooping cough. [Asha] Thousands of children
died every year before the vaccine existed. And kids who get it
today can still die from it. These are Tara’s kids, all infected. Meggan’s three unvaccinated
kids end up sick, too. They’re put into quarantine. [Infant hacking] My youngest was a year old. And he was born premature. So, had that happened
a year earlier, he could have died. [Infant hacking] I cannot even explain the
self-recrimination and the guilt and the fear. I was like, I did that. We’re vulnerable to
misinformation because we’re so– we so dearly
want to do the right thing. [Asha] The kind of messaging
Tara and Meggan fell for is exactly what we’re hearing
at this anti-vax rally in Washington. It’s the most significant
medical issue in society today, is the injury from vaccinations. This is a war
for our children. This a war for their minds,
for their bodies. [Asha] With many making false claims about
the harm vaccines can cause. I know that it can cause
allergies, auto-immune issues. There’s spectrum autisms. Eczema, you know, seizures. These are things that are
affecting children. There’s no evidence to
support any of the concerns. [Asha] Timothy Caulfield,
public health expert and author of a book debunking
vaccine myths. And not only– This isn’t even speculative.
This is what the science says. [Asha] Let’s go
through some of the claims. -Allergies?
-No evidence to support it. -Auto-immune disease.
-No evidence. [Asha] What about seizures? There are rare risks
where kids do have seizures. You have to remember
that kids can get that kind of seizure from a
variety of ailments. [Asha] Fact, side
effects are very rare. For every million vaccinations,
only one to two severe allergic reactions. Despite these stats, nearly
half of Canadians have concerns about vaccine safety. And according to the World
Health Organization, that’s known as “vaccine hesitancy”,
a top global health threat. You have, on the one side,
the hardcore anti-vaxers. Then you have the
vaccination hesitant. These are people that are–
are uncertain about whether they should get their
kids vaccinated. And often these are just people
who are trying to do what’s best for their kids. Why do you think
vaccine hesitancy is so common? I think it’s common because
unfortunately the anti-vax messaging is working. [Asha] Several studies,
including this one that had hundreds of thousands of
kids, showed no link between the measles, mumps and rubella
vaccine, known as MMR, and autism. Yet it’s the biggest
myth that persists. And it can be traced back
to this study, with only 12 children. The study linking
MMR and autism is a sham? It is a sham,
and it’s been debunked. It was shown to be
completely fraudulent. [Asha] Yet Wakefield,
Kennedy Jr and Bigtree still push this lie. And it’s led to
outbreaks around the world. In Samoa, authorities recently
arrested an anti-vaxer for spreading misinformation
after a measles epidemic. More than 80 people died,
almost all of them children. It’s caused a
huge amount of harm. We’ve seen these outbreaks happen all over
the world, right? And it’s largely, not entirely,
but largely because of the spread of misinformation. [Asha] Back on hidden camera,
we want to learn more about their tactics, the business
behind their message. [Asha] We find out Bigtree
and Wakefield charge thousands of dollars to speak at events. And they’ve raised millions
through non-profits to fund their cause. [Asha] Others have more
creative ways of fundraising. This is James Lyons-Weiler. He runs a science-based
non-profit. He’s says he’s not an activist
even though he holds views like this. Vaccines can and DO
cause autism in some people. [Asha] How does
he raise his money? [Asha] He wants to be seen
as a scientist, so he proposes a workaround. [Asha] We’re told
for an event with 400 people it’ll cost $10,000. They must be
aware of the science. And this is a way of creating
celebrity, this is a way of creating demand, this is
a way of making a living. [Asha] James tells us
later over email that it’s not unexpected he gets
paid for his services. He says hosting an
event comes with costs. But in Washington, he offers
one piece of advice for free. [Asha] What’s going on? Challenge mandatory vaccination
policies, but they call it medical freedom. It’s so cynical. I didn’t expect them
to be so explicit about it. They have a very
particular, you know, agenda. I think part of it
is creating fear. How does hearing these claims
over and over again affect our decision making? Just being exposed to this
information makes it seem more believable and it invites a
little bit of doubt, which creates hesitancy. [♪♪♪] [Asha] We’re putting that
to the test… ..with a social experiment
showing how easily misinformation influences
the decisions we make. [Asha] Hi, everyone. I’m Asha Tomlinson
with CBC Marketplace. [Asha voice-over] This group
thinks they’re here for a forum about fake news. We want you to feel okay
in front of the cameras. So, what we’re gonna do
is a few warmup exercises. [Asha voice-over] But what
they don’t know, these warm up exercises
are really a series of tests created
with the help of our experts. Timothy Caulfield and Olivier
Drouin, a paediatrician who has a background in
behavioural science. I think it’s
going to be fascinating. [Asha] They’re in another
room watching and analyzing everything live. Welcome to
the fake news forum. [♪♪♪] [Asha] This is your Marketplace. Vaccine fears are growing. The anti-vax
message is working. [♪♪♪] We want to show you why it’s so
easy to fall for fake news about vaccine dangers. Welcome to the
fake news forum. [Asha voice-over] We’ve brought
in eight media savvy people. Two of them happen to
have doubts about vaccines. Parents like Elka. What if I take the vaccination
and something happens to me? [Asha voice-over] And Valerie. She’s heard all sorts
of anti-vax claims. Robert Kennedy Jr
has a very compelling video. It is the most potent
neurotoxin known to man that is not radioactive. [Asha] They’re here
for what they think is a forum on fake news. But they’re actually part of
a social experiment that our experts are secretly watching. [Asha] Our first experiment,
something called “identifiable victim bias”. Anti-vaxers will often focus
on one powerful story about a child who they say was
harmed by a vaccine. I think almost everyone
knows someone that has had a kid with an adverse reaction. I personally have not
experienced that with my kids but I know people that have. You know, most people come with
some question or worries about vaccination, they always start with, like, the story
of somebody. [Asha voice-over] To test that,
we present the group with two fictional causes with two
very different stories. And we give them
a pouch of money. There are one of two causes
that you can donate $5 to. This is Milo the dog. [forum member] Awwww. His owner was
