ABC News Reports Shooting in Head of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ)

ABC News Reports Shooting in Head of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ)

we are following a developing story and
it comes to a set of truce on arizona this afternoon where we are have
confirmed reports that congresswoman gabriel gifford’s you see her there up
on the screen a democratic tucson has been shot outside of the ventana tucson
supermarket is unclear what her condition is but reports are that the
shooting took place a short time ago during event called congress on your corner
that’s but by standard approached her and several other people who were in the
area and started firing we do know that in addition to the congresswoman there
were several other shot of course we don’t know whether they were members of
her staff whether they were simply bystanders at the supermarket edward as
well but what we do know this afternoon is that congresswoman gabriel gifford’s
a democrat of the eighth district of arizona that is into sun arizona has
been shot taken to the hospital we are unsure what her condition is at this
hour i do want to turn to my colleague even curly in washington who has
reported on the congresswoman and her husband before because her husband is
very involved with nasa and in fact david as you point out he was scheduled
to be on the next trouble mission he is still scheduled to be the
commander of the national mission which is to be the last shuttle mission set to
go up and it brought his name is mark kelly he has a twin brother who is up in space
right now scott kelly is the commander of the space station right now there was
a chance of these two men we’re going to be the twins first blood relatives in
space together mark kelly and speculate great guys
spent some time with them down at that nasa last year man and uh… he’s been
married to the congresswoman for premiering berry difficult time at this
point and no word on on whether he has learned
about this or whether or not he was in arizona at the time to carly s in
washington thank you and again but we can confirm is congressman gabriel
gifford’s democrat of tucson arizona shuffle holier than thou site a
supermarket in tucson several others also shot and again the conditions unknown at this
point this is a story will continue to follow here and we’ll have a complete
wrap-up tonight on world news saturday i’m david nor in new york will continue
to follow this on the broadcast at a_b_c_ news dot com

100 Replies to “ABC News Reports Shooting in Head of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ)

  1. @JHJennings: Tea Party individuals need to stop the rhetoric or hate and violence, even on the off chance it influenced this guy.

  2. The cross hairs symbol in the map on Palin's site is actually the old Klu Klux Klan symbol for white race superiority. Think abou it. Giffords was Jewish . . .

  3. mcclown69 . dam right i am a a right winger, unlike you dumbocrats who hate this country and try to destroy it and shape in it in your own image. no one ,even a pregnant woman, has the right to kill a baby. i am not speaking of the laws man has made, roWE vs.wade, i am speaking of simply what is right and what is wrong and what is moral. you marxist bastards claim to be the champions of the little man, the downtrodden, the poor, yet you slaughter millions of innocent babies yearly. SHAME SHAME

  4. @JHJennings: No, I am disgusted with the entire Tea party, but that little speech by Sara Palin yesterday . . . goes beyond in poor taste . . .

  5. @JHJennings: Why does the lady have to use violent imagery? Why does she have to refer to guns? Why did she have to use a phrase with the word "blood" in it, a violent reference to Jews (Giffords is Jewish)? Very offensive. Even aside from the cross hairs on the map she had on her site. What was called for at this point was a little genuine sympathy for the victims and I didn't hear any of that, only Palin thinking about herself as usual.

  6. @JHJennings: You know as well as I do a FACTUAL news report is way different than a speech by a political spokesman using such metaphors. Her statements are in poor taste. Sara Palin does it for the money. You think she gives a damn about the public she speaks to? Toss in a little racism and you have it. She could have offered a little genuine sympathy for the victims, that would have been appropriate. Instead she talks about herself as usual.

  7. @JHJennings: She used a reference that is offensive to Jews. Insensitive at least. Anyone can go through the motions of condolences without being sincere. And in her speech on youtube she talks almost entirely about herself. She is not a victim; she helped elevate the level of hate that caused this situation. What about the real victims here? Does she care?

  8. @aburke673: Nope. Laughner had core Tea Party beliefs such as anti government, not a leftie. Satanic shrine? Oh come on.

  9. @aburke673: . . . and he was anti government. ANTI GOVERNMENT. He had specific beliefs of the Tea party, like collecting gold wealth and not paper. The guy was influenced.

  10. @aburke673: I don't buy that. One of the people shot was Jewish. No, it was Tea Party politics that influenced him.

