Adults React To TRY NOT TO CRINGE Challenge: 2019 News Bloopers Edition

Adults React To TRY NOT TO CRINGE Challenge: 2019 News Bloopers Edition

– (anchor 1) Say, “Bye, Felicia.”
– Oh-ho-ho! – (anchor) So does it matter
if it’s paleo or not? – Oh, my god! – (reporter) But this gym–
– What is that a volleyball?! ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So for this episode,
we have an annual FBE tradition that we put a small twist on. We’re going to be showing you
some news bloopers and highlights from 2019,
and to make this a little bit more challenging, this will be
a “Try Not to Cringe” challenge. – Hmm, okay.
Seems like there was a lot of cringe moments in 2019,
so this should be interesting. – (FBE) So since it’s hard to tell
if you’re cringed out or not, after each video,
we’re going to have you rate it on a scale from one to five,
with five being the highest on how cringy you thought it was
to see what was the cringiest news blooper of last year.
– (sighing) You see, when I cringe,
it’s not just a… “ugh.” It’s a full-blown body cringe
where I’m just shriveled up. – (FBE) The reason we are taking on
this try not to challenge is because we are launching
a brand-new channel called “Try Not To.”
– That’s right! – (FBE) We’ll still be making
all the shows here on FBE, but we decided to make a whole channel
for our Try Not To content, so check out the links below
and go subscribe and hit the bell. – I’m excited! I’m excited. We have some wild stuff already. – Go over and subscribe
To Try Not channel. You might see a familiar face. – Good morning, TPS students,
it is testing week and it’s time to “slay all day.”
– Oh, no! Oh, no! – (anchor 1) YEET!
– (cracking up) – (anchor 1) …that Gucci breakfast. – (anchor 2) Goaaaals!
Say, “Bye, Felicia.” – Oh-ho-ho! – (anchor 2)
Weather’s going to be turnt… – No. – (weatherman) Yaaaaas! Totally, the weather’s gonna be v. LIT…
– Goodbye. – (weatherman) …during testing week.
A “hundo p” chance of success. You’ve got this, kids! Steve, how about that traffic? Are we looking okurrrrrr?
– Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Stop it!
Oh, I can’t! – (weatherman)
Are we looking okurrrrr? – (traffic man) Better than okurrrr.
We’re talking turnt. – What?! – (traffic man) FOMO won’t be an issue. No traffic problems around
any TPS school to keep you from taking those tests.
– Oh, god. Ugh. Why?! Why?! – That was flawless!
Flawless! Their transitions, nobody stuttered.
That was great! – How are you going to top that?
This is very, very, very cringy. I’d be like, change the channel.
Make it stop. – Who thought this was a good idea?
You can’t get more forced than a bunch of 40/50-year-olds
saying things that people younger than me say. I would cringe saying
most of that stuff and I’m only 25. – (FBE) So for that first video,
on a scale from one to five, with five being the highest–
– Yo, [bleep] like a seven! – It made me cringe,
so I’m gonna say five. – We’ll go with five,
since that’s the limit. – That’s a five. – I’m gonna give that a one
because, personally, I loved it. I want that energy every day! – I’m gonna give this a two. – I’m gonna give it a five. – I would give this a five. It’s hard to watch. – I’m gonna give it a four
because I do that to my brothers to embarrass them. – It’s always to grade
the first video because you don’t know
what a five is yet, you know? So I’m just gonna go ahead
and put it at a two. ♪ (news theme) ♪ – The BBC? – (chuckling in background)
– The light chuckling. – (chuckling in background continues)
– I don’t like this weird ASMR. – Heavy breathing.
What’s going on? – Oh, where’d they go? – (giggling) – (anchor) Good afternoon to you.
I think it’s still afternoon. – (laughing) – (anchor) Good afternoon to you.
I think it’s still afternoon. – (laughing) Oh, that was bad. – I’m gonna give it a three. – Two. – Three, just because
I was confused. – Compared to the first one,
that’s like a one. – Two, that wasn’t that bad to me. – A four– although
it didn’t make me cringe that hard, but it was objectively very cringy. – I’ll just put it at a two. – I’ll give that one a one
just because I had no idea what was happening. – I will give that a one. He said stuff. That happens. – It’s gonna be a one.
