Andrew Luck retirement is shocking, but can we blame him? | SportsPulse

Andrew Luck retirement is shocking, but can we blame him? | SportsPulse

(intense orchestral music) – Indianapolis Colts’
quarterback Andrew Luck shocked the football
world on Saturday night by announcing that he is
retiring from the NFL at age 29. And it’s a decision that, on the surface, is going to confuse and
anger a lot of people, especially Indianapolis Colts fans, so close to the beginning of the season. But if you take a look a little
deeper beneath the surface, I think it’s a decision
that just on a human level, a lot of us can sympathize with. Andrew Luck, as brilliant and as talented and as successful as he’s been, when healthy as a quarterback in the NFL, has suffered through
a lot of physical pain in this profession. From a shoulder injury that
was extremely problematic to a lacerated kidney to
a partially torn abdomen, this guy has gone through a lot and just imagine being 29,
having millions and millions and millions of dollars in the bank and the ability to do whatever you want with the rest of your life. And you’re coming up to
the beginning of a season and you’re hurting and
the rehab is a struggle and you don’t feel like you’re
ever gonna be 100% again, I think it’s a very natural, human thing to look at that and say,
“What am I doing here? “Why am I gonna spend
day after day grinding “to play football, to go
to practice, to rehab, “when I could literally
have the freedom financially “and with my life to do whatever I want.” The NFL requires a level of
physical and mental commitment that most of can’t even fathom and for him to decide to
step away at this point with this much in his past,
and frankly with a future that he didn’t feel comfortable with, I think we should all
just tip our cap and say, “Congratulations on a great career.”

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  1. The fans in Indy abused the hell out of this guy. They will find out now that he was much better than they gave him credit for.

  2. Been a Colts fans since the mid 60's. I for one am not disappointed in Luck. His health ( physical & mental) is more important than football. One of my favorite Colt players was Bert Jones. He took a beating. Players need to make their own decisions.

  3. Almost everything should be used as a stepping stone, the man put the time in in the game. He needs his health. 👏

  4. Luck has a low tolerance for pain. This guy was overrated from day one! Luck was never an elite quarterback and is not going to Canton. Luck will never be mistaken for Johnny Unitas! Somebody drive this guy to the airport! Get him outta here!

  5. Only Andrew can do what’s best for himself. Better to retire now on your own terms than it is too wait and retire when you’re totally broken down. Best wishes for tomorrow Andrew!

  6. Lol must be nice to have millions and millions and millions of dollars to actually enjoy your short measley life. Wish i could at least enjoy my only life instead being a mindless corporate slave to make someone else rich. Sorry for being depressing

  7. I’m a colts fan and my sister first told me And I didn’t believe her but then she showed me the news I was sad to see him go😢😢😢😢😢

  8. I like how he takes 100 million and yet still screws over the Colts doing this a week before the season starts.

  9. I was asleep all day today. I woke up like oh the Broncos play today let’s check the score! Looks up Broncos on google. Sees Andrew luck retired. Pikachu face.

  10. Years of perfect drafting, planning, hiring, and positioning to have your 1 thing you didn't have to work out say, nope sorry but fuck ya not happening. Thanks a lot for ruining everything I have watched you work for. What a waste of years of my life. FUCK you luck

  11. he's my grandkids age and he gets to retire but i cant? just kidding. i feel bad for him, i know he wanted to keep going for the love of the game.

  12. His first 5 years he had no front offensive line to block for him. He was pulverized on every play and had 158 sacs in his first 5 seasons. The Colts did nothing about it. I was actually surprised when he signed a new contract a few years ago with the Colts. Because they did nothing in getting him a front line. I do mean he was pulverized!!

  13. Doctors all said he wasn’t hurt! Not me, the Doctors said he had No Injury. The guy was a bust and ended a quitter! Write another letter to mommy yah Freak.

  14. Am I the only one who thinks he will be back with the Colts next year? I think he became discouraged with all the leg problems he was having. They were non specific injuries, which made it worse because fans and team management get frustrated when a star player seems to be malingering (Kevin Durant is a prime recent example). He will rest his body for the next couple of months then the old competitive fire will kick in. Once he knows he can handle it physically, the mind will follow.

  15. Good for him, NFL fans don't care about this guy, NFL fans are racist, entitled and abusive a-holes screaming abusive savage commentary at that guy every Sunday. They don't give a fuck about this health. Take care of YOU …Take care Andrew…peace

  16. Andrew is weak! I was at the game booing him, the beer bottle I threw at his head only missed him by a few feet.

  17. Everyone likes why did he wait so long dah de dah dah. He prolly had high anticipation of coming back for this season but doc wouldn't clear him or he figure his sprain would be fine by week 1. And since it's takin so long it mentally destroyed him. Until yah get ur fat ass off the couch and play the game instead of watching it, you would understand the pain in this man's body. But I understand if yah don't realize cuz you prolly never played on an actually football team before in a real season. This is above a lil backyard football. game.

  18. Why did I come to this stupid video…thought it was going to be a clip of luck…instead some idiot fat face talks the whole time…smh..

  19. So some people mad he retired. Do anybody not know what this man been through in his life in football. The colt fans should be ashame because colts fans straight booed him like he didn't help your team. 😠

  20. There are no more NFL fans. NFL died years ago with real players who played REAL FOOTBALL. The ASSHOLE INDY millennials who booed are the same who CHEER FOR KAPERNICK. These assholes wear SWEATSHOP NIKE GEAR LIKE A GOD. How FUCKING DUMB THEY REALLY ARE.

  21. Colts Fans be like:
    How dare he not want to put his body on the line for our entertainment, while we are drunk boast about meaningless games we win to non Colts fans.
    The audacity he don't want to break more of his bones for our pleasure. This was our year! I will never forgive him

    Also Colts fans….fall on their job and want to sue the company and get workers comp

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