  11. @aburke673: Oh brother. You people are being played like a grand piano by the 2 percent wealthiest. You never had a voice before and suddenly you've been given a mic. They are manipulating you. Hasn't it occured to you that the views that are spoonfed to you mimic what the wealthiest want?

  12. @aburke673: Oh brother. You people are being played like a grand piano by the 2 percent wealthiest. People who support the Tea party never had a voice before and suddenly you've been given a mic by these rich bastards. They are manipulating you. Hasn't it occured to you that the views you are spoonfed mimic what the wealthiest want?

  13. @aburke673: Man. Stop drinking Fox channel kool aid. You're very wrong. You are buying the propaganda by people like the oil billionaire Koch brothers and the Waltons. Not Jews. They are the ones pulling the strings of the politicians.

  14. @19d4life: He had some things like that when he was younger, according to people who knew him when he was a teenager. The guy was anti government in general.

  15. Cain killed Abel and it was without a gun. The human heart is the motive behind all murders. Those who blame firearms for the shooting of Gifford’s are greatly misled. If guns kill people, do pencils misspell words?

  16. @ToHeavenGo: Tell Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck to stop calling for the murder of Democratic lawmakers. There were 3 assasins known to be influenced by Beck alone, for instance the guy who bombed Nancy Pelosi's house. All I'm asking is for them to tone down the rheteric a little.

  17. If Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck etc were the murders, than Michael Jackson was seen shopping at Sears just yesterday. Did you see him too?

  18. @BenTHEarab Thank you. I am sorry that I have been getting out of control. Some people, I do not know where they get their brains. Perhaps these are the same weird people you find at Wal-Mart.

  19. @usmc8542 what someone is thinking in their brain when they kill someone does not have anything to do with race. politics affect a large majority of individuals in different and personally unique ways, this individual had a grudge, and acted on it. in that sense what you are trying to say is that you feel that caucasian's choose to act on these feelings by killing people. The issue of race, over the choice to kill, in the end its all the same black or white.

  20. @tylercrossley123: The Tea Party spokesmen like Sara Palin and Glen Beck need to tone down the hate and violence rhetoric. It was in very bad taste anyway, even without the killings.

  21. @michealati2: That's an apt descripton of them. Actually, a poll they just did showed the majority of the public do think this guy was influenced by the violent rhetoric on the right.

  22. @michealati2 Sir, The Tea Party has nothing to do with KKK. The Tea Party are the frontiers, the group to reverse the damage done by those who oppose our Founding Fathers.

  23. @usmc8542 Sir, the recent shooting was about a white person killing other whites. I do not this incident can be contrived as racial. On the contrary, the killer was apparently known to be a satinist.

  24. @ToHeavenGo Sorry about the grammer. The recent shooting has nothing to do with whites. The shooting was not racial. The shooting was about hate. Pray for the shooter and the victims. That is OUR job.

  25. @judyleasugar97 Most Tea Party members are professional people and not up to hate and violence. Yes, there are violent members but please do not think "all" are violent. The same applies to liberals. There are some that are violent and some that are not violent. It works both ways.

  26. @michealati2 Respectfully Sir, Palin was not instituting a ‘rifle killing’ rampage. That was her way to stress 'who is' who should be defeated. By no means did she apply to kill her opponents. Yes, there are those persons that are very sick, evil, and hateful (like the shooter) who think they know better and unfortunately take lives. Remember, the person who tried to kill Reagan? Same thing, the person had no real motive either.

  27. @ToHeavenGo: It doesn't matter whether Palin meant to incite a killing. She needs to quit with the violent rhetoric. Why can't she say what she wants to say without referring to guns? By the way there have been 3 assasination attempts known to have been inspired by Glen Beck.

  28. @0Ewok0: Weeks after Beck burned Pelosi in effigy & poisoned her, someone tried to bomb her house (mother of the guy said Beck influenced him). Patty Murray received a death threat (the cousin of the man said he was drawn into Beck's world), and Byron williams was stopped before firing on the civil liberties union (he said Beck was "his school").

  29. @michealati2 If these were the facts, yes, I agree with you, Sarah had poor judgement. Cross hairs is not the way to defeat a polical opponent. I do not see a direct connection between Sarah Palin and the mad man. Unless the FBI finds otherwise Sarah made a bad judgement. As per making use of words, I doubt she stated, "kill them" I think the gunman acted alone. But who am I? I am not a FBI agent. Pray for our country.

