A New Wow! Signal? Breaking News: HD 164595

A New Wow! Signal? Breaking News: HD 164595

Over the weekend a story developed that seems
to warrant coverage. An international team of researchers led by
Nikolai Bursov of the Russian Academy of Sciences working at an observatory in Russia have reported
a new, very strong SETI candidate located in the constellation Hercules and have recommended
permanent monitoring of the star. There’s no word as to whether the signal repeated,
but there’s enough interest that several SETI groups dropped everything and began monitoring
the star last night. The signal originated from the vicinity of
a star system known as HD 164595. This star is interesting because it’s very
similar to our sun. It’s about .99 solar masses, just about the
same size, is between 4.5 and 6.3 billion years old, plenty old enough for life to develop
on a planet orbiting it. And it has a metal content similar to the
sun. That and size are important for stability
and consistent luminosity, things important for life. And we already know that this system has at
least one planet, similar to Neptune but warmer. It’s about .05 Jupiter mass, orbiting at a
period of about 40 days very close to its star. There could well be other planets in this
system. And, it’s relatively close, at just about
95 light years away. That is enough time, in theory, for aliens
to have detected that something was out of the ordinary with earth. We were broadcasting 95 years ago and had
already started to pump industrial chemicals into our air that might have been detectable. The signal was received last year on May 15
and was very powerful, so much so that if it has an alien origin, which it very likely
does not, it would have been transmitted by a Kardeshev type II civilization due to the
energy requirements involved, however if the signal is directed straight at us, then a
Type I civilization could pull it off. It’s also very possible that the signal might
have been an earth-based hoax or signal bounce from something out in the solar system, or
might have a natural origin such as a background signal being microlensed by the star. But there’s something odd going on here on
earth as well. The researchers didn’t tell anyone about the
signal for over a year. As a result independent confirmation of the
signal by the world’s SETI groups could not begin until now. That certainly seems rather odd and has drawn
criticism from other researchers. Why that happened is anyone’s guess. The signal is due to be discussed at the IAA
SETI Permanent Committee meeting to be held in Guadalajara, Mexico on September 27th. More details should be known then. So while we certainly can’t claim an alien
origin for this signal, it’s certainly peaked the interest of SETI researchers so much so
that permanent monitoring has been recommended and more than a few radio telescopes are currently
pointed in that direction. Thanks for listening. I am futurist and science fiction author John
Michael Godier and lately roving YouTube science reporter, and be sure to check out my books
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explorations into the interesting, weird and unknown aspects of this amazing universe in
which we live.

48 Replies to “A New Wow! Signal? Breaking News: HD 164595

  1. man, love your channel content! keeping fingers crossed that there's something more than hoaxy sneaky stuff coming from that signal analysis. It's definetely sketchy, but we can always hope!

  2. Probably type 1, probably just accidentally crossed it's path. Also, very likely it's probably a moon of the larger planet. This is definitely Italy so.ething worth further investigation no doubt.

  3. Another wonderful video. Appreciate the update, very exciting. news to say the least. However, it does not come as any surprise this was kept a secret for so long.

  4. I got the feeling that all of us who hope to discover aliens is because we expect a better human race after the official announcement. Maybe an alien civilisation will be a shock strong enough to unite humanity. But imagine if an alien ship lands near an Isis group, or in North Korea? Its just a hypothesis but I'm certain of the reaction of those human extremists. Some people will not change a bit even if they encounter aliens but i hope the humanity to get closer and make a better planet and work all together for the future.

  5. My theory is there microlensing on purpose in order to amplify the signal they would know this is the best way to transmit the signal without using a lot of power. maybe there just like us but know about this trick to get the signal out there. the signal is the key there must be something encoded in it. we can respond by recreating the microlensing from our sun if it's even currently possible.

  6. Sorry, but have to correct your math from 1:19. Our first radio transmissions would only be reaching HD164595 about now (95 LY away), so this signal was sent (if it was "sent") when we were setting up our first radio transmissions and not as a response to signals from us. It would take nearly two centuries for each broadcast AND response.

  7. they made a big mistake not coming up with a catchy name to scribble on the graph – i would suggest the "golly", "jeepers", or "whoopee" signal, lol

  8. I found Extraterrestrial Lifeforms in Light from the Sun.
    SETI knows about my research but is keeping it secret…

    I'm reaching out to you with this information in hope you take the time to review my evidence…

    New Discovery in Physics finds Intelligent Lifeforms in Light from the Sun…

    My expieriment with light particles has discoverd some overwhelming evidence of andvanced intelligent lifeforms…

    My theory is simple…
    They're using Quantum Entanglement to not only communicate but travel…
    By bending light with water through a concave lens, projecting the refracted light onto a metal surface and taking a digital image of the reflected light from the Sun I can see and read light particles…
    Only to find material lifeforms looking back at me…

    This expieriment has been ongoing for over a year and I'm still receiving unexplained images…



  9. 95 light years would make it would take 190 years for them to receive and send back, not 95 😉 No radio was coming from Earth 190 years ago. They may have still picked up on pollution though.

  10. https://setiathome.berkeley.edu/forum_thread.php?id=80193

    The media is jumping the gun (again) on this one. The signal did not meet the criteria established by official SETI (the signal had multiple sources of interference and was not a consistent signal.), and the Russians waited over a year to announce their findings.

    Sorry to burst everyone's bubble.

  11. Nice report. You've gained another fan.
    As an afterthought I'd like to add: we know that all life feeds on life, and that every time one civilization encounters another the more technologically advanced one basically enslaves and destroys the lesser. Knowing these two facts about all known life, I pose the question: should we be ringing the dinner bell by transmitting every intimate detail of our biological makeup and techno capabilities out in all directions in the universe at large? No fear, just honest tactical pronoia.

  12. Interesting.  One possible reason why its taken so long to report is data checking. Its a somewhat unusual report, considering it could be evidence of et, so might they not have checked the facts before publishing?

  13. Dear Aliens of HD 164595

    I am painfully aware that the humans of this planet display an ignorance that is both crass and astonishing.

    Yet I propose to embark on a voyage of discovery, that i can only hope to draw a dotted and uncertain line across a map. Before I and mayhaps the entire human race attemp to pencil in the wavering line I must first ask.

    Do you have life insurance ?

    Might be time to buy some.

  14. IN A NUTSHELL: This signal was discovered in 2015, Russia didn't tell anyone until a year later and now when we point our satellites at it, we are not picking up any signals from it. It is also worth noting that the initial signal received could have been a false positive caused by terrestrial interference here on Earth.

  15. For crying out loud DON'T FOLLOW IT UP OR REPLY TO THEM. You'll basically be ringing the f-ing dinner bell if they are an advanced race ! What do we do to lesser life forms on this planet ? Eat them and do experiments on them ! That's what they will be doing to us if they are able to come here ! If we are not alone in this universe, at least let's TRY OUR BEST TO PRETEND TO BE ! 🙁

  16. I believe there is a law in place that forbids the announcement of any type of alien contact before reporting it the government first,and awaiting there permission to take any further action as well as to disengage in any such contact,as far as I know that's the case in The FREE COUNTRY of America.
    As far as I recall.

  17. If the planet is 95 light years away, the fact that we were broadcasting radio 95 years ago isn't relevant. A signal would have to go from Earth to the planet and then back to Earth for us to see it, so radio broadcast from Earth would only be relevant if we were broadcasting 190 years ago. They don't have to wait for our radio though – they could just signal us blindly every year once they saw life on Earth, for example.

  18. this is the scifi equivalent of god of the gaps… all the reports are speculation due to the limits of knowledge we have about the phenomena. funny to see the shoe on the other foot

  19. I seriously doubt a responsible Type 2 civilization would be sending signals left and right into space. Think Miley Cyrus, but on a much grander scale.

  20. Withholding the announcement for a year strikes me as a bit sketchy. I'll take this one with a big pinch of salt. It's certainly interesting.

  21. It worries me that governments already know the existence of intelligent civilisations in the galaxy but dont think we the masses can handle the truth …the truth isn't being made public and perhaps never will…

  22. Even if we had clear prove that aliens exist, like signal from them, I think NASA and other powerful people keep it for themselfs.

  23. The Aliens are like “I can see Russia from my house” like Tina Fey.
    Russia’s like.. “nobody say anything”

  24. I had some really bad gas about a year ago. I suspect it biunced off Uranus and gave a false signal to these researchers…

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