Active shooter at the #Gilroy #Garlicfestival California #BreakingNews

Active shooter at the #Gilroy #Garlicfestival California #BreakingNews

Dutyron here a Retired NYPD Detective back with another video we have breaking news out
of Gilroy California at the Gilroy Garlic Festival looks like we have an
active shooter situation just about an hour ago going on in California reports
are a little sketchy right now but I’m gonna go live with it and give
you guys what I have it looks like there’s multiple shooters I think two
shooters one have been one has been shot and killed by the police the other one
is in custody don’t know if there’s any outstanding hello Bridget
Parker good to see you Janice Lisa Christine ginger locks good to see it I
was gonna go live and talk about the shooting here in Brownsville East New
York Brooklyn I was preparing for my livestream and I came across this active
shooter situation duty blue Dylan right there in the chat he put me on to it
I had to do a little bit of research before I went live but I’m going to give
you basically what happened hey Diane good to see you so basically what I got
from Dylan and the news feeds is his active shooter I don’t know if the
situation is under control there’s sketchy reports that are out
there but I’m gonna give it to you live hello Jackie
hello I am Richy happy new year so active shooter in it’s just a little bit
south of Sacramento California so it’s in Northern California I’ll give you
guys a look at would it where it is on the map but anybody that’s here in the
broadcast that’s from California I looked quickly on the map and it looks
like it’s Northern California just a little bit south of Sacramento and
inland a little bit so Gilroy we have a shooting at the last day of the Gilroy
Garlic Festival Bridgette thank you for so much thank you so much for coming in
so yeah an unfortunate situation again another active shooter
situation here in the United States I mean these things unfortunately we’re
hearing about them all too many times it sounded like there was a lot of people
that were just enjoying themselves and you know last day of the Garlic Festival
and I have some news clips here Fox I have it on here guys I’m gonna go to it
it’s this is breaking news guys share it out onto your live share it out on to
your social media so this way you guys can see it I’ll just give you what I got
here is the live news this happened so fast and other people’s accounts that
they heard they’ve heard the gunshots that they’ve seen similar things leading
up to this is a three day gonna lie with obviously a number of people there this
is the last day of the festival so Peter you obviously we’re enjoying it
there with your wife and seemingly safe obviously until this until this came
about correct yeah yeah we were just do the banner we were actually going to me right you know we’re getting some
reports from law enforcement on that are obviously busy with this active scene
that they are saying that a number of people have been injured and and some
have been taken to the hospital we have a reporter on the scene will be going to
live to Joe Vasquez momentarily as you were running and I’m sure the main
priority as it should be was safety you and your wife getting out along with a
number of other people if you can recall when you heard the gunshots
did it go into the crowd did you see injured people or were they just kind of
ducking for cover to try to stay safe and some have been taken to the hospital
we’ll put on the scene we’ll be going live to Joe Vasquez momentarily as you
are running and I’m sure the main priority as it should be was safety you
and your wife getting out along with a number of other people if you can recall
when you heard the gunshots did it go into the crowd did you see injured
people or were they just kind of ducking for cover to try to stay safe and as you
were leaving was there an active presence of law
enforcement that were able to to tend to that scene or were you just trying to
clear out as quickly as you can and get on a bus and and head home
to Mountain View Peter was it was there much police presence at the festival
before all this happened alright if you’re just tuning in or been covering
or staying with our continuing coverage we’re following breaking news story an
active situation down in Gilroy multiple ambulances set to sent a Christmas hill
park as you can see video there there was a shooting reported shooting at the
Garlic Festival everyone cleared out including Peter and his wife after they
and saw a gunman firing shots whether it be in the crowd or to the side of the
stage or where have you but at that moment that’s when Peter and a number of
people cleared out we have video people evacuating the area and and some were
taken to an amphitheater as we heard earlier from one parent of a daughter
who said my daughter was taken to an amphitheater and now we’re seeing
Gavilan College is a location of a reunification center and as we’re
learning two victims have been transported to Valley Medical Center so
there were some reported injuries and we’re also learning it is still an
active scene law enforcement they’re still looking for what could be an
active shooter still and so they’ve cleared the area there was some earlier
reports of somewhere near a creek bed Brian you know the geography there
better than I do in the Gilroy area but that they’ve definitely a manhunt for
this active shooter right now well there’s a look there’s a lot of foliage
out there that you can disappear into right Peter I mean you know the park
still a park and it’s still fairly wooded even though it’s been developed a
little bit south yeah east of Christmas Hill Park that seems a frightening to
this extent that there I mean it’s also popular there’s a lot of people who live
around that park so apparently the police are looking for this guy who
fired as you think maybe around 20 to 25 shots and then disappeared out of the
park could be anywhere now so that’s an unsettling thought anyway you said this
all unfolded it’s probably about that the band was playing its last song it
was around 20 minutes to 6:00 and yeah yeah so anyway they didn’t try to
weed understood that in the wake of this that they were hurting people into the
amphitheater there but you weren’t one of those people heard it into it you
just made for the bus yeah you don’t curious like we’re getting reports
coming in about security there someone was there earlier and she just reached
out to me and she said that she was she was alarmed that they barely checked her
bag as she walked in her husband was asked to look if he had a pocketknife
and he didn’t and that there were I guess that they did have a metal
detector one I’m just I’m just curious about the security because she was a
little taken aback at how easy it was to get in there not to assume that there
was a major security at the time but what was it like for you when he walked
in security okay so was acting I don’t I don’t think that way right they don’t
back me if this isn’t like an ak-47 or a nineteen so it’s pretty big sorry Peter
what did you say it was it was like in a boat weapon oh my gosh you know or
something like that Wow yeah let’s see we’re getting some more video
this is actually live pictures now so obviously our crew is on the scene and
we’re going to be hearing from our reporters there as well if you’re just
joining us giving our coverage you can see the location in Gilroy and this is
one of our photographers there it’s gonna be bringing us the latest
information on what happened let’s see here Peter you still on the line yes
okay if someone just reached out and said that when when they were there they
saw that this is active shooter the suspect so guys this is this is
concerning because the area where this is being this festival was being held is
very wooded I looked at overhead I’ll show you guys I’ll show you guys a look
at the Google Earth maps it is a very wooded secluded area that’s also close
to residential but if they’re still shooters that are hiding in the in you
know in the wooded area around there you know this is obviously an active
situation where they need the area just cleared I’ve just cleared out you know
you need to have everybody just away the reunification center chi is for where
everyone that is missing family members or can’t get in touch with their family
members everybody that is evacuated from that festival is now at one central
location where everybody can account for whoever whoever is either missing or
injured at this time so you do that purposely law enforcement does that too
this way it makes it easier for notification whenever there’s a major
incident like this you know you want to try to get each and every person that
was at a location into one specific location so you have a head count right
now confirmed is one shooter is shot by police and another ones in custody I
don’t know if there is four more shooters that are outstanding so
just gonna listen to the local news versus the wonderfully science so let’s
just okay and that was as far as you know that was
it or was this burst of gunfire and then the shooter took off into the foliage
and the people surrounding the stage took off as well in the opposite
direction does that kind of some of them then he ran off so that’s probably where
police are now obviously looking for him as well and as you mentioned and to to
someone that gave us some information there was security he’s talking about
assault weapons here there were armed you know metal detectors as you walked
in so how he was able to get in is clearly anyone’s guess at this point
correct yeah I don’t it was an ak-47 homemade or not they didn’t have metal
detectors though right they just you know looked at your bags guys this is a
live feed right here reports now are 60 injured duty blue
outlets at looking at but I’m gonna stick with KPIX right now and super
viewers tuning and we just want to show you what we have initially coming into
our studio and what we’ve been seeing on on social media as well so right here
you look at the crowd and this is after the active shooting incident
gillray police there a number of law enforcement at the scene and as we’ve
been to active scene right now they are still actively looking for the gunman at
the same time there is critical care being taken at the hospital’s nearby we
don’t know how many people have been taken to the hospital but we do know
that there have been some reported injuries earlier on a father called in
to our station his daughter was there and she reported a number of people down
Peter to your account you were saying you said people were
down kind of covering to stay safe so it’s hard to say people were down
injured or if they were just trying to stay in one place and try to be out of
out of the range of fires so well we have yet to know about that but if I can
ask you and I know we’ve asked you earlier but when you were there there
was a large crowd right so with everyone running at the same time kind of
frantically so for those of you who are just tuning in this is a it looks like
what we have working here is breaking news active shooters at multiple
shooters at a garlic festival over in Gilroy California it’s just a little bit
south of Sacramento so it’s Northern California it was a
three-day Garlic Festival and this was the last day apparently the band was
playing the last song and I will I watched a Twitter feed of multiple shots
being fired and it sounded like rapid gunfire from salt type weapons so
I what I heard was not anything good so I don’t know if all suspects are in
custody and if the situation is under control but this right now is breaking
news out of Gilroy California and it doesn’t look good ladies and gentlemen
so we’re just going to keep the victims in our thoughts and prayers and we’re
just going to pray for the best possible outcome in this
again it sounds like we have another mass shooting on our hands in Northern
California at this time so that’s what’s currently going on and this is breaking
news I’m happy to bring this live to you I’m not happy about obviously the event
I was ready to go live on my site with my Brownsville shooting here that
happened last night in East New York and Brownsville I think 12 people were shot
one was killed I was I had my whole presentation prepared to go live and I
wanted to bring you guys detailed information about what happened here in
73 75 proceed we always listen to it on the police scanner
I had the audio from the actual shooting I was ready to go live with it but this
was breaking news so I just put everything to the side and really I
don’t have anything prepared for this other than what I have here so please
excuse me I’m not well prepared on this one but this is something just happening
now just just as just within the last hour ladies and gentlemen so I’m not
prepared I’m just giving you we learned police are responding to the Gilroy
Garlic Festival around 5:30 p.m. after an active shooting and then from there
video was being shown on social media of people running and fleeing so we were
making sure to make sure you know to verify that information and as it’s
unfolded from our callers coming in that yes there was an active shooting are you
saying from our cameras that’s kind of showing you I can tell you
it’s that’s at the the high school the high school abuts Christmas hill park
and so that’s a live view that you had a moment ago showed that there were a few
emergency vehicles parked there it’s a Gilroy High School which is their
mascots the Mustang well that’s that is the location of the reunification area
so a lot of people were taken there we had heard that Gavilan was actually the
reunification center in gävle and stent santa teresa boulevard the high school I
haven’t heard of them to buy high school yet it looks like law enforcement but
might be using it as some kind of a staging area I did see Betty you in our
picture right there so obviously she’s getting set up and we’ll definitely go
to her for for more information as we get it and the video you’re looking at
right now obviously is coming into US and this is the scene when people were
bleeding the area many people on foot running out of the area after there was
an active shooting and this came in reports of it coming in in the 5 o’clock
hour thank you for that well as you said you were there continue to run that link
guys please make a copy that rods fireworks and no it wasn’t it was an
active shooter in the area by the band where you were and so you and your wife
immediately and calmly got on the area with a number of people and fortunately
we’re able to get onto a bus and get home as you’re looking at this now and
it’s kind of sinking in are there any other details that you can think of I
know that you mentioned ladies and gentlemen our chat if you can just keep
the comments to respect nature don’t you’ll just be timed out so just you’re
welcome to stay in here follow this breaking news or be on a retired City I
use detective no just ask you guys just you know
try to have some common decency yeah I’m talking about victims potential like I’m
a sharing here yeah so let’s try to be let’s try to be and respectful they’re
obviously in shock so but I’m surprised that at the time in this where he was
and actually saw him but that sort of so I try to tell my wife yeah and and we
also want to reiterate what Gilray police have told us and they sent out a
tweet and this saying so we have a do confirm they have it confirmed the
hearts of Gilroy PD an entire community go out to the victims of today’s
shooting at the Garlic Festival the scene is still active if you are looking
for a loved one please go to the reunification center at Gavilan College
at parking lot B so that’s some information for our viewers and we also
know that some people were transported to the hospital as well so there were
some injuries and as you can see video uploaded onto social media in most cases
showing people running kind of a chaotic scene we did hear some some audio of
what may have sound like shots but we can’t we can’t go with that and and
obviously Peter you heard it firsthand when you were there a number of shots
fired in the 5 o’clock hour when you were there Joey look at the live number
three to eight that’s a significant time to to sum up what’s happened by virtue
of now two people who either had relatives there or like Peter who
actually was there at about 5:40 p.m. on the tail end of the Gilroy Garlic
Festival the 40th year of the festival in the last 20 minutes at about 20
minutes to 6 o’clock tonight’s shots rang out registered
gunman approached and again firing into a crowd
about 20 to 25 shots at least that’s what Peter thinks number that was heard
Peter immediately got himself and his wife into a bus and out of there other
people were herded into an amphitheater at Christmas Hill Park with their hands
up so the police could make sure that they weren’t among the shooter or
shooters other people were taken via trails through the wooded area south of
the park to nearby los animus elementary school now police are saying that they
want Chris I’m just I was reading your comments I’m just so happy that you and
the missus did not go to this festival and all volunteer run they raise money
for various charities it sounds like a wonderful event that’s been going on for
a long time but I’m so I’m so happy that you and the missus are safe let’s listen
to anything live reports from them Melissa do we have somebody who’s there
now yeah actually we’re gonna go to Liz cook at our live news desk with some
information coming into our newsroom as well Liz what have you been gathering
down there yeah guys I’ve just heard that the Santa Clara County coroner is
in fact headed to the scene right now now again unconfirmed fatalities or
injuries at this point but we’re also learning that SF ATF is headed there to
the scene we’re learning that two possible victims are headed are at
Valley Medical Center with two more on the way and two are expected at Stanford
Medical Center at Stanford and again we want to just out this just this just
coming into our newsroom the Santa Clara County Coroner is headed to the scene at
the Gilroy Garlic Festival we’re also hearing some some really compelling
tweets from witnesses that were on the scene a woman named joy tweeted out
quote I want to thank the festival worker who used her van and got everyone
she possibly could out and picked up more people afterwards I didn’t get her
name but she really did everything possible to help others thank you for
