1,100 former DOJ officials call on Bill Barr to resign

1,100 former DOJ officials call on Bill Barr to resign

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  1. 1,100 FORMER members of the decades of corruption in the DOJ SWAMP …and we're suppose to be surprised by this? NO!!! We are NOT, nor are we going to be impressed by that number of CORRUPT DOJ SWAMP member from within former presidencies.

  2. Now this gives us a count of how many dirty DOJ's there are. The same DOJ's who would not prosecute Mcabee. Once again Trump is proven right. Dirty Cop's.

  3. If anything, gets learned from 2015 till now it's that you can't believe anything Democrats in Congress do or say has to be a straight out lie or made up or those officials, are more than likely former employees who are registered Democrat voters, but has to be a made up DNC story told by an idiot, it's a lie , just like Russian collusion , obstruction ,everyday it's another story from the wonderful world of Alice in Wonderland, DNC

  4. Tells us loud and clear., that the DOJ was employed by a very large number of deep-state swamp rats. These people were corrupt and are terrified that their corruption will be exposed. The swamp took decades to create and requires big muscle to dismantle.

  5. The other side better stand up in Barr's defense! It's not Barr who did the damage! It's the Democrats!!! He's the only one who can save the DOJ!!!

  6. Like I just heard on a show over the weekend. 1,100 ex officials?..the deep state is real. The hypocrites make me sick and the Republicans need to stop being wusses and participating. The Democrats never turn on each other like this.

  7. The democrats need to step back and let us do our job we need to put order back into this country the Democrats are causing extreme division and hate stop now

  8. F&&& them! They are Obama lovers and Trump haters!! Everybody thinks it was to hard. Go after the all the people who tried to bring down President Trump down illegally!!

  9. At this point, who cares if the entire body of our "government" falls off a steep cliff into a raging ocean. Bunch of corrupt, thieving liars.

  10. Bar was appointed by the president and served at the behest of the president… OF COURSE Bar is going to do what the president asked him todo… the president is the most senior law enforcement official and Bars boss. These people are mentally ill.

  11. I have great confidence that Bill Barr will do the right thing, follow the law, and lead the DOJ out of corruption and leftist leanings. I am sickened by the two tiered justice system we have today, and believe the prosecutors in the Stone case set up Bill Barr intentionally. Drain the swamp.

  12. Bill is honest, & sencere. The Dems think by ganging up on Bill they can win public opinion. Bill is a independent thinker. He don't need a pack of hyenas or vulture for public opinion. Bill speaks the truth. Truth is more powerful than deception.

  13. They have tried and failed for three plus years to remove our president. It looks like they have conceded and are now moving on to those around Trump in hopes of manufacturing a scandal. Anything to slow the progress being made.

  14. Because they are all corrupted that's why lets investigate them. I'm sick of these rats saying about the rule of law. Where were all these rats when Barry let all those terrorists out. I thought so.

  15. President Trump, tweets so he can talk to the people. The taxpayers and voters want to know, what's going on. With our government, that has become so corrupt

  16. Both parties are trash and ppl who fall in line to a single party mindset are fools. The world isnt black or white. Issues and problems need multi faceted approaches but instead wed rather drown each other and look the other way if doing so benefited them. This gang mentality of voting along party lines or nothing at all has ruined a once grand and free society. Now the sycophants on each side corral their sheep to war with each other- each other! – while our actual enemies grow in influence and power

  17. Barr is investigating, by assigning 5 independent prosecutors, the corruption by democratic actors from 2015 to current so of course the seemingly corrupt leftist socialist Democrats have to remove Barr before those seemingly guilty Democrats go to prison. Best

  18. Sounds like the vipers are hissing about the draining of the swamp. The President seems to have the vipers being knotted in a pile and upset that they are no longer the predator of the swarm.

  19. Call all you want…. He’s not going anywhere and those former “ employees” need to be told mind your own business, Adios, don’t let the door hit you in your arse. Love it or leave it! Your former…. stay that way!!! Take it up in the ballot box.

