2019.07.26 12:00 NEWS Headlines

2019.07.26 12:00 NEWS Headlines

a message to South Korea North Korea
says its new tactical guided weapon was fired upon Kim jong-un’s personal orders
as a warning to Seoul the north is not best pleased with plan joint South
korea-us military drills twisting the knife even further on top of crushing
trade curbs on South Korea Japan looks set to remove soul from its white list
of countries that receive preferential trade treatment it’s due to take effect
next month plus it’s dark gloomy and West most of South Korea’s central
region is under heavy rain alerts and warnings as a monsoon front passes over
the peninsula we’ll connect to our Weather Center

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  1. North korea should turn south korea,japan,china into nuclear wasteland….And send some nukes to US too….If you are about to be massacred with impunity,why let those fuckers live….ko kamikaze north kore go….

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