helping us out there another person tweeted out a family member of mine just
random guys I could tell you this from my experience if the coroner’s
responding it’s the evident unfortunately it’s evident if the
coroner is responding that there are fatalities so again my my prayers go out
to the victims were shot and killed in this incident
coroner would not respond to the location that there wasn’t a fatalities
and that’s coming from my police experience all the emergency crews and
vehicles and we are seeing a huge response there’s also a number of people
staff festival attendees that are gathered here and I’m just speaking with
Sharma and his wife they were working at the henna booth when shots rang out
Sharma how are you feeling can you walk us through what happened I
know you said that you were doing henna on a number of customers when you heard
the gunfire these people were doing henna and they were hungry so I went to
get the cone for them and when I was at a cone with two shots rang out first and
at the same time the music started for the concert so I thought it was like a
opening act for the concert but after few seconds there was so many shot at
that and I saw people falling down kids falling down I had to jump over three of
the kids one bullet passed me very closely and it hit our friends booth
chair and the Sharpeville gotten into her level so – she Ranger there wow I
know you said you injured your knee in the chaos of all of this running over
water and jumping over people we got – I would make sure that everybody was safe
I hurt my knee and we’re sorry to hear that but we’re glad that you guys are
safe tell me what does your person meet that
need tell me what were you doing at the time
when the gunfire rang out we had yeah we do henna and we had a lot
of customers like we have five artists working and I think we had five people
customers and usually with customers there’s family or friends so I want to
say there was at least 20 people in the booth and booth manager like he when we
heard the sharks and he knew something was wrong and he just yelled out to
everyone just ducked down and we all just ducked and until people started
directing and having us leave and like get out of there we’re so glad to hear
that you’re safe and thank you both for sharing your first-hand experience with
us we just got here on scene a few moments ago so we will spend more time
speaking to a number of eyewitnesses there were several accounts of hearing
the gunfire seeing the gunman and also seeing multiple witnesses and as soon as
we gather more information we’ll be sure to share that with you Juliette all
right Betty thank you so much we also want to go we will check back with you
momentarily we want to go to our phone or now Lex are you on the line all right
Lex can you hear us is Julie a good routine Brian hath me in the KPIX to do
Lex are you there all right we’ll wait to connect with him and we are told from
our producers that Lex was there and he was actually hit with some shrapnel and
so we don’t know if he’s at the hospital right now but he was calling in Lexile
try one more time are you there Ariel’s make it look like this:the at least the
center of the response this was this all happened near a band stage a band that
was playing and it looks like it’s not far from the entrance of the park right
off Miller boy you can see quite the police response I’m assuming that we
have not yet learned about number of victims in this no and you know we have
accounts of multi victims or injuries that sort of thing
people on the way to Stanford yeah that’s what we have confirmed and so at
this point we can for sure report that there are two people being taken to the
hospital and then obviously Lex was calling in and he was possibly injured
and we’ll hear from him in a little while as well on the on line right now
we do have jeff harp can you hear us our FBI analyst okay good you know what the
understanding that we have is that if this is true that this shooter managed
to get some kind of an automatic weapon into the Garlic Festival done at
Christmas hill park how could he have done that if they’ve got people who are
checking bags and all of that same of the entrance well I mean if you were
taking an automatic weapon in there that was disassembled you could secrete it
into a bag that was unsuspecting and you could get something in like that in
there without people noticing do you have get it from what you have heard
about what’s happens down at the the Garlic Festival is there any take from
you about any theories about terrorism or just some nutcase with a gun what do
you think well I mean my initial impression is this is probably somebody
that has the mental health issues they had an opportunistic person that saw a
mass gathering which we’ve seen this in the past where these active shooters are
they prey on the the mass of people that gather together and they just go in
there and wreak carnage so I I don’t suspect any tie-in to terrorism
point although I would not rule that out obviously you until the investigation
was done though don’t make that determination but just my initial
impression is you know probably mental health issues and somebody was able to
get a weapon in there the one thing that kind of strikes me as interesting is
several the interviews that I have seen that people have said they heard
multiple sounds and what they thought was automatic weapon fire I think what
will be in the days to come hours to come thank you opportunity nomination
whether there was an actual an automatic weapon or whether someone was just using
a weapon they would have fired rapidly alright and Jeff we’re looking at
aerials now of the the Garlic Festival and obviously crowds are out the area is
secured and they’re still looking for this active shooter and so what’s the
protocol now obviously people they’ll stay there and law enforcement much time
you know greenery we believe is just bushes around so these guys could in
order to that the struggle now is that that crowd I mean if you look at the
garlic been split bringing dearly you know forty five fifty thousand this is a
huge area for the responding the responding police officers and emergency
services units to cover and then they gotta scour all this grounds for
evidence and possible outstanding suspects are you there Jeff one shooter was shot
a little dog the other guard and that may lead to why when they cleared out
people into an amphitheater and other areas they had them put their hands up
on their head just to try to the tack that the task the daunting task of who’s
the shooter and who’s in the crowd correct all right we’ll get back to Jeff
in a little bit – now we’re gonna go back to Lex Lex thank you for circling
back with us and Lex are you on the line right now yeah okay wonderful
I understand you were there and and tell me where you hid with with gun fires
what happened I I wasn’t hit with gunfire what happened was I was standing
there walking away I was two minutes away from Stadium where the gunmen were
opening fire and all of a sudden I looked at this guy because I’m thinking
until the area is clear – completely they can’t say it’s not still active
until they cover all of the area there and it’s a wide you see how large the
area is the this is going to take some time Aaron and you knew at that time if
that’s what it must be at first people aren’t saying initially they thought it
was fireworks and now as we’ve learned it’s gunfire and so what did you do when
you were hidden and and people were running what was your
line of exit well my line was exit was as far away
from the shots as I possibly could I just didn’t think when we started
running because I heard this man screaming behind me and it’s real it’s
real it’s just kept on repeating it and that’s when my fight fight situation I
just took off and I saw people jumping over fences I was with my mom and my
girlfriend and I had to make sure that dealing with me so I started running
towards where the bust line was and luckily there was welcomed and Nancy but
unfortunately this is not a good line I really don’t like to do these obviously
it’s really important to it is dad you know I I got out of you know the stage
area because if I stayed there to pack nation like Tupac nation in 1971 to 1996
rest in peace I was walking walking away and I was very close and I think that’s
why I got struck with a little pizza thing about it so I’m just gonna write
to anyone in this situation for being region here in California so when we’re
gonna cover the shooting at the garlic fest having I it’s not gonna go into or
go to people that were breaking bridge that’s going on right now and some
people were tripping on other people someone was tripping while they were
trying to go over a fence but III did not see anybody get hit by a bullet
luckily but I don’t know how a strapping woman came and struck me went really far
which means that you know I can’t either they were using had to have been some
kind of a high-powered weapon and he couldn’t been a simple handgun that
would have made such a force Lexx who you say they were shooting did
you have a sense there was more than one shooter yeah it was it was a sense
because I heard my ears are pretty relatively good at picking up sound and
I heard two gunshots at the same exact time it was kind of a delay between one
shot and the other shot and so that’s what made me thought it was it wasn’t
just one person I was doing these it could have been another person but then
again it could have been just you know the nature of the gun it is still an
active crime scene we won’t let our viewers know in that area law
enforcement still looking for nap possible Kachinas I’m searching for
reports confirm reports that they did hear active gunfire within the last 30
minutes and so obviously that’s still an active scene while a number of people
been taken to the hospital families are being reunited you Lex are fortunately
safe and I presume at home this is still ongoing and they are still looking for a
shooter or multiple shooters in this case if I may oh go ahead Ryan I was
just gonna ask you Lex how how how badly are you injured I mean we’re like what’s
the centrality in the 40 with the injuries are hard more psychological
than the our physical it was just a light bruise I got a little photos of my
forehead it was a little bit purple but it wasn’t too bad but whatever hit me
and I didn’t really see what hit me because guys what I’m getting is that
one of the suspects I’ve been shot the other second suspect is in custody
that’s what I’m seeing from my Twitter live feed at this time from reliable
source and he was saying that he saw the
shooter and he and he confirms that it that it was I think he said it was a
white male that did it he said he was right next to it but at that point
everybody in the bus was in complete shock but the bus that we left on was
probably the yeah it was definitely the closest in proximity to where the
shooting was happening which was by the stage yeah that’s what we were hearing
that the shots were coming to the right side of the stage just during the third
day of the festival it was winding down and we lived in the Bay Area for years
and Brian you’ve lived in that area and it’s it’s a safe festival it’s never had
something like this before and yes there are security measures but
to have something of this magnitude that type of artillery come in to the grounds
there you have to wonder how did that happen so obviously when you were going
in Lex do you recall the security measures when you were walking yeah I do
I do recall and it was very very poor it was really I don’t know why I put in my
head I said I thought what if there was someone with the gun they couldn’t
easily gone through kind of turn into reality right I’m hearing that from some
people reporting about the security as well but that’s initial thoughts Branco
Lex I’m we’re glad you’re okay and we sure appreciate you helping us out we
have just learned that Gilroy police apparently have confirmed that they have
shot the first suspects now the first suspect suggests there is more than one
but again the bulletin just in from the police department apparently official is
that they have shots the firm an unconfirmed report let me correct that
and unconfirmed reports that they have shot a suspect we’ll see this is exactly
what I was just telling you guys I got a friend of mine who has a Twitter account
as a retired NYPD police officer who now works in California as a law enforcement
and I got the information from him there’s
one perpetrator shot possibly dead on arrival DOA and a second is in custody
and there is possibly others outstanding that’s what they’re just reporting which
is Regional Medical Center and let me show you the scene behind me that is the
emergency room here at regional and folks are standing in line they’re
standing right outside the emergency room and I’ve had a chance to speak to
some of the people in line some of them waiting for loved ones waiting for the
latest word they told me that they’re not sure exactly how their loved ones
are doing some of these folks are in shock I saw people in tears here it is
not clear how those patients are waiting this is really official information we
have been able to control five people worried about loved ones
valiant prayers go out to the other one the trauma hospital here in San Jose two
on their way to Stanford as well not clear how many here but I can tell you
that was about 20 people in line here some of them multiple people waiting to
find out the information on just one patient at a time it is a bit of a
chaotic situation but it is controlled chaos hospital personnel are trained for
situations like this I saw one medical worker hurrying inside saying she was
just called in because of the mass shooting another worker said that they
heard a helicopter was on the way sometime within the next half-hour they
seem to be keeping very calm in all of this as do the people in this line so
far right now security personnel have asked us to Marco’s I agree with that
statement 1,000% from prescribed location near a fountain
where they said his spokesperson was going to come out so at this point we’re
not able to access a hospital spokesperson but as you might imagine
right now Brian and Juliet people are pretty understandably shaken up they are
here trying to find out what happened there hearing bits and pieces of it the
folks I talked to a line were not at the festival so they just got the call and
said meet us at the hospital or they got the call from someone inside the
ambulance at the time but that’s a situation here and I expect that’s
what’s happening at other hospitals as well absolutely all right Joe we will
check back with you thank you very much we now want to go to Betty Lou you and
she is live at Gilroy High School and Betty you’ve been talking to the people
that were there and evacuated what’s going on well Juliet I have diallo with
me and he was helping a number of vendors when the gunfire broke out
tell us yellow what did you see though bugs I hope and pray that it stops but
fortunately Isis this is what we’re dealing with this is the current day and
age the whole time everybody’s running toward me and I see the person I drove
down here ducking and he grabs me and says get on the ground now I thought it
was joking and everybody was leaving
there was a lot of confusion I would imagine and very chaotic scene with a
number of children around people looking for their kids – and as soon as the
gunfire started everybody I’m just trying to follow this why of a bank
scanners not going to have much scanners just not gonna give us this there’s not
gonna be much chatter on a police scanners because they’re going to be
going to attack your vehicle with a lot of vendors out here you’re all in the
same boat everything is still at the festival it’s an active scene still we
don’t really sort of know what’s going on like initially they got one shooter and we’re just waiting to hear we can’t
get our stuff for 24 hours we’re trying to figure out who we drive do you go to
a hotel where they gonna move us but really we can’t leave without our stuff Thank You Mia thank you for sharing that
first-hand account with us and we are also trying to sort out a lot of the
information still as it pertains to the shooter or shooters but again we are
here at Gilroy High School which is the command post for emergency vehicles but
as you can see there are a number of people from the festival waiting around
to see how they’re getting home how they’re going to get their belongings so
we will be out here speaking with a number of them and bringing you more
information as soon as we get it Brian and Juliet Betty I guess you haven’t
heard any word out there numbers of victims we have not and we
have contacted the Gilroy Police Department and we are standing by to get
official word on that I am here with a number of media outlets and so as soon
as we get that information we will report it to you that’s Betty boy I want
to watch this this is a local affiliate right here KPIX local Roy and with Brian
Hackney and Juliet Goodrich at the KPIX five studios in San Francisco we are now
going to go to kit doe who is in the vicinity and on the phone now kid can
you hear us well I’ll take that for a no to sum up what’s happened at about 5:40
tonight’s shots rang out in the closing minutes of the 40th Gilroy Garlic
Festival near a band that was playing its last song a shooter emerged from the
right side of the stage fired into the crowd we’ve heard varying reports 20 to
25 rounds were fired he appeared to be firing with the intent of taking out
people we still don’t have a confirmation of the number of victims
how many wounded and how many worse than wounded we don’t know we do know that
five people have been taken to Santa’s favorite likewise under solutions you
know other hospitals throughout the Bay Area including two that were rushed to
Stanford Medical Center at this hour we’ve also learned that police have shot
the first suspect unconfirmed reports have that which suggests that there’s
more than one shooter we don’t know that either
but in the meantime they’re treating it as an active shooting scene and we do
know that five people been taken to San Jose medical hospitals so we do have
that confirmed in terms of those that have been injured live
pictures now and this is possibly the creek bed or the area behind the Gilroy
Garlic Festival where you can see police in the area and they are still actively
looking for someone and and as we see there are reports the Gilroy police shot
