? Drakensang Online ? News – Pet melting [GER] {{EN}}

? Drakensang Online ? News – Pet melting [GER] {{EN}}

Hello guys and welcome to another video. Release 217 is now on the liveserver. I would also do a video about that
but i got some trouble 😀 Hopefully you got some pets before
the update was released. You can’t get pets from emilia
or grizmek anymore. the fennec is not the best way because
he gives you 20 crescerit and for 1500 gold you can get 93
pets which gaves you 93 crescerit so now i will buy the
recipe for 120 gold so let’s start with the fennec
oh i need more gold for that xD so then i start to melt
the other pets first. it needs a long time to melt them
so i decide to cut this process out. First i wanna upgrade the Gloomy
Harpy for increased runspeed. the gloomy harpy is more worth
than the horned fire gnome you find the crescerit from this
melting process in your inventory i did some runs in the event but i
didn’t get a new pet which i need on the leaderboard session i have: q1 is silver and q8 is gold on solo at the group lb i have q1 on gold +q2
and q3 are bronze + q7 and q8 on gold remember to buy secreat lairs offering at the
premium trader and also at the pvp trader because you will need the on the
spring festival event at 19.04 so for the moment i will be back
if i collect enough gold 😀 Let’s go forward!
I have now 2754 gold. I was also some runs in the event
but i just got some materials. but on the cores page i got more
draken cores which i really need so now i melt the last
fennec pets on the workbench so for the moment
i have 138 crescerit one guy ask me: ‘could i put pets out of
the collectors bag?’ no that’s not possible. so as i said i first will upgrade
the gloomy harpy for runspeed. so now he has 15.50% more
movement speed 😛 i allready have the green raptor and
the cute doggy on the highest mode i wanna get a dmg helmet for farming
modes under inf 4 with 80% crit. for that i need to think about how
i can keep the 80% crit on inf3. sure i can upgrade the arachna pet
or i use one buff with 32% more crit in andrakash you can get
the increased runspeed buff where is the trader in jarlshofn 😀 so here you see the tonic of the
precision which i don’t wanna use because then i could not use the
tonic which gives +20.000 hitpoints. So with 32% increased crit it
could be enough for 80% on inf3 tomorow and on the weekend
the newmoon event will be later the fullmoon event will be
i think from 11. to 13.04 ^^ and the spring festival
is at the 19.04 i don’t know for the moment which
pet i should upgrade next so the new pets removes armor and resistance
of the bosses. maybe that could be worth! maybe it’s also worth to have
a pet which increase the hitpoints this pet is also not bad, because
it have runspeed and attackspeed Jindo is perfect if a level extension
at drakensang online 😀 the crit dmg chickens maybe
give 40% on the end that’s also crap that some stats of
the pets are more bad then other That’s it guys. Thanks for
Watching! Bye Bye Your Xardas 🙂

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  1. wollte eigentlich gold farmen um mir die pets vorzukaufen. Hab vergessen, dass ich scheiße im game bin und konnte mir nur 20 knappen holen

  2. Weiß zufällig jemand wann Dragan ungefähr dieses Jahr kommt? Bzw. wann es die letzten Jahre war? Das letzte, das ich mitmachte war das im Sommer 2017

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