Always Be My Maybe | Trailer | Netflix

Always Be My Maybe | Trailer | Netflix

(party music)
(laughter) (fire crackling) – You’re gonna be late. – All right, I look good? – Yes. Water? – That came from your thigh gap? No thank you. – Thanks for calling it a gap. – [Interviewer] We are
catching up with celebrity chef Sasha Tran and her fiance Brandon Choi. – What a great cause, huh? (typing) – Mm. – We are opening a new restaurant and I need you in San Francisco. (doorbell rings) – Hey! – Hi, Marcus. – Yeah, hi Sasha. Hi. Hello. Hi. – Long time. (moaning)
(car squeaking) – Yes, yes. Very long time. What’s up? – Sasha Tran! – Mr. Kim. – You’re like our own Asian Oprah. How much money do you have now? – (laughing) – He’s serious. – Oh. – (Mr. Kim) I’m surprised
you two lost touch. You used to be so close. – So, when’s the big wedding day? – He wants to travel a
bit before we settle down. It’s really for the both of us. – I finally realized that I
don’t want to get married. – Are you kidding me? You’re a piece of shit! – I can tell you’re a little… – I hope you get malaria and shit yourself to death you shitty piece of shit! (goat baas) – A little softer, please. You are scaring the goats. (soft guitar plays) – I guess I have to
start dating again, huh? Is there anything worse? – [Friend] You and Marcus are so cute. – Mm. No, no. – Remind me why you never got together? – There’s way too much history there. Oh. Haha. Yeah. ♪ You were his one babe ♪ ♪ For a moment in time ♪ – You still have the Corolla? – What are you looking at? My backseat because we had sex back there? – Oh my god! – So what do you think? – That it might be even smaller
and grosser than I remember. – You better still be
talking about my backseat. (laughter)
(Always Be My Baby plays) – [Mr. Kim] You don’t
want to wonder “what if”. Tell her how you feel, son. – I have some news. – So do I.
– Mine’s big. – Mine’s big too. Okay. Look… – Okay. I wanna go first. I met someone! – Wow. That’s so great. – We had the most insane, freaky ass sex. I can’t even talk about it, otherwise- – Yeah, let’s stop talking about it. ♪ You will always be my baby ♪ – Well, there he is! – (slow-mo) Oh my god. – Hi, baby.
– I’m missed your flesh. – [New Boyfriend] I missed your thighs. – I miss your beard scratching my thighs. – I missed your taste. – [Sasha] I missed your thumbs. You’re so good with your thumbs. ♪ You will always be my baby ♪

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  1. I love that this isn't like those typical racist Asian movies aka "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is like those white people romcom movies but with 2 Asian actors taking the lead. P.s Am not Asian or white but black(coloured) South African

  2. If my girl left me for Keanu, I'd be like… Bitch, you stole the man of my dreams! Lol
    I wouldn't even be mad.

  3. This movie had potential but instead of making it funny, it was mostly awkward. I always liked the main character, he's been hilarious in everything he's been in, except this movie.
    Netflix wasted a great cast… again.

  4. I still don’t understand why Sasha ignored Marcus texts plot. Would that really happen in the real world? I just thought love should be kinder.

  5. ? You better believe I punched KEANU reeves,
    And it was better than any scene you could have seen in Speed ?

  6. B-grade crazy rich. well played Miss Wong. Mr Wick is a solid turning point for the film and really saves it, not sure what other story element would have sufficed.
    Can we get more of you with Tuca yet?

  7. I really liked this movie but what I didn’t understand was why their friendship broke up over the comment he made at the burger joint about her not understanding his pain. Grief is a very complex thing especially for men because they aren’t the best at expressing/processing their emotions. I think for her to leave at that fragile point in his life was selfish on her part. He wasn’t an asshole. He was grieving- big difference.

  8. Wow, the masterpiece film turned out! More such. Sasha is super, it was thought – and why I do not have such a wife),

    Marcus braked a lot, Lol. When Keanu appeared, my sister and I had fun from the heart, he steeply entered, the role of himself goes to him, the moment when they fought with Marcus, I thought Reeves would hit him), but this is Keanu eccentric. I recommend – everyone to watch!

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  9. I seriously have no words …
    This movie was awesome I mean somehow I found better than any other romantic comedy, Ali and Randall nailed it + Keanu doing hilarious work I was literally laughing my tear out….

    I feel like I'm gonna watch it again

  10. This movie had its moments of hilarity but it seemed to me the focus was huge on leftist narratives which sank its ship for me. It basically was the inverse of the trope "rich person tempts the poor person to leave their roots and be subject to them, but poor person cannot violate his loyalty to his true friends and family". Except in this movie, he actually does leave. Hes the girls bitch, and it was deliberately written to be that.

  11. Just because there are some famous peoples faces it doesn't mean we should suffer for 2 hours, wheres the quality? Movies these days are sooooo bad, my brain is crying.

  12. Watch this last night, and damn Randall Park and Ali Wong is a perfect romantic comedy material couple! Was laughing out loud even im watching it alone!????

  13. ME : I think I'll watch it someday

  14. This movie honestly exceeded my expectations, actually really funny, I'm not that into romcoms but I think this one just became my favorite.

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