  20. The democrat rats and deep state fear Barr thats why they are working over time to remove Barr as they know if any man can get them its him. Stand firm Mr A.G

  21. As soon as he became president, Trump doubled the Mar-a-Lago membership fee to 200k and started hosting official meetings there. Giving people who pay his membership fee direct access to foreign dignitaries and high ranking politicians. So not only is he costing tax payers more money by hosting those meetings at his golf club, but he is directly profiting off of tax payers. No whiff of corruption there.

  22. It's not like they met on a tarmac to talk about their grandkids or anything…
    If you think about it all that really happened here is that some people did something and it happened a long time ago so what difference does it make.

  23. Shows how corrupt our government is specially the Dumbass Democrats. If it doesn't go their way, ask the person actually doing his job to resign. Yah,,, good luck with that. 1100 dumbshits scared that they are going to be exposed for the corruption they've cooked up for the past presidential terms.

  24. These 1000 traitors publicly coming forward in group treason. Wis they could be fired. They no longer work for America

  25. SUB-Barr is a legal bottom feeder NOT committed to the rule of law but OF TRUMP, believes in the crazy Unitary Executive Theory which claims there are NO checks and balances in the Constitution that a REPUBLICAN–never a Democratic–President is completely ABOVE the law, do whatEVER he wants, cannot commit a crime simply BECAUSE he a Republican President, "It s the King's Will, The King can do no wrong" He lobbied for the job, wants to create Department of INjustice, be Tom Heggen to Don TRUMPleone

  26. He isn't going to resign .get serious
    You people need to get out of the doj and White House do your dam job you was sent to Washington to do.

  27. Don't do it Mr Barr, they are getting very desperate now….don't let them win….just keep pushing….drain the swamp…

  28. So amazing the woman knows the next guy was naive, she knows the real scoop. by the way, Barr is appointed, can he be impeached? I don’t think so miss know it all.

  29. Rodger Stone did nothing wrong, there trying to throw a man in jail because of his political affiliations. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  30. The remaining public officials should be fired immediately they are the deep state causing havoc behind the scenes. Barr should clean the GOP of all the remaining corrupt officials while he got the chance. These people are traitors, they line their pockets with black money, and they stick together because they all are on payroll of foreign governments. They lobby for these foreign governments.

  31. Time to start looking a little deeper into the DOJ I think. Everyone knows Mr Stone was treated unfairly… from day one.

  32. I think removing Barr would be good for America. He's been a pain in America for a long time.
    It's time to remove and replace him…

  33. Isn't that where half the trouble has been coming from lately in the first place?? All of these "former" officials suddenly becoming relevant and given an ear now that they have anti-trump agendas?? How about what the American people think about what Barr is doing? Oh, that's right. What the hell do we know. The DOJ gets "everything" and they're right on top of things aren't they. Just ask Judicial Watch

  34. Roger Stone should be sentenced to time served, even then he got a harsher sentence than mcabe, comey , hillary, brennan or rosenstein.

  35. The doj don’t know what justice is, killery spent 3 million to frame the president, interfered in the election, pay for play , along long list of crimes, nothing! The dims are unbelievably crooked and traitors.

  36. Republicans better get their Mutts back on a leash, befor they get fugged up..! We DON'T DO 'KINGS' in AMERICA..! (VETS UNITED AGAINST FASCISM)

  37. That is a lot of Democrat shysters who forget that anyone can comment on sentencing in Federal criminal cases, especially when the First Amendment is involved. The only real dispute is who gets to use Department of Justice letterhead.

  38. Not happening… Once again the Dems show themselves to be petty, mindless morons. I'm wondering just how many of those 1100 whiners are expecting one of the many thousand sealed indictments that are ready to be handed out…

  39. When One Expert Judge, Governor, Ambassador, Ph.D Gov't Agent you may question the decision. But, When 11,000 call you a Criminal Lier, Traitor Attorney General to the American People you Need to arrest and get him off the Streets. His Word is Worthless in America and He Soiled the Reputation of his History to serve a Criminal Con president. He is going into depression and he will commit Sucide. HIs wife, kids, family and friends would rather he END IT SOON !

  40. Where was all the rage when Holder was Obama’s puppet? It was ok then. The American voters see right thru this crap.

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