the first suspect and as we were saying earlier unconfirmed reports right now
but it is still an active scene there in that levy area and they are looking for
possibly one shooter two shooters we don’t know but it is an active scene
right now you can see the activity going on from chopper 5 yeah obviously
daylight is draining from the sky this part of Gilroy is in the south part of
town and Christmas Hill part part you used to be on the outskirts of town so
now it’s mixed there’s some foliage there’s trees but there’s also
residential areas the high school was right there down the road as Gavilan
College about a mile and a half away los Animus elementary school is about a mile
away a little bit of a trail through the woods leads there the cars that have
been left behind parking at Christmas Hill Park as police apparently are
scouring the scene in a nearby levee in search of a gunman another gunman or the
original gunmen were not sure but nevertheless they are treating it as an
active shooter all right we understand kiddo may be on the phone right now KITT
can you hear us I can hear you can you hear me we can
hear you thank you tell us where you are and what is going on in your area
excellent ok so 45 minutes ago I have not talking spoken to any
so I can only tell you what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard my tongue so we’re
at the corner of a proper Robert and rent okay this is on the northern end of
a Christmas hill park I can see a heavily armed officer in camouflage at
least three of them suit up what I’m told they were FBI officers I
also see a sheriff’s vehicle and a door police vehicle an off-duty police
officer with San Jose wearing a pair of shorts and t-shirt holding a gun with
patrolling the levee here so there is some kind of a law enforcement
helicopter that is certainly the area and from what I can tell they are
walking up and down the levee and they believe one of us they must be looking
for one of the suspects that is inside the levee so they’ve got this
neighborhood pretty much done lockdown right now they’ve got the whole thing
Georgia doing less than half of roblox so we’re on the northern end of a new
annual fatality numbers are unknown at this time but it’s multiple if you’re
familiar the limp off and picked up area right where we are here so we didn’t
speak with one man by the name of a Matthew Shepard he told me that occurred
over in head it sounded like bumblebees and that’s
when he knew that there was trouble and everyone started running to another
woman her name is Priscilla Martinez they heard what sounded like
firecrackers she said that she thought someone might get in trouble for setting
off fireworks but when everyone started running deafening she knew that there
was a lot of problems MJ thank you thank you so much for the Super Lawyer cuz she
at Dylan thank you thank you can’t do you know you have any idea of police I
mean because that is minoo block away it’s a residential neighborhood so our
police going door-to-door and telling people to lock their doors there’s an
active shooter the how in the neighborhood you know okay
all right well thank you very cold are you
I’m 11 11 years oh she live literally about the seven houses away from the
active search area for this side shooter again it looks like there’s the heavily
armed officers in camouflage have last found their vehicles and I’m consuming
that they are now into the search area looking at the foliage that thunders
went down down we’re leaving a lot of lifers with them okay
so Kent in the air you are there patrolling the levy heavily armed
officers as we can see as the Sun starts to go down and they are looking for one
of the suspects or two of the suspects and this neighborhood as you’re talking
about is on lockdown right now specifically what is that neighborhood
or kind of the area their homes directly by this levee area oh yeah yeah so it is
it is the neighborhood that butts right up right up against the the levee so
we’re talking on home you know story the three-bedroom
kind of a right ranch-style home it looks like a really nice area of Gilroy
I relatively new and you know it looks like uh like an like an active police
scene out here can look like nothing I’ve ever seen in Gilroy I imagine how
close is that location to let’s say the entrance or the exit of the Gilroy
Garlic Festival so how far did this alleged shooter Ron – or where they are
right now where they’re staged oh god it is at least a a 12 minutes long it’s
about a half a mile and what a lot of people do that they park in the
neighborhood and then they walk in Heidi it’s called the ingress ingress absolutely and and can you just tell us
how many police you see they’re kind of the active scene but what they’re what
they’re telling people in the neighborhood and what you’re kind of
visually seeing right now so at one point I did I went into the backyard of
one of the homes here and peeked over the fence and I saw them walking in the
three-man team with their rifles drawn some of them look like they just been
pulled out of whatever family events or whatever I think they were at coming in
off-duty wearing helmet thank you so much for the super appreciate that
cockiness journey much love and respect back to New England
what’s local respect to everyone in the chat here please if you guys can be
civil in the chat you can stay and who won’t be moderated or timed out just be
respectful I could stay and they were walking up and down they walk around the
corner and then I lost sight of them I’m not sure exactly what they were doing
but they were looking for something they they look like they were going with
purpose and whatever direction they were going absolutely and a couple of things
going on right now Kent while you’re there during that act of staging area
police searching in the levees and I’ll be looking for a gunman or a second
gunman as we’ve heard unconfirmed reports that there was a shoot that one
was shot but we’re still following up on that we heard 7:45 there was the sound
of gunfire again and there there is there are reports that that was at least
one of the gunmen that was shots but it’s unconfirmed and this never actually
I spent part of my teenage years about three blocks from where a kid is I grew
up in this neighborhood in Gilroy and it’s mixed there’s the high school
there’s the trees there’s the park there’s a lot of people that live nearby
we wanted to let you know as well that the president thank you for that update
Bridget trying to get as local information as I can this is KPIs which
is pretty close for that shooter has not yet been apprehended be careful and safe
and so here’s what we know so far just to kind of give another recap police
were called to the Gilroy Garlic Festival at Christmas Hill Park at
around 5:30 this evening with reports of an active shooter police say there are
victims as well as at least one active shooter still on the grounds and there
are reports that several people were shot Jemm eight thank you so much for
the super chat Jonna thank you so much for super chat thanks for caring Ron
this is popular area in Northern California at this time of year much
love and respect to you my office is monitoring the situation closely
grateful for the law enforcement efforts and their continued work as this
situation at the same time we have Jeff harp our
analysts who worked for the FBI to weigh in on this you know Jeff at the moment
the last we knew for sure is that the police are treating this as an active
shooter scene what what they be doing because apparently the reports are this
that a man appeared from the right side of a stage where a band was performing
shoots into the crowd and then disappears into the woods that are
nearby Christmas hill so you’re the police you’re law enforcement you’re
looking for him how you’re alerting the neighborhood to do what well you know
takes off somewhere but you can’t find it in place you’re gonna set a perimeter
they’re gonna lock the place down and try to find whatever evidence they can
find it certainly is the saving of life right now and trying to figure out you
know sort out the victims and other folks the personal things going on
obviously we’re losing daylight now and so this will continue to be an active
search and we haven’t had reports that one person was shot but we’re still
waiting to find out one suspect that is but obviously this is protocol to
continue in the area to see if there are more shooters or more people out there
yeah Jeff if you were I mean I know that there’s a lot of people listening and
watching at this moment in Gilroy some of them who live close to Christmas Hill
Park what would you tell them to do well I mean this is very similar to the
shooting and at the rate you know those neighborhood debates on people do not
open your door stay inside your house I mean you’ve got someone who has already
committed an act of violence and they’re wandering around they’re gonna they’re
just a lot all stops to try to find this person absolutely there were there were
reports that there were some shots fired in the last hour so we don’t know if
that happened to be police fire but then there’s the outstanding question thank
you lady in the woods thank you to everyone who’s been respectful on the
check those of you who are not respectful in the chat your comments
will be deleted that’s the big question right now huge security concern to those
people living in that neighborhood I imagine oh completely and having been
involved in these situations before you know your your brain and your
expertise if they’re looking in the levees and they’re searching around by
foot in that area this obviously wasn’t an orchestrated escape plan if we’re
talking about terrorism should we say that this is possibly a shooter out
there that got in started firing I mean what it what’s kind of the mindset
possibly of this suspect or suspects if law enforcement is looking through the
levees right now in the bushes for a possible gunman still thank you finally
too much love and respect back to you guys violence so they don’t know whether
they have a weapon on them when they’re gonna take hostages and so the
situation becomes very very soon then so law enforcement is at the height of
awareness right now I mean they are going to do everything they can to look
in every crevice and every crack to try to find out where this person is and the
fact that it is now dark in Gilroy throughout the bay area is not going to
help that that’s Jeff Harbor our FBI our analyst from law enforcement Jeff we
appreciate it all right thank you yeah thank you Jeff and we’ll be checking
back with you for sure let’s go now to liz cook and she is at our live news
desk with some more information list yeah Juliet and Bryan I’ve been keeping
my eye on Twitter here we have a tweet from Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf she says
the trauma sorrow and grief they’ll hold okay Mary I’m great glad I’m hopeful
that you have a good outcome I’m sure your sister will be okay and I’m sending
prayers and strength to you and this tragedy now Gavin Newsom also tweeted as
you mentioned earlier this is nothing short of horrific tonight California
stands with the Gilroy community my office is monitoring the situation
closely grateful for law enforcement efforts and their continued work as a
situation develops we’re also hearing some very compelling tweets from some
people that were there some of the people that were witnesses to this
shooting and that had to evacuate this comes from el this is Noel Salcido I’m
still in shock she says just imagine very scary situation my heart dropped I
ran and hid you would never think it could happen in a little old Gilroy or
in your hometown but it did to us please stay safe and hug your loved ones we’re
also hearing of acts of heroism as we look at live pictures from chopper 5 a
woman named Joyce weeded out I want to thank the festival worker who used her
van and got everyone she possibly put out and picked up more people afterwards
I didn’t get her name but she really did everything possible to help others thank
you for helping us out there I don’t know if we can get back to those live
pictures but as we’re hearing it’s still an active situation we’re having
agencies from all around the Bay Area including San Francisco ATF the FBI and
multiple different agency’s again from around the Bay Area
we’re also hearing the Santa Clara County coroner is there although we’re
hearing unconfirmed reports of casualties right now we do to multiple
people are at the hospital five people confirmed at San Jose Medical Center two
expected at Stanford Medical Center again it’s getting difficult to see with
with the dark but you can just see how many law enforcement agencies have
surrounded that little festival and not little festival but have surrounded the
venue and you can see police choppers heading over there as we have learned
that they are still looking for a possible shooter or shooters involved in
this tragedy guys back to you alright Liz thank you we’ll check back with you
for more information all of this happen on the closing day of the 40th Gilroy
Garlic Festival and it all began at 5:40 p.m. when gunshots rang out near a
musical stage and this is what it sounded like so you can see what happened and you can
hear what happened two rounds of gun fires from what witnesses we had on the
phone tonight describe to someone with possibly a makeshift automatic weapon
and on the phone right now someone who heard that as well
Allie Ella and Allie Ella I’m sorry but could you tell us where you’re where
you’re calling from and and if you can hear us lel are you there okay we’ll
circle back with her but video right now just coming in as you can hear the
gunshots as this happened when it rang out at the Gilroy Garlic Festival
I ll oh when we do connect with her happen to be there and she she didn’t
get shot per se but I believe she was injured and she is one of the survivors
that was evacuated and now as Sundowns very hard during this live search now
you can see or can’t see this is the neighborhood that’s been kind of closed
off as the search continues and we have this unfortunate news just in to the
KPIX 5 News room apparently confirmed by law enforcement three people have been
killed in this shooting and 12 people have been injured the injured have been
taken from hospitals from Stanford Medical Center to San Jose Valley
Medical Center where they’re being treated but again the bulletin
apparently official three people have been killed in Gilroy at Christmas Hill
Park in the closing minutes of the Gilroy Garlic Festival at about 5:40
tonight as we bring you that disturbing information we want to let you know that
this is still an ongoing scene and while people have been evacuated from the
Gilroy so we’re just getting that in breaking news three people confirmed
killed at the Garlic Festival multiple others injured and their condition is
unknown at this time the death toll could possibly rise so our hearts our
prayers go out to these families of these victims the victims this is
unfortunately this is happening way too much in our society very sad news
of Gilroy California at the Garlic Festival confirmed by local police three
have been killed multiple others injured unknown of their injuries I know of two
perpetrators in custody and unknown if there’s others still outstanding
so another mass shooting at a festival here in the United States terrible
terrible situation as a retired New York City police officer and detective this
breaks my heart to hear of these type of incidents happening and they’re
happening all too many times things have to change definitely going forward we’ll
have a broadcast to speak about that in the future I’ve done many different
broadcasts on my thoughts on how we can change this situation hello starlight
true-crime welcome in so again my thoughts and prayers go out to the
family let’s listen in again this is breaking news out of Gilroy California
this is the Garlic Festival then I’m really realized that we were
like running and running and then looking back to look for my people and
then I realized I test and a bus engine and I’m sorry I D go on like smiling
over here and then we went into the bus and the driver like frantically shouting
at people come on come on come on pass the bus and we drove off and it was it
was as I was doing it I was looking for a place to hide I’m just something and I
realized okay is there anything has a machine gun or something that a semi
hired some for not even understanding how they can even get in what things if
they’re not small you know you never know how you’re gonna react and
obviously you did the right thing quickly oh yeah okay tell us did you
you said they did you see more than one gunman did you see a gunman or did you
see anything in that area that music area where you were when the shots rang
out and realizing and you know at the end of the show and as we got our fact I
mean I had my bath you were you know since I was walking towards been getting
into the buses because I thought it was more than one I do not usually what I
realized that we should I had to beat you because there were shooting bang
bang in the other one time I guess you’re suggesting you do I kind of I can
understand like the shot the kind of thought that was coming out okay
and your two friends the two people you were with got away all right yeah
everybody thank God we all survived well I mean we’re really like trying to know
that in our brains and realizing oh we just been through and we’re so glad that
you’re all right and you and your friends made out okay yeah what a
terrible experience we’re looking at the I don’t know if you’re watching while
you’re talking to us but there’s obviously some major police activity now
that is going on dozens of police and law enforcement vehicles are now
gathered about we don’t know exactly where it’s an areal it’s at night that
somewhere in Gilroy but something appears to be happening down there we do
know that we have Betty you standing by live just on the across the fence from
Christmas Hill Park at your high school Betty what have you learned since we
chatted last Oh Brian you just mentioned that police
activity and I can tell you that in the last few minutes we saw a number of SWAT
vehicles right behind me we’re in front of Gilroy High School’s parking lot and
we also saw a police cruiser going at a high rate of speed I can also hear the
chopper above me so that does hint at some heavy police activity going on at
