15 Hottest News Anchors Who Are Too Hot To Handle

Hottest News Anchors Hello people, did you hear the latest news? What, you don’t sip your morning cuppa with
a newspaper in hand or eyes glued to a screen showing the latest updates around the world! You are of a rare variety my friend, tuning
into the latest news is a “never-miss” morning ritual for a lot of people. But what’s your reason for turning a blind
eye to the world? Yea we know, headlines these days revolve
around crime and that is tough to stomach, especially at the start of the day. But what if there is a lucrative incentive
waiting for you when you tune in to the news channel? Don’t be confused, allow us to introduce
you to the hottest female news anchors in the world! Number 1. Yanet Garcia
Of course this Mexican beauty had to be on this list. There is no way that the girl with the perfect
figure could have been missed out! It doesn’t come as a surprise that other
than being a meteorologist and weather presenter, Yanet is a model and actress. What else do you expect from this gorgeous
girl with 7million following on Instagram? Number 2. Cindy Burbano
When Cindy goes on-air, the temperatures go soaring! One of the most popular and beautiful news
anchors, Cindy Burbano hails from Venezuela and is a voice for the Hispanic community. Apart from being talented, she is hot and
her Instagram profile is proof enough! Her 166k followers are given a daily dose
of her hotness with a stack of pictures showing every curve in perfect light! Number 3. Cristina Dochianu
A news anchor in Bucharest, Romania, Cristina Dochianu was a model in the beginning of her
career. One look at her and you wouldn’t doubt this
because hello, she is gorgeous! Blonde hair, blue eyes, plump lips and a lovely
figure, how could she be anything else but a model? In fact, in the early days she had posed seminude
for Playboy! We won’t go there, the point is she has
strikingly beautiful looks! Number 4. Mélissa Theuriau
All your doubts about the beauty of French girls will fade after you watch Mélissa Theuriau
presenting the news. We know the kind of unimaginable beauty she
exudes makes her look less like a journalist and more like a model! She is beyond beautiful with that cute smile
and a confident aura. Tune in to M6 to watch Mélissa Theuriau do
what she does best! Number 5. Sonia Shenoy
This brunette from India wanted to be a model or an actor in her younger days but took to
business journalism due to a deep interest in financial matters. It might not have been her dream job but she
is still making the most of her awesomely good looks. For people who shuffle between business news
channels as a survival instinct are definitely not complaining of her career move after all,
you don’t get to see pretty faces in business journalism! Number 6. Demetria Obilor
Traffic Ensemble Anchor for Channel 8 ABC Dallas, Demetria Obilor is the definition
of hotness. Those curly hair, voluptuous body and a cute
face, what more would anyone ever dream of? She is just amazingly beautiful but that comes
with its own set of problems. She is often attacked on social media for
her tight outfits but that seems to just increase our attraction towards her! Number 7. Jenna Lee
Of course you know this American journalist because she is a former anchor on the Fox
News Channel where she co-hosted Happening Now with Jon Scott. To the utter disappointment of her fans watching
the show, on June 2, 2017 Jenna declared that she was leaving Fox News to work on other
projects. At 38 years, this gorgeous woman is a mommy
but her stunning looks will force you to forget about her family and woo her! Number 8. Abby Huntsman
You do remember her right? She currently co-hosts Fox & Friends Weekend
and is a former MSNBC host. She always looked radiant but when she came
back to work after giving birth to a baby girl in November 2017, she looked just as
stunning and we can’t believe our eyes! Maybe we gotta ask her if she’s for real,
nobody attains that body so quickly after delivering a baby, wow! Just to mention her baby is really cute. Number 9. Sarah Harman
One of the most popular news anchors in Europe, she has been with DW news in Germany since
2009. Once you see her on the news channel, the
first question to raid your mind would be- Why isn’t she a model? Her infectious smile, smooth hair and deep
eyes will pull you towards her. She’s gorgeous, angelic and most probably
out of this world! Number 10. Mayra Moreno
The anchor-reporter for ABC13 working in Houston, Texas, Mayra Moreno is a stunner. Apart from being a journalist, she is a salsa
dancer, runner and she does shadowboxing at times. Now guys have a thing for girls who love sports
but she is gorgeous as well, so that’s an added incentive! She is very vocal about her love for craft
beer and she slays with this unapologetic attitude! Number 11. Ivory Hecker
Blonde hair, sweet smile, big eyes and a killer figure, that’s how you describe Ivory Hecker. She is originally from Minneapolis but works
as a news anchor for Fox 26 Houston. Seems like Houston is lucky for her, after
all she found her success here! If she is presenting the news, you wouldn’t
want to do anything else but listen to the news or rather watch it! Number 12. Susana Almeida
The Mexican weather girl, Susana Almeida is known to shock the views left, right and center
with her scandalous outfits! She has even faced a few wardrobe malfunctions
while on-air but that never reduces her fan following. Her brunette hair and lovely complexion demands
our attention and her amazing figure only adds to her charm! Number 13. Courtney Friel
Will it be okay if we called Courtney Friel a blonde bombshell? Philadelphia born Courtney is currently a
news anchor for KTLA-TV in Los Angeles, California. She has an impeccable dress sense which makes
our love for her increase multifold, after all who doesn’t admire a graceful news presenter
who knows a thing about style? Nobody, but if you have doubts- turn to her
25k Instagram followers! Number 14. Jennifer Reyna
Born in Texas on January 1, 1980, Jennifer Reyna was raised alongside her four siblings
in California. You wouldn’t get any personal information
about Jennifer because she likes she keep her personal life to herself. Professionally, she has been working as a
traffic reporter since 2006 but only got recognition in 2014 when a clip of her was played on the
Jimmy Kimmel Show. This is when the world got to know about this
insanely gorgeous woman who gives importance to fitness! Number 15. Natasha Exelby
You may not have seen much of Natasha Exelby but in 2017 she came to limelight for a hilarious
reason that nobody will ever forget. She was caught daydreaming while looking at
her pen for too long and guess what, this happened on live TV! ABC network, for which she was appearing on
that fateful night didn’t react well on this accident but fans and journalists all
over the world came to her support. It may have been a horror episode for Natasha
but for us, we discovered a gorgeous anchor that night- a human who could even laugh at
her slip ups! Which of these news presenters rekindled your
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