  30. Read reviews. Although David Pakman is a handsome and very gifted spokesperson he is greatly misled and supports very evil entities. For starters he defends Howard Stern. Secondly David supports same sex marriage. When a person favors these evils I suspect his morality is in question and I stop listening. I judge a man by their character. Bad morality is bad character. Pray for David, if a conversion should take place his speaking skills could be used for much good.

  31. @ayyoable Republican party was started by Abe Lincoln, one of the best presidents of this country. In those days Republicans were considered a ratical move. There are many bad examples of Republicans and the same applies to Democrates too. The only way our country can be saved is if we elect sound people with good judgement and who place God first. Good judgement comes from learning from history (like keeping our 2nd Admend). Good practive of ethics is NOT to accept favors from the rich.

  32. @sonicbeerman Amen, however everything is in God's Providence. We will never understand the heart and mind of God until we meet Him. There is a reason for everything. Theologically, war (killing) is a direct result of mans (plural) sin. WE are all guity of sin. War is a result of sin. If we continue to support the killing of the unborn how much differernt are we really from the mad man who killed six?

  33. @0Ewok0 The US Constitution is living document that most have forgotten or were never read by Americans (believe it or not). Statistically only 5% of Americans have read the US Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. May I add, only 5% of Americans have read the Holy Bible cover to cover. The Holy Bible is the living word of God. One equates to our country the other our souls. NOTE: public school and Universities make mention but NEVER force students to completelyread

  34. @sonicbeerman: You forget about Zamudio, the guy who ran to the scene with a gun, nearly shot the hero (holding down Loughner) because he was holding Loughner's gun. That's the problem with guns. The solution is not more guns.

  35. @sonicbeerman: No one would have stopped the guy entirely. And as I said, someone almost shot the hero accidentally. Guns are not the answer. Aside from all the hate rhetoric, the Republicans slash mental health care but make it easy for a sick person to get a gun. You have a situation like this.

  36. @michealati2 I am not a lawyer either but what you stated sounds good to me. But within limitations. Should we continue suing McDonalds if they do not label the coffee as ‘hot’ and one burns themselves. Recall this historic case?

  37. @michealati2 Agreed, different levels of offenses require different levels of penalties. May I add another crime, perhaps treason. Anyone that opposes the first 10 Admendments of the Constitution should be placed on trial or perhaps it may be eaiser if they just move to Red China- don't you think?

  38. A history lessons may offend you; a reality that many wish to omit. Do you think the uncomfortable persons at camp Auschwitz would find it offensive to learn that some firearms have the capacity to fire multiple rounds from a single magazine?

  39. A history lessons may offend you; a reality that many wish to omit. Do you think the uncomfortable persons at camp Auschwitz would find it offensive to learn that some firearms have the capacity to fire multiple rounds from a single magazine? Nothing to worry because some lacked the capacity to even consider owning a firearm during a time of so called civilized people, right?

  40. @judyleasugar97 A history lessons may offend you; a reality that many wish to omit. Do you think the uncomfortable persons at camp Auschwitz would find it offensive to learn that some firearms have the capacity to fire multiple rounds from a single magazine? Nothing to worry because some lacked the capacity to even consider owning a firearm during a time of so called civilized people, right? Happy to learn you were not at Auschwitz. Gun with Nazi + judy defenseless = forgotten Judy

  41. @judyleasugar97 loser! Did I hit a nerve? Did I out do your thinking, or lack of? You can't fight your way out of a bag, so you call names. Expected from liberals when their arguments have no weight. If I am the Tea bagger you must be a Tree hugger? I enjoy tea, because I am free to do so. Ask the Auschwitz if they were free to defend themselves. Notice I have not called your stupidity to question nor call names

  42. @judyleasugar97 You’re not able defend your argument; your rebuttal is name calling. This is not your fault; you may have graduated from a liberal college like UC Berkeley. Often having no understanding of human nature (Cain killed Abel | hint: man has a fallen nature) or history (like the terrible atrocities of Nazi Germany).