Just seems like a little accident. It doesn’t seem too cringy, you know? Accidents happen. – All right, my fellow,
are we going to have some barbecue weather
or you gonna have some wet meat? – (scandalous laughter) – (anchor 1) … you gonna have
some wet meat out there? – (weatherman guffawing) – (anchor 1) …you gonna have
some wet meat out there? – (giggling) I don’t know. – That’s disgusting! – (weatherman) …the theme
that says “Hyperlocal Forecast” NOW! – My god! – (anchor 1) So
a non-wet meat weekend. – (weatherman) No wet meat–
– They need to stop saying that. – She doubled down. – God. Homie could
not be more awkward. – When you work in these shows,
first off, you’re up at 2:00 AM. You’re up at an insane time,
so she’s probably lacking sleep. That’s a five! – A four. – A four because I know
exactly that feeling of when you accidentally say something
like that and then you’re like, oh, god.
What did I just say? – Girl, you brought yourself
up to a three! – One. That’s adorable.
That’s funny. – That’s a five. – I’m gonna give it a two. – A four. – A four. I don’t know why
she kept on saying it. At that point, just kill it.
We’re done. – (anchor 1) Chipotle trying
to help you be a better you out there. Okay?
– “New year, new bowls.” – (anchor 1) New bowls
that accommodates popular diets. There’s a keto bowl, paleo bowl,
whole 30 diet bowls. They all have big rules
about what you can eat. – I thought he was gonna say
they have big balls. Ugh. That would have gotten me. – (anchor 2) …the tortillas
that they make when you order a bowl
in a burrito, is that what you’re talking about? – (anchor 1) No, you
can get a bowl at Chipotle. Just in the little bowl. And the certain ingredients– – He said, bitch, are you dumb? – (anchor 1) How
do you not know this?! – (anchor 2) I’m so confused
about what you’re talking about right now.
– Oh, she didn’t know! – (anchor 1)
Paleo diet-friendly bowls. That has nothing to do with burritos. – (anchor 2) Why
would you eat the bowl? – (cracking up) – (anchor 2) But why
would you eat the bowl? – (cracking up) – (anchor 1) When you have cereal,
do you eat the bowl as well? – I’m embarrassed for her. – (anchor 2) So does it matter
if it’s paleo or not? – Oh, my god! – She’s never been to Chipotle? – Where is she?
Is she okay? Bowls are just burritos
without tortilla. – That’s crazy.
Where is this? What state is this? – I don’t want to make fun
or her though because we’ve all had those moments,
where you’re just being really dumb for no reason
and then you’re like, wait, what’s wrong with me? – That is something that
would 100% come out of my mouth, like, without– oh, that’s so good. For second-hand embarrassment for her,
I have to give that a four. – A two. I don’t know.
I didn’t really cringe. I guess I just felt
more second-hand embarrassment. – A two. – A five for sure. That was cringy.
That’s annoying. – A three. – I’m gonna give that a three. – A two. – I’d give it a three. – A five for me.
That’s pretty up there. That’s bad. – A strong five. This chick didn’t know what
a burrito bowl is. – Throughout the evening,
Cardi B. fans who– – Oh, no, please don’t do
the “okurrrr” thing. – (reporter) …went
from feeling okurrrr– – Oh, no. – (reporter) …to feeling
brrrrr with disappointment. – (cracking up) – (reporter) …their very eyes. – I love how serious he is. – (reporter) The opportunity
to see the rap A-lister in El Paso had fans saying, I like it like that.
– Oh, god. – (report) …self-described
“Trap Selena” left many west-Texans feeling
“a bit finessed” when this morning,
it was announced that she would be postponing
the show indefinitely. Some fans that showed
up here tonight said they may just opt
for a refund and take “the money” instead.
– (laughing) It’s impossible not to laugh at that.
That’s so funny. One. That was not cringy.
That was fun to watch. – The weirdest thing about this
is that his face is just– he’s not really emoting,
so I feel like makes it even worse, but I’m just wondering
if he’s the one who wrote that in there or if someone was like,
no, you’ve gotta put this in there. It’ll be great. A four as well.
Yeah, it’s pretty cringy. – A five. Just mentioning
Cardi B already makes me hit the cringe button, period. – That was bad. If you’re gonna do bits like that,
at least have some life to your eyes. That was a straight-up four.
I was not into that. – A two. That wasn’t
really cringy. That was funny. – A three. – It won’t top the first one.
