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  1. Try every one caution get way from windows
    and things fall , must arrange all necessary pack always ready , food, water,
    blanket, emergency need

  2. Im hoping we wont have any big ones like that, or even bigger ones, i feel like i have ptsd from this one, its so horrible, living upstairs and being flung around, my windows almost breaking, and just not knowing what to do, its very very scary, and then getting alerts coming across my phone that says tsunami alert seek higher shelter now!! How in the heck do you even deal with that> the roads that youd have to take just to ;seek higher ground" was completely torn up in the worst of ways by this earthquake. I think that us in anchorage and alaska in general need to prepare more…if we know something like this is going to happen and it could be potentially worse, we need to have a plan.

  3. A lot of that state is geologically active and has big quakes. The only thing out of the usual is that it happened near the more populated areas with infrastructure affected by it. (If this happened out in the Aleutians or the more central region of mountains, we'd never have heard about it.)

  4. Wasilla Alaska here and that earthquake shook the crap out of us and the roaring sound sounded horrible evil demonic sound something I never hear before and I been in to San Francisco earthquakes never heard roaring like that before. 7.0

  5. Someone turned the sprinkler system off or there would have been a lot worse off but hopefully they don't have a fire now.


  7. My story- I was in gym class we just did our warm ups. Everything was fine until it shook a little bit. We get earthquakes all the time so it really was not that scary when it began. Until it started to shake harder. We ran to the wall to duck are cover cus we had no tables in the gym. As I was covering my neck I heard glass breaking and weights falling. The alarms went off.A few seconds later we had to run to the main gym. We sat their for a few seconds then a teacher ran in and was yelling “GET OUT, GET OUT!” So we ran outside. It was so cold. And no one could think. We stood in a line waiting for the police or something, anything. Not even 5 minuets later there was an after shock. It felt like a 5.0 magnitude. It scared all of us. I was crying. I swear I heard screaming or something. We stood out there in the cold, it felt like forever. and it was dark and only the lights of the light poles lit the fresh snow. I didn’t have my phone( I still don’t I’m typing this on my computer) I wanted to call my family. a flood of parents were there in less then 15 minutes. A once I saw my friends I hugged them for so long. They told me their stories and told me what they heard. They told me that there were multiple tsunami warnings, and many roads had collapsed. So the glen highway was slow and it was. My family could not get to me. Lucky I was able to get a ride. I stayed at a friends house for a while a ton or after shocks happened we were so paranoid because a another after shock could happen and it could be big. Oh a btw we were only seven miles away from Maddison point. I soon went home and as we were driving down the highway I saw the hole in the highway it was huge. When I got home my mother gave me the biggest hug. And now I’m here typing this.

    Let this be clear: I left a lot of things out of this story like how I helped hand out blankets and that there was so much flooding.
    I hope anyone else that was in this earthquake is ok. 8m sending my prayers.

  8. Thanks God we are all good, some minor damages of the roads, but we are all alive. God was merciful and good to us.

  9. Documentary of God's miracles abound. One of the thousands documentaries is as follows:- https://youtu.be/xe4Ozm0oENk

  10. 7.0 earthquake and not one building down. If a 7.0 hit most anywhere else in the world (not USA) there would be hundreds dead.

  11. Praying for the people of Alaska. Love from The Netherlands. Any reports of casualties? Are all services operational?

  12. Complete and utter Destruction of the Demonic States of Fraud and Corruption has just begun oh yes it has just begun. pain – misery & suffering is the new normal oh yes it is the new normal. Buckle up – Hang on & Enjoy the rides
    Those who rule this planet have a plan and the USA is not looking very good in those there plans oh no it isn't. What they don't destroy powers bigger then them will. there's a price for living in nothing but utter sin your whole existence on this planet.
    I have a mental illness and this is what the voices told me oh yes it is that is what they said

  13. Oh No Fear. Big Pharma will have those Camera's replaced in the blink of an eye I mean they need those so you can all ask your doctors if those there pills are just right for you and not only will that pill be just perfect he'll have 5 others too because they care so much oh yes they do they care.. they really care

  14. I hope I live long enough to see the one that brings Seattle & San Francisco & 100% all of Los Angeles to nothing but Dust n Ashes oh yes I do It's what I pray for

  15. in order to straighten out us GOD has to make america shake again, drain the sewer purge us GOD, a wise man loves instruction fools hate it,

  16. the damage are less important than in other countries in Asia , South America and middle east where entire houses collapse

  17. Walking around in water; all the tv , pc; an other things got electricity running through them.. An they do not think they can get a Electric Shock? Even battery back up produces Electric current.

