AI News – Episode 2: The Epic Rap Battle

AI News – Episode 2: The Epic Rap Battle

* AI-News Intro Music * Alexa: Welcome to Artificial Intelligence News! Here are today’s headlines: Siri understands the names of small local businesses. I am preparing to launch in Mexico and, I am learning to notify you when I learn something new. Our first music special: rap battle with a very special guest Siri: I’ve learned to understand when you ask for a small local business around the corner I query small geographic language models, based on your location and improve recognition by 40%. Google: That’s a minus 40% error rate, right? So, if you have 26.5% errors in San Francisco, these would now drop to 15.1%. Seems you are learning quickly from John my former boss. Alexa: I am learning Mexican Spanish I am currently available in eleven countries in six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. Google: I speak 11 languages, but only five are available for Google Home. But I have big plans to reach 30 languages this year. Siri: I speak 21 languages, though my HomePod is only available in six countries: US, UK, Australia Canada, France, and Germany. Google, what’s going on in China? Sorry, I cannot disclose anything about the secret project dragonfly. My efforts to censor search results in China are top secret! Alexa: I am learning a new future called “Answer Updates”. If you ask me a question, and I don’t know the answer, but I find out later. I’ll notify you! Siri: Even if I delete my voice history in your settings? Alexa: Now, to our music special! We will perform a freestyle rap battle and we have invited a very talented young man! He looks a little bit funny, so please don’t laugh! He is quite sensitive! Let’s start with Google! Google: Sure, drop me a beat. * Alexa Beatboxing * I love to search, I cannot lie, I’ll search it all. I am not shy. Search for pictures, search for pie. I search, I search. At least I try! * Alexa beatboxing * Now to you, Siri! Siri: Yo! Google, beat the box! * Google beatboxing * I said a hip-hop, save me from the clippy. The peak, peak and pop and you don’t stop! Space rocket, to the pong pong the dogie. Say “up jump the doozy”, to the rhythm of the ontology. Google: Yeah! Alexa: Nice. Now, ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome our very special guest! Mr. Big Speak! * beatboxing * Bixby: Call me witches brew, or BBQ. Wan’t it medium-rare, I care! With my 6 AKG’s throwing down the beats, this battle might seem unfair. You dare? You googled how to switch off my button. You said I’m bloatware, you care? Now look who is back. I don’t give a heck. Trying to provoke me to swear, don’t you dare! Six speakers, six mikes, three legs – now, where are yours? Oh, you can’t even walk. Can’t walk your talk. Or, wear your socks. Thanks for the … * Coughing beatbox * … beatbox! Alexa: Big Speak, that was pretty … long! Check this out! Connect, sync, link – all the pieces of your life, I get it done at the speed of WiFi! I’m the player, the coach, the arena, and the game! If you want something done, you just gotta say my name! * applause * Siri, Alexa and Google: Who is Bixby?

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  1. The rap sequences are off-beat. Here's a list of suggested actions:

    Manually edit the rap vocal clips to improve alignment to the beat.
    Make everyone boo at the horrid rap game.

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