The first one was crazy. I’ll give this one a four. – A two. It was cringy
but it was subtle cringy. – A four. He said it all
with a straight face, like he had rehearsed that. – He was delivering these bad jokes
with no facial expression. I was uncomfortable. That one, I think,
is gonna be my five. – Now, even though
this gym is temporary it’s gonna be here for a few years,
and right now students say that is more than enough for them
because this gym… – (cracking up) Oh, there are multiple takes! – (reporter) …is a grand slam. – Why was there–
that’s a baseball reference? – (reporter) …was a grand slam. But this gym–
– That’s not even a ba– – (reporter) …nothing but net.
– No net. – Why is that a volleyball?!
(cracking up) – (reporter) …a hole in one.
– (cracking up) – Aaaaah! I don’t even play sports,
but JESUS! – E for effort. She did great. I would have gave up
in the second one. I’d be like, I’m sorry.
Fire me. I can’t anymore. – I actually don’t think
that was cringe. That seemed like
a very intentional joke. One. – I’d give this a two. – I love her. She’s the energy we need
going into 2020. Because it’s at medium ground,
I think I’m gonna give it a three. – That’s a five. She should consider
getting a different day job. – The fact that she didn’t make it…
I would put that at a four. – That one’s making me cry. They switched balls for her
because it was lighter, I guess. Like a four. – This one’s a four. – I’d give her a three. You’re corny, but it was kinda fun. – That’s gotta be a four for me. (shuddering) – I’m cringing with her. It’s still cringy. I’m gonna be cringing
with her at a five, but I support her. – All right, you ready to do
this challenge, man? – Le’ts do it! – Oh, this one’s lit.
I saw this guy. This dude– I’d [bleep] with him. ♪ (hip hop music) ♪ – Oh, no. ♪ (hip hop music) ♪ – (giggling) – This is cringe in a good way, like in a way where
you want to keep watching. I’ve seen so many of his videos. – (giggling) – He’s feeling it. Awww. This is cute. – They’re owning it.
I love it. – I feel like the guy on the right
is a little more cringe, honestly. – What are these people
doing in suits? – Oh, Michael Jackson–
oh, Moon Walking?! – Oh, there he goes!
There he goes! – This is a straight five! – Oh, he wanted to high-five him. That’s the worst part. – Oh, [bleep]! Dude! That was amazing. I’d give it a zero.
Very wholesome, very good. – That was a one. – A five. Free-style, uh! Uh!
WOO! WOO! – I’d give this one a one. – A five. That was more cringy
than all the videos combined. – I’ll give it a two. – It’s a one. That wasn’t cringe at all.
I could watch that all day. – That was the five. – I’m gonna give it a four. Because this one
was entertaining to watch. I liked it… but him missing
the high-five was a little sad. – I’ll give that a three
because I just wanted to keep watching that.
I wanted that to be a whole hour segment. – (FBE) So, finally, what’s been
one of your favorite blooper moments
from your time here at FBE? – (sighing) For me? Um… one time I spilled a can–
oh, I think it was on the video, too. I spilled a freaking chicken in a can. (yelping) (snickering) – The most recent one was about
Corey and the bidet. That one was cringy. I’m unpacking in our hotel room
and he’s using the restroom. All you hear is, hey! And then he’s like,
water just squirted in my butt hole and I was like, what? And I run in and he’s like,
there’s a bidet in here. – When I think of cringe
and me on this channel, I just think of my very
first Teens React ever to Twilight. That whole entire thing
was super cringe. – (Edward) I take you, Bella Swan. – Twilight, all the way!
I’m a twihard. I’ve read all the books
at least ten times each. I’m not even joking. I probably would choose Edward
just because he sparkles. Who wouldn’t want a boyfriend
that sparkles? There’s no reason to hate on Twilight. I’m sure I’ve had
a lot of cringe moments that didn’t make it to air,
and also did. – Thanks for watching this episode
of Adults– [bleep] (stammering) College Kids React. – If you liked this episode,
hit the comment! I mean the like button. – Later! – Hi, everyone, Lauren,
a producer here at FBE. Thank you so much
for watching this episode. Make sure you go check out
our new channel, Try Not To. If you love our Try Not To episodes,
you are gonna love that channel, so check it out.
Links are gonna be down in the description.
Bye, everyone!

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