  43. @judyleasugar97 No liberal could refute the Nazi Germany argument I provided earlier! Instead liberals often change the subject, yell “that is an old argument” (as if classical, reasonable, and intelligent examples are no longer rendered acceptable i.e. outdated and have no credence). That’s the best you can do? LOL

  44. @judyleasugar97 Let me add, it was in this country that real men fought the British with firearms (recall the Revolution?). We were outnumbered, outgunned and by the grace of God we STILL won. America is not Great Britain. Hint: if you do not embrace the Bill of Rights consider immigration to Great Britian. Liberty is not purchased it is something fought for (from time to time). That is what the Tea Party is all about – willing to fight for liberties.

  45. @judyleasugar97 So I repeat, read slowly, and ask you neighbor to translate. History may offend you; a reality that many wish to omit. Do you think the uncomfortable persons at camp Auschwitz would find it offensive to learn that some firearms have the capacity to fire multiple rounds from a single magazine? Nothing to worry because some lacked the capacity to even consider owning a firearm during a time of so called civilized people, right? Do I hear persecution? Do I hear self preservation

  46. @judyleasugar97 Obama Health Care is totally unconstitutional. Obama Care is socialism at its best. What is your solution to keep firearms from sick people. I really want to hear your angle.

  47. @ayyoable Not a party issue. We have a Bill of Rights issue. IF ANYONE has issues with the Bill of Rights please do yourself and everyone around you a favor and leave this country. By definition: this country was built upon the Bill of Rights. 1st: freedom of speech, press, religion. 2nd: freedom to defend oneself, carry and own a firearm, and FIGHT a tyrannical government IF necessary. I predict if the liberals moved to China there would be peach in AMERICA. My country dude.

  48. @0Ewok0 Michael forgot to mention Big Foot too. Because he insists (realy fear) the Tea Party is responsible I thought he should add Big Foot too.

  49. @ToHeavenGo: Of course soldiers in war need guns. Duh. Obviously this tragedy is a good indication that not everyone should be allowed to carry a firearm.

  50. @ToHeavenGo: The second amendment is a vestige from pioneer days when people really did need a firearm to protect themselves. Not any more. We have a police force. We have military. Anyone can pick up their cell phone and call for help. I'm not saying everyone should be denied owning a gun, only the people who are criminal or too mentally sick.

  51. @judyleasugar97 Judy, you and I are almost on the same page, I am proud of you and I am truly happy we see eye to eye. Only one small disagreement please let me explain. The Marines Corps have a statement, something like, “As long as man walks the earth there will be fighting” Unfortunately, so true. The founding fathers knew this all too well. The real purpose for the 2nd Amendment is to prevent or offset a tyrannical government. [part 1 of 3 ]

  52. @judyleasugar97 Tyranny is not an “if” but “when”. It is normal (moderation is required) for one to desire ‘power’. Power desired from an individual, a group, or government is natural but also a wrong action. It is a terrible thing. Look at a marriage, one of the spouses desires to dominate. There is an old expression, “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely”. [part 2 of 2]

  53. @judyleasugar97 The 2nd was placed in the Bill of Rights for one good reason. The founding fathers knew if the 2nd should be considered null and void the 1st Amendment would soon follow. World history testifies just too often, sustaining this argument, ‘The People’ need to have restrain power, equally. Notice the 2nd Amendment was not numbered the ninth for good reason. The founding fathers carefully observed mankindworld history, and desired to balance powers – even to keep the gov in check.

  54. @ToHeavenGo: We have the best government in the world, there is no reason to overthrow it. I'm not opposed to people owning guns, just in favor of restrictions on sick people like this Loughner guy.

  55. @judyleasugar97 You stated, “We have the best government in the world” Yes, I agree with you. It remains the best form of gov because we uphold the "Bill of Rights". This form works, why change it! So my question to you is "why change it"? I am one making an attempt to not change it. Liberals want to void our current system, starting with making the Constitution null and void, starting with the 2nd Admen then the 1st freedom of speech.

  56. @ToHeavenGo: I'm not saying guns should be taken away from all people. Only the really sick ones. This guy was paranoid schizophrenic. Do you know how serious that is? You people want to deny these sick people mental health care but give them a gun, yeah sure. It's insane.

