“ABC World News Tonight” Anchor David Muir’s “Go Bag” Is CHOCK FULL of ’90s Beauty Products

“ABC World News Tonight” Anchor David Muir’s “Go Bag” Is CHOCK FULL of ’90s Beauty Products

And I know you brought your go bag. Yeah, yeah. And I also made you a go bag. You did? Of snacks I love, things that I’m truly obsessed with. Let’s do yours. Okay so should we just start with the food which is usually what I like to do? Alright, alright, we’ll start with mine. (audience clapping) First of all, this is the most masculine of my food storage totes that I chose for you. There’s no picture of you on the back of it? No there’s no picture of me. But these are great, they keep hot food hot or cold food cold and I filled it with literally snacks that I’m obsessed with. You know, bone broth is so trendy and then I started drinking it and I’m like it really is amazing, it’s delicious. I mean we make stock in a box but bone broth is great for you and it’s easy to take on a plane and they can just pop it into the mic. So bone broth, that’s the first thing. Alright, bone broth. Bone broth. I’m an upstate girl, I go nowhere without jerky. I don’t either. I’m a jerky lovin’ freak. (audience clapping) My producer’s gonna love this by the way, she loves jerky. My husband’s favorite is round jerky, meat sticks. So these are all natural meat sticks, it’s his favorite. (audience clapping) You’re gonna hear about that, passenger on the plane who got taken off the plane ’cause he had two boxes of jerky. (laughing) That’ll be me. This is amazing. I love Justin’s.
Yes. I love their almond butter. I usually buy the dark chocolate, Justin’s version of a Reese cup but I figure you probably want to stay healthier so there’s just the little spreads you can put them on whole wheat toast. (audience clapping) It’s the protein. My mother tells me to always have some instant oatmeal with me so a good organic instant oatmeal. (audience clapping) And granola, this is my friend Janette’s favorite granola. Janette, so I gotta write to your mom about the oatmeal, Janette about the– Now this I’m truly obsessed with. They’re called Hippeas, Hip-peas. They are chickpea puffs that taste like cheese doodles. (screams) (audience clapping) I mean do we have to wait? They are high protein, you have to try these. Let’s just do it right now. These are so, I’m obsessed. Let’s just pretend we’re on assignment. I am obsessed, I have a million of these little baggies I’ll replace them. They taste like cheese puffs. They’re amazing. But they’re high protein and they’re made out of chickpeas, how ’bout that? (audience clapping) Alright.
Alright. Now cheerio show me what you really do take in your go bag. So honestly there’s nothing edible in this bag. (laughing) So you know, I just want to point out how predictable and people on social media now, they’re like okay they know the boots I’ve been wearing them for 10 years. I just have them resoled like once a year. (audience clapping) And that’s the point in buying the boots you can resole them. I literally had someone, I think on Instagram, the other day say I think there are now holes in that black t-shirt you wear at every disaster. And there were. Yeah, there are, there are. (audience clapping) Okay, I’ve never done this on television before but this is the gel that, wait wait– (Rachael laughing) (audience clapping) Obviously I need more. I was gonna say. But this is used, but this stuff I can put in my hair once a year and it won’t move for a year. It’s amazing, it’s amazing. You do need another one though but give me that. I love– It’s called Got2Be I would love to live with you because look, he squishes up the toothpaste tube correctly. I know this is hair gel, but look see he’s used it properly. I used, this morning, this morning. And listen I was in the changing room, I grabbed my bag and I saw something else in the changing room that I keep over in the news room. And this I can’t take on the road obviously ’cause it’s a liquid and it’s in glass but I have to tell you the story behind this. This is the cologne I still wear to this day, yes, Abercrombie. (laughs) Oh my God, David Can I tell you why though? Yes. There’s a reason and I’m really upset that they used my picture for this. (laughing) You were looking a little flabby that day. I know, I was like I need more of the– But years ago I was filling in on Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer who is my dear friend to this day. One of the best humans on the planet. And I filled in one morning next to her and of course, it’s Diane Sawyer sitting next to you saying Good Morning America. The next morning, I’m doing a week with her, and it’s the next morning, she comes into the office and I’m getting ready to go on and she just kinda walks in and she leans over and she goes, she goes what is that? She goes I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday. (audience laughing) Check please. Yeah I get it. So I have worn this cologne ever since. (audience clapping) Diane Sawyer. (audience cheering) Give me a little I want to smell good for Diane. Now I smell good for Diane. ABC World News Tonight with David Muir airs weeknights at 6:30 on ABC and 20/20. How many years now for 20/20? 40 years. 40 years of 20/20. (audience cheering) It airs tonight at 10:00 pm on ABC. I adore you. I love you babe. Grab a snack and come on back. (audience cheering)

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  1. Nathan Phillips the Man, does not go up to the Black Israelites the other Men, Mr. Phillips goes up to young boys.

    What’s wrong with that picture David Muir? Or are you just another Man who wants to confront the boys instead of other Men?

  2. Don't you do this Donald Trump David knar Justin and lanisha my children get disability benefits like 9 and 75 each to start a month I was going to get that but I am due a lawsuit that's far greater than that and I really do want my money and I want my rent is $2 for the Westgate palace Hotel on international drive is right behind the wedding while that you had to close down and whatever else have you done you made the movie or Selma not Selma but Gaston you made the movie Gaston and what else have you done New York has a theme park at universal studios why were you working so hard and the election to Donald Trump election I help you prepare most of that conversation that was on the post light and the people came in with all kinds of prejudice comments and Donna made it through she's not dead but Tamara Hall's sister was killed and Jody know something about it Mikhail Gorbachev.

  3. David Muir is so dark and sketchy… Honestly I can't even imagine the type of dark and evil things he's seen and done.

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