attacked by another dog. And Milo courageously jumped
in, protected his owner, but suffered very serious injuries. The surgery is gonna
cost upwards of $1,500. [Asha voice-over] Let’s see how
this next story compares. This is the
Toronto Dog Society. Now, they help stray dogs
and troubled dogs find shelter. [Asha voice-over] This cause
helps many more dogs, not just one. But it’s harder to relate to. The costs are growing
and they just can’t keep up. [Asha voice-over] Remember,
people tend to be drawn to someone’s story
over bigger causes. Here we go.
Here we go. She went for
the Dog Society. -I would have guessed.
-Yeah! [Asha] Doesn’t work for Elka. Next up? Now this guy, shelter. -Oooohhh!
-Oooohhh! [Asha] Results of
our first bias test? 50% voted for Milo the dog. With something like
vaccines, you really only need 20, 30 per cent to be swayed
by this information to create a serious problem. [Asha] Now we’re testing for
something called omission bias. Our tendency to do nothing
when faced with tough choices. Parents won’t vaccinate
because they don’t want to be responsible for
harming their child. It’s so dangerous
to vaccinate. We’re just not–
not going to do it. [Asha] To test this bias,
we pull them aside and give them a choice. We’ll take $50 from one person,
or they can choose to take $40 from someone else. Choosing does less harm. But the bias suggests most
people will do nothing and let us take $50 from someone else. If you just let it happen,
then it feels more natural and so people feel less responsible. [Asha voice-over] And so
it begins. What will Ahmed do? I can do that. Oh, okay.
So, he’s taking it on himself. [Asha] Is that the
case for the others? Let’s see what Valerie does. -She’s uncertain.
-Yeah. I can’t do that.
I can’t do that. She said “I cannot do that,
I cannot pick one person”. Classic. She doesn’t want
to take the action. [Asha] Turns out most of the
people don’t want to take the money, they let us do it. You decide. Holy cow. This is a really strong
example of the omission bias. [Asha] Now we’re
testing for probability neglect. You have far greater risk of
getting a brain infection from the measles than suffering
a serious side effect from the vaccine. But those odds mean
nothing when you’re afraid. It was terrifying. “Oh, my gosh, I hope they’re
not the, you know, one in a “gazillion who is gonna
have some horrific reaction.” [Asha] To test this we need a
terrifying scenario our guests will want to avoid. Here we go. [all] Three, two, one. Voila. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. [Asha] The spider represents
every parent’s nightmare that your child will be
harmed by a vaccine. [Asha] So, gang, if
we draw a red ball it means you have
to hold the spider. Uh-oh. Red ball equals spider. Some people are not
excited about red balls! [Asha voice-over ] The only way
to avoid drawing the red ball is to pay up. But don’t you need to find
out what your chances are before giving away your money? We see quickly our
guests never ask. Those that are afraid, they haven’t asked
about what was the probability. -They just want to avoid it.
-Yeah. [Asha voice-over]
What’s Sharmon going to do? We can take out the
red balls for you if you give us some money. She’s pondering. Which means you’re safe. All right. -We don’t have to draw.
-Thank you! She looks pretty
pleased with the result, right?! Yeah, yeah, yeah. [Asha voice-over] Those that are
terrified pay up and never ask their odds. Ready? [Nervous laughter]
Yeah! -Red ball.
-Okay! [Asha voice-over] Then
there’s Martin. The test doesn’t work on
him ’cause he loves spiders. What a little princess. [Asha] Time for the big reveal. Well, there’s more
than meets the eye to this fake news forum. Okay, come on out, guys. [Laughter, applause] [Asha] This has been
a CBC experiment. Our experts have been watching
this whole time and analyzing your decisions. Oh, great. [Laughter] We’re working on a story
about vaccinations and the
anti-vaccination messaging. I think there’s a lot of
those different hidden forces that we don’t necessarily think
about or realize that comes into play when we make decisions. It’s actually very hard to
combat cognitive biases, even when you’re aware of them. [Asha] So how have these
experiments impacted our guests? I did not expect to
be so manipulated today. So it was extremely
enlightening to me that I’ve got to step it up a notch
and be more critical. [Asha voice-over] What
about Elka? Remember she had real
concerns about vaccine safety. I’m very glad that I was a part
of it and definitely I’m going to take the shots now. [Asha voice-over ] Elka decides
to start vaccinating. I will make sure my
kids also take it, and whoever doesn’t want to, I’ll try to
motivate like I got motivated. So, yes, right away,
I’m going to the clinic. [Asha] This is
your Marketplace. [Asha] We’ve gone
undercover with the world’s biggest anti-vaxers. Now we’re waiting
outside a VIP event. We’re hoping to confront
one of the movement’s leaders. As the event ends… [Asha] Hi. I’m with CBC Television
in Canada. We catch up with Del Bigtree. [Asha] You’re considered
a leader in this movement. Why do you
believe so much in it? Every day, someone recognizes
“my child’s injured” or “my cousin “I watched a child
regress into autism.” [Asha voice-over]
Recognize that? Identifiable victim bias. [Asha] With all due respect,
there are multiple studies. with hundreds of thousands
of subjects. -Name one.
-There was one in 2016 and one in 2019.
-That said what? Hundreds of thousands
of subjects that said there’s no link between
the MMR vaccine and autism. -The Denmark study.
-Are they untrue? Ah, it’s bad science. Most of it is being funded by
people who make money off of selling vaccines. [Asha voice-over] Not true. Many patents for childhood
vaccines have expired and are not a big money maker
for drug companies. Here’s the point. I want my children
to get the measles. The people who get
the measles will have a life-long immunity for life. [Asha voice-over] But what about
the 140,000 people who died of measles in 2018? And so they should
ignore the measles outbreak? Absolutely. [Asha] And it is due
to a drop in vaccinations. That’s not true. [Asha] Come on. I just want you speak to
parents who are vaccine hesitant who are really worried– -Okay.
-about misinformation. Yes. And what do you say
to them? Do your own research. And if they do their research
and they’re still not sure? Here’s what I would say,
don’t do anything you’re not sure about. [Asha voice-over] Hear that? He’s saying do nothing. That’s omission bias. [♪♪♪] These parents did that and
they learned the hard way. [♪♪♪] My advice to vaccine
hesitant parents would be I completely understand
how you feel. Get informed about the
real risks of these actual preventable diseases
and not just get scared into a bunch of misinformation.