the festival I did just speak with Bill he is a vendor at mr. misters at the
festival and you told me that because of your extensive military background you
knew immediately that that was gunfire and a specific kind that’s correct
it sounded like automatic gunfire and it sounded like approximately 30 rounds and
then there was a point of silence and then there was another reload to seem
like a reload and we heard thirty more rounds and how close were you to this
gunfire we were probably within a few hundred feet and from what I understand
in speaking to a number of vendors and festival goers this gunfire came in and
around the stage area is that your understanding that’s my understanding
near the stage and near the kids area a number of people have also described as
complete chaos and confusion in the moments after this gunfire erupted what
was your experience I think once we heard the gunfire
I realized what it was I think some other folks knew what it was and we
started hearing people say evacuate evacuate evacuate the Garlic Festival
volunteers we’re guiding people out the exit and getting people to evacuate and
take cover and Bill I just want to stop for a moment and show you there are a
number of police cars trucks it appears from the santa clara sheriff’s office
all headed in one direction with their lights flashing and so again that does
let us know that there is some heavy police activity in that direction so we
will keep you posted on what we are hearing and seeing on the ground here
outside the command post at the Gilroy High School and again bill thank you for
sharing that with us and we’re glad you’re okay Brian and Juliet back to you
all right Betty thank you and of course the grim news that we’re getting
confirmed three dead 12 injured according to law enforcement sources and
at this point we can only say it is still an active crime scene in that area
here’s a location from Google Maps that kind of gives you a look at where
Christmas Hill Park is in relation to the levy where they’re searching right
now – still continues to be an active search the neighborhood in that area is
on lockdown and with this topographical view of the map because daylight is
drained from the sky and you really can’t see much from the helicopter
except the flashing lights this at least gives us an idea of the layout we did
show you that as the Sun was setting police we’re conducting a search of a
nearby levee and the levee apparently in this is where the police were conducting
the search and then at about 7:45 tonight there were more gunshots that
rang out and it may have been in that region
and there were unconfirmed reports that one of the shooters was taken down when
that gunfire erupted and that would have been two hours in five minutes after the
initial shots rang out that apparently have killed three people and injured 12
more but on the left bottom corner of your screen you see our aerial of not
only Christmas Hill Park and the exclamation point B Smith I was a police
officer this young California just to the right now I emerged from the right
side of the stage and began firing and on the right side of your screen you’re
seeing a huge deployment of law enforcement vehicles we don’t have any
confirmation of what’s happening there but something obviously is the
neighborhood is on lockdown they’re still treating it as an active shooter
sites and the apparent advice to people who live in the neighborhood and while
you’re seeing the graphic of Christmas home park to the left that shows that as
depopulate used to be out in the country to the right it’s a residential
neighborhood and folks there have been advised to keep the doors locked not
open it to anybody in the meantime exactly what’s going on with the dozens
of law enforcement vehicles remains to be seen yeah and if we might mention
just from that people have been there the witness accounts they seem to
believe that there was more than one shooter and so that’s why we continue
with this active scene here whether there was one suspect down or police
have one in custody we still do not know so for people living that area this is
still an active scene and as you said Brian the neighborhood is on lockdown
and now we’re getting more information and just some tweets coming in governor
Gavin Newsom tweeting out this is nothing short of horrific tonight
California stands with the Gilroy community my office is monitoring the
situation closely grateful for the law enforcement efforts and their continued
work as this situation develops also senator and presidential candidate Cory
Booker has tweeted we’re still waiting on all the details from Gilroy but my
heart is already breaking for the victim and their families and the survivors the
gun violence epidemic in this country is out of control please be safe and take
care of one another at the same time if there are folks down at Gilroy who are
wondering how to reunite with people who went to the festival and they don’t
quite know where they are law enforcement has set up in parking
lot be at Gavilan junior college out there in Santa Teresa Boulevard a place
where you can reunite with folks who are at the center and yet many of the people
who are at Christmas Hill Park just migrated over to the high school because
the high school is right next door you went thank you so much for coming in
Wednesday appreciate your being much lower than the spellman officially
they’re asking folks to go folks who are at Christmas Hill Park and folks who
want to be reunited with them to go to parking lot be at Gavilan and mind you
this was the third day the end of the Garlic Festival which sounded like it
was the end of the show the band was gonna play one more song and some of the
people calling in so they were ready to leave and they thought they’d stick
around for one more song and then as we were hearing from the witness accounts
that’s when an active shooter possibly two came out and started aiming towards
the right side of the stage shots came from the right side of the stage and at
first people who were there spectators thought it was fireworks but some people
who were within law enforcement off duty there said they knew right away when
they heard that they heard the thirty rounds they knew it was Tony one
shooters shot killed the other ones in custody italiana that was perhaps one or
two more remember this festival attracts a hundred thousand people a year there
there weren’t that many people there when this happened but there are quite a
few people and as many as they could police rounded them up the hands in the
air heard of the man did the nearby
amphitheater in order to separate us I agree with those from the bad guys and
then some were marched to loss animus in elementary school nearby
through trails to the south of the park and others as I said migrated over to
the high school some got on the bus quickly and just got out of security is
unarmed helped in instances like this which are
expected in and hopefully happened in many many instances I’m amazed at when
you hear the evacuation there were so many people getting on the bus and the
bus drivers were saying get in and let’s get out yeah so you know you never know
what seems like this is gonna happen but certainly they were able to evacuate
hundreds of people in an amazing chaotic situation but we do bring you the grim
news and confirm that three people are dead twelve injured according to law
enforcement sources and we do have reporters at local hospitals there are a
number of them in that area people admitted for suffering a wide range of
injuries even people calling in to our station who who security at this event
was not even affected just on the outskirts of this and you may be
wondering what it is we’re showing you there’s a lot of law enforcement
vehicles but we are wondering the same thing looks like some kind of police
action neighborhood under lockdown they’re treating this as an active
shooter sites and people in the neighborhood that are there at south
Gilroy have been advised to lock doors not open the door to anyone while they
continue to try to track down apparently what was multiple shooters when gunshots
rang out at 5:40 this afternoon at Christmas Hill Park again five of the
injured were taken to San Jose Valley Medical Center two others in worship
were taken to Stanford all right let’s go to Jill Vasquez he’s standing by at
one of the local hospitals with the latest for us Joe juliette Regional Medical Center that is
the building that I’m standing in front of and that is the emergency room right
there and this is the scene we’ve seen unfolding here over the last hour or so
you can see people standing outside the emergency room there as well right now
it was true because two other side and three others room inside so these folks
some of them were embracing others were in tears we’ve just been watching as
people come up and just trying to find out what happened to their loved one and
not getting a lot of answers right now because as you can imagine this is just
a developing situation inside the hospital they have called for folks a
good night read like one thanks for hanging in there it’s been a crazy night
through prayers active respect role multiple casualty drill as they have
practiced and rehearsed through the years now what’s going on with these
folks and their patients that were brought here we’ve not been able to
reach the officials here Regional Medical Center but I can tell you that
I’ve talked to several groups of people who were standing outside and I just
spoke with a couple who drove up next to me who said I was told my loved one was
being brought in by helicopter but we haven’t seen a helicopter land yet what
do you know and all I could tell them was what I heard from a person who was
working inside that helicopter was believed to be on the way but that was a
good 30 minutes ago and that helicopter has not yet materialized but again
that’s not uncommon in a situation that is not shown in gene but it’s just you
know and once in concert reason that a Coolatta garlis is in San Jose another
trauma Hospital here in San Jose that’s Valley Medical Center they have
confirmed they have five patients and we also understand two patients were being
taken it was there were some people that said that this event raises a lot of
money for chair or different charities throughout the area there so I didn’t I
never heard anything about this ever I’m not from California so but other
people are saying it’s an annual event that raises a lot of money for charities
so it sounds like a really good event and you know tragic situation they’re
confirming three dead 12 injured according to law enforcement sources on
scene so it’s unknown if there’ll be more fatalities because we’re we don’t
know what the injuries are on the other 12 that are injured you know some of
those injuries could be serious so the shooting scene it marked and unmarked
vehicles and this comes from O’Shea blue Thank You Len Ramirez as they’re heading
down the highway obviously in direct response to this active shooting that
happened around 5:30 this evening at Gilroy Garlic Festival at the same time
the San Francisco 49ers have joined President Trump and governor Gavin
Newsom and a number of political figures in this case the 49ers are sending their
condolences tonight as well the team tweeting out we’re deeply saddened to
learn of the horrific tragedy unfolding in neighboring Gilroy our thoughts and
our prayers are with today’s victims their families and first responders on
the scene presidential candidate Kamala Harris
also weighing in tweeting out simply horrific I’m grateful to the first
responders who are on the scene in Gilroy and my thoughts are with that
community tonight our country has a gun violence epidemic that we cannot
tolerate you know when these reports first came out Thank You Lenny it looks
like you confront shooters there one or once in custody other one have shot and
releases dead on arrival but that was early reports not knowing if there’s
other shoots there was an active shooter and that their hearts went out to the
victims that we knew that there was something very serious and the grim news
now is that law enforcement has confirmed
that there are three people dead 12 it’s 9:00 p.m. in California still responding
to hospitals and possibly at home who were either hit by some of the shrapnel
in that area when it happened as far as who the shooter is or who the shooters
are we don’t know there are some eyewitness accounts that say that a man
in a beard carrying a gun stepped out from the right side of a stage where a
band was playing one final song to wrap up the festival and began shooting other
witnesses have said that they were thank you for that they she lost a second
before they ducked one earlier color we had say Peter had said that he he and
his wife were there and they ducked behind a hay bale to be out of the hail
of gunfire the shooter then turned around and disappeared behind the stage
and you’re seeing the aftermath of that now manhunt and the potential that
possibly there were reports about an hour and 15 minutes ago that in a burst
of gunfire one of the shooters had been taken down that’s unconfirmed now
there’s all this law enforcement activity that perhaps are in pursuit of
a second gunman we don’t know we do know that they’re treating it again as an
active shooter scene they’ve advised people in the south Gilroy neighborhood
that they are on lockdown and they are conducting now the enormous ly difficult
task of trying to find one of the shooters in the dark of night especially
because our FBI analyst Jeff Jeff Hart pointed out Thank You Loretta the guy
could have ditched the gun and melted into the crowd well that’s the daunting
task especially as the Sun Goes Down but they are as you said treating this as an
active crime scene there and in the neighborhood on lockdown so while you
have a number of things operating you have injured patients being taken to
hospitals you still have a serious situation in this area where you have
law enforcement heavily armed officers patrolling the levee Christopher wish
yourself Thank You Lear thank you for everyone being here and for those of you
who are acting respectfully in the one are there others out there and you can’t
let up until you know exactly what you have and what you’re dealing with and
from witness accounts that have been calling in and cooperating information
people did see more than one gunman I’m you know this is just guessing and
Melissa sorry this is the only way we can do this is to talk to our producer
Melissa in the control room and say is it possible to get from the chopper
pilot an idea of what that road is I’m guessing it’s Miller I’m sorry no I see
okay well I’m guessing that’s Miller Avenue because that’s the that’s the
road that runs right in front of Christmas Hill Park can’t imagine where
else they’d be you have to wonder if they’re obviously with security measures
as you walk in you have a large crowd this is the third day of the Gilroy
Festival closing down with the last song of this ban that’s playing it is a
vanilla one and we’re hearing you know automatic gunfire a makeshift automatic
weapon and how could he possibly or they pause Nikki welcome it at the time or
this hour you know to a crowded area you mean how did they get in because they
don’t apparently go through any kind of a metal detector the the people at the
gates are checking bags but as Jeff pointed out it’s possible the guy you
know that has the automatic weapon in pieces and that assembles that after he
gets into the park I don’t know but we don’t know and there were some things
you know coming in through social media that they were at the festival and you
know they were barely tapped down or there was wands that could hardly you
know check everyone that was coming through and so we’ll just leave it Emily
welcoming I agree with your statements that you just don’t want to be a batter
just want to hear the situation and do that reporter I’ve seen in an active
shooter possibly in that area so that’s where you’re seeing from the live
chopper shots right now police heavily patrolling that area
making sure that they definitely get who they who they need to get and just in
case you’re joining us Brian Hackney Julia could rich the CBS Studios in San
Francisco we’re on the closing day of the Gilroy Garlic Festival which has
been going on since 1979 own its 40th year in the last 20 minutes a band was
performing and as they were performing their last song a gunman appeared from
the right side of the stage and opened up in automatic weapons fire several
bursts that one witness said seemed to be directed at people with the specific
thank you w can you shoot does he thank you a kind word John at that point and
again there have been reports that their gun men disappeared behind the stage and
police have been looking for them ever since three people have died 12 people
have been injured the injured have been taken to various hospitals throughout
the Bay Area as police continue on Miller Avenue as you can see down there
in the right hand side of your screen continue to search for gunman
yeah and initial reports when we first had people calling in they thought it
was fireworks but then law enforcement off duty that we’re at the Gilroy Garlic
Festival knew automatically that it was automatic gunfire and that this was
serious and a lot of people who were clearing out of the scene just as
quickly as possible so information coming in was this you know where people
injured at the time or were they just running for cover or ducking for cover
people were escorted to the amphitheater and they were escorted out of the area
onto buses so my pleasure my pleasure but right now what’s happening is an
active crime scene active shooter possibly still out in
that area in that neighborhood where they have locked it down entirely we
want to go to kit doe when he was originally at that neighborhood can’t
where are you now yeah we’re still in the neighborhood the police have
actually pushed us back a little bit but to orient you we’re on the run
right now and you’re looking at you this Park Drive this is about a half a mile
from the entrance to the Gilbert Garland’s Festival and I should say
there’s a very heavy police presence out here we’ve seen these police units out
here ever since we got out here read about to 7:00 o’clock or so we have seen
heavily armed officers walking up and down the levee we do have some video of
that hopefully you’re looking at it right now but they were traveling in
teams of three or four walking up and down the levee this police helicopter
