2019.07.04 12:00 NEWS Headlines

2019.07.04 12:00 NEWS Headlines

tensions are escalating between South
Korea and Japan as Japan’s trade restrictions kick in today which will
make it harder for South Korean companies to buy materials used to make
chips and smartphones and Finance Minister whom he denounces Tokyo’s
export restriction saying they are a clear act of economic retaliation and a
South Korea will soon decide I went to file a complaint with the WTO the US
Britain France and Germany sent a joint letter to all UN member states late last
month calling for the return of all North Korean workers by the end of 2019
and North Korea is accusing the u.s. of being more and more hell-bent on hostile

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  1. Export control of semiconductor and display materials to Korea in Japan

    The Japanese government officially announced on July 1 that it will restrict exports of some of the materials used in Korea's semiconductors and displays.
    This will remove the preferential treatment for Korea and also remove it from the White country, because the trust in Korea has dropped significantly.
    ・Although this material is easy to divert to military use (uranium production), Korea has received preferential treatment to simplify the procedure, but diverted exports were found in North Korea and Iran. It takes 90 days to apply for and review the permit by removing the preferential treatment and switching to the export permit for each contract.
    ・The White country does not export goods that threaten world peace, and does not detour export. South Korea went through exports of materials for a military shift to North Korea and Iran.

    This also means that Korea has retaliated against frequent absurdions to Japan.
    ・Steaming back compensation and compensation for forced labor in World War II. (Resolved in 1965 Japan-Korea Basic Treaty, Japan-Korea Claim Right Agreement)
    ・Firearm control radar irradiation to the Japanese Self Defense Force patrol aircraft by the South Korea Navy. (Disturbance for smuggling of North Korean ships)
    ・Denied the flag of the Self-Defense Forces vessel (Asahi Sun Flag) to participate in the Korean observation-style participation. (Assign the Rising Sun Flag as a war crime flag from the 2011 national sentiment)
    ・Apology request to the Emperor. The chairman of the South Korea parliament requested the Emperor Emperor to apologize as the son of a war criminal.
    ・Dismantle the Comfort Women's Fund and destroy the World War II comfort women's compensation agreement agreement. (One billion yen embezzlement from Japan)

    The Korean government is planning to sue Japan against the WTO regarding export control of materials used for semiconductors and displays.
    ・Japan just removes the export preferential treatment to Korea and makes export examination the same as a normal country.
    ・Incentives are removed until Korea becomes a credible and decent country.
    ・Do not observe the treaty, break the agreement, overturn the bilateral agreement. This does not create trust.
    ・South Korea, which supplies materials necessary for the production of nuclear bombs to Iran and North Korea, is a terrorist support nation.

    Samsung dies and South Korea dies.
    Korean stock prices continue to fall. Are foreign exchange intervention funds also depleted?

    South Korea to repeat anti-day, do the best of rude. At Japan's retaliation, the Korean government developed a tues disease. The treaty does not keep it, does not keep the bilateral promise, abolishes the agreement, and the Korean government who does not know the common sense of the world is a shameless outlaw.
    It seems that there is a request for retaliation in Korea. Please read the reply.
    Export correspondence by the abolition of preferential treatment to Korea started from July 4 and is not exported to Korea.
    The Korean side says that the stock of materials remains for three to four months, but it is said that there is only one month left except for illegal exports from North Korea, Iran, and other countries via Japan → Korea. There is a rumor. Korea's coverage is not worthy of trust. (Lol)

    The foreign minister from a Korean translator declared absolute retaliation but did not say what to do.
    Retaliation actually made
    ・The wave of news carried out the performance of crushing Japanese manufacturers' Cardboard box with their feet. (Lol)

    Retaliation bill that Korean people are thinking about
    ・Don't export kimchi to Japan. >>> Japanese people do not eat E. coli and parasite mixed kimchi. (Lol)
    ・Stop export of Korean fish and shellfish >>> The Japanese are pleased that the number of seaweed and seafood caught in the unsanitary sea during fecal disposal is decreasing. (Lol)
    ・I do not buy Japanese cars. >>> The mayor of Seoul is on a Toyota car. (Lol)
    ・Do not buy Japanese products. >>> Just squeeze the neck of Koreans who buy highly reliable Japanese products. (Lol)
    ・Stop traveling in Japan. >>> Loss of national treasure damage , national treasure graffiti, Buddha theft, rape, shoplifting, etc. decreased and only Japanese merits. (Lol)
    ・Stop K-Pop's show in Japan. >>> It is only South Koreans live in Japan that the South Korean organization in Japan calls for mobilization and goes to the performances. (Lol)

    Retaliation bill that Korean gray haired foreign minister seems to think
    ・Increase the number of comfort women and migrant workers bronze statue. (Lol)
    ・The Korean government operates the Supreme Court to trial the Japanese government, not the Japanese manufacturers. >>> South Korea just returned to the export control of a normal country! (Lol)

    After all, the retaliation that Koreans are thinking is the degree of harassment to Japan. (Lol)

  2. The dense export of strategic substances from Korea is 156 cases from 2015 to March 2019. Hydrogen fluoride is also included in strategic supplies. (Used for VX nerve gas that was used to assassinate Kim Jong-nam) Will Korea really sue the WTO? Samsung dies and South Korea dies. Korean stock prices continue to fall. Are foreign exchange intervention funds also depleted? North Korea threatens Japan because Japan regulates to South Korea materials that can be diverted to nuclear development. >>> North Korea has confessed.

    It is a selfish beggar South Koreans who seeks Japanese aid only when overwhelmed by turning over the treaty and destroying it and not meeting Japan. Anti-Japanese nationalist South Koreans are beggars who rely on Japan only when they are in trouble. Please come to Japan for consultation after clarifying the use of materials that Koreans can use for military divertson. It can not appeal to the WTO without explaining the use of dangerous goods. Even if the Korean government sues to the world, it is Korea that is condemned in reverse.

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