Alicia Vikander Interview for USA TODAY (рус.суб.)

Lily we should go out tonight give them something different Lily you’re exquisite you’re different from most girls I feel I’d need to ask your permission before I kissed you I’ve heard that when you first saw Eddie on set as Lily did you not recognize well it’s it’s this thing that I had done so over the two weeks three weeks of rehearsals I had tried my different costumes because it’s a very it’s it’s a process of also finding your character in a way and I had been trying different things and costumes was good and I was like wow I haven’t seen you and lilies costume yet and I actually like the the audience or now maybe saw in the newspaper this photo of Lily there was released when we started a film and that was the only photo that I had seen – oh really yes and then we came just a few days before we actually started to shoot and I we did camera tests that’s when you try different Lighting’s and and backdrops in front of the camera for the first time and I had been and we had done some scene of the Copenhagen backdrops so in the beginning of the film and that slowly as I not and then afterwards I went and did I had change and changed my outfit I came back and I was looking for Eddie you know to try and discuss what we were supposed to do next and and then I see the courtiers redhead woman just turning around and I I was just quite amazed he’s Lilly’s a very beautiful woman and yeah I everyone teased me about and I think it actually they were all very happy like Tommy was like yes thumbs up for about five minutes without recognizing a realising that once Eddie yeah it’s just just lastly you know this is a this is a love story and it’s it’s happy about unconditional love I mean what did what did their kind of love say to you about the possibility of a love like this I I think I’m a big romantic date I truly admire to be able to kind of because because you allow yourself to be vulnerable when you truly allow yourself to love somebody in the same way that you if you really have emotional somewhere you also to that point is able to know that you are that if it comes to it you can also let the person go well that’s a very you know type of thing and that was also what got to me it was scripted so it’s a very tough journey that these people went under what attracted me to this was the kind of never and love that they would be shared thank you so much for sitting down with us yeah thank you

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