has been circling for at least the past 60 to 90 minutes that we have been here
so whatever is around here is of great interest to the law enforcement out here
I heard that the FBI showed up here on scene they geared up in camouflage
heavily armed agents have disappeared into the neighborhood up and down into
the wooded area let’s roll some sound now we have with us some witnesses who
were inside the park they heard some of the bullets flying overhead here you go
like I said I felt one of the bullets go over my head and then we actually seen a
couple of life of em see thank you for the truthful there was so much the life
of action I kept looking at myself just because we were right there like a
bumble bee like a buzzing sound unfortunately yes shooting at a concert
slash festival we were just running we’re kind guiding people to stay calm
get on the way nobody related was going on they were diverting we diverted all
towards the south side of the park the amphitheater everybody just remain calm
and all the people at the festival are just such a great help to everybody okay
so now you are looking at a live picture of 16 unmarked law-enforcement vehicles
17 now this guy just showed up they are driving into the scene and they’re
making a left on us Park Drive heading towards the heading towards the park
back towards the scene don’t know who these guys are they might be back up
they might be a shift fill-in but they’re driving at a good clip here and
they’re just driving past the multiple roadblocks are out here so we just saw
17 unmarked police vehicles show up at the scene here again still a very active
scene out here and this part of Gilroy and we’re gonna stay out here for the
time being but yeah that’s what we know so far thank you
the kid I just had one quick question we had reports at about 7:45 tonight the
sound of gunfire and unconfirmed reports that one of the shooters might have been
taken out you haven’t heard anything about that have you
yeah so we’re very far away from the incident command scene haven’t spoken
any officers out here so all I can tell you is what I see and hear for myself
and again still very active service yeah thank you for being here life of them just being out in the field for as long
as you have that when they are quiet when law enforcement isn’t talking that
means they’re on to something and they don’t want to give too much information
so you know obviously there is something still going on and that’s why they’re
not able to even respond to us right now yeah I can tell you the tension level
out here very high I don’t know if you saw that that officer who was out here
dressed in shorts holding a pistol up against his body with a badge daling off
the top of his collar they are actively looking for something the emotions
tensions are really high out here in the scene absolutely there’s still something
going on right there and okay we’re gonna check back with you we want to
kind of update our viewers those tuning in and also just catching everyone up
here is what we know so far police were called to the Gilroy Garlic Festival at
Christmas Hill Park at around 5:30 this evening with reports of an active
shooter guys this definitely sounds like to me that there are outstanding
perpetrators still out there taking that kind of stance tactical stance and
police officers know that there’s probably still more outstanding Medical
Center others are also being taken to Regional Medical Center in San Jose
and police are tweeting information as well and the earliest one was when
Gilroy police confirmed that there was an active situation if their hearts went
out to the victims at the Gilroy Garlic Festival and we do have reporters at
every location on scene where the manhunt is going on right now we have
reporters at the hospital and we have reporters at this staging command post
and this is also information that the Gilroy Police is releasing the witness
line and family reunification line there’s the phone number on your screen
for zero eight eight four six zero five eight three if you saw something please
call that number immediately please keep the main GPD line for emergency only
media that’s us please do not call that line we will not do that and it’s
obviously to our point where work it was that they’re not talking because there’s
there’s something going on right now and to that we will let them do their job
but for anyone that has information that’s the witness line and the family
reunification line and of course if you did see something which leads us to
believe that they are still looking and they are still searching in that area
for either one or two suspects fine all right in the wake of this shooting
people have been saying that some of the victims were taken to various hospitals
around the Bay Area and that is where Joe Vasquez is standing by in San Jose
Joe tell us where you are and what’s happening there now
if Brian behind me is Regional Medical Center in San Jose and outside of the
emergency room you can see folks are still waiting there trying to get
information on their loved ones who were brought here right after the shooting
now a lot of these folks I was able to speak to several groups of people here a
lot of them were J there’s a helicopter up we’re just told get to Regional
Medical Center because that’s where your loved one is going to be and so there’s
a bit of chaos as it’s you know they had the Sunday evening crew on duty they’re
all racing around trying to accommodate the new patients and information is not
flowing at this point we’ve asked for an official update but listen they’ve got
their hands full inside we understand that this is one of several trauma
centers here in San Jose we understand that at Valley Medical Center they’ve
taken at least five patients in and two over at Stanford University hospitals so
that makes seven accounted for but there are more as these folks we’ve talked to
several groups of people here who have loved ones here at Regional Medical
Center they’re just not being added to the official tally as of yet so it’s a
bit of a chaotic situation still here as you can imagine
law enforcement still focusing their attention south of here in Gilroy trying
to find even another god mentor is somebody
suspected of being a second gunman meanwhile family members victims they
are being taken care of at area hospitals Juliet and the situation is
very fluid and folks don’t know a lot of information quite yet yeah it’s all
coming in as we speak as well all right Joe thank you so much we want to go to
Betty you now and she is at the command post and we’re also a lot of people have
been evacuated for more information Betty what can you tell us Julia a
number of people who were at the festival were evacuated here they’ve
been here for several hours because they can’t get back into the festival to
retrieve their belongings a lot of them that I’ve been speaking to our vendors I
also want to show you there is a lot of police activity here this is the Gilroy
high school parking lot we’ve seen a number of emergency vehicles go in and
out and just in the last few moments we’ve seen these large buses pull up but
we’re not quite sure who may be on them or if they’re headed into this parking
lot we also saw a number of SWAT vehicles drive at a high rate of speed
in this direction toward the festival so that would suggest that there is some
activity there we just at this hour have no confirmation of what exactly it is
but again a lot of police cruisers with their lights on headed down the street
at a high rate of speed I have been speaking to eyewitnesses and people who
were within an earshot of the gunfire this afternoon and I’m hearing a a
similar tale of confusion of panic mass chaos this is the third day of this
very popular family-friendly festival and they tell us that the festival was
winding down so this was not the height of the festival a lot of people had left
but there was still music there was a main stage where a lot of witnesses tell
us that is where they heard the gunfire when the gunfire erupted a lot of people
started running they ducked for cover they hid in the vendor booths and many
people tell me they were within a fifty – huh a hundred yards of this gunfire so
again out here we are still trying to piece together what exactly happened we
have reached out to the Gilroy Police Department a number of times to get
confirmation and we are still waiting to hear back we are out here with a lot of
other media outlets so as soon as we learn more details we’ll be sure to
update you are ya that’s Betty you down at Gilroy High School which is right
over the fence from Christmas Hill Park a lot of the law enforcement activity
that’s happening right now is on Miller Avenue and uba’s Parkway which the park
is square and Miller goes this way uba’s Parkway goes that way Miller Avenue
heads out toward Santa Teresa Boulevard which is where Gavilan colleges and
that’s where they have taken some of the people who are at the festival to be
reunited with their loved ones the meantime the police have that lit up
like a roman candle tonight that’s why we can see it live from the chopper of
chopper 5 video of course darkness fell is this was an active shooting scene and
that made things exponentially difficult for law enforcement and that’s why so
many are out there on the scene that is the scene of the shooting a Bandstand
that was a band was playing at about 5:40 this afternoon when shots rang out
either from one or two shooters let’s go to Jeff sharp he’s our KPIX 5 security
analyst in jeff are you there on the line
okay thank you so now we’re going into hours of this there’s a search for
possibly one or two gunmen what is going on right now in terms of the search the
active search the neighborhood locked down what can you tell us from your
expertise well right after this guy so struck Capobianco agency collaboration
here it’s gonna take you know everybody’s efforts to try to determine
what happened here and where this particular individual might be you know
and the problem right now is now we have darkness at least so thank you for the
Sanitary it’s really difficult to start to track down anybody of course there’s
technology there’s thermal imagery that we can use but that still is not going
to be the same as if we had daylight hours so you know this person probably
my guess is they dumped the weapon they’ve taken off into the bushes
they’ve gone somewhere they’re hiding again you remember how difficult it was
for us to track down the Boston bombers after that happened because they took
off and and did sort of the same thing they just left the scene and they went
into the neighborhood so this place will be locked down for some time until they
can make some sort of determination whether there was one or more shooters
they always make the assumption that it was probably more than one because you
know sometimes these things you have to have people’s help to you know determine
surveillance to look and see if any but it does look out but you never assume
that it was only one person they’re doing right now is if in fact there was
one arrest or one shooter was taken down it’s still the active scene in case
there are more and Jeff tell me this you know we’ve been hearing from people that
were there and some law enforcement off duty at the time but that when they
heard shots rang out they knew it was automatic gunfire they reported hearing
thirty rounds and at different varying times which led them to believe that
there might have been one or two shooters active shooters at the time how
would they make it into something like this with that type of artillery well I
mean so again you got to think about what people are hearing in it you have a
a knowledgeable law enforcement person that’s telling you or former military
person is telling you this is automatic fire there’s a very distinct difference
between an automatically fired weapon or a weapon that is a semi-automatic that
could be fired very quickly and just to the layperson it would be very difficult
for them to say oh that was a semi-automatic weapon that someone was
firing very rapidly before that was an automatic weapon that was on on
rapid-fire right initial reports from just people that were there thought it
was fireworks but then we had some confirming reports from off-duty law
enforcement that it was automatic gunfire of a makeshift automatic weapon
of sorts so what happens now we’re into you know our five of this and we’re
gathering information law enforcement from all agencies I assume are now
coming in and and where does this unfold as as we can can’t see into the levees
and into the neighborhood’s well they’re gonna continue look for the person but
they also have some evidence on hand I mean they don’t where they’ll start to
make a determination where these shots were fired from there’s gonna be
expended shell casings laying around they’ll start looking for fingerprints
on those things there won’t be forensic that’s done
simultaneously as they start to look at this Maleny thank you so much for the
super check much respect to you thank you for hanging out being positive in
the chat this is a difficult situation sounded like but was quickly respected
you know nearby amphitheaters and all the speculation all that there’ll be
time for that down the road in the future let’s get this right now
breaking news what’s happening right now prayers for your complaint and not going
well unfortunately Oracle why and how could you have stopped this there’ll be
plenty of honor to have that conversation we also we learn I’m about
respect and honoring our law enforcement agencies across really across the entire
nation exercising this these protocols so they know what to do what to do and
how to do it and they’re a response their immediate response from law
enforcement is go to the violent action go to the shooting go to where you hear
the gunfire and the crowd should be going the opposite direction and that’s
it looks to me like that’s what happened it means obviously when there’s a
shooting people are going to start fleeing in all sorts of different
directions and law enforcement is going to go to the gunfire but I mean right
now with there’s a there is a big challenge of us trying to look into the
bushes the the trees the the neighborhood this is going to be a very
difficult challenge because you know there are a lot of places kind of
giveaway that people can hide out and this person is determined to hide they
can hide for quite some time well there’s 16 Jeff this is Brian
there’s 60,000 people in Gilroy if you’re within in this is the net one
part of the neighborhood is kind of like it’s Christmas Hill Park there’s trees
there’s bushes there’s levees the other side of Miller Avenue it’s all
residential what I say to the people who are watching right now who are living
you know within 12 blocks of this scene well you know the interesting question
that comes to my mind is if this shooter had some sort of a plan in mind and they
anything or you know they dumped the weapons they’re able to assimilate back
into society as best they can and until we can make determination of who they
are based on a single plan or other forensics they can just sort of walk
around the neighborhood and be one of the people who are afraid so it’s gonna
take a big effort on law enforcement satara to start start to look through
the forensics and come up with some clues that can start 14 in one direction
yeah and obviously people who are watching especially in that neighborhood
the obvious don’t answer your door unless it is known law enforcement but
right now it is on lockdown so we are urging everyone who’s watching and
people in that area just to stay in and stay undercover and stay safe obviously
because you don’t know the territory that this person may be in at this time
absolutely any other thoughts that you have on this obviously it’s unfolded at
5:30 the last week the music concert that was going on and and now we’re
learning more and more about what unfolded in terms of the shots fired now
we have three people confirmed dead and and dozens injured and people going to
hospitals right now in terms of the size of this and the magnitude of this you
know maybe give us some of your insight well if you think about some of the last
catastrophes we had the shooting in Las Vegas and good night victorious one
thank you for being here you played on these shooters you know they they just
shot randomly into the crowd and that’s the unfortunate part you know they
aren’t targeting people you know specifically they’re targeting the
targeting the crowd which all they’re trying to do is just have mass casualty
and so that’s the real unfortunate part of this is that they can’t really
pinpoint someone who is targeted in this event other than you know this person is
that there was a mass gas it was an opportunity for them to strike
they did so whether they had a plan up until that time part of it was just
random I mean it’s anybody’s guess but I think
as these as these things unfold we’re gonna find some interesting facts about
the shooter and we’ll find out more on why they chose a venue like this that
you know we have 45 50 thousand people are trying to enjoy themselves a
beautiful California weekend has now been almost four hours since the
shooting Jeff do you have an idea as to what law enforcement they probably by
now have an idea the kind of gun they might have an idea as to the number of
shooters do you have an idea as to when law enforcement would let us know more
of those facts well so they’re gonna hold a lot of that very closely because
they don’t want they don’t want something first of all they don’t want
to get the wrong information get out of it we’ve already heard that you know we
think it was automatic fire there’s no difference between automatic weapons and
semi-automatic weapons you know and the lay person may hear one thing in law
enforcement military may hear another so they’re not gonna put information out
there that’s gonna mislead any parts of this investigation or bisily the public
into believing something that stops outright and so they yes my guess is
they probably have recovered and spent shell casings they know what kind of
weapon it is and again I’m Mike I’m quite positive they’ve already done
forensics if they have found those shell casing Thank You Lydia woods I’m about
to end it now soon right after this guys finished
speaking so have a good night thank you for warning it will have some sort of an
answer as to what the weapon was whether they recovering any fingerprints off of
