? Drakensang Online ? Release 216 – News + Tips [GER] {{EN}}

? Drakensang Online ? Release 216 – News + Tips [GER] {{EN}}

i am for the moment not logged because i wanna show you
how you easy get 200 andermant as you see i have 4 characters first i go online on my char Levelmaster but don’t be surprised if the content is edited together.
my game crashes after changing between characters as you see the login bonus for the 5th day is 50
andermant. an this bonus you get on every character so after that just change
to your 2. character do you also have problems if you
change between your characters? COMMENT! if you do not have 4 characters
then you should create it what is new on release 216? so the patchnotes start with mutch content
about the defeat the undefeatable event then you can also see the old and the
new pets with there different stats if you have the heredur or nefertari pet yet,
then they will be transformed into the blue version 3 new crafting materials for the pets added the old materials will be removed if you have some of the old materials they
will be exchanged to the new materials but you need to get the doll itself at the Secret Lairs after infernal 1 upward
you will can get the following runes you can buy the entrance of the secret lairs
on the shop and from salvendar in cardhun event specific bosses now only
will drop draken cores the drop rate of siege bows is increased the vortex reduce the cooldown
of the vortex skill itself There are also some changes to a spell by
the mage class at the knowledge tree the changes was patched on release 215
but they maked it again undone because balancing This change will be released
with a major update today at 9pm i will do a livestream
with the theme event and the leaderboard for the crafting daily i can give you
advice to combine gems you can buy here at salvendar
the entrance for the secreat lairs also you can buy them at the shop additionally at kingshill from
the premium trader emilia another option is the arena trader her,
or you use the shop at the glory tree also you can get them from the
daily deal and the daily progress At least you get them from the boxes of
the 5th daily login and the days after this survey was included
on one of the last videos at this survey posted on the community tab on
my channel did participate much more people now you will see where you
can find the community tab why do i farm the parallel worlds
for the leaderboard session? i do them because i wanna get the
crescerit for upgrading my pets i wanna upgrade my runspeed pet
and also the dog pet for better selling prices use the harpy pet instead of the horned fire
gnome because they gives you more runspeed bonus And so i wanna say bb to you.
Don’t forget to watch my stream at 9pm 😉

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  1. I fking love this channel, Spieletrend Weichcore Xardas and DarkheartCZ, the 4 best DSO youtubers.
    Just you and DarkheartCZ still make videos. Keep it up!

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