10 Last Words From Black Box Airplane Crashes

10 Last Words From Black Box Airplane Crashes

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10 Archive! From the very first time man has lifted off
of the ground, to just yesterday, aviation accidents have happened. Sometimes human error, sometimes they’re
mechanical faults, and sometimes it’s a terrible coincidence of both. It’s hard to imagine what the passengers
and crews of these flights have gone through in their final moments, but thanks to black
box recordings we have a better idea of what those final horrifying seconds might have
been like. Here’s our list of ten last words recorded
from black box airplane crashes. Before we play you these recordings, be sure
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we’ve deterred you from flying forever. 10. Alaska Airlines 261
In January of 2000, Alaska Airlines flight 261 was an international passenger flight
that left Jalisco, Mexico and was destined for Washington in the United States. The plane was carrying mostly US citizens,
and the experienced pilot’s calm final words of resignation on the black box didn’t hint
at the horror that was unfolding on-board. The flight was routine until two hours in,
when a mechanical fault caused by poor aircraft maintenance sent the aircraft into an 8,000
feet nose dive for 80 seconds. Both pilots were experienced veterans with
more than 25,000 flight hours logged combined, and neither pilot had ever been involved in
an accident or incident prior to the crash. Sadly, all 88 occupants, which included 83
passengers and 5 crew members, died on impact. The final words of the brave pilots caught
on tape were, “ah here we go”. 9. Swissair 111
The final words heard on the black box of Swissair 111 were simple, straight to the
point, and sadly completely correct: “Rauf!”, which translates to “up”. The Swiss aircraft began its final journey
in September of 1998 from New York’s JFK airport, destined for Geneva, Switzerland. Two hours into the flight the crew detected
an odor in the cockpit and determined that it was smoke coming from the air conditioning
unit, so the captain requested an emergency landing. The crew shut off power to the cabin, as per
Swissair’s fire checklist, which knocked out the recirculating fans and allowed the
fire to spread to the cockpit. Just 15 minutes later those last words were
uttered before the plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. All 229 passengers and crew members died on
impact. 8. Korean Airlines 801
The last words from Korean Airlines flight 801 were not from the flight deck, but from
air traffic controllers, as silence fell from within the doomed aircraft: “Well, he must
have crashed then”. The 1997 flight left Seoul, South Korea for
Guam in August 1997 with 254 passengers and crew on board. It was a turbulent flight from the start,
but not enough to raise any concerns. That is until the aircraft was being prepared
for landing. The rain was torrential in Guam and visibility
was extremely low, so the captain decided to attempt a landing using his instruments
instead of his sight. What the captain didn’t know, is that the
electronic landing system that he was intending to use on the runway to guide him in wasn’t
working. What the plane actually connected to was a
random electronic device on the ground. The plane was descending steeply and was fatally
way off course, crashing some 3.5 miles or 5.6 kilometers from the runway. 228 people on board died, and one of the 26
survivors said that the crash happened so quickly that passengers didn’t even have
time to scream. 7. United Airlines 232
In July of 1989, Flight 232 was a regularly scheduled flight from Denver to Philadelphia
in the United States, carrying 298 passengers and crew members. An hour into the flight the engine in the
tail of the plane exploded, knocking out many of the flight controls including autopilot. The captain then discovered he also couldn’t
get manual control over the plane, so they pressed on with planning an emergency landing
in Sioux City. Throughout the situation, the pilots kept
calm and even joked with ground control as they navigated their treacherous situation. When the plane hit the runway it was going
way too fast and immediately burst into flames as it skidded into a nearby cornfield. The pilots managed to save 187 out of 298
lives with their quick thinking and their dedication to their passengers and crew. The final words from the stricken aircraft
show that they never once gave up on their mission, trying until the very end to find
a solution: “Nah, I can’t pull ’em off or we’ll lose it, that’s what’s turning ya”. All 4 pilots survived the crash and would
later return to duty. 6. Japan Airlines 123
Japan Airlines 123 is the 2nd deadliest single-aircraft accident in aviation history, and the final
words on the black box prove that the captain knew that there was no coming back from their
grave situation. This domestic flight was doomed just 12 minutes
into its journey between Tokyo and Osaka, and from that point, it only took another
30 minutes until the aircraft met its fate in the mountains. The flight was carrying 524 people and only
4 would survive. Many other passengers survived the initial
crash, but Japanese forces waited too long to perform a rescue, so many died during that
time. The reason for the crash was determined to
be a faulty repair after an incident seven years earlier. The last words from this flight signify that
all hope was lost in the cockpit, as the pilots realized their fate: “All hydraulics failed”. 5. Delta Airlines 1141
This next recording happened right at the beginning of Delta Airlines flight 1141, just
22 seconds into the doomed flight. The flight was leaving Jackson, Mississippi
in August 1988, heading to Salt Lake City, Utah. As the crew waited for their timeslot on the
runway they talked about the crash of a Continental Airlines flight and discussed what they would
say on the black box recorder should they crash. Little did they know that it would become
reality just a few moments later. When it was time for take-off everything was
normal at first until the front wheel left the ground. The aircraft started to roll and the wingtip
hit an antenna, causing a fire that ripped through the rear of the plane. Two of the four flight attendants died, along
with 12 of the 101 passengers. One man lost his life after he bravely went
back into the burning aircraft to try and save his wife. The crash was determined to be pilot error,
and the final words on the black box recorder probably weren’t what they’d imagined when
joking about it a short time earlier… “We got an engine failure. We’re not gonna make it. Full power”. 4. El Al 1862
In October of 1992, one of the most shocking accidents in aviation history occurred, which
resulted in many more lives lost on the ground than in the plane. In the final black box recording, it was clear
that the flight crew knew just how bad their situation was. “Going down…eh…1862, going down, going
down, copied going down?” The Israeli cargo plane had started its journey
in New York’s JFK airport before having a brief stopover in Amsterdam’s Schiphol
airport. During the first leg of the flight, a few
problems had been noted, including an issue with engine number three. But still, the plane continued, headed for
its final destination of Tel Aviv, Israel. Soon after take-off, there was a loud bang
and engine three detached from the wing, ripping out engine number four and causing serious
damage to the wing flaps in the process. The damage was due to microscopic cracks caused
by fatigue and resulted in a total lack of control of the plane. The pilots attempted an emergency landing
back at Schiphol but it wasn’t possible, and the cargo plane nosedived into two high-rise
apartment complexes. 43 people perished in the accident, and of
those, 39 of them were on the ground. The death toll is fiercely debated though,
as many illegal immigrants lived in the high-rise at the time. 3. Pacific Southwest Airlines 182
In September 1978, a horrific mid-air collision occurred that would result in the deaths of
people in two planes as well as several on the ground. The flight took off from Los Angeles in the
morning and all was fine. The weather was good and the skies clear. The crew was alerted to a small Cessna being
flown by two professional pilots nearby, and for a short while, the captain had a visual
on it. But then, they lost sight of it and things
began to get dangerously confusing. The Pacific Southwest crew thought that the
Cessna had passed them, but it was actually below and in front of them. The Pacific Southwest plane was ready to land
in San Diego, and was closing in on the Cessna rapidly. Shortly after, the two planes collided and
erupted into a fireball, sending the wreckages plummeting into a residential area. All 135 people on the Pacific Southwest died,
as well as the two pilots of the Cessna and seven others on the ground. The heartbreaking last words on the black
box of the Pacific flight? “This is it, baby!” 2. Valujet 592
ValuJet flight 592 was on its regular scheduled flight to Atlanta in May of 1996 when it crash-landed
just ten minutes after take-off. Problems started soon after the plane left
Miami airport when passengers smelled smoke in the cabin. At the same time the pilots heard a loud bang
and they started losing electrical power. Seconds later, there was a fire in the passenger
cabin and the captain requested an emergency landing back at Miami airport. But the plane was out of control and would
never make it back. Instead, it nosed dived into the Everglades,
hitting the ground at over 507 miles, or 816 kilometers per hour. All 110 people on board died in the crash,
which was caused by a fire that started due to improper cargo storage. The final words on the black box recorder
seem to show how confused the pilots were by their fatal situation: “Uh, smoke in
the cockpit… smoke in the cabin”. 1. Aeroperu 603
Aeroperu flight 603 was in good condition, the weather was perfect for flying, and the
pilots were experienced. So how did it crash, killing all 70 people
on board? Well, one simple error set a deadly chain
of events into motion. It was October of 1996 when the flight left
Miami to fly south to Santiago, Chile. Shortly after take-off, pilots discovered
that their flight instruments weren’t working. They declared an emergency and requested an
immediate return to the airport. The equipment was giving contradictory readings
and the flight was at night so the crew couldn’t make visual references as to their altitude,
speed or position. Because of this, the aircraft stalled multiple
times and rapidly lost altitude, and before they knew it the plane’s left wingtip struck
water. Amazingly, the pilots managed to get airborne
again for 17 seconds, but the plane inverted and crashed into the water, killing everyone
onboard. The accident was due to an error made by maintenance
staff, which led to these infamous final words on the black box recorder: “What shit have
they done?”

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