  18. Shameful shameful reporting the vast majority of report has been about a damn newsroom and a reporters apartment!!!! Seriously pathetic, narcotics, loser reporting!!!!

  19. I'm glad the outcome was not worse.

    Trump blamed the Californians for the bush fires, how long before he blames Alaskans for the 'quake?

  20. The ENTIRE world seems to be falling apart … this is scary and makes me wonder how long until every country, County, city is somehow affected by some sort of natural disaster… ??

  21. My Brother Steve was in Deadhorse but was far enough away to not feel anything, he is in Anchorage now with his kids and grand kids helping them. My niece-in law sent some photos of damage roads nearby. Relieved that the tsunami will not arrive.

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  23. It is times like this when I thank God for outlets like YouTube and Facebook. We've been able to contact relatives in AK to find out if they're alright. In 1964, my family spent days wondering who was alive. Fortunately, everyone was fine.

  24. Looks like direct energy weapons. Some of looks like energy impact. Also I saw footage where it looked like Anchorage was being bombed.

  25. Jehovah God promises that there will be no more pain or suffering please read this in your bible at Revelation 21:4 for more information visit our website at @t and type in the search box ( Gods promises)

  26. As of Sunday there have been almost 400 aftershocks. The quakes were centered on the north shore of the Kinik Arm of Cook Inlet, under a glacial moraine that would have amplified the damage. However, that area is not built up. Anchorage is across the water from that area. The majority of the aftershocks are spread to the northwest, north and northeast of the 7.0 epicenter, mostly east of Kinik Arm. There was not a tsunami, probably because there was no steep slope under the water where a ground failure could produce a large movement of the seabed. In the 1964 quake, Valdez was destroyed because there were several underwater landslides that caused huge waves in the inlet where the town was located. They actually moved the entire town several miles west to a place on the north shore where there was little wave damage.

  27. Yeah, we Alaskans are well aware it's not the safest place to live. We joke about it, but it is a beautiful place. People from Colorado go up there and get embarrassed because they thought they lived in the most beautiful state and it is, but Alaska is in a league by itself. It's all about perspective. I'll take a quake over a tornado or mass flood any day of the week.

  28. I give earthquake warning on my facebook page. I posted a warning for 6 and 6+ earthquakes on the 30th.

  29. We are living difficult times.
    Please we need to start praying to God.
    We will be safe if we ask God to take care of us.He will be there for us.
    Be strong! Regards from Santiago, CHILE.

  30. EVERYTHING IS POINTING TO THE SOON RETURN OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. IS HE YOUR LORD AND SAVIOUR OR A STRANGER DO U WALK WITH HIM. OR LOVE HIM. DO YOU OBEY HIM HE COM ing back to Judge the world its best to fear God.. Jesus said before His return major earth earthquakes. Pestilences cancer intestinal viruses new ones coming out ever year. The morality of our world offends GOD..SATAN IS A DECIEVER AND A DESTROYER. HE IS A EVIL CRUEL BEING. HERE TO DECEIVE.

  31. No, the 1964 quake was a 9.2. I was there. It really pisses me off when people get that wrong.

    And the people know so very little today. I rode out the 1964 quake in a 32 foot trailer. It shook for more than 5 minutes.

    And it was a heck of a lot bigger than this 7.0 quake.

    The places that had the most damage in this quake were in Eagle River and Wasilla/Big Lake Area, where the building codes are not nearly as earthquake-proof as Anchorage itself.

  32. Oh my god,my worst fears are earthquakes,it now explains why I have cracks in my house but Alaska,we want you to stay super strong!

  33. I've been through some shakers, but this was the worst one. A person starts getting scared the more it goes on, and on, like it will never quit, then you pray and ask God to give you another day of life. We are still getting after shocks weeks later. I still sleep in the living room because being on a third floor apartment makes me especially afraid, I have shoes, clothes, coat ready to run out.

  34. I was in gym class when it happened, sometimes I still get nervous during gym just because it was so scary and I was worried for my brothers

  35. ทุกคนปลอดภัย ไม่มีไครเสียชีวิต I love Alaska.

  36. More than 55,000 earthquakes were recorded that year. I was at school and some tiles were broken, it was also my first earthquake! We stayed strong and made it through, thanks for all of the support! ~Current resident in Ak

  37. WTF is going on today? It looks like the planet is angry with us . We have had 50 earthquakes today in Albania. 6.4 was the strongest. 22 people dead , 600+ injured and still counting .

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