these off of these shell casings and what one type of weapon was used in the
assault all right Jeff thank you so much for
your insight and I will certainly circle back with you we are now going to check
in with Joe Vasquez who was at the San Jose Regional Medical Center where five
people are being treated right now Joe we think about five we’ve not had any
official numbers at this particular Hospital but let me show you behind me
here this is the Regional Medical Center emergency room it is very crowded right
now in fact there are folks standing outside because they were told by
hospital personnel there’s not enough room inside the waiting room and the
reason I said that we’re not sure how many is because no official has come out
and told us how many victims are here as a result of the Gilroy Garlic Festival
so we’re still awaiting official word there are five victims confirmed at
another trauma center here in San Jose at Valley Medical Center and we also
understand two victims were taken over to yet another trauma center the third
in the South Bay which is over at Stanford Hospital I just spoke to a
young man who came out of the hospital he had been treated for a sprained arm
nerdy Big Mac tank you saw was chaos in there that there are shooting victims
that one doctor told me that one of the patients that he was just dealing with
that is the doctor told this young man one of the patients he was dealing with
was fighting for his or her life so that’s not a direct confirmation but
that is what this young man said he was hearing from his doctor as he was being
treated and that he walked through the emergency room all right guys um I
lowered the volume on it I’m gonna I’m gonna stop talking I’m just gonna let
this play in the background so pressure in four minutes duty round okay Bridget
so they’ll hang out for the four minutes I’ll keep this running in the background
guys so what we know so far is basically we we had earlier this evening this is
now probably going on about three hours in the past we had they’re announcing
the update on the gunman I’m gonna wait for the press conference to come on here
I’m sure they’re going to cover this presser so right now what we have is
three confirmed fatalities uh 12 others that are injured in
different levels so let’s see if they’re gonna go to this press conference here
just warning and Joe you should know this as well apparently officially the
gunman has been shot and killed by policemen we’re just learning that out
of the euro PD they are confirming that the gunman has been shot and killed by
law enforcement and I might add to that also information I reported that earlier
that’s included that’s one of the three they’ve been reported dead
so the gunman on top of two other victims at the Gilroy Garlic Festival
have been confirmed dead and then a number of other injuries so that just
came in as well as you were talking okay so that’s our latest information but
still at the scene it was still an active shooting scene and an active
scene in that area just to make sure that there weren’t more out there in
case all right so I’m gonna put the volume back down guys
as soon as I see the news conference come up on
KPIX I’ll play that so it looks like they’ve confirmed that the gunman was
shot and killed by the police now we don’t know if this was an
off-duty police officer that was attending this festival we don’t know if
it is somebody who was from the security detail but from what I understand the
security at this location was unarmed Lisa thank you so much for the super
love the super chat was much appreciated and I’m feeling a very weird vibe about
this too I’m just trying to hold my composure here and you know me Lisa I
don’t go and make speculations about anything this could be a variation of so
many different aspects so we don’t know at what we know right now is there is a
gunman that fired shots at this festival and multiple people are injured two are
confirmed dead and one gunman killed so that’s three people killed
they’re probably god forbid will be more fatalities going forward but I don’t
like to I don’t like to speculate possible motives possible gunman’s race
religion you know what his background is because we know nothing about it so
right now I’m not going to sit here and spew out information the only thing I’m
going to tell you is I’m giving you a live feed from KPIX which is a local
news station there I’m not I’m a retired New York City police detective so I’m
not going to sit here and make speculations that I don’t know to be
true you know we’re going to wait more news will come out tomorrow so let’s
let’s keep calm our heads here and just taking the information that’s being
given to us once the police off police authorities give their presser that’s
when I’ll start listening because as a former law enforcement professional I
know that our men and women of the police department do not put out false
narratives on unlike some other people that might think that I know it to not
be a practice of our law enforcement so I’m going to wait and see what is said
at the press conference and that’s going to be something that I will listen to
and I’ll listen to it closely near the high school and the we see you
were at the festival with your wife and your 15 month old son tell us where you
were when the gunfire rang up so right we’re where everything started we we
were just there about three minutes before and my wife and my 50 month old
and my name is as well then my wife said that if we could just go to the next
side and try to check out the rest of the festival and we left and three
minutes later right where we were is were where everything happened and we
just heard you know popping sounds and I knew right away that there were shots
and which is her pop pop pop pop and we just went behind some tents and to cover
and we knew right away when we saw a lot of people just running away from there I
mean Shannon that’s how no and I would just go get that question my family my
50 month old son and you know we live less than a mile away from from the from
the festival and it’s a tradition that we go every single year on the last day
and we take the stroller and Debbie Mack how are you my dear happen that’s what
we’re hearing from so many people who make this a family tradition
for them and it is that very popular festival would have a great Clarion kudos that what happened how are you
feeling yeah we’re in the same a weird trying to process everything too I mean
it was a little bit scary especially right when we were coming out we saw a
gentleman being put on the back of a cell – thank you so much for the
SuperLab thank you so much for that then we saw a lady bleeding from her
head and a teenager girl bleeding from her shoulder as well so we saw all of
these happening within minutes of everything going on so it was quite
scary and all we wanted to do was just to get out of there as soon as possible
but again you know having a 15 month old son and my wife and my nephew’s there I
didn’t want to put him on risk so we just waited a little bit and try to find
wheat like I said we live really close where the festival is and I you know I
knew the area so I just wanted to kind of move away to where everything it was
and make sure that it was safe for them to come home Louise were glad you’re
okay thank you for describing your first-hand experience with us Juliette
and Brian this is the story that we’ve been hearing out here all evening in
front of Gilroy High School which is the command post for a lot of emergency
crews and vehicles we have still seen a lot of police cruisers and SWAT vehicles
passed down this street just in the last hour and there are still people vendors
festival goers here a lot of them are waiting for instruction they their
vehicles are still at the festival and there’s still a number of people who are
unable to talk about the experience because they did witness so much trauma
they’re not even able to put it into words there as soon as we get more
information we are awaiting a police press conference it should happen
momentarily and when it does we’ll be sure to bring you the latest information
Julia Betty thank you so much and we do want to this is the press conference
that I’m waiting the gunman has been shot and killed by police that has been
fat that’s been reported are the two others that were killed for concert
we’re at the festival just to recap to it was the closing day
of the your garlic festival when this happened so guys as we wait for the
police news conference this to me and I you you
know those of you who know me know that I don’t really give out that information
for those people who are my friends and who are following me and our loyal
subscribers and friends on the to tear on Family Channel this press conference
that we get from the local law enforcement is the most accurate news
that we’ll get as it is standing right now this is probably gonna be all
preliminary they’re gonna give you just they’re just gonna cover the basics
without giving up any information that they might have for outstanding
perpetrators there could be still outstanding shooters in this case but I
anticipate them to the police now give pretty much full disclosure without
actually going in and you know compromising an investigation so let’s
listen in on this here we go medical facilities all across our region so I
will get to the specifics specifics of what I know here is Santa Clara Valley
Medical Center there are seven patients here five of them came directly from
thank you Society but were transferred from another hospital all of them are in
various states of condition I am told now I have spoken to the the public
information officer here at the hospital who told us a little about the patients
who were brought in and a witness his name is Mark he was there cuff six to do
video drink we scattered so here’s the path that we take
to secure up that’s out here bill see five places directly for gathering is
the two transfers from Saint Louise Hospital they range in conditions from
critical to fair condition I mean we trained for this fortunately we’re
really well staff for these kinds of things and we have a great team that
Johnny tb-303 awfully can we come in to confirm twelve others in Georgia
hospitals unknown on their condition okay well there you go I’m sorry we
can’t hear from the eyewitness we’ll get that to you in a little bit so there you
go there are seven patients here five of them directly two of them transferred we
can also show you that sort of back behind me here out in the the front of a
hospital area you can you can see all these folks milling around it’s there
have been sort of groups of folks coming and going over the over the last 30 30
minutes or so coming to check on on family members sort of sporadically
walking over to us to ask us if we know much more about what went on today we’ve
even had folks just just pastors by walk up and ask what was going on figuring
that folks from that shooting would have been would have been brought here so
that’s all we know from now here we’re expecting another update in a little bit
and we will bring you more information as we get it real live at Santa Clara
Valley Medical Center Wilson Walker KPIX 5 all right Wilson thank you and we
should say that we are waiting for a law enforcement for a news conference or any
more details on this which which leads me to believe that they are obviously
still working is an active scene out there so if you do live in that
neighborhood it is still on lockdown and while we have reported that a gunman has
been shot and killed by law enforcement it’s not to say alright guys I’m just gonna leave the
volume very low until we come with this press conference so again like I said
this is a active crime scene you know they got a process all the evidence all
the shell casings any type of evidence that’s left behind they want to at the
same time secure the evidence and the crime scene and preserve all of evidence
that’s left behind they also to want to clear that area you see they have it lit
up the baseball fields lit up but all the wooded areas all around are dark
I mean here if it was the New York City Police Department you’d have six or
eight helicopters up Joey Brooklyn you can attest to this we’d have six or
eight helicopters up and that place would be lit up like a Christmas tree
there’s not one chopper up and I don’t understand why that’s not happening I
don’t know they’re just they don’t have the resources in that area but I know
here if it was in New York in the New York metropolitan area there would be a
ton of helicopters up and that place would be lit up like a Christmas tree
those are some confusing thanks to me right now and it tells me
maybe tactically they don’t want it lit up I don’t know you know I don’t know
what’s going on boots on the ground we’ll know what’s going on there but you
know tactically a lit up baseball field that’s empty is not doing us any good
so k9 you know you’re not gonna go in the middle of the woods Chris with
canines without some light it’s dangerous for the officers dangerous for
the canines you know canines really can’t see in the dark so
I would you know I would question why the wooded area surrounding is not lit
up so we’re gonna we’re gonna wait until the coverage comes with the live news
conference with the local local police law enforcement officials there thank
you so much kitty bloom so let me give a couple of shoutouts to the good friends
of the duty Ron family thank you to Josh or H Joey Brooklyn Jonna
but didn’t see black rose Trevor JP thank you duty blue for tipping me off
on this breaking news thank you to duty blue from Round Rock Texas he’s a great
American patriot so all the really you know duty round regular family friends
that are on here I greatly greatly appreciate you being in on the broadcast
and thank you to each and every one of you who has respectfully joined the chat
those of you who have been disrespectful with inappropriate comments your
comments are muted deleted and you’ll be blocked from interacting on this channel
this is a mass shooting happens in Northern California and we’re reporting
it live if you can’t make comments in a chat that are respectful and this is not
the place for you there’s plenty of other channels that you could go on and
be disrespectful to people who have been shot and killed if that’s the kind of
life that you want to lead and this is the wrong place for you so I implore
each and every one of you that that wants to stay and interact and get the
latest news get a take from a retired New York City police officer then you
can hang on and hang out here and enjoy the broadcast as best as we can this is
a horrific situation horrific for all the family we have one
shooter that has been shot and killed by law enforcement we have two innocent
victims shot and killed confirmed 12 others different levels of injuries from
gunshot wounds at the hospital we don’t know what their condition are at this
time and we’re just saying our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their
family Thank You Shari I appreciate that thank
you all right we’re gonna put the volume up and see what’s going on the other
white thing but do you get a sense that they’re still looking for another person
or they’re just kind of doing the protocol of continuing on you know into
the night as you said you know kind of what’s the energy you’re feeling out
there it looks like I said a little bit was very active they have guns drawn and
we’re walking up and down the levy when there was daylight but since the
lights gone down now I think it imagine that is a major officer safety issue
we’ve seen situations like this I don’t know if you remember a couple years back
when there was the as a cement plant shooter same exact situation they were
looking up until this is in Cupertino they were looking up until the loss of a
daylight and then as soon as sunlight hits in the morning that’s when the
search everywhere and that police helicopter built circling up there and
it’s been that way for at least the past three hours yeah we can see the aerials
from chopper five and you can see the well-lit Gilroy festival grounds and so
where you are you’re on the outskirts where it’s darker obviously and that’s
where law enforcement has been kind of navigating their way through the brush
and the levies in that area as they were searching for a gunman or multiple
gunman’s is that correct how far out are you from that well-lit area where the
festival is it’s about that point six miles if you were to walk on foot so up
and down the levy yeah as you can imagine there are homes that border up
against Olivia I just saw a chair people drive by at a high rate of speed er you
can I wouldn’t what at the backyard I think over the fence and I did see them
walking and seen before rifles drawn it looks like some of those
a lot for the nation and hold on from whatever they were doing on
a Sunday afternoon some of them weren’t short reclose of a band helmets and the
best on and there I thought what is drawn so they were on edge looking for
something out here in the wooded area a little Norton went yeah the main police
crime scene yeah well given all that kid I’d be careful about hopping over fences
and looking at the place but withdrawing guns especially in that situation that’s
KITT though he’s on rent Avenue rent Avenue is in a residential neighborhood
in Gilroy Barry think I sought you that comment you’re appreciate that thank you
for your insight and it’s a beauty other chest you appreciate that what is
probably still looking for I don’t even know if the police know whether there
was a single gunman or two gunmen but clearly the continuing search – well I’m
from what Jeff harp our security analyst was saying you just keep looking until
you have confirmation that there is not anyone else out there and from our
eyewitness accounts that were calling in throughout the evening there were
reports that they saw more than one so we will leave it up to law enforcement
to give us the latest update and that is at the top of the hour at 10 o’clock in
the meantime we’ll continue a report on what we do know and here are some of the
information as well and that is the number of patients being treated at
hospitals at Santa Clara Valley medicals 7 gunshot okay so in approximately 15
minutes we should be getting a news conference right after the news
conference I’m going to end the livestream and then I will pick it back
up tomorrow in the morning here 6:00 a.m. on the East Coast that’s 3 a.m.