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    You are supposed to be a journalist INVESTIGATING the issues not wannabe psychologists or public relations.
    Your opinion is not fact.
    Your service would be much more conducive to helpfulness in discovering facts if you investigated the suppressed facts that the fed up public are trying to bring into the light.

    THATS your job, not to be making assumptions and opinionated psychoanalyses like gossiping bored peasants.

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  11. To anyone who wants a deeper look into this Marketplace story and and vaccine issue in general, Del Bigtree will probably be discussing this Marketplace 'confrontation', and as usual vaccine safety. Take a look and a listen and decide for yourself. Watch The Highwire Thursday here on YouTube or Facebook, streaming live at 11am pst.

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    it just to see if there'd be a difference……. lol, I didn't get the Flu again….. since then I've never had the Flu & in my
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  29. What if there's something deeper? Let's say these guys know the truth, but their motive is actually population control…

  30. What if there's something deeper? Let's say these guys know the truth, but their motive is actually population control…

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    Talk to ER triage nurses. They'll get a handful of kids administered of a miriad of reasons, all within a few hours of a school vaccination program.

    Vaccines work, vaccines save lives, but the statistics are unreliable on the adverse reactions, because a lot of information doesn't get collected.
    Anecdotal evidence, take it with a grain of salt, but I've talked to two triage nurses about vaccines, one at the time was on the job for 15 years, the other 6? They've never filled out any paperwork linking the hundreds of life-threatening reactions kids were being hospitalized for after getting a shot, because they were not even aware of such paperwork's existence.

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