? Drakensang Online ? News – Weapon Rank 8 [GER] {SUBTITLES}

? Drakensang Online ? News – Weapon Rank 8 [GER] {SUBTITLES}

Jo Hey People and Welcome to
a new video. yes first of all the Explanations why in the last days
or no video for weeks. That was first of all, that of course was Easter
and the family was partly there. Yes and in addition I am then still approximately
the last four to five days quite a bit. so the normal people were sick.
flu symptoms in principle and yes my voice was also pretty fucked up.
sniff a slight fever, of course. Yes and it just wasn’t that great.
You can already see I have the Khalys coat and it’s not only about
but also among other things. And that with the Khaly’s coat I’m on
infernal three still take 80% because of it I put that Khaly’s coat right in it. If
you can just have a little fun now and then

to clean the other one from the harm
it’s about 1,000 to the power of 1,100. But it’s is, nevertheless, still here are just the
Runspeed on it though 4,5 but in any case not quite
bad. Today’s about the gun.
would say we do this so that I could buy some guns here now.
and see if there’s anything better to it. I hope so, of course.
Otherwise I will be here in the locker the rank 8 guns put on it, then.
don’t put your gun on it, put your gun on it. generally make it rank eight and then
I’ll see how much more harm is obtained by
Exactly so first of all the stats in front of course then what changes in the
damage itself. And yes through the coat now it’s just ten critic damages less but
when you play in a group you have the 400% anyway, or if I get here then
I’ve got some platinum values on. then that should definitely go around 400%.
Exactly and thus we see ourselves then right back when I buy the guns.
so the runs are through and yes were now 10 minutes 56 seconds that’s not so now
fast but I’ve got the mobs too I’m gonna go green, and I’m gonna go
wasn’t green after all. There have one / two mobs missing but no matter it was somehow 95%.
and here it is, of course. around the flaming thunder of the herald. From the purchase technical
even goes out three times, and before we even get that I’d just say look at.
I’m going to town because here’s just it would be better if you really could just
Glyphs out and that then using whose compares respectively yes ok
the new view it is in principle no matter because there you can just easyy
and it’s going to be okay. At the event:
I’ve been thinking about maybe using I mean 55,000 Andermant to get me there.
to really get the buffs. You can yes if you are good but 1400 per hour
farms. My point is simply that I’ve been using the buff for a while now, at least.
I’ve farmed cloverleaves twice, and I have now somehow 983 approximately
and get it through there was now also a little bit daily but also her
knows what it’s about so about 350 or about 300 per buff.
and that’s not exactly bad.
Then there are the Draken cores. that’s 1016 now, too.
which means I can take another action. to make a decision. Exactly and at the Daily itself
remember there also at the first daily that you will be given a sacrifice.
can search here at the second daily Daily until you find the leader of the
Spring festival Störer in which he finds he stops in the grottos and after that there are
another third quest and exactly the you should definitely do it.
Yes I suspect in any case already bad, but it’s gonna be like
but at least the glyphs were taken out. and I think I got 880 at
maybe someone seen that means we’re there would have been two more damages or something.
873 times worse than 881 wow one Damage more and 824 yes class one
Damage more wow really horny because I can Definitely windowing me out.
lean. If I find good I need then not to take it that way either
because the problem is damage that’s all I’m going to do now.
the 294 damages over it thus craften the is just utopian so leave it alone
we’re clearly going away because this is a More damage. Well then we do the
now just so that we can get the 8 story on it.
Production with gradient cores is the in this case
and we need 450 materia nuclei. and 450 increment cores and would be
now draw this weapon to rank 8. We see damage going from 880 to 952
this whole thing now and I’m gonna go I’m ready to accept. Yes and now simply again
put in the corresponding gems and the Then drag the weapon to the level and
at level 60. I still don’t have the recipe.
Dropped it, I could’ve buy now but would buy before
I just need to put the resources together and hope that maybe some day.
is in on it. That’s how it worked.
before I had exactly this one the damage about so and the direction with green
Essences that means I’m coming green essences now. over 50,000. Roughly estimated that’s 2,000 anyway.
but I’m gonna tell you this anyway. show again in detail
what’s been going on. Exactly I have now moderately
No more. That’s the problem or I would have
I said yes I still have Drakenkernne and could finally
a Dragan ring up but that’s will probably be in one of the later
Videos happen and with that I would of course I’m right in the middle of this.
A hearty farewell to you skin pure your Xardas!

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  1. My German is actually improving through watching your videos lol, still using subtitles but I'll hopefully be able to understand u fluently without subtitles one day

  2. Xardas LP bro, you are tank use Cube Ring, and Cube Crystal, that's you can get more critic dmg, and more armor, and more dmg. 🙂

  3. Hallo Xardas ,
    warum haste nicht probiert mit Hilfe der Ausrüstungsveredler die Waffenwerte neu auszuwürfeln.Hatte damit schon einige Erfolge.
    Gruss Mike ?

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