California time yeah it’s not a great time to be in law
enforcement but also it’s not a great time to be a American citizen you know
when you can’t even go to a garlic festival or concert or any place without
being fear and being inflicted on on you you know our houses of worship are not
completely safe it’s not safe to go out to send our kids to school for crying
out loud so we got to put our feet down and things have to change going forward
but tonight is definitely not the night for that type of discussion we just have
to realize is you know things have to change going forward but this isn’t the
time or the place for it I want to bring to you guys live in less than 15 minutes
the news conference the press conference from the law enforcement authorities
over in Gilroy so according to the according to the the wording at the
bottom of this it looks like Gilroy police are confirming one of their
officers engaged this gunman and took him out so kudos to that police officer
whether it was a male or a female thank God that police officers were there to
stop the threat God knows how many more people would
have been killed or injured so I commend he or she whatever this police officer
did was a courageous brave act and thank God we have our men and women of law
enforcement out there putting their lives on the line for our safety
day in and day out all right let’s see what they’re what
they’re saying here guys okay several family members and I were headed to the
shuttle pickup when the shooting started like most people I thought it was
fireworks but then saw the folks closer to the area begin to run my family
grabbed our kids and finally left the part through a trial that led to a
neighborhood had a brief discussion with a man who appeared to have been on the
floor because he was caked with dirt he said a guy pulled out a gun and started
spraying people he also said that a girl had been shot
councilmember Jimenez ended his post lamenting that this is the world we live
in all right and if you’re just joining us now it is still an active scene as we
know it we have reporters there at location where that neighborhood is
still on lockdown we are waiting for a news conference at the top of the hour
at 10 o’clock for full confirmation on exactly what is going on law enforcement
had been in that area since any time after six o’clock about 5:00 said the
calls came in apparently at about well you know we had the eyewitness Pete who
said Peter said he is there with his wife and he ducked behind a bale of hay
that was about 60 yards from the stage and he said he happened to glance at his
watch and it was 5:30 8:00 p.m. and it was like the last song it was I mean
keep in mind this is the third day of the festival the last day of the
festival and from what people were telling us it was almost like they were
ready to clear out we’ll stay for one more song and that’s what I want and
that’s when it all happened and there were reports you know and Peter had told
us from his initial reports that he thought he seen a diamond had a beard
wearing camo these are some of the things that were initially coming out interestingly Peter it also said that
his sense was that people actually I mean it’s terrifying gunshots are
ringing out but he said people were fairly organized getting out and onto a
bus that’s how he got up on a bus and other people have described the scene
kind of as you’re seeing here which is more chaotic it’s surreal and then from
what we’re seeing the emergency response to how they were evacuated to now the
law enforcement response spot-on in terms of you know how you respond to
these things and this is what we’re seeing now the police department is just
a few blocks from Christmas Hill yeah you still want the information as to you
know how did someone like this with this type of gun power get inside a you know
a festival where there are seemingly thousands of people over a three-day
span a very popular festival Gilroy Garlic Festival going on for years a
family affair as well and and as it you know as it turned out the gunman or
possibly plural taking off into a nearby neighborhood in a heavily wooded area
which you know is extremely difficult for anyone on foot and officers by car
to track down but the latest information coming in that one person one suspect
has been shot and killed and again we’re waiting for more
confirmation at 10 o’clock and obviously we will be having coverage on our CW
station at 10 o’clock as well dual coverage as for what it sounded like
when shots rang out at the closing day of the Gilroy Garlic Festival at about
5:40 p.m. this is what it sounded like it sounded like automatic gunfire and it
sounded like approximately 30 rounds and then there was a point of
silence and then there was another reload to seem like a reload and we
heard 30 more rounds there was a woman next to us and she she
got hit like she died like like instantly I think because she got hit in
the lungs is that now you think can you go to the Marin County Fair can you go
to the Alameda County Fair can you do any of this stuff without thinking that
somebody with a gun is gonna walk in and start spraying everything there’s a lot
of information coming in just in terms of the security aspect and obviously
that will be the follow-up in terms of when we go to these large events you
know is a wand good enough anymore people just searching for your bags and
that’s all least that’s that’s basically you know the follow-up for sure but
until then we are following up on the initial accounts of the at the active
gunshot the active shooter in the area and we’re learning that one Thank You
Michelle god bless you giving a news conference that possibly they have the
person and Mario I wasn’t answering like individual questions because I just want
this live coverage to get out there I don’t want to talk over eight years
about three blocks from Christmas Hill Park and I can imagine people in the
neighborhood are on edge as they’re walking as they’re watching
this who certainly would like some updates about what law enforcement is
advising them to do in the status of the investigation so we’re hoping to get
more out of them by 10 o’clock tonight I have no doubt they’ve done a good job
in the immediate neighborhood alerting people to the fact of what’s going on
the same time a quick programming note that if you’re tuning in for regular CBS
programming we are broadcasting it on our sister station KBC W that’s cable 12
channel 44 we have a lot of witnesses they’ve been coming forward we’ve been
getting their interviews on camera and I believe we want to go to one witness who
spoke about evacuating in the chaos with her children at the time and let’s
listen to that at first I thought was fireworks so we
kind of turned around and we’re like like what is that you know and then turn
back Joshua my PO noticed a sea of people just running at us so I grabbed
my my little one and handed them to my husband and we took that’s unknown Mario and we just took off running in the
opposite direction we heard someone yell out active shooter and at that point
we’re gone I have these kids to worry about yeah Krissy I got to get up early in the
morning so I’m way beyond my bedtime but this is important for high school in
town as a second reunification center and now this is one of the locations
where the hospital is right now we have reporters standing by each location a
number of the victims have been taken to area hospitals ranging from scrapes to
gunshot wounds to shrapnel to you know a wide range of injuries that happen and
we’re gonna obviously get more information as time unfolds as to how
many people were injured but what we do know is that two people reportedly were
killed two of the people at the festival has been shot and killed by law
enforcement that has been confirmed a moment ago you were looking at Santa
Clara Valley Medical Center where five of the victims were taken one in
critical condition characterized as critical to fair condition and now
you’re looking at first law enforcement vehicles lighting Miller Avenue enjoy
and it looks like a residential neighborhood now yeah I haven’t heard
anything of that nature Mary but thank you for reporting and I know that you
would you wouldn’t say anything like that unless you saw it so thank you for
that trying to find that gunman in the
darkness and out of 57 thousand people as everyone’s
playing as quickly as they can yeah Jonna they said they’re gonna cover
it live here so I’m sure it’ll be a feed that would be all over the place I’m not
going to switch to Facebook sugar please welcome just check out what’s going on
this is a live news feed from the scene of a mass shooting at a garlic festival
over in Gilroy California yeah not here at this time this is we’re
just trying to bring the actual event to the forefront we’re not having a debate
here in regards to possible scenarios of why this happened to get the facts right
now currently tonight more shots rang out we don’t know where the sound of
gunfire was heard great I’m not that I’m Ron I just sound like some of them witness accounts calling us saying that
they had been injured terr bernhard we only have confirmed
right now 12 injured three fatalities including the gunman so that’s two
victims at the at the festival and then the gunman as well as a third the
government’s on a victim the government is a dead per a number of agencies
trying to get in to help those who were injured as well as track down whoever
this person or persons with this artillery at the Gilroy Garlic Festival
day three wrapping up the festival on a Sunday Nancy I have it down on stage
when the shot started to ring out they were distorting an encore at the Gilroy
Garlic Festival not a singer Jack van burine said he saw a man wearing a green
shirt and a grayish handkerchief around his neck fire into the food area with
what he says looked like an assault rifle then bring that’s main singer as
we said and other members of the band douve under the stage and van burine
says he heard someone shout why are you doing this and the reply because I’m
really angry his bandmate Vlad melon coughs Kiev Walnut Creek said he heard a
lot of shots and then it stopped later law enforcement came by and told
the band members and others hiding with them to come out with their hands up
obviously dramatic account from the folks that were on the stage when the
shots started ringing out into the crowd this is from the band
they say they will perform a an encore when the shots started to ring out again
you’re looking at a live picture of the Gilroy Garlic Festival obviously
evacuated and you can see the stage there and all the different food vendors
in the area all lit up as law enforcement continues to investigate
back to you Liz we were hearing from people who were at the concert saying it
was just like almost Greg thank you for that
we’re not that’s not been confirmed but we hope that that’s not true if it is we
are I do believe we have Wilson Walker and he is at one of the hospitals and
Wilson I believe you have a witness with you yeah we’re talking about that that’s
sort of scrambled to get out of the way go ahead and introduce yourself for us
and just for starters your cousin isn’t here so tell us a little bit about her yes I cover breaking news and all
criminal cases I’m a retired New York City police detective I work 20 plus
years in the New York City Police Department I had my kids in the jumper
and and I heard a big bang I heard a loud bang next to the jumper where this
pregnant woman was there so then I think when the bank was in front of her feet
so I thought there was just fireworks like somebody was throwing fireworks at
people so when I when I got close to see what it was I all I could see was dust
you know so I turn to what I did is I turned around and I’ve seen that I saw
this guy there’s the Dare get ready for the news conference on the right if you
look at the right of the screen over here on the right side that you got them
setting up the presser with mics and everything loading the gun and then all right I
lowered the volume on this so guys this is like I said this is an active
situation investigation canvassing evidence collection there’s a lot of
moving parts going on here there’s literally probably hundreds of law
enforcement personnel from all over the Northern California area joining in with
this investigation they have to clear acres and acres of that area we don’t
know if there’s anybody outstanding but we will find out from this press
conference if they are able to release that information at this time that’s why I grabbed my kids
and we started running towards the parking lot and right away when we got
to the parking lot that’s when all my car my uncle’s are starting and asking
for the kids so what I did is I went to go look for the kids I found my brother
inside the trailer and my my sister and niece they were my two daughters they
were at the parking lot with my mom and my sister and niece they were in in the
woods and my other three cousins they were in the woods too hiding Mark said
it was just a scramble but just everyone kind of everyone went every direction
everybody just went everybody went their own way to take cover
yeah but the people that were sitting next to my mom the lady that was hitting
the next to my mom’s she did get shot she I think she is one of the victims
that passed away and there was like four or five people around the area where
where my family was sitting I know you want to get back into your family so I
hope everybody is all right thanks for taking a few minutes with us
well said Alice what there you go a familiar story of a
family sort of scrambling to get out and and now a family waiting to hear on the
condition of in this case his cousin who was shot in the leg I spoke with his uh
his brother earlier said that they were running in such a panic to leave that
she might not have realized she had been hit until they got out of the crowd and
they looked down and she was bleeding and now of course they find themselves
here at the hospital again seven shooting victims here five of them
directly from the scene to transferred over I’m told most of the victims that
did not suffer suffer gunshot wounds are at other hospitals and so again
people moved all over the region based on availability of services and and the
severity of the injuries so that’s about it for here we will throw it back to you
guys in the studio thank you what a harrowing story that is Wilson Walker at
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center all right as you can see on the right hand
out side of your screen we are waiting a news conference right now the podium is
set up and law enforcement said that they were going to be talking at the top
of the hour obviously they’re gathering gathering their information and details
to give us the latest information on the shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival
and what we can tell you is that from law enforcement reports one of the
gunmen or maybe the soul only gunman has been shot and killed
although we did see that their neighborhood nearby was still on
lockdown so we’ll presume but that area still is
on high alert until we get the latest information from law enforcement and of
course they’ve been very careful with how much information they’re going to
give to us and each time it’s been spot on so when we when we finally do hear
from them that’s going to be the word they’ve got that press conference or at
least the coming press conference set up at Gavilan College out there on the
Santa Teresa Boulevard where they did ask some people if they were at the
festival to head for Gavilan so that they could be reunited with their loved
ones they’re also reunited
people at Christopher high school as well harrowing account though let’s cook
told us in the newsroom about an eyewitness who said that the band’s tin
man was just wrapping up when someone in a green shirt and a some kind of a tan
kerchief stepped out began firing and someone called out to him why are you
doing this and they responded because I’m angry and continued to shoot then
disappeared behind the stage some folks who were at the festival
think that there were two gunmen we don’t know for sure we hope to find I
think that’s the big question in this press conference is do they know if it
was a sole gunman and what the status is of the lockdown and the active shooter
status if that’s still true and if there still is a hunt for another shooter yeah
and at this hour you know with law enforcement okay here we go they’re
doing an audio check right now once he starts with information we’ll certainly
stop first up we’re gonna have the mayor rollin valasco that is ve a se Oh
followed by Chief Scott Smitty that s co1 T Smith ESS i th EE and
finally we have brian bo b o w e the executive director of the Garlic
Festival understand that the situation is still fluid its active this will be a
short briefing followed by no no more than three to five questions we are
planning a press conference first thing tomorrow morning which will be pushed
out via our social and digital media platforms my name is Captain Pedro
Espinosa ESP I n o za thank you all right so capture captain Pedro Espinoza
just speaking right now telling us the lineup of the the people that are going
to be talking at this news conference thank you all for being here first let me say that I want to express
my my extreme shock and sadness for what has happened today this is an active
investigation I would ask for the thoughts and prayers of the community as
our Gilroy police officers continue to investigate this tragic and senseless
crime also our thoughts and prayers are going out to the victims and their
families we are again continuing the investigation we plan on being out here
all night and as was said earlier there will be
another press conference tomorrow as the investigation continues our local law
enforcement and their partners will investigate every aspect of this crime
and later you will receive additional information from the chief regarding
reunification and ways for individuals to to contact the city and reconnect
with their loved ones all right thank you good evening I so I’m the Chief of
Police for the city of Gilroy Scott Smith II and obviously this is one of
those press conferences that you never want to have to give and you’re
knee-deep sure this is one of those press conferences
you never want to have to give in your community and it’s sort of a nightmare
that you hope you never have to live in a reality but unfortunately find
ourselves in this circumstances where we have to live this today I’m going to
give you some brief information with the information that I have right now we
have literally dozens of officers working on this as we speak so a lot
more information will be coming to light throughout the evening and into the
morning tomorrow and as we have additional information to share will
will push out through our social media platforms and we’ll set up another press
conference so that we can share that information with you I this incident
tonight started at about 541 p.m. I there were reports of shooting on the
north side the Garlic Festival area my officers were in that area and engaged
the suspect in less than a minute the suspect was shot and killed it appears
as if though they had come into the festival via the creek which borders the
parking area and they used some sort of a tool to cut through the fence to be
able to gain access through the secure fence line and that’s how they got into
the festival area itself we have one suspect we know that is down
we have some witnesses reporting that there may have been a second suspect but
we don’t know that that suspect was engaged in any shooting or whether they
may have been in some sort of a support role for the the person that we have
accounted for we have at least 15 people injured we have four fatalities that we
know of including the suspect the officers that engaged the suspect
obviously we have a protocol that we need to deal with for that so Santa
Clara County has a protocol on dealing with officer-involved shootings so
that’s just another layer of complexity with the shooting that we’re
investigating from the suspect we put out a call for assistance we had many
many officers in the park at the time that this occurred as we do any day
during the festival which accounts for the very very quick response time when
we put out the call for help we’ve gotten help from agencies all across
Santa Clara County and Monterey County and I can’t thank those agencies enough
they came from you know pretty good distance as a way to be here to help
support and provide assistance with our investigation in dealing with the chaos
of the scene at the time that had occurred
we have set up some things you know a reunification because you know in the
panic people go out different ways than they came in and families got separated
and so we have this area Gavilan College and Gilroy set up as a reunification
area to try to reunite families that got separated we also have a phone number
for families to be able to call and we have people staffing those phone numbers
to work on the reunification process the that phone number is area code four zero
eight eight four six zero five eight four we also are asking for any
witnesses because there was quite a number of people in the park anybody
that witnessed this incident that can tell us anything that took any
photographs that perhaps videotaped anything that might be relevant to this
investigation to please contact us and we’ve set up a special phone number for
witnesses as well and that phone number is four zero eight eight four six zero
five eight three and that’s I about what I know at this point in time second suspect we believe based on witness statements
that there was a second individual involved in some way we just don’t know
in what way I do not at this point I don’t have any information on the
suspect yet I and that will take a little bit of time as with the victims
as well that will take some time before we identify them and make family
notifications as I said we’ve gotten assistance from
literally dozens of law enforcement agencies across two counties and so we
have teams working to try to track down and identify leads regarding the second
suspect we’re very hopeful that with the witnesses and statements that people are
able to give us that that will help us to do that security cameras no not not
posted security cameras no we do not know what the involvement is of the
second person at this point in time you know I don’t know what the injuries
are I haven’t got a report on that I do know that the the list that they’re
keeping the master list it was up to 15 people the last time I looked at it and
that included the board I have no idea what the motive is at this point you know I’m sorry I don’t have
specifics on that other than people reported as subject leaving the area
that they thought was associated with this person it was Gilroy officers that
engage the suspect yes you know I do not have the age range at this point I’m
sorry I will be able to get more of that when we do an update tomorrow I do not
know he was he had some sort of a rifle but I don’t know what type of rifle it
was yes they do have to go through metal
that they have ones that they use on people they search bags we have very
tight security for getting people into the festival the indications initially
given to me is that they use some sort of a tool to cut through a perimeter
fence to gain access I have not heard that it is an active scene in because of the
magnitude it will continue to be active for some time I do not know one more question you know I don’t feel comfortable making
an assumption but it appears that way at least initially that it was somewhat
random as he moved out into the festival area well I’ll make that the last question
you know the city of Gilroy is an incredible
community and we have incredible people here and I’m really proud to have been
the chief here and again you know lead this force because we have such a
wonderful community and community support and I think that this festival
is a perfect example of that because it takes literally thousands of our
residents that volunteer their time to come put this on for people and to raise
funds for all of our community-based organizations and charities and whatnot
I you can’t say that about a lot of communities and I think that the number
of people that are willing to give their time for the betterment of other people
is a wonderful thing and it’s just incredibly sad and disheartening that an
event that is does so much good for our community I has to suffer from a tragedy
like this I went to say that’s a fair
characterization you know I’m good I’m gonna stop now we’re gonna allow the
executive director of the Garlic Festival mr. Brian both to say a couple
comments good evening I’m Brian BOE the executive
director of the Gilroy Garlic Festival to reiterate a little bit of what Scott
Smith he said don’t worry is an amazing community a tightly knit community we
are family we have the wonderful opportunity in this community to
celebrate our family through our garlic festival and for over four decades that
festival has been our our annual family reunion and it is such a sad just
horribly upsetting circumstance that this happens on the third and final day
of this year’s festival our 4,000 plus local volunteers worked
so hard every year and to have seen this event in this way this
day is just one of the most tragic and sad things that I’ve ever had to see and
we all feel so upset for those that are impacted
friends families neighbors it’s just a horrible thing to experience
and couldn’t feel worse our prayers do go out to the friends and families and
loved ones of everyone that was affected by this we couldn’t be more thankful for
the really immediate response of the first responders the police personnel
that were on-site they did an amazing job The Situation’s put those
Impossibles but thank them for that that’s about all that I have to say I’ll
refer any more questions to anyone else here thank you very much got us you have to be determined more
than likely it will be somewhere closer to City Hall and police department we
will push that out via our digital media platforms I want to take a second to
thank you for your patience understand that our community is breathing like I
mentioned earlier this is an active investigation is fluid we have multiple
allied agencies and currently assisted us we will keep you appraised and once
we solidify the time and location rest assure that we’ll put that out so that
we can provide you the most current information again thank you and I
appreciate your patience you have been watching a press conference live from
college today at Christmas Hill Park and here’s what we learned from the Gilroy
police chief four people are dead tied including the gunman who was shot and
killed by Gilroy those officers police are searching for a possible second
suspect reported by witnesses it is not clear if he was involved in the actual
shooting or if he had a weapon we learned the gunman probably entered the
festival from the creek near a parking lot so he didn’t go through security he
used some kind of a tool to cut through the perimeter fence the suspect had a
rifle we don’t know what kind of rifle the Gilroy police chief says the
shooting appears to just be random we want to go to Devon feely he was at the
news conference and we’re gonna get more information from him but Brian as you
were saying what’s interesting we were talking about security and entering
through the festival because they did clearly have security is that the
suspect and possibly someone else that was a support alright guys so here we are alright guys
I’m still here so we we learned from the police chief
really not much on specifics I knew that it wouldn’t be a much on specifics but
we do know that there is another person another fatality this is horrible news
I’m sure that this death toll will be updated in the morning there’s many
people who are gravely injured that are at the hospital so prayers and thoughts
to the victims the families everybody the first responders did a fantastic job
here I commend our men and women of the
police department I am a retired New York City police detective as you guys
can see there’s my signs in the background so thank you to each and
every one of you guys who has positively interacted on this broadcast thanking my
moderators and all my great people who are in this chat thank you for all the
super chat much love much respect from duty Ron everybody have a good night and
we will give you an update on this terrible mass shooting over in
California tomorrow in the morning when we have more so love and respect from
duty Ron thank you guys all for being in the chat and we’ll catch

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  1. ugghh 🙁 Dutyron, do you have any safety pro tips for attendees of these festivals? My daughter goes to Lollapalooza every year and I always worry about something like this happening. I heard getting away from the crowd is safer. My heart and prayers go out to the victims and their families. Awful.

  2. Hi Duyron, thats where i moved from! Feeling safer in San Diego. That Silicon Valley area is getting crazy!

  3. So shocking. Those poor people will never really feel safe again. I'm pleased that, if an accomplice, the 'other' shooter is still alive and in custody. I say again, 'if' he is the second shooter, he will be able to provide information as to why this happened. So far I've heard that one of the shooters when asked why, said it was because he was very angry. Unbelievable.

  4. Prayers go out to the victims and their families also the frighten people who were wittiness to such a heinous crime. ♥️

  5. At 10am Monday morning in the UK, we're hearing that there are three fatalities and fifteen injured. My thoughts are with those affected and hope the injured will make a full and speedy recovery. 🙁 We're also hearing that the shooters cut the perimeter fencing to gain entry and, therefore, there should be no blame attached to those checking bags at the legitimate entrance point(s). Perhaps there will be perimeter fence patrols at future events, such is the state of the world these days.

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    Just the facts mam .
    it’s the guy behind the gun , not the gun to focus on.
    People dying to get into this country
    People are dying within this country .
    Is this the America you yearn for ?
    California gun laws toughest in the nation
    Focus on the shooter. Who and why ????
    Birth of Another conspiracy, lord I hope not too many conspiracies proven not conspicuous at all
    Bless the first responders .

  9. So very sad. It is a beautiful area of California, part of what I always call the salad bowl. When we lived there we were surrounded by lettuce fields, artichoke fields and were not far away from the amazing smell of garlic. So heartbreaking.

  10. This is my first time hearing about this. Great video and information. Stopped by to show you support.

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