  57. @judyleasugar97 Judy, at any time one purchases a firearm, most especially a handgun a background check is mandatory. The background check is focused on two major items. The first is for any history of mental issues and the second is for any major criminal activities. All felons are banned to own any firearms for life. This is the law of the land. My question is (anyone) how did this nut case purchase a gun in the first place, I agree with you Judy, good points

  58. @ToHeavenGo: If you think there are enough restrictions in place, then how was this nut able to get a gun? I rest my case.

  59. , , , and yet the guy was ANTI-GOVERNMENT. You people call him a liberal despite the fact he mimiced Tea Party rhetoric.

  60. @mrsjbs1980: Not really. Loughner may have read a few what's considered liberal books when he was a teenager, but currently he was pretty hard core right wing. Anti government, he went in for things like acquiring gold instead of paper money, other ideas like that that are not espoused by the Democrats. It is a Republican lie being put out there that he was really a liberal. No way.

  61. @mrsjbs1980: There are extreme elements in the Tea Party. Militia groups that are anti government, want to overthrow the government, in fact it is known that Loughner was influenced by a leader of a militia group in Wisconsin. I'm not an athiest.

  62. @mrsjbs1980: There could be any number of elements that pushed the guy over the edge. There have been 3 assasination attempts connected with provocative statements Glen Beck made. People like Palin and Beck need to shut up all the gun and murder rhetoric. It's irresponsible. By the way you people are the ones who blame the other side. It's a typical propagandist trick. Just look at Fox channel programming.

  63. @mrsjbs1980: You mean like when Beck burned Nancy Pelosi in effigy and a few weeks later someone bombed her house? The guy's mother said he was influenced by Beck.

  64. @mrsjbs1980: Google Gregory Giusti. After Beck burned Pelosi in effigy and poisoned her, the guy contacted Pelosi regarding health care vote: "You have a target on your back and I can accomplish what I want with one bullet." His cousin said he was "drawn into Glen Beck's world." Only one of a number of examples.

  65. @mrsjbs1980: When "Beck burned Nancy Pelosi in effigy on his set, he tried to poison her with a chalice. Some weeks later somebody tried to firebomb Nancy Pelosi’s house. That guy’s mother went on television and said he gets all his ideas from Fox News.” David Brock on Chris Matthews. Aso, google Byron Williams.

  66. @mrsjbs1980: Beck regularly pulls stunts like that on his TV show. It's public knowledge. I'm afraid the mainstream media is not as "liberal" as Fox channel would have you believe.

  67. @mrsjbs1980: Is Mcdonalds burning left wing politicians in effigy? Pretending to poison them on national television? Calling for armed revolt? No. These kinds of actions / words are very incindiary for people who are unbalanced and the right wing crazies darn well know it.

  68. @judyleasugar97
    I'm a founder of a small militia in Virginia, and I can say that I would have shot the gunman dead on if I had the chance.

    Stop spreading your disgusting left wing propaganda.

  69. @x0PUNKER0X
    Well taking away guns are not the answer either. Countries with high populations that have implemented gun control/gun bans have had increased levels of violent crimes and homicides. Accidents do happen, and there is nothing you can do about it. You know what they say, shit happens. Get over it. So far, there has not been 1 single high population country that has successfully implemented gun control and had positive feedback from society and had decreased violent crime.

  70. More lies, smears, propaganda & brainwashing from the left wing liars……

    These lowlife scumbas libturds turned this into a political attack before the blood stopped flowing. Don't get much lower than that. "its Sara Palins Fault!!" LMAO!

  71. crazy white guy murders 6 people and attempts to assassinate a congresswoman with political intent; just a crazy white guy…. crazy Arab guy murders a bunch of people with political intent; we have to ban an entire religion from the USA

  72. How about putting into law that needing a strong gun safe is mandatory, and vetting gun owners by requiring a statement from a psychologist that you are suitable. A 15 year old shouldn't be able to get ahold of a gun, if he does his parents should be charged for aiding and a abetting if a shooting happens.

    That, or HOW ABOUT BANNING HAND GUNS AND ASSAULT RIFLES? The only thing you can possibly need is a rifle for hunting. After you are done, you put it in the gun safe and keep it there until the next hunting season. A pistol for protection? That's what the police are for. They should be the only people who are allowed to carry one. Assault rifles? Swat or military only.

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