5 Strange & Mysterious Videos That Need Explaining

5 Strange & Mysterious Videos That Need Explaining

Today we have 5 Strange & Mysterious Videos That Need Explaining. I love them and if your watching this im sure you do to. Unexplained events that are actually caught on video because they are so much more thought provoking and engaging then just a story or eye witness report which can easily be exaggerated videos on the other hand are harder to debunk weather that’s what some would like to believe is a teleportation caught on a dash cam or one of the strangest tutorials and show and tells you’ll ever see. that no one seems to know who the man involved is here are five videos that are not only pretty creepy but also are very mysterious Lake Superior sits between the Canadian province of Ontario and the US state of Minnesota and its the largest fresh water lake in the world by surface area and the third by volume but as while as been known for those two impressive titles its notorious for its nick name the grave yard of the great lakes as thousands of ships have been lost their including their sailors especially around the treacherous white point area the last major ship wreck was as recent as 1975 when the SS. Edmund Fitzgerald and all of her twenty nine crew were lost and its said that all of there bodies are preserved at the bottom of the lake as the water is so cold this was confirmed in 1994 when divers exploring the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald filmed a mans body near by fully clothed wearing and orange life jacket and lying face down at the bottom of the lake so with as many lost souls Lake Superior certainly has the ingredients for having paranormal activity (oh?) and this video was released recently many believe its a real life ghost ship caught on camera It was taken by Jason Asalon while on a full foliage trip When he and his friends had first spotted a rainbow on the horizon But, as they looked closer, another object appeared from nowhere He posted it on Youtube, looking for answers and obviously with the lakes dark history, many were convinced it was the ghostly apparition of a lost ship Despite being so far away, people have suggested it could be the Chicago skyline, or possibly a lighthouse Some have suggested it could be a mirage phenomenon, which can make objects seem to appear on the horizon, and in the sky above water So with no ships being around at the time, and the Chicago skyline being too far away for it to be that Is it a natural Earth occurrence or something else? Whats your thoughts? The following clip was recorded on a dash cam of a man travelling along a Russian highway in 2012 It shows a lorry in front of his car swerve violently before a pedestrian wearing what looks like a glittery coat emerges from the middle of the road, and then calmly walks off. The footage is claimed to be a case of teleportation Although others have said that the person could have been trying to commit suicide The video really speaks for itself, so take a look. If you really look close, I don’t think its fake. Because it’s too realistic, the way the person walks That’s not to say its a teleportation caught on camera, like we would all love to believe But its something strange, even if it is an illusion, of someone who is extremely close to being hit by that lorry. What’s your thoughts? Area 51 is a place of pure mystery And new theories and stories are constantly coming out, about what exactly goes on in that place So when a video of mysterious smoke is taken coming from the base People are going to start asking questions It was taken in 2012, but only very recently released And shows a few, huge plumes of black smoke, rising from the Area 51 site in Nevada You can see a few people also watching the smoke, and a white SUV, who the person who was filming said was watching them The white SUV is what the ‘Camo Dudes’ as they are called, drive around in the site in, to make sure no one gets too close Take a look Although not creepy per se, your mind just runs crazy thinking about what they were burning in there, to make that smoke. Since the base has been claimed as being a US test site for surveillance aircraft Why would there be these plumes of smoke, and such a tight security? Maybe it was just an explosions test, but since its Area 51, you cannot blame people for speculating It just really makes you wonder, what they are trying to keep a secret But I’ll save that for a documentary Clown sitings With all these recent clown sitings, I did not want to make a full video on them, as everyone has been doing that But thought this was the perfect video to at least talk about the clown craze And show a few of the more mysterious and creepy sitings that have taken place int he last few months So where did all this come from? While clowns have been terrifying, and on the other hand entertaining people for years But then in 2014 in Miami, Florida and California Clown started showing up on peoples cctv cameras, and acting creepy Now in 2016 the siting have fired up again, starting in South Carolina And spreading all over the US, and the UK But no one really knows why, or who started it Since I won’t be doing a video on just the clowns, here are a few clips that are especially creepy Voice 1: Go Go, I think there more of them
Voice 2: I got it, I got it Voice 1: Oh no
Voice 2: What the **** *screaming*
Go go go, just go go go This guy’s on twitter too much Hey buddy how’s it, oh god he’s running, he’s running, he’s chasing us Oh my god this guy’s crazy It’s easy to say that clowns are not scary, after all they are supposed to be fun loving performers who entertain children But with all these sitings we’ve been reminded just how creepy they can be Especially when they start chasing you, or turn up at night, when you’re least expecting them Grave robbing for morons I’ve come across this video many times before whilst doing research and the more I see it, the more I realised just how disturbing, and mysterious it is It’s called grave robbing for morons and featured on a boot leg DVD called: Insuring your place in Hell part 1 Its one of four short on that DVD, that is thought to have originated in the 80’s When many of these low-end shock films that had a black under-the-counter markets of their own were being past around between teenagers, and shown at parties Grave robbing for morons is basically a guide giving details on how to rob a grave, and get away with it He even shows his collection of human skulls, and at 27 minutes long I’ll just show you a few clips. But warning, it’s pretty unsettling So always bring more than one person, make sure one person is outside, make a test for them to see see how much noise ummm Protrudes outside ok you have to set somebody on each side there’s Make at least four sides, make a lot of noise Alright so the person can encounter how much noise there is Now if you find something over 60 years old you are in good luck Snowy, the snow will leave footprints If its, summer time and there’s no rain than thats I think the perfect time except for one thing The guards might be a bit active at that time So other than its virtually easy Its a nice business, if you find the right people to buy Whats creepy and mysterious is that no one knows who this guy is, and whether he is talking from experience, or is faking it to make a sick video The thing is those bones look pretty real, and the guy seems to know what he is talking about Although there has been some analysis done on this footage, no one can know for sure what to make of it, since the creator has never come forward It’s eerie to think that if real, is this guy still grave robbing to this day? So that’s 5 videos, that are not only incredibly creepy but also need some explaining Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed, and I will see you in the next video

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  1. Lake Superior is mainly on the Michigan shoreline.
    Whitefish Point is in Michigan.
    Chicago is off Lake Michigan. Not Superior

  2. The Grave Robber looks like he has been sticking up someone's ass. I would love the opportunity to kill the little motherfucker

  3. Tbh I'm not scared of that crown ripping up the pumpkin in the camera I'm more impressed like how in the world is someone string enough to do that

  4. As far as these dumbassed clowns go.. they WILL keep doing it because they know no-one will do shit, if you are in a car RUN THE CUNTS OVER .. if @ home & you have a GUN shoot them 🙂 they'll soon workout it's NOT worth doing it… why drive off screaming, that's pathetic.. turn around & AIM for them.. they soon run or get run over…. I'd run them over no problem 🙂

  5. No, what’s disturbing is your dumbass and that fake accent! And those NOT SCARY clowns! One is lucky they didn’t run after me, I would have put an end to this clown shit real fast!

  6. If you look carefully at 2:40 in front of the lorry on the right road edge you can see the person stepping away from the kerb into the road.

  7. Id you look closely you can see the person in the lab coat begin to walk into traffic. Right before the truck swerves.

  8. Why does the truck swerve if there is nobody there? Yet it sure looks like he materializes. As far as clowns go i think John Wayne Gacy sort of tarnished the legacy of all clowns to some extent.

  9. 2:39 you can see the man step out into the road
    pause at the timestamp and notice the black line walk into the road just as the truck swerves so that guy was just next to the truck as he ‘appeared out of nowhere’

  10. I've heard that a few clowns got they're asses beat pretty bad, even one was killed. A joke is a joke but when people are scared, they'll do what they have to.

  11. You can clearly see someone walking into the road just before the truck starts to swerve. In the words of Donald Trump: " Fake news"

  12. The guy in the second video can be seen walking to the road and the truck makes a pretty radical drift to the left which makes it seem like there was nobody there. But after the truck starts driving straight you can see the labcoat man putting his hands on the truck as to stop himself from walking any further and then he simply starts walking to the right.

  13. the clowns one is killing me the one that jumped on the hood of the car… I would have 100% run him over

  14. me: *watching video

    video: with all the recent clown sightings..

    me wait.. checks date and notices 2016 oh yeah..

  15. The first story is about Lake Superior, but shows a pic of Lake Erie and Chicago is on the Lake Michigan. I gave up listening after that.

  16. You can see the guy ahead of the truck, trying to jump in front of it. No doubt, it was a suicide attempt. I know people in the States, try to commit insurance fraud, like this. But it being a Semi, I'm sure the guy wanted to die that day.

  17. I still wonder why no one ever ran over those clowns or beat the shit out of them because thats what I would have done. You wouldn't even get charged as its selfdefense.

  18. 1st clip obviously a suicide attempt or trying to make a daring cross… if you look very closely on the right side of the road… although its grainy you can clearly see him run into the road… and the truck driver just has some supernatural driving skill…

  19. How fucking brick-stupid do you have to believe this shit!?? My thoughts? My thoughts are that you are an ignorant fucktard. You should attempt a late term, self abortion.

  20. The only problem is that your map poster, labeled "the graveyard of the Great Lakes", is a map of LAKE ERIE – NOT Superior, where The Edmund Fitzgerald went down, in the 1970s

  21. If the man had been teleported, the truck driver wouldn't have had time to dodge him. He was someone, maybe drunk, trying to cross the road.

  22. When I die, I'm going to be buried with a land mine, so if someone tries to rob my grave, they'll be met with an explosive surprise

  23. The woman in the Russian video is on the right side of the road and returns to the right after narrowly escaping death.

  24. I know this is old af but everyone talking about the teleportation thing…. even though you can see the person before the lorry swerves, it doesn't explain how they walked through the lorry lol

  25. For the second video, you can actualy see the person starting to walk onto the street on the richt side of the truck, nothing abnormal about that.

  26. The Area 51 burn was probably a waste burn off. In the past, theyve disposed of RAM (Radar Absorbant Materials), which made smoke much like this.

  27. I could see the person walking from the side of the road in the teleportation video. The coat just camouflages with the road and cars on the opposite side of the road along with bad camera quality. You can see the person's dark legs in the first frame.

  28. What a fake shit, in the teleportation person, you can clearly see him/her walking up to the truck in the previous few seconds..

  29. You can definitely see the person in the first video clearly run out in front of the truck… right?

  30. At :53 seconds, you show a map of Lake Erie being the graveyard of boats now the other lake. Accident?

  31. You're talking about Lake Superior being "the Graveyard of the Great Lakes," but the poster you showed is of Lake Erie.

  32. Yea you can see clearly the guy walks right out in front of the truck. You can see him down the road in front of the truck.

  33. RE the clowns: You are in a fucking car. If a clown starts chasing you, flip a bitch and play a little chicken. See if that puts the clown off their game. Or if they pull out a chainsaw run the fucker over. Car beats chainsaw.

  34. You say Lake Superior in the beginning and when the next diagram comes up, it says Lake Erie is the ‘Graveyard of the Great Lakes’ so which lake are you meaning?

  35. 2:58 you can clearly see him walk in front of the truck . You can see his black pant legs wall from the side of the road to in front of the truck

  36. Area 51: either controlled burn offs , or a BBQ gone out of hand.
    Clowns: just clowning around, or have simply been left behind by their circus!
    Grave robber: idiot!

  37. there's no room for clown jokes, if I were there, i will shoot the hell out of them but not aiming at them to realize scaring some people isn't fun at all

  38. At 2:51 you can see the person on the right side of the road run out in front of the truck. Don’t know why people keep saying it’s a teleportation! Lol

  39. 0:52 'Lake Superior is the Graveyard of the Great Lakes, and here's a map of Lake Erie.'

    Then claims that some suggest the image is the Chicago skyline…which is on Lake Michigan.

  40. On the so-called teleportation, you can clearly see the guy standing on the side of the road and then just walk in front of the truck. That's just some dude who got drunk and stole a lab coat from a hospital.

  41. As much as I wish teleportation was possible, you can pretty clearly see a small moving object walking towards the road in front of the trucks path, But lets not easily assume that this puts a negative connotation on other videos or happenings, they should all be individually diagnosed and scrutinized! Love your work!

  42. > says Lake Superior is "the graveyard of the great lakes"
    > shows map of Lake Erie titled "the graveyard of the great lakes"

  43. Only a fool, clown or otherwise would charge at me while I'm in my vehicle because that's a very good way to get run over.

  44. Teleportation? You can clearly see they step out into the road from the roadside. It was attempted suicide and the driver avoided it.

  45. The grave robber guy has a speech impediment like a stammer/stutter 8:06, he also seems pretty disturbed or mentally unbalanced.

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