Abe prioritizes his push for constitutional reform in New Year’s statement

Abe prioritizes his push for constitutional reform in New Year’s statement

now Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a
has reiterated his commitment to prioritize the amendments of Japan’s
post-war pacifist Constitution Party June with the details Japanese Prime
Minister Shinzo Abe a has vowed to promote major reforms to build a new era
in Japan specifically pointing to the need for constitutional revision while
highlighting the need for reforms ranging from education to social
security in his new year’s statement on Wednesday a base ed constitutional
reform is his top priority throughout his time in power our BAE has been
pushing to enhance Japan’s defense capabilities increasing defense spending
by at least 10 percent since he was elected but the Conservative leader has
yet to accomplish his main mission to amend Japan’s post-war pacifist
Constitution particularly article 9 in which Japan denounces war and prohibits
its military forces being deployed in overseas conflicts mentioning it for the
first time since 2014 obby is seen to have we declared his
commitment with his term set to expire in September 2021 regarding Japan’s
diplomacy ahve said he will confronted her Poland changes in international
affairs and open a new line of diplomacy he added that he will protect the
country seize territory and airspace and continually correct Japan security
policies rather than being bound to convention his remarks come amid
territorial disputes with neighboring countries including South Korea and
China Ave also expressed his hope for the successful hosting of this year’s
Tokyo Summer Olympics and Paralympics he said he hopes it will be a wonderful
event that excites children and allows them to dream about the future packagin
eyed on us

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  1. If the US, Japan, and South Korea were true allies, It would be desirable for all the three countries that Japan beef up its Self Defense Forces. However, South Korea is against it, and therefore it is clear South Korea is on the Communism side. South Korea is therefore is not on Japan’s white list no matter how much it bows to